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LONDON, Dec 3 (Reuters) - A global securities watchdog proposed 21 safety measures on Sunday to improve integrity, transparency and enforcement in voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) in a sector of growing importance to efforts to combat climate change. VCMs cover pollution-reducing projects, such as reforestation, renewable energy, biogas and solar power, that generate carbon credits companies buy to offset their emissions and meet net-zero targets. National regulators could require companies to disclose their use of carbon credits, and platforms that trade credits to have better anti-fraud and market manipulation safeguards, IOSCO said. VCMs are separate from government-regulated carbon markets, such as the emissions trading scheme in the European Union, the world's largest. Good practice could include "comprehensive disclosures on the project development process, verification and auditing methodologies, and the entities responsible for measurement, reporting, and verification," IOSCO said.
Persons: Rodrigo Buenaventura, IOSCO, Morgan Stanley, Huw Jones, Barbara Lewis Organizations: Sunday, European Union, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Asia, Europe, Latin America, United States, Dubai
These are just a few of the ways that public health has been impacted and compounded by climate change - a focus for the first time ever at the annual U.N. climate summit COP28. Here's how climate change is harming people's health across the world today, and what countries might expect in the future. Floods in Pakistan last year, for example, led to a 400%increase in malaria cases in the country, the report said. MURKY WATERSStorms and flooding wrought by climate change are allowing other infectious water-borne diseases to proliferate as well. Diarrhoea, too, receives a boost from climate change, with increasingly erratic rainfall - resulting in either wet or dry conditions - yielding a higher risk, research has found.
Persons: Alexandros Avramidis, Martin Edlund, Gloria Dickie, Alexander Cornwall, Katy Daigle, Diane Craft Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, World Health Organization, WHO, Nature Medicine, American Thoracic Society, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Evros, Greece, West Nile, Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa, United States
11-year-old Moo Abraham went viral on TikTok this year after showing off her lavish lifestyle. Videos on the account of Love Luxury, a store owned by her parents, show her modelling clothes and jewelry worth thousands. AdvertisementAn 11-year-old girl has caused a stir on TikTok and divided users' opinions as videos of her showing off her luxury items including a $124,000 watch and a $31,000 Hermés handbag have gone viral. The Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 , which was discontinued by the brand, is being resold for anywhere between £70,000 ($87,000) to £266,798 ($333,000) on the luxury watch marketplace Chrono24. Business Insider couldn't independently verify whether Moo Abraham owns the items she models, or whether they are stock in her parents' store.
Persons: Moo Abraham, , Emily, Adam Abraham, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, billionairesdaughter, She's, Emily Abraham, she's, Philippe, Kelly, Philippe Nautilus, couldn't, Moo, Royce Cullinan, item's Organizations: Service, Love, Philippe Nautilus, Fashion Locations: London, TikTok, Knightsbridge , London, Dubai
Russian soldiers and their wives are becoming increasingly unhappy with long deployments. The outlet reported that the Kremlin believes most wives are more concerned about the paycheck than their husbands returning from war. AdvertisementThe report comes after the wives of deployed soldiers held a rare public protest in Moscow on November 7. In its latest briefing note, the MoD cited that On 27 November 2023, a prominent online group for soldiers' wives published a manifesto against "indefinite mobilization." Recent requests by soldiers' wives to hold protests in Moscow and St. Petersburg have been denied.
Persons: , RkeSEZILBt — Slava, @Heroiam_Slava, doesn't, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Ella Pamfilova Organizations: Service, Ministry of Defence, MoD, Kremlin, Levada Locations: Russian, Moscow, London, St, Petersburg, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Ukraine
[1/2] Members of the International Federation of Medical Students Associations hold placards during a protest demanding an end to fossil fuels at COP28 World Climate Summit, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, December 3, 2023. Climate-related impacts "have become one of the greatest threats to human health in the 21st century", COP28 President Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber said in a statement. The World Bank on Sunday launched a new Climate and Health program to explore possible interventions and public health solutions for developing countries. "We have new tools at the lab level that decimate mosquito populations," said Gates, whose foundation supports public health research and projects for the developing world. Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton also spoke on Sunday at COP28, urging reform to the world's insurance system as another key requirement to keep people safe.
