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CNN —Pakistan is extending the stay of nearly 1.5 million registered Afghan refugees – but its mass deportation of “illegal immigrants” will continue, authorities said. The fate of 1.45 million refugees whose PORs expired at the end of June had previously been in doubt, with many fearing they’d be deported. But Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs disputed the UN’s claims that Islamabad had put on hold its plan announced last October to deport undocumented Afghan refugees. Trucks transporting Afghan refugees and their belongings are seen along a road heading toward the Pakistan-Afghanistan Torkham border on November 3, 2023. More than 3 million Afghan refugees, including registered refugees and more than 800,000 undocumented people were living in Pakistan as of March 2024, according to UNHCR data.
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CNN —Listening to music, smoking hookah, and getting a Western-style haircut are all punishable acts under the suffocating rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan, according to a new UN report. The Taliban’s so-called morality police have curtailed human rights – disproportionately targeting women and girls – creating a “climate of fear and intimidation,” said the report by the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) published Tuesday. Moreover, the report said, the Taliban’s instructions are issued in a variety of formats – often only verbally – and are inconsistently and unpredictably enforced. However, reports from Afghanistan suggest the Taliban’s repressive control over women has led to a sharp rise in suicide attempts. Ahmad Sahel Arman/AFP/Getty ImagesMedia is heavily restricted, and residents live in a surveillance state, the report added.
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Researchers in South Korea say they’ve developed a new way to make lab-grown meat taste like the real deal. It may look like a transparent, bubble gum pink-colored disc, but scientists hope it could revolutionize the meat on people’s plates. Because the cultured meat is not yet edible, the researchers used an electronic nose, to test the aromas of the cultured meat, and see how they compare to conventional meat. Ron DeSantis banned the sale of lab-grown meat in the state in what he said was an effort to protect farmers and ranchers. In May, Huber’s Butchery in Singapore became the first retail store to sell cultured meat, a shredded chicken by Good Meat made with just 3% cultivated meat.
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Galveston Mayor Craig Brown speaks at a press conference on July 7. KPRCGalveston Mayor Craig Brown says the city is prepared for Tropical Storm Beryl as it makes its way to the Texas coastline. They could see six to seven feet of storm surge if the storm moves a little more north. “That would cause a lot of flooding on the west end and in downtown Galveston,” Brown said. Businesses use sand bags to protect windows and entrances from Beryl in Galveston, Texas, on July 7.
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Beryl will likely create dangerous rip currents along much of the US Gulf Coast for the holiday weekend. “Life-threatening beach conditions” will begin Friday afternoon and persist through the weekend for the Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center warned Thursday morning. “Beachgoers should be extremely wary of these conditions over the holiday weekend,” the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi urged Thursday. Widespread high temperatures in the 90s for the Gulf Coast this weekend will likely have people seeking out said relief. Rip currents can be spotted from the shore but are tricky to see for anyone already in the water.
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The paintings are older than Europe’s famed cave art such as Lascaux in France, and, while younger than some geometric abstract art found in South Africa, it’s the oldest of a narrative scene, the authors of the study said. The cave art discoveries have challenged a longstanding belief that artistic expression — and the cognitive leap that fired up the human imagination — began in Europe. BRIN Google Arts & CultureEvolution of dating techniquesDating cave art is often difficult if the work is made with mineral pigments such as ocher or manganese rather than biological materials such as carbon. The study’s dating of the cave art is robust, but it’s “a leap of faith” to suggest that the figurative art was narrative in scope, said Paul Pettitt, a professor of archaeology at Durham University in the United Kingdom. It’s also unclear why so much cave art has been found in this region of Indonesia, Aubert said, but he and his team expected to find more.
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Ukraine says it thwarted a coup plot
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CNN —Ukraine has foiled an alleged plot to overthrow the government that “would have played into Russia’s hands,” security officials in the war-torn country said Monday. In a Telegram post, the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) claimed the plot organizers planned to trigger a riot in Kyiv on June 30 as a distraction to seize control of the Ukrainian parliament and remove the military and political leadership from power. Concerns have grown over the future of US military support for Ukraine with the potential for another Donald Trump presidency on the horizon. During last week’s presidential debate, Trump questioned whether the United States should continue to fund Ukraine’s fight against Russia. Trump’s comments on the war in Ukraine were “worrying,” Ukrainian politician Oleksiy Goncharenko told CNN.
