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Amazon to use Falcon 9 rockets of SpaceX for Project Kuiper
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REUTERS/Joe Skipper/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsDec 2 (Reuters) - Amazon (AMZN.O) has signed an agreement with SpaceX to launch three of Elon Musk's Falcon 9 rockets to support deployment plans for its Project Kuiper, the ecommerce giant said on Friday. Kuiper is Amazon's low Earth orbit satellite broadband network designed to accommodate multiple launch providers and vehicles. The company announced the project in 2019, the year SpaceX began deploying its first operational Starlink spacecraft. It aims to build Kuiper as a constellation of 3,236 satellites in low Earth orbit. The Falcon 9 launches are targeted to lift off beginning mid-2025, Amazon said.
Persons: Joe Skipper, Elon, Amazon, Harshita Mary Varghese, Arsheeya, Arun Koyyur Organizations: SpaceX, International Space, Kennedy Space Center, REUTERS, Elon Musk's Falcon, Thomson Locations: Cape Canaveral , Florida, U.S
Because she was a skilled politician, her radar was set for the political center, and that’s where she always wanted the court to be. Justice O’Connor avoided such a dramatic choice. And where Justice O’Connor was on the issue is almost exactly where public opinion was, too. Justice O’Connor didn’t call herself a feminist, though she was one, and the patronizing nature of that provision appalled her. As it happens, throughout the court’s history, backgrounds like Justice O’Connor’s were more the rule than the exception.
Persons: O’Connor’s, Norman Schwarzkopf, , O’Connor, , Casey, Roe, Wade, Justice O’Connor, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter, Justice O’Connor didn’t, Samuel Alito, Brown, Earl Warren Organizations: General Motors, of Education Locations: Pennsylvania, California
Henry Kissinger died at his Connecticut home. The controversial and polarizing statesman made choices in foreign policy that impact the US today. AdvertisementDr. Henry Kissinger, scholar and former US secretary of state, died at 100 at his home in Connecticut, Kissinger Associates, Inc. said in a statement Wednesday. Xi Jinping and Henry Kissinger Nicolas Asouri/ReutersKissinger was a practitioner of realpolitik — using diplomacy to achieve practical objectives rather than advance lofty ideals. Former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger speaking in October 2023, in an interview about the Gaza attack on Israel.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, , Kissinger, Nancy Kissinger, David, Elizabeth, John Duricka, John F, Kennedy, Lyndon B, Johnson, Golda Meir, PL, — Kissinger, Xi Jinping, Henry Kissinger Nicolas Asouri, Richard Nixon, Nixon, Axel Springer Organizations: Service, Kissinger Associates, Inc, Nazi, State, Paris Peace Accords, Reuters, Harvard, Getty, PL Gould, Senate Armed Services Committee, NPR, National Security Council, Khmer Rouge, ABC, CBS Locations: Connecticut, Nazi Germany, United States, Germany, America, Vietnam, China, Southeast Asia, Latin America, Paris, South Vietnam, Saigon, Israeli, New York City, Soviet Union, Chile, White, Cambodia, Khmer, Gaza, Israel
“Farewell, old friend of the Chinese people,” said a top comment with thousands of likes. In July 1971, Kissinger became the first high-ranking US official to visit Communist China. Long after Kissinger left office, Beijing had regarded the well-connected diplomat as a potential helping hand in navigating the increasingly hawkish views towards China in Washington. State broadcaster CCTV called him a “living fossil” who witnessed the development of US-China relations. The tectonic shift in US-China relations that was formalized some eight years later opened the door for extensive economic engagement starting from the early 1980s.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, , Wang Wenbin, Xi Jinping, Joe Biden, Wang, , Kissinger, Washington –, Richard Nixon’s, Scott Kennedy, Washington . Long, Xie Feng, centenarian, ” Xie, – Kissinger, Biden, Xi, John Kerry, Janet Yellen, Wang Yi, Nixon, Alfred Wu, Lee, , Wu, “ Kissinger, ” Wu, Zhou Enlai, Kennedy, China …, ” Kennedy Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, China’s Foreign, Center for Strategic, International Studies, CCTV, Xinhua, Foreign, Lee Kuan Yew, of Public, National University of Singapore, Flying Tigers, CSIS Locations: China, Hong Kong, Beijing, Weibo, United States, Washington, Communist China, “ China, American, selfTaiwan, Japan, Soviet Union, Moscow
London CNN —Shane MacGowan, the lead singer of Anglo-Irish band The Pogues, has died, according to a statement from his wife, Victoria Mary Clarke. The singer had been discharged from Dublin’s St. Vincent’s Hospital on November 22 after receiving treatment there for an infection, Clarke said. And MacGowan received a full set of dental implants in 2015 after losing several teeth as a result of his heavy drug and alcohol use. Born in Kent, England in 1957 to Irish parents, MacGowan spent his summers in a farmhouse in southern Ireland, surrounded by traditional Irish music. He formed his band, The Pogues, in London in 1982 with Peter “Spider” Stacy, Jem Finer and James Fearnley, blending traditional Irish folk music with punk sounds.