Persons: Amr Alfiky, Sultan Ahmed Al, Jaber, COP28, Joseph Vipond, Storm Daniel, Bill Gates, Gates, Hillary Clinton, Clinton, Gloria Dickie, Elizabeth Piper, Alexander Cornwell, Simon Jessop, Kate Abnett, William James, Katy Daigle, Jan Harvey Organizations: International Federation of Medical, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS, Rights, Physicians, World Health Organization, Bank, Sunday, Health, World Bank, Microsoft, Former U.S, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, Alberta, Canada, Western, Libya, Pakistan, COP28
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty ImagesAcclaimed artist Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye is providing four million meals to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to help people in Gaza, the UN's body has said. Tesfaye, who is a UN Goodwill Ambassador, has directed $2.5 million from his XO Humanitarian Fund towards WFP humanitarian efforts in Gaza, according to WFP's statement Friday. The WFP didn't indicate when the aid could reach Gaza. His XO Humanitarian Fund, which was established in partnership with WFP USA in 2022, has raised $5 million to date. The first $2.5 million of the fund went to support emergency food assistance to women and children in Ethiopia, and the rest will be allocated to the Gaza response, according to the statement.
Persons: Samir Hussein, Abel, Tesfaye, Corrine Fleisher, Organizations: United Nations, Food Programme, UN Goodwill, Fund, USA Locations: London, Gaza, Ethiopia
King Charles’s response to the latest commotion surrounding the British monarch has been to continue to keep quiet and turn up at public events. Photo: cameron smith/Agence France-Presse/Getty ImagesLONDON—Allegations of racism in the British monarchy were again thrust into the public domain this week after a translation of a book claimed that King Charles and Catherine, Princess of Wales, were the mystery royals who had allegedly discussed concerns about the skin color of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ’s son before his birth. The claim was made in a Dutch translation of “Endgame: Inside the Royal Family and the Monarchy’s Fight for Survival,” which was quickly pulled by the publishers who said the names had appeared in error. On Friday, virtually every major British newspaper and broadcaster revealed the names.
Persons: King, cameron, King Charles, Catherine , Princess of Wales, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry ’ Organizations: Agence France, British
People and businesses could use a digital pound to make payments, with the BoE suggesting a limit of up to 20,000 pounds for digital wallets provided by banks, far higher than the 3,000 euros discussed by the European Central Bank for a digital euro. The committee's "The digital pound: still a solution in search of a problem?" The prospect of a digital pound, now in the design phase, has raised concerns that it would allow the authorities to spy on what people spend on, and that it could spell the end of cash. "We recommend that any primary legislation used to introduce a digital pound does not allow the Government or Bank of England to use the data from a digital pound for any purposes beyond those already permitted for law enforcement," the report said. The BoE has said interest should not be payable on digital pound deposits, but the committee said this position should be reviewed.
Persons: Susannah Ireland, BoE, Harriett Baldwin, Huw Jones, Alison Williams Organizations: of, Bank of England, REUTERS, Treasury, European Central Bank, Government, Thomson Locations: of England, London, Britain
“Her music is unapologetically, boundlessly and globally Black,” Thomas said. In many cases, lighter skinned slaves were the product of sexual violence by White men against enslaved Black women. Lighter skinned Black women were often deemed “redbones,” a term that for some undermined their Black heritage by implying that the women were mixed non-Black ancestry. A 2023 survey by nonprofit Catalyst found women with darker skin tones were more likely to experience workplace racism than women with lighter skin. “I also get to be critical of Beyoncé,” Thomas said.
