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U.S. President Joe Biden looks on at the 115th NAACP National Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S., July 16, 2024. Republican lawmakers are calling on President Joe Biden to resign after he announced Sunday that he will no longer seek reelection. "If Joe Biden is not fit to run for President, he is not fit to serve as President," Speaker of the House Mike Johnson said in a post on X after Biden announced his decision. Republicans' calls for Biden to resign began even before the president announced he would no longer seek reelection. "If Joe Biden ends his reelection campaign, how can he justify remaining President?," Sen. JD Vance, Trump's running mate, said on X Sunday morning.
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U.S. President Joe Biden arrives to deliver remarks following the incident that occurred at a campaign rally for former U.S. President Donald Trump, in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, U.S., July 13, 2024. President Joe Biden is still dealing with "mild upper respiratory symptoms" one day after testing positive for Covid-19, White House physician Kevin O'Connor said Thursday. "He does not have a fever and his vital signs remain normal," O'Connor said in a statement, noting that Biden is receiving the antiviral medicine Paxlovid. Biden has steadfastly refused to step aside, saying he is the most qualified candidate to beat Republican nominee Donald Trump despite his dismal performance in last month's presidential debate. But in an interview with BET conducted Tuesday, Biden said that he might reconsider his decision if a "medical condition" emerged.
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Read previewA Navy sailor was disciplined after he tried to access President Joe Biden's medical records. On February 23, he looked up "Joseph Biden" on the military's Genesis Medical Health System three times, an official familiar with the situation told CBS News. "He did not pull up the right Joe Biden," the official told CBS News. Related storiesThe official told the outlet that the sailor admitted to the act, and said he had tried to access the records "out of curiosity." And a Monday White House press briefing turned heated when reporters probed Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre for details of a neurologist's visits to the White House.
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The New York Times reported that an expert on Parkinson's disease regularly visited the White House. In a Monday letter, Joe Biden's physician said the expert's visits weren't for the president. Dr. Kevin Cannard hosted neurology clinics for active-duty White House staff, per Biden's doctor. AdvertisementIn a letter released late Monday, Joe Biden's physician said the reason a Parkinson's expert visited the White House monthly was to host routine neurology clinics for active-duty staff. Kevin O'Connor, Biden's physician, wrote the letter to address reporting by The New York Times about the repeated visits by Dr. Kevin Cannard, a neurologist specializing in movement disorders.
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Read previewJoe Biden is facing mounting pressure to prove he's medically fit to run for a second term, but experts say a cognitive test could set a dangerous precedent. Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation," Sen. Lindsey Graham said all presidential nominees, including Biden and Trump, should take a cognitive test. Cognitive tests are usually quick and simple and can check for functions such as concentration, abstract thinking, language, and memory. He told ABC's Stephanopoulos on Friday: "I have a cognitive test every single day." According to White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, after Biden's physical in February, his doctors decided he didn't need a cognitive test.
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"Look, I have a cognitive test every day," he said in an interview on Friday with ABC News. Samuel Corum/Getty ImagesCompared to Trump, Biden has released far more comprehensive medical information, with the most recent update coming in February of 2024. One cognitive test is not sufficient to detect issues, doctors told the Wall Street Journal. In it, Dr. Bruce Aronwald said that he has conducted "several comprehensive examinations" and called Trump's cognitive exams "exceptional." Like Biden, though, Trump has made significant public gaffes, such as when he called the president of Egypt the "president of Mexico."
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U.S. President Joe Biden departs the White House in Washington, D.C., for the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for his routine annual physical on Feb. 28, 2024. President Joe Biden arrived at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Wednesday morning for his annual physical, with a formal summary of his results expected later in the afternoon. After last year's physical, White House physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor said that Biden "remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency." Despite their closeness in age, polls show voters are less concerned about Trump's fitness than Biden's. Biden angrily pushed back on that report, acknowledging his age but declaring, "I know what the hell I'm doing."