Persons: London CNN — Shane MacGowan, Victoria Mary Clarke, Clarke, , Shane MacGowan, Kirsty MacColl, Brian Rasic, ” MacGowan, MacGowan, Peter “ Spider ” Stacy, Jem, James Fearnley, Ireland’s, Leo Varadkar, Michael D, Higgins, MacGowan’s Organizations: London CNN, Vincent’s Hospital Locations: Dublin’s St, Kent , England, Ireland, London, York,
Until the embittered end, Henry Kissinger was one of the trusted few of a distrusting Richard Nixon. Political Cartoons View All 1273 Images“No doubt my vanity was piqued,” Kissinger later wrote of his expanding influence during Watergate. Two years later, Saigon fell to the communists, leaving a bitter taste among former U.S. allies who blamed Nixon, Kissinger and Congress for abandoning them. “The emigration of Jews from the Soviet Union is not an objective of American foreign policy,” Kissinger tells Nixon. And so they did — the Quaker-born Nixon, the Jewish-born Kissinger, on the floor, Nixon in tears about the unfairness of his fate.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Kissinger, Nixon, Gerald Ford, ” Kissinger, ” Ford, , , Donald Trump’s, Trump, ” —, , — Kissinger, Robert Dallek, Walter Isaacson, David Frost, Isaacson, scrawled, Susan Mary Alsop, Stanley Kutler, “ Henry Kissinger, Jeffrey Kimball, starlets, Kissinger squired, Jill St, John, Shirley MacLaine, Marlo Thomas, Candice Bergen, Liv Ullmann, ” Nixon, H.R, Haldeman, Henry, It’s, Nancy Maginnes, Nelson Rockefeller, Gallup, Le Duc Tho, Tho, Walter, ” Walter, “ Kissinger, Ford, you’ve, ” “, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Kissinger demurred, Chile’s, Eisenhower, Augusto Pinochet, Pinochet, ” Peter Kornbluh, ” Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Heinz, Joe DiMaggio ”, Kennedy, Johnson, he’d “, William Rogers, Melvin Laird, Townsend Hoopes, deflating, ” Isaacson, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan’s, diplomat’s Kissinger, George W, Bush, Long, didn’t, Bush “, Anneliese Fleischer, Elizabeth, David, extol Nixon, ” ___, Barry Schweid Organizations: WASHINGTON, Republican, Democratic, “ PBS, , National Security Council, State Department, Vietnam, Nixon, Hollywood, Playboy, Newsweek, America, Columbia University, Senate Armed Services Committee, White, Washington Post, New York Times, Yankee, Army, Harvard, Weapons, Rogers, Defense, Manhattan, New York Giants, Lincoln, diplomat’s Kissinger Associates, GOP Locations: U.S, Vietnam, China, Nazi Germany, Southeast Asia, Latin America, United States, Saigon, Soviet Union, White, Cambodia, South Vietnam, Khmer Rouge, Soviet, America, Chile, London, Pinochet, Bavarian, Fuerth, Manhattan, Germany, Pakistan, Beijing, Iraq, Afghanistan, American
SpaceX rockets are ripping brightly colored holes in the Earth's ionosphere. AdvertisementSpaceX rocket launches are punching holes in part of Earth's atmosphere, called the ionosphere, and it's a beautiful sight to behold. The holes appear as bright red blobs in the sky. Recently, these spherical red blobs have been popping up over MacDonald Observatory in Texas, which has astronomers slightly worried for the future. AdvertisementHow ionospheric holes could disrupt astronomical observationsThese bright red blobs don't last long.