Persons: Queen Bey, , Tina Knowles, ” Knowles, “ Brown, Geneva Thomas, ” Thomas, , JeffriAnne Wilder, Wilder, White, ” Wilder, Beyoncé, India Arie, ” Arie, Arie, ” Beyoncé, Kevin Mazur, Oscar, Octavia Spencer, Thomas, she’s Organizations: CNN, Los Angeles, Catalyst, University of Chicago Press, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Locations: America, New York, Black America, London, England
The landlords of a London flat that suffered a fire have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementThe landlords of an overcrowded London apartment that suffered a fire have pleaded guilty to criminal charges. In the overcrowded apartment, students, asylum seekers, and other vulnerable people were sleeping in bunk beds and on the floor, without heating or use of the washing machine, and sharing a single toilet. AdvertisementAnthony Iles, chair of the Tarling West Tenants and Residents Association, told the Guardian, that the couple were "ruthless landlords."
Persons: Mizanur Rahman, , Sofina Begum, Aminur Rahman, Begum, Rahman, Anthony Iles, Brent Council, Jaydipkumar Rameshchandra Valand Organizations: Service, Guardian, Residents Association Locations: London, Bangladesh, Wembley
The finance and insurance sector is the most exposed to the adoption of AI. The report found jobs in finance, law, and business management were likely to be impacted by AI. AdvertisementA new report that measures AI's effect on London city workers may raise alarm bells on Wall Street. "The finance & insurance sector is more exposed to AI than any other sector," the report said. Here are the top ten UK sectors with the highest exposure to AI:Advertisement
Persons: Organizations: UK government's Department for Education, Service, UK government's Department, Education's Unit Locations: London
Celebrity stylist Samantha Brown told BI the trend is easy to follow using what you already own. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Fforde told BI that her personal style is a balance of feminine and masculine aesthetics, and the bows lend themselves to this. AdvertisementAshlyn Greer, co-founder of online styling platform Fashivly told BI that bows can be added to any aspect of your look, so get creative. "Bows and ribbon now really seem to have taken over everyone's style — we have a current obsession with bows adorning everything," Fforde told BI.
Persons: Samantha Brown, , Malone Souliers, Malone, Priya Raj, Simone Rocha, Brown, Lara Arno, Grace Fforde, Fforde, Ashlyn Greer Organizations: Service Locations: Italian, London, England, cardigan
The two companies recently teamed up for the “ABBA Voyage” show in London, in which fans could attend a full concert by the Swedish band — as performed by their digital avatars. He says the band won't be on stage during the virtual performance because “that’s the key thing,” of the future-seeking technology. That’s what you could do with this.”Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesIn order to create their digital avatars, who are depicted as a kind of superhero version of the band, Kiss performed in motion capture suits. Aespa, the K-pop girl group, frequently perform alongside their digital avatars — the quartet is meant to be viewed as an octet with digital twins. The band deserves to live on because the band is bigger than we are,” Kiss frontman Paul Stanley said in roundtable interview.
Persons: Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Tommy Thayer, Eric Singer —, George Lucas ’, ABBA’s Björn Ulvaeus, , , Kiss, Mark Tuan, , Tuan, we’ve, Paul Organizations: New York, Kiss, Industrial, Pophouse Entertainment, Machines Locations: New, Madison, London, Swedish
I think of that encounter from time to time as I ponder the unspeakable violence of the war raging in the Middle East. I’m also heartbroken to witness the profound pain of my Jewish and Muslim friends and their growing fears for their own safety. Intolerance was already on the rise but the events of the past two months have sent it into overdrive. Indirectly, therefore, public opinion in the US seems likely to have some potential impact on the Israeli government’s actions. Despite backlash from other sections of their own community, some Jewish groups have marched alongside pro-Palestinian protesters to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.