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Read previewThe White House physician said President Joe Biden is "a healthy, active, robust 81-year-old male" following Biden's annual exam. "He continues to be fit for duty and fully executes all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations," Kevin O'Connor, the president's physician, wrote in a summary released by the White House. Biden spent most of the afternoon at Walter Reed Medical Center completing his third annual physical since his election. The White House and Biden's lawyers have vigorously disputed Hur's conclusion about the president's memory, arguing that the special counsel crossed the line in putting such conjecture into his lengthy report. While some tried to argue that Trump forgot the name of former first lady Melania Trump, the context suggests he was instead shouting out a former Trump White House official.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden has gotten the updated COVID-19 vaccine and annual flu shot, the White House said Saturday. The White House physician, Dr. Kevin O'Connor, said in a memo that Biden received both shots on Friday. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention earlier this month endorsed the new COVID-19 shot for everyone 6 months and older. Political Cartoons View All 1176 ImagesFirst lady Jill Biden tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month but experienced only mild symptoms. Biden tested positive for COVID-19 in July 2022 and a second time slightly more than three days after he was cleared to exit coronavirus isolation.
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WASHINGTON, June 12 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden postponed a meeting with the head of NATO and skipped his other public events on Monday to undergo his second root canal procedure in as many days, the White House said. Biden reported tooth pain on Sunday, prompting an X-ray examination and root canal treatment by a team from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, according to a letter from his physician that was distributed to the press. Root canal procedures are common to treat infected teeth that cause pain, especially for older adults, said Asgeir Sigurdsson, endodontics chair at New York University's College of Dentistry. Biden previously underwent root canal procedures in the 1990s, as a senator overseeing the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for now Justice Clarence Thomas. NATO LEADER SEARCH HEATS UPA meeting with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg and a reception for diplomatic personnel were rescheduled for Tuesday.
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Denver Mayor Michael Hancock, a Democrat, called for Joe Biden to share more about his health. Hancock said he wants to make sure Biden is "ready and fit to serve" ahead of the 2024 election. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said on NBC's "Meet the Press NOW" that he's "a fan" of Biden's but still wants to see the president be open about his health status. "I love Joe Biden personally and politically, but I want to make sure he's okay as well and ready and fit to serve," Hancock told NBC host Chuck Todd on Friday. —Meet the Press (@MeetThePress) April 22, 2023The report on Biden's health from physician Kevin O'Connor said Biden works out at least five days a week.
A skin lesion removed during President Joe Biden's routine physical exam last month was cancerous, but following its removal no further treatment is required, the White House physician said Friday. "As expected, the biopsy confirmed that the small lesion was basal cell carcinoma. All cancerous tissue was successfully removed," O'Connor wrote. In January, first lady Jill Biden had a pair of cancerous lesions removed that were also identified as basal cell carcinoma. O'Connor said at the time that the procedure was a success and that "all cancerous tissue was successfully removed."
WASHINGTON, March 3 (Reuters) - U.S. President Joe Biden's February biopsy confirmed a skin lesion removed from his chest was a basal cell carcinoma - a common form of skin cancer - and all cancerous tissue was successfully removed, White House physician Kevin O'Connor said on Friday. Biden will continue dermatologic surveillance as part of his ongoing healthcare but the site of the biopsy has healed and no further treatment is needed, the White House physician added. O'Connor said in a letter released by the White House that basal cell carcinoma lesions do not tend to spread or metastasize. The site of the biopsy has healed well, he said. Reporting by Kanishka Singh and Steve Holland in Washington; editing by Diane Craft and Rosalba O'BrienOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
President Joe Biden jogs across the South Lawn of the White House to speak with visitors before boarding Marine One, Friday, March 18, 2022, in Washington. President Joe Biden remains "fit" to conduct his duties as president, according to a medical memo released by the White House following a routine physical exam on Thursday. "President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency," White House physician Kevin O'Connor said in a five-page memo. Biden was expected to have his exam in January, but it was postponed due to schedule conflicts, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said earlier this month. In 2021, Biden's exam included a colonoscopy, which required sedation.