Persons: , Volodymyr Zelensky, , ” Zelensky, Donald Trump, Trump, Oleksiy Goncharenko Organizations: CNN, Security Service of Ukraine, Russia Locations: Ukraine, Kyiv, Russia, Dnipro, Vilniansk, United States, Ukrainian
CNN —Bolivia has arrested more than a dozen high-ranking military and intelligence officials following a failed attempt to unseat the country’s president in a coup allegedly led by its former army chief. All three men are among 17 people arrested so far in connection with Wednesday’s events – most of them members of the military, the report says. Other top officials arrested include military intelligence chief Julio Buitrago. As he was being arrested Zúñiga alleged – without providing evidence – that he was acting on Arce’s instructions. The investigation into Wednesday’s events will continue until all “participants” in the coup are identified, according to the Bolivian government report.
Persons: Juan Jose Zúñiga, Juan Arnez, Julio Buitrago, Jorge Bernal, Zúñiga –, Luis Arce –, Zúñiga, Arce, Ivan Lima, Zúñiga’s, , Aizar Raldes, Edmundo Novillo, Evo Morales Organizations: CNN, Military, Plaza Murillo, Bolivian, Getty, Air Force Locations: Bolivia, Bolivian, American, Quemado, La Paz, AFP, La Paz , Bolivia
Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued the first yellow alert for high temperatures in 2024, with the highest temperature in the city reaching 35 degrees Celsius. New Delhi topped the list of hottest cities, recording 4,222 days above 35 degrees Celsius in the past three decades – more than any other city analyzed. In 2018, Seoul saw 21 days over 35 degrees Celsius — more than the previous 10 years combined. Beijing’s number of days over 35 degrees has increased by 309% since 1994. In October 2023, Jakarta experienced 30 consecutive days over 35 degrees Celsius — more days than during the entire period between 1994 and 2003.
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Tokyo CNN —Japanese prosecutors have charged a US Air Force member with allegedly kidnapping and raping an underage girl just before Christmas last year, Okinawa police confirmed to CNN on Wednesday. Washington was released on bail and transferred to the Kadena US Air Base in Okinawa for custody, according to a government spokesperson. The court’s spokesperson told CNN they do not have any details regarding the airman’s legal representation. The embassy told CNN in a phone call to contact Kadena Air Base, where Washington was based, for information on the case. CNN has contacted Kadena Air Base for comment.
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The region has been battered by heavy rainfall over the last week, causing deadly flooding and landslides that have killed at least 71 people, according to Chinese state media. Southern Guangdong province, an economic powerhouse home to 127 million people, is subject to annual flooding from April to September. Floodwaters immerse a rural road in Chongzuo, southern China, on June 23, 2024. An excavator works at the site of a landslide in Guizhou province, China on June 24, 2024. Local rivers rose a record 4.59 meters (15 feet), according to Chinese state broadcaster CGTN.
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The Sydney-based financial conglomerate has not had a steeper first-half profit drop in more than a decade. The results capped a run of "exceptional conditions" last year in the company's commodity trading and asset management segments, buoyed by energy market volatility and ripe conditions for asset sales, respectively, Chief Financial Officer Alex Harvey told Reuters. Macquarie said the asset management division's income should rebound in the second half to about the A$940 million it reported in the same period last year. The company said fees and commissions at investment banking arm Macquarie Capital were in line with the previous comparable period. Profit fell 28% to A$430 million.
Persons: David Gray, Alex Harvey, Macquarie, Shemara Wikramanayake, Wikramanayake, Barrenjoey, Lewis Jackson, Roushni Nair, Rishav Chatterjee, Jamie Freed Organizations: Macquarie Group Ltd, REUTERS, Macquarie, Reuters, Citi, Investment, Thomson Locations: Sydney, Australia, SYDNEY, Ukraine, North America, Israel, Bengaluru
This is the first time Cruise has acknowledged the long-term need for remote human operators. Truly autonomous vehicles are far behind the optimistic rollout schedules predicted just a few years ago. In a June interview on YouTube, Musk said developing self-driving cars was "way harder than I originally thought, by far." Over time, those people will act as "air traffic controllers," supervising a growing number of autonomous cars. "Even decades from now you will not get to 100% truly autonomous vehicles," Kaveh added.
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