Persons: Keith Magee, Keith Magee Arron Dunworth, Donald Trump, , I’ve, I’m, , Bishop Desmond Tutu, Allyship, Martin Luther King Jr, Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, Malcolm X Organizations: University College London Institute for Innovation, CNN, Uber, Pew Research Center, Israel, Interfaith, PBS, Marist, Association Locations: Cleveland , Ohio, Israel, Gaza, Burlington , Vermont, Interfaith America, America, Black, Gaza . American
CNN —More than half of the world’s population live in urban areas where nature can feel like a distant concern. Thriving ecosystems do, however, exist within our cities — even beneath our feet — and embracing urban nature can be a powerful force for change. Cape Town’s baboons can often be found rummaging through garbage cans and around backyards, putting them at greater risk of conflict with humans. Easy access to food from Cape Town’s trash means baboons spend less time and energy foraging, and more on socializing with potential mates and the rest of their group. The city has begun taking proactive measures to keep them away from Cape Town’s outskirts and in their natural hillside habitat.
Persons: CNN —, Corey Arnold, denning, Lawrence Hylton, Neil Zeller, Gizem, Harvard University’s, Mary Cleave, Ashley Strickland, Katie Hunt Organizations: CNN, Southern, DreamWorks, Gizem Gumuskaya Tufts University Scientists, Tufts University, Harvard, Harvard University’s Wyss, NASA, Challenger, Tasmanian, CNN Space, Science Locations: West London, city’s, Cape Town , South Africa, backyards, Cape Town’s, California, Hong, New Territories, Shing Mun, Canadian, Guatemala
The unrest occurred ahead of kickoff in a game between Aston Villa and Legia Warsaw. On Friday, Aston Villa said they had lodged a complaint with UEFA over the conduct of Legia Warsaw and the behaviour of the club's supporters. Legia Warsaw initially claimed that Villa had given them a lower allocation of tickets than they were entitled to under UEFA regulations. "Due to the inability to authenticate and distribute tickets effectively, Legia Warsaw returned the tickets to the host club," Legia Warsaw said in a statement on Saturday. Therefore, we strongly object to Legia Warsaw being blamed for Thursday's incidents in Birmingham."
Persons: Aston Villa, Villa, Farouq Suleiman, Aadi Nair, Toby Chopra, Pritha Organizations: British, Europa Conference League, Midland's Police, Aston Villa, Legia Warsaw, Villa, Police, UEFA, Polish, Thomson Locations: Poland, Birmingham
Something to sip on…Dolly Parton In the film "Rhinestone" in 1984 and Cher in 1979 in Los Angeles, California. Getty ImagesDolly Parton and Cher are both making 77 years old look lovely. The same day Parton was on the football field, Cher performed her new Christmas single “DJ Play a Christmas Song” at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. You should listen to…Sir Paul McCartney performing in 2017. Poet Paul Muldoon collaborated with Sir Paul McCartney on the bestselling book, “The Lyrics: 1965 to Present,” and their relationship is clear in the ease of their conversations on this podcast.
Persons: Lisa Respers, Dolly Parton, Cher, Parton, Diana Ross, Meryl Streep, Sigourney Weaver, Steve Martin, Samuel L, Jackson, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Kevin Mazur, Giselle Knowles Carter, Beyoncé ”, – she’s, Bey, EGOT, Oscar, Tony, Sir Paul McCartney, “ McCartney, Paul Muldoon, McCartney, , … Catherine Tate, David Tennant, Who, ” Peope, Russell T Davies, it’s “ Organizations: CNN, Getty, Dallas Cowboys, , Disney Locations: Lisa Respers France, Los Angeles , California, London, England, Atlanta, AFP
U.S Secretary of State Antony Blinken speaks during the Transforming Food Systems in the Face of Climate Change event on the sidelines of the COP28 climate summit at Dubai Expo, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates December 1, 2023. SAUL LOEB/Pool via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsSummary COP 'side deals' have boomed in recent yearsVoluntary climate pledges yield mixed resultsSome have led to tougher CO2-cutting policiesDUBAI, Dec 2 (Reuters) - While the world's climate diplomats huddle over draft decisions to be made at the end of this year's U.N. climate summit, governments at COP28 are firing off a flurry of new promises for action. Among the expected pledges at COP28 are a goal to triple renewable energy capacity and initiatives on methane and coal power. These voluntary side deals have proliferated in recent years, even as global temperatures and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. "They go much further than what you can do multilaterally," said Marc Vanheukelen, a former EU official who led the bloc's work on an international methane emissions pledge launched at the COP26 climate summit in 2021.