Persons: , Stephen Hummel,, Hummel, Jeffrey Baumgardner, Baumgardner Organizations: SpaceX, Service, MacDonald Observatory, McDonald Observatory, Center for Space Physics, Boston University, Saturn, Kennedy Space Center, Science Magazine, McDonald Locations: Texas, California, Florida
It was a tragic character.”For years, Guard Dog sat in the unmowed grass of a neighborhood lawn or howled at the moon, alone and philosophical. I know it was tough on the readers and it was tough on Guard Dog,” he said. “You know, whenever I drew him in my sketchbooks or if I did a talk, I always drew Guard Dog free. Her mother responds: “But what about those who devote their lives helping animals like Guard Dog?" “I can’t wait to draw a happy Guard Dog,” he said.
Persons: , Patrick McDonnell, ” McDonnell, , , ” There's, Sid, McDonnell, mutt, Mutts, It’ll, ___ Mark Kennedy Organizations: Associated Press, Guard, District of Columbia, Michigan State University College of Law, Humane Society of, The Fund, Animals Locations: man's, , United States
His death was announced in a statement by his consulting firm. Few diplomats have been both celebrated and reviled with such passion as Mr. Kissinger. At a critical moment in American history and diplomacy, he was second in power only to President Richard M. Nixon. He joined the Nixon White House in January 1969 as national security adviser and, after his appointment as secretary of state in 1973, kept both titles, a rarity. When Nixon resigned, he stayed on under President Gerald R. Ford.
Persons: Henry A . Kissinger, Kissinger, , John F, Kennedy, Joseph R, Biden, Richard M, Nixon, Gerald R, Ford Organizations: Nixon White House Locations: States, China, Vietnam, Soviet Union, Kent, Conn, Bavarian
She left her husband for the shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis, largely giving up performing in the process. When Onassis eventually married Jackie Kennedy instead, Callas was alone and bereft, without either the vocation that had given her purpose or the man who had replaced it. There was always that sense of every phrase being considered, without feeling studied — of a voice with a purpose. But among the most pernicious stereotypes about Callas is that she was an actress who could barely sing, who got by on charisma alone. Listen to her tender “O mio babbino caro.” Listen to her delicate yet commanding “D’amor sull’ali rosee.” She was always a bel canto singer at heart.
Persons: Aristotle Onassis, Onassis, Jackie Kennedy, Callas, direly, , , Francesco Siciliani, , caro, D’amor Organizations: , Juilliard School
The two men became friends at Syracuse University in the late 1980s. The hunt for vintage became their obsession. In those days, secondhand meant second-rate to much of the fashion set, and the duo saw themselves as downtown entrepreneurs whose mission it was to preach the gospel of vintage. “The stigma was that people felt it was beneath them to buy something used,” Mr. Weisser said, “but we saw wearing vintage as giving someone individuality.”Their first regulars included Jean Paul Gaultier and Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy. Stylists for “Sex and the City” found outfits there for the show’s star, Sarah Jessica Parker, who became a client herself.
Persons: Levi’s, Eisenhower, Mr, Weisser, , Jean Paul Gaultier, Carolyn Bessette, Kennedy, Sarah Jessica Parker Organizations: Syracuse University, Rose Locations: Manhattan, Bronx, Pasadena , Calif
Or it’s possible the founders just had a lot on their minds and threw the system together at the last minute. Confession: I was hoping to blame the whole Electoral College thing on Thomas Jefferson, who’s possibly my least favorite founding father. Anyway, no matter how it originally came together, we’ve now put the loser of the popular vote in office five times. One involved the Republican Rutherford B. Hayes, who won in 1876 even though the electoral vote was virtually tied and Samuel Tilden easily won the popular vote. George W. Bush lost the popular vote to Al Gore in 2000 — many of you will remember the manic counting and recounting in Florida, which was the tipping point state.