Joe Biden's physician pronounced him a 'healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male' in a new health summary. Biden is being treated for atrial fibrillation, hyperlipidemia, gastroesophageal reflux, seasonal allergies, spinal arthritis, and mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet, Biden's physician Kevin O'Connor wrote in a memo. "President Biden remains a healthy, vigorous, 80-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency..." O'Connor wrote. Biden's medical report comes a day after Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley called for "mandatory mental competency tests" for politicians older than 75, a dig at both Biden and former President Donald Trump. Biden's last medical report in November 2021 also described him as "healthy" and "vigorous" and said he was "fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency."
Biden, 80, to have closely watched physical exam
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[1/2] U.S. President Joe Biden delivers remarks on the economy at the IBEW Local 26 in Lanham, Maryland, U.S., February 15, 2023. REUTERS/Evelyn HocksteinWASHINGTON, Feb 16 (Reuters) - President Joe Biden, 80, will undergo a closely watched physical examination on Thursday, ahead of an expected announcement that he is seeking a second four-year term. His last physical and colonoscopy, in November 2021, showed the president to be a "healthy, vigorous, 78-year-old male," his doctors said. At his last exam, Biden's White House physician, Kevin O'Connor, declared him fit for duty and able to execute his responsibilities. Biden told Judy Woodruff in a PBS interview last week that any Americans concerned about his age should "watch me" perform the duties of the presidency.
First lady Jill Biden had two cancerous lesions removed Wednesday, the White House doctor said in a memo. "The procedure confirmed that the small lesion was basal cell carcinoma," Dr. Kevin O'Connor said in a statement afterwards. O'Connor said that "as anticipated," Biden "is experiencing some facial swelling and bruising" after the outpatient procedure, "but is in good spirits and is feeling well. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of skin cancer and is easily treatable if detected early. O'Connor noted that basal cell carcinoma lesions "do not tend to 'spread' or metastasize, as some more serious skin cancers such as melanoma or squamous cell carcinoma are known to do.
All cancerous tissue was removed, the White House physician said. Jill Biden went to the hospital for removal of a skin lesion above her right eye. "All cancerous tissue was successfully removed, and the margins were clear of any residual skin cancer cells. "Again, all cancerous tissue was successfully removed," O'Connor said. President Biden "wanted to be there to support her," White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said.
US President Joe Biden disembarks from Air Force One upon his arrival at the airport of Egypt's Red Sea resort city of Sharm El-Sheikh, to attend the COP27 climate conference, on November 11, 2022. It's soon time for Joe Biden, 80 on Sunday, to decide whether he has one more mountain to climb — the one to a second term as president. Getty: President Joe Biden gives remarks on student debt relief at Delaware State University on October 21, 2022 in Dover, Delaware. "While President Biden may chronologically be 80 years old, biologically he probably isn't," he said. U.S. President Joe Biden smiles during a rally with Democratic nominee for Maryland Governor Wes Moore, U.S.
As the oldest sitting president, he's raising concerns about how long he can continue governing. Republicans — including Trump — have gleefully seized on Biden's verbal misadventures, such as when he called his vice president "President Harris." President Joe Biden drives the Ford's new all-electric F-150 Lightning in Dearborn, Michigan. Ruggerio described the idea that Joe Biden is diminished or can't remember things as "bull crap." Cox said that while he thinks Biden is "still Joe" and still capable, he worries that Biden's age is a problem.
President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid-19 again , according to presidential physician Dr. Kevin O'Connor, in what is likely a "rebound" Covid-19 positivity that the doctor noted is "observed in a small percentage of patients treated with Paxlovid." Dr. Peter Hotez explains.
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