Persons: Antony Blinken, SAUL LOEB, Marc Vanheukelen, Jonathan Banks, Laurie van der, OCI, It's, Erin Matson, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, Matson, Kate Abnett, Tommy Wilkes, Katy Daigle, Jon Boyle Organizations: Food Systems, United Arab Emirates, REUTERS Acquire, EU, Global, Air Task Force, Reuters, Bank, U.S, Change, WWF, Rainforest Alliance, Climate, Thomson Locations: Dubai, United Arab, DUBAI, COP28, Glasgow, U.S, Nigeria, Canada, The U.S, China, Russia, COP26, Britain, France, United States, Italy, Germany, Brazil
Hunter Biden’s Missing ‘Services’
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Kimberley Strassel is a member of the editorial board for The Wall Street Journal. She writes editorials, as well as the weekly Potomac Watch political column, from her base in Alaska. Ms. Strassel joined Dow Jones & Co. in 1994, working in the news department of The Wall Street Journal Europe in Brussels, and then in London. She moved to New York in 1999 and soon thereafter joined the Journal's editorial page, working as a features editor, and then as an editorial writer. An Oregon native, Ms. Strassel earned a bachelor's degree in Public Policy and International Affairs from Princeton University.
Persons: Kimberley Strassel, Strassel Organizations: Wall Street, Potomac Watch, Dow Jones & Co, The, Street, Fox, Sunday, Press, Policy, International Affairs, Princeton University Locations: Kimberley, Alaska, Brussels, London, New York, An Oregon
U.S. dollars are counted out by a banker counting currency at a bank in Westminster, Colorado November 3, 2009. A typical 60/40 portfolio - one that holds 60% in stocks and 40% in bonds - would have returned 9.6% in November, the most since December 1991, which saw the dissolution of the USSR, BofA said. They cautioned though: "pull backs follow monster months" and such a portfolio lost 3.2% in the first quarter of 1992. (.MIWD00000PUS)The yield on the benchmark 10-year U.S. Treasury note fell 52 basis points in the month, its most since 2011. A bond's yield moves inversely to its price.
Persons: Rick Wilking, BofA, Alun John, Amanda Cooper, Sharon Singleton Organizations: REUTERS, Bank of America Global, Treasury, Thomson Locations: Westminster , Colorado, USSR
A pedestrian carrying an umbrella walks along the River Thames in view of City of London skyline in London, Britain, July 31, 2023. Finance executives, consultants and headhunters interviewed by Reuters predict subdued deal flows, modest bonuses for most and heavy job cuts in 2024. "2023 will ultimately be one of the lowest corporate finance fee pools in modern history," said Fabrizio Campelli, head of Corporate Bank and Investment Bank at Deutsche Bank. JOB CUTSBanks have already turned to cost cuts to try to weather the downturn, which in a people-intensive business means job losses. And although some bankers expect a tough 2024, others sense an opportunity for European banks from the Basel Endgame.
Persons: Hollie Adams, Fabrizio Campelli, Banks, Ronan O'Kelly, Oliver Wyman, O'Kelly, Dominic Hook, Goldman Sachs, Vis Raghavan, JP Morgan, Morgan McKinley's, Stephane Rambosson, headhunter, Rambosson, Ana Botin, Morgan's Raghavan, there's, Oliver Wyman's O'Kelly, Deutsche's Campelli, Anousha Sakoui, Carolyn Cohn, Jesus Aguado, Alexander Smith Organizations: REUTERS, LONDON, Finance, Reuters, Corporate Bank, Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank, Organisation for Economic Cooperation, Development, Barclays, Lloyds, Challenger Metro Bank, UBS UBSG.S, Citi, Workers, Global Investment Banking, Employment, European Union, Santander, Global, Basel, Thomson Locations: City, London, Britain, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, West, China, United States, India, Madrid
CNN —An audacious collaboration between geneticists and conservationists plans to bring back the extinct dodo and reintroduce it to its once-native habitat in Mauritius. But according to the partners, its return to Mauritius could benefit the dodo’s immediate environment and other species. The Nicobar pigeon, native to the coastal regions from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, is the closest living relative to the dodo. Then it will edit the PGCs of a Nicobar so it expresses the physical traits of a dodo. “I have studied the dodo for many years, and there is still a lot to learn about this enigmatic bird,” he added.