Persons: Waldman, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, who’s, Sally Hemings, Jefferson, it’s, we’ve, Republican Rutherford B, Hayes, Samuel Tilden, George W, Bush, Al Gore, Gore, Ralph Nader’s, Robert Kennedy Jr Organizations: Republican, Republicans, Southern Democrats, Black, White Locations: France, Florida
President Gerald Ford (left) and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talk together in the Oval Office, February 19, 1975. In his 2001 book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger," social critic Christopher Hitchens called him a war criminal. North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho (left) and US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger at the Paris peace talks, January 1973. Chairman Zedong of the People's Republic of China meets U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Nov. 12, 1973. On a helicopter during the period of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East, Henry Kissinger talks to his wife, Nancy.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, , Richard Nixon's, Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Richard Corkery, Duc Tho, Gerald Ford, Benjamin E, Ford, Warren Burger, Kissinger's, Paula, Gene, Forte, Seymour M, Hersh bashed Kissinger, Walter Isaacson's, Christopher Hitchens, Greg Grandin, Niall Ferguson, Kant, Clausewitz, Bismarck, Barry Gewen, Gewen, Elizabeth Holmes, Nixon, George Shultz, Holmes, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Louis, Walter, Hitler, Kissingers, Fritz Kraemer, William Yandell Elliott, Spengler, Toynbee, Metternich, Castlereagh, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Mike Wallace, Wallace, Kennedy, Johnson, Republican Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, Hubert Humphrey, Democratic Sen, George McGovern, McGovern, Nguyen Van Thieu, Reg Lancaster, Tho, Thieu, Mao, Gen, Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, Nicolae Ceausescu, Zhou Enlai, Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, Dirck, Sen, Henry Jackson, Charles Vanik, Brezhnev, Spiro Agnew, Archibald Cox, Cox, Robert Bork, White, Alexander Haig, Anwar Sadat, David Hume Kennerly, Marxist Salvador Allende Gossens, Fidel Castro's, Martin Bernetti, Allende, Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, Pinochet, Ann Fleischer, Elizabeth, David, Nancy Maginnes, Rockefeller, Jill St, John, Candice Bergen, Shirley MacLaine, Liv Ullman, Diane Sawyer, , Napoleon, Nancy, David Rubinger, Maginnes, Moshe Dayan, Robert Dallek, Nixon's, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Paula Kissinger, Brooks Kraft Organizations: Gould, Kissinger Associates, National Security, Waldorf, Astoria, Richard Corkery | New York Daily, Forte, Soviets, State, Chief, New York, Theranos Inc, Economic, Nuremberg, George Washington High School, City College of New, Army, 84th Infantry Division, U.S ., Hesse . Harvard, Harvard, Confluence, Foreign, Eisenhower, Republican, Republican National Convention, Rockefeller and Michigan Gov, Democratic, District of Columbia, US National Security, Getty, Paris Peace, North, Nationalist, China, Bettmann, East Pakistan, of, U.S, Soviet Union ., Ballistic, Soviet, Washington, Egyptian Third Army, Department, West, Marxist, Museum, AFP, CIA, Israeli, Southern California Quaker, White, Partners, Power Locations: New York City, U.S, Connecticut, Richard Corkery | New, United States, Vietnam, Saigon, Viet, Soviet Union, Communist China, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Chile, Pakistan, Theranos, Ukraine, Russia, Davos, Switzerland, Fuerth, Germany, Bavarian, American, Nazi Germany, London, New York, City College of New York, Ahlem, Hanover, German, Krefeld, Hesse, Cambodia, Massachusetts, Haiphong, Paris, North, China, Washington, Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Beijing, Moscow, India, East, Bangladesh, Shanghai, USSR, Soviet, Kremlin, Dirck Halstead, Ohio, Saudi, Japan, Sinai, Alexandria, Cairo, Suez, Americas, Santiago, Cuba, Chilean, America, Europe, Virginia, Southern California
Some booksellers have decided not to stock Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s latest book, ‘The Wuhan Cover-Up,’ citing concerns about the presidential candidate’s past positions. Photo: Ronen Tivony/Zuma PressIndependent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is a member of the most famous political family in the U.S. and a bestselling author. But it may be hard to find his newest book at the local bookstore when it comes out next week. Some booksellers have decided not to stock Kennedy’s latest, “The Wuhan Cover-Up and the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race,” citing concerns about the author’s past positions.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, , Ronen Tivony Organizations: Zuma Press Locations: Wuhan, U.S
It's a tradition known as a "death gratuity" that's been in place for at least 140 years. They were also handing over $174,000 to Katherine Feinstein, the daughter of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. But Katherine Feinstein, a former judge in San Francisco and the only child of the recently-deceased California Democrat, almost certainly does not need that money. AdvertisementIn 2021, NTUF calculated that gratuity payments have cost taxpayers more than $5.1 million since 2000. AdvertisementBusiness Insider reached out to Katherine Feinstein via her lawyers but did not receive a response.
Persons: Dianne Feinstein's, It's, that's, , Katherine Feinstein, Sen, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, Katherine Anne Feinstein, Katherine —, National Taxpayers Union Foundation —, Alfred Lay, Republican Sen, John McCain of, Democratic Sen, Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts, Richard Shelby, Feinstein, Frank Lautenberg, Bill Posey, Posey Organizations: Service, Treasury, State of, California Democrat, National Taxpayers Union Foundation, Rep, Missouri Democrat, Republican, Democratic, ABC News Locations: State, State of California, San Francisco, California, , Missouri, John McCain of Arizona, New Jersey, Florida
NEW YORK (AP) — Tim Dorsey, a former police and courts newspaper reporter who found lasting fame as the creator of the crime-comedy novel series starring Serge A. Storms, an energetic fan of Florida history and an ingenious serial killer, has died. Dorsey, who published 26 novels, died Sunday, according to Danielle Bartlett, a publicity director at William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollins. Fans of Dorsey appreciated his clever observations and satirical pokes at the weirdness of Florida. He was part of a trio of former newspapermen from Florida — including Dave Barry and Carl Hiaasen — who found a rich vein of absurdist humor in the state. “It was a privilege and honor to work with Tim Dorsey.
Persons: — Tim Dorsey, Serge A, Dorsey, Danielle Bartlett, William Morrow, Dave Barry, Carl Hiaasen —, Tim Dorsey, Serge, Storms, Emily Krump, Coleman, Florida grifters, , , ’ ”, Bruce DeSilva, Kurt Vonnegut, hasn’t, ” Dorsey, ___ Mark Kennedy Organizations: HarperCollins, Maltese, Torino, The Associated Press, , Auburn University, The Alabama, The Tampa Tribune Locations: Florida, Tabasco, Indiana, Tribune’s Tallahassee
Hugging Face CEO Clement Delangue (R) departs the closed-door "AI Insight Forum" outside the Kennedy Caucus Room in the Russell Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill on September 13, 2023 in Washington, DC. Artificial intelligence startup Hugging Face says it's seeing increased interest from potential customers following the chaos at rival OpenAI. "I think a lot of companies, organizations now are kind of wondering about the risk about outsourcing their AI to just one AI provider," Hugging Face CEO Clément Delangue said Tuesday on a call with reporters. Multiple companies told CNBC they'd considered switching from OpenAI to competitors' services as the confusion swelled inside the company. OpenAI has a unique structure in that the parent entity is a nonprofit, with a so-called capped-profit company underneath that umbrella.
Persons: Clement Delangue, Clément Delangue, Sam Altman, Josh Gartner, Gartner, CNBC they'd, Aidan Gomez, Martin Kon, OpenAI, Altman, Cohere, it's, Google's Bard, OpenAI's ChatGPT Organizations: Russell Senate, Companies, CNBC, Google, Nvidia, Salesforce, AMD, Intel, IBM, Qualcomm, Anthropic, Google's Locations: Russell, Washington ,, Toronto, OpenAI, New York, China
Washington CNN —Elon Musk is an increasingly important player in global affairs and has been touring the world to meet with political leaders in recent months. “We can observe Elon Musk’s Twitter/X activity that he regularly consumes right-wing content and this increased during COVID-19,” Facciani said in an email. More recently, however, Musk’s ambitions have come a bit closer to earth and become far more concrete. There are many world leaders who hold extreme or far-right views, of course. Musk’s outbursts that contradict widely held international norms and values are meant for a specific internet audience that Musk mistakes for being representative of the wider world.
Persons: Washington CNN — Elon Musk, White supremacists, Musk, Benjamin Netanyahu, It’s, George Soros, Netanyahu, Matthew Facciani, , Elon, ” Facciani, Vladimir Putin, Rishi Sunak, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, he’s, Ron DeSantis ’, Robert Kennedy Jr, , ” Musk, , reactionism Organizations: Washington CNN, Defamation League, Whites, White, The University of Notre Dame, Twitter, UK, Florida Republican Gov, United States Locations: Israel, Gaza, COVID, Ukraine, Crimea, Washington, United, Russia
NEW YORK (AP) — Eddie Izzard is returning to a New York stage this winter for an ambitious version of “Hamlet.” It's ambitious because the actor-comedian will be the only one on stage. Izzard will play all the William Shakespeare parts in a one-person staging adapted by Izzard's brother, Mark, and directed by Selena Cadell. Performances at Greenwich House Theater run from Jan. 25-March 3. “You’re just at the edge of your skill set and pushing out even further.”This “Hamlet” will ask Izzard to play noblemen, women, ghosts, soldiers, courtiers, lovers and fools. Earlier this year, Izzard said she was adding Suzy to her name but would remain known as Eddie Izzard in public.