Persons: dodo, Beth Shapiro, , Matt James, James, Holger Hollemann, Tatayah, ” Tatayah, , dodos, Ben Birchall, Julian Hume, ” Hume, Ben Lamm, “ We’re Organizations: CNN, Colossal Biosciences, Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, Getty, Gorges, Colossal, , White Rhino, Biosciences Locations: Mauritius, Rodrigues Island, Asia, Nicobar, Park, “ Mauritius, Aigrettes, Ile
The speech by Hamas' leader in Gaza to thousands of cheering supporters bore the hallmarks of crowd-pleasing hyperbole. In the days after the Oct. 7 attacks, Sinwar was seen by some of the Israeli hostages in the tunnels, freed hostages have said. "DEAD MAN WALKING"Born in the Khan Younis refugee camp, Sinwar, 61, was elected as Hamas' leader in Gaza in 2017. Both Hamas leaders and Israeli officials who know Sinwar agree he is devoted to the militant movement to an extraordinary level. "He told me Hamas is my wife, Hamas is my child.
Persons: Yahya Sinwar, Mohammed Deif, Heard, Aqsa, Sinwar, Khan, Yoav Gallant, Michael Koubi, Koubi, Yuval Bitton, Bitton, Stephen Farrell, Jonathan Saul, Samia, Nidal Al, Frank Jack Daniel Our Organizations: Hamas, Deif, Reuters, Shin Bet, Prison, Thomson Locations: Gaza, Israel, Israel's, Hamas, Al, Jerusalem, Qatar, Gaza City, Lebanon, Bitton, London, Samia Nakhoul, Beirut, Mughrabi, Cairo
Bank of England drags Bagehot into the shadows
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That is no longer tenable, in part because of reforms to bank regulation that shifted activity from traditional lenders to financial market players. These days, the institutions in need of urgent liquidity are just as likely to be pension funds, insurers or hedge funds. The British central bank’s initial ideas make sense, but only solve part of the problem. The central bank can short-circuit the panic by opening the credit taps. Central banks are only just starting to grapple with what it means to be a lender of last resort in that context.
Persons: Walter Bagehot’s, Andrew Hauser, BoE, WALTER, Gurney, Peter Thal Larsen, Streisand Neto, Thomas Shum Organizations: Reuters, Bank of England, Reuters Graphics Reuters, U.S, Treasury, Federal Reserve, Pensions, . Treasury, Citadel, Millennium Management, City of, U.S . Federal, Gurney & Company, Victorian, Thomson Locations: British, City, City of London, Basel, Overend, Lombard
LONDON, Dec 1 (Reuters) - Co-writing, directing, producing and starring in his Leonard Bernstein biopic "Maestro" was a terrifying undertaking for Bradley Cooper that turned into a journey of joy and courage. A passion project years in the making, "Maestro" is the follow up to Cooper's directorial debut, "A Star Is Born". Bernstein, who died in 1990, was a celebrated U.S. conductor and composer, who wrote classical music and iconic hit musicals like "West Side Story". "Maestro" focuses on his relationship with his wife, Felicia Montealegre, played by British actor Carey Mulligan, and on his bisexuality. “Maestro” was made for their family, said Cooper, and everything else, including Oscar talk, is extra.
Persons: Leonard Bernstein, Maestro, Bradley Cooper, Cooper, Bernstein, Felicia Montealegre, Carey Mulligan, Lenny, Felicia, Mulligan, I've, Montealegre, Maestro ”, Oscar, Hanna Rantala, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Reuters, Netflix, Thomson Locations: London, U.S, British
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