Persons: — Eddie Izzard, , Izzard, William Shakespeare, Izzard's, Mark, Selena Cadell, “ It’s, ” Izzard, “ You’re, , Cadell, Charles Dickens, of, Mick Perrin, John Gore, Victoria, Abdul ”, Judi Dench, Joe Egg ”, don’t, Suzy, Eddie Izzard, ___ Mark Kennedy Organizations: Greenwich House, Associated Press, WestBeth Entertainment, Mick Perrin Worldwide, Broadway Locations: New York, London’s, of Denmark,
It follows the successful transatlantic crossing by a Gulfstream G600 business jet using the same fuel last week. SAF is key toward reducing those emissions, but it is costly and accounts for less than 0.1% of total global jet fuel in use today. The fuel used to power Tuesday's flight is mostly made from used cooking oil and waste animal fat mixed with a small amount of synthetic aromatic kerosene made from waste corn, Virgin Atlantic said. Yet the 2030 target looks challenging given SAF's small volumes and its high cost, right now about three to five times as much as regular jet fuel. Virgin said the engines on the flight would be drained of SAF and tested before it returns to service using regular fuel.
Persons: Virgin, Richard Branson, Shai Weiss, Mark Harper, John F, Magdalena Heuwieser, Sarah Young, Joanna Plucinska, Tomasz Janowski Organizations: Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Boeing, Royce, Trent, Gulfstream G600, London Heathrow, Kennedy International Airport, Virgin, SAF, Boeing, BP, Aviation, British Airways, Air France, Union, Thomson Locations: London, New York, Dubai
In May, the Carter Center said Rosalynn Carter had dementia. The motorcade will stop for a wreath-laying ceremony at Rosalynn Carter’s alma mater, Georgia Southwestern State University, before making its way to Atlanta. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter poses for a portrait in New York in 2011. Alice S. Hall/NBCUniversal/Getty Images) Rosalynn gets a kiss from her husband after they were awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom in 1999. “Thank you all for joining us in celebrating what a treasure she was, not only to us, but to all humanity.”The Carter Center said in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Carter Center Mental Health Program or the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers.
Persons: Rosalynn, Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter, , Andy Huggins, David Goldman, , Mike Stewart, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Nikki Kahn, Horace Cort, Mikki Ansin, Jason, Amy, Jeff, Jack, Dan Farrell, Jimmy, Barbara Walters, Richard Howard, Suzanne Vlamis, Diana Walker, Joan Mondale, Walter Mondale, Muriel Humphrey, Hubert Humphrey, Ruth Carter Stapleton, Jimmy Carter's, Wally McNamee, Corbis, Carter, Ronald Reagan, Ron Galella, Bromberger Hoover, Jay Leno, Alice S, Tami Chappell, Charlie Neibergall, Laura Rauch, Carolyn Kaster, Sebastian Scheiner, Barack Obama's, Bill Clark, John Bazemore, Amy Davis, Saul Loeb, Errol, Jimmy's, Branden Camp, Caroline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, David McNew, Matt McClain, Adam Schultz, The New York Times Adam Schultz, White, Erin Schaff, Michael S, Williamson, CNN’s Jaide Timm, Garcia, Eva McKend Organizations: CNN, Carter Center, White House, Atlanta ., Secret, Georgia Southwestern State University, Rosalynn Carter, Health, Human Sciences, Carter, Jimmy Carter Presidential, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Emory University, Maranatha Baptist Church, Washington Post, Atlanta, NY, Hulton, Disney, Bettmann, Mental Health, Mental Health Systems, Harlem Globetrotters, Getty, Democratic National Convention, Toronto, Presidential, Humanity, Baltimore Sun, Tribune, Service, Capitol, Aging, NBA, The New York Times Locations: Plains , Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, Plains, Americus, alma mater, Plains ., New York, Brazil, Dubuque , Iowa, Waterloo , Iowa, San Francisco, Ashkelon, Israel, Baltimore, Annapolis , Maryland, Americus , Georgia, Rosalynn
It also is one of the most substantial exceptions to the Posse Comitatus Act, which generally prohibits using the military for law enforcement purposes. Trump has spoken openly about his plans should he win the presidency, including using the military at the border and in cities struggling with violent crime. His plans also have included using the military against foreign drug cartels, a view echoed by other Republican primary candidates such as Florida Gov. The threats have raised questions about the meaning of military oaths, presidential power and who Trump could appoint to support his approach. William Banks, a Syracuse University law professor and expert in national security law, said a military officer is not forced to follow “unlawful orders."
Persons: Donald Trump, , I’m, , ” Trump, Trump, don’t, Joseph Nunn, Brennan, “ There’s, Nunn, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Michael Flynn, Flynn, Charles Q, Brown, Joe Biden's, Lyndon Johnson, Dr, Martin Luther King Jr, Johnson, John F, Kennedy, Dwight Eisenhower, Eisenhower, George H.W, Bush, Rodney King, Michael O’Hanlon, O’Hanlon, Pat Ryan, Ryan, William Banks, Banks, ” Nunn, Jill Colvin, Michelle L, Price, Linley Sanders Organizations: WASHINGTON, New, Brennan Center for Justice, Florida Gov, South, Army, FBI, Trump, Pentagon, Joint Chiefs, Staff, U.S . Capitol, AP, Republican, Washington, Civil, 101st Airborne, Central High School, National Guard, Brookings Institution, Democratic, U.S . Military Academy, Syracuse University, Associated Press Locations: Iowa, New York City, Chicago, Florida, South Carolina, U.S, Baltimore , Chicago, Rock , Arkansas, Los Angeles, New York, West, Washington
She initially sued Trump only for defamation because the allegations dated back to the mid-90s and the deadline for filing a legal claim had long since passed. But the Adult Survivors Act cleared the way for a suit claiming sexual assault. The woman accused Brand of exposing himself and assaulting her in a bathroom. Andrew Cuomo, who resigned in 2021 after being accused of sexual misconduct, was sued by his former executive assistant. His accuser, a musician who wasn't named in the suit, accused Portnow of drugging her in a hotel room and assaulting her.
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Opinion | Should Biden Bow Out, as David Axelrod Urged?
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To the Editor:Re “The Axe Is Sharp,” by Maureen Dowd (column, Nov. 19):While reading Ms. Dowd’s column on whether President Biden should run for a second term, I was struck by a historical parallel. Like Mr. Biden, President Lyndon B. Johnson had served a deeply charismatic president and used his extensive senatorial experience to seal that president’s vision with legislation. But facing health concerns and declining popularity because of the Vietnam War, as well as surprisingly strong opposition by Robert F. Kennedy, Johnson decided that his moment had passed. As David Axelrod has noted, it is time to consider allowing other Democratic leaders to step forward. Mr. Biden has served the nation honorably for longer than most Americans have been alive, guiding the country through dark times and leaving a clear legislative mark.
Persons: Maureen Dowd, Biden, Lyndon B, Johnson, Robert F, Kennedy, David Axelrod Organizations: Democratic Locations: Vietnam
An incumbent hasn't lost his party's presidential nomination since Democrats passed over Franklin Pierce in 1856. Abraham Lincoln's election in 1860 marked the last time someone from a new party — in his case, the Republican Party — won the White House. But with the United States deeply divided and somewhat anxious about the prospect of another Biden-Trump campaign, third party candidates insist voters are restless enough to defy history. West announced last month that he no longer was running under the Green Party banner, but as an independent. Democrats assume that many of voters supporting a progressive environmental activist would likely have chosen Clinton if forced to choose between the major parties.
Persons: George Washington, hasn't, Franklin Pierce, Abraham Lincoln's, Republican Party —, ” Jill Stein, , , Stein, Cornel, “ it's, Biden, Trump, Justice Department indicting Trump, Hillary Clinton, Clinton, umbrage, Dean Phillips, “ I’m, ” Phillips, ” Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Kennedy, Kennedy's, John F, Sen, Robert F, Joe Manchin, Utah Sen, Mitt Romney, Jennifer Franks, Romney, McKay Coppins, Manchin, invigorate centrists, he's “, Meg Kinnard, Leah Willingham Organizations: Republican Party, White, Biden, Trump, Green Party, West, Associated Press, NORC, for Public Affairs Research, Justice Department, Republicans, wariness, Trump's, Clinton, Democratic, Rep, Minnesota, Democratic Party, Children’s Health Defense, Electoral College, GOP, Manchin Locations: United States, Minnesota, renominating, South Carolina, Manchin, Utah, Arizona, Michigan, West Virginia, Columbia , South Carolina, Charleston , West Virginia
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