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CNN —The Philippines has announced plans to ban offshore gaming operators, targeting an industry that mostly caters to Chinese gamblers and has sparked growing alarm from law enforcement over its alleged connections to organized crime. Known locally as POGOs, Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators have spawned across the country, both licensed and illicit, employing tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign nationals. Ezra Acayan/Getty ImagesThere are 46 licensed offshore gaming operators and dozens more illicit gambling hubs in the Philippines, according to the country’s gaming regulator, which Marcos has ordered to close by the end of the year. Since then, the Philippines has become a major hub for online gaming catering to tens of thousands of players based in China. “Even if overseas casinos are legally opened, cross-border gambling by Chinese citizens is suspected of violating the laws of our country,” the embassy said in a statement.
Persons: Ferdinand Marcos Jr, ” Marcos, Marcos, Ezra Acayan, Marcos ’, Rodrigo Duterte Organizations: CNN, Philippine Offshore Gaming, Macao –, Philippine News Agency Locations: Philippines, Philippine, Manila, Beijing, South China, China, Macao, Southeast Asia, United States, China’s, Singapore
President Joe Biden will end his bid for reelection and has endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris. Democrats are in the process of setting up a system to conduct their presidential nomination vote remotely before the party’s convention next month. Under party rules, candidates must meet certain requirements to have their names placed into nomination to be the party’s presidential candidate. There are 3,949 pledged delegates. But now that Biden is no longer a candidate, his delegates are free to vote for whomever they’d like.
Persons: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Harris, Biden, It’s, , they’ll, they’re Organizations: Democratic, DNC
CNN —Yemen’s Houthi rebels on Friday claimed responsibility for a deadly drone blast in Tel Aviv, the Iranian proxy group’s latest attack in what it says is a response to Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. The drone that caused the explosion was detected by an Israeli aerial defense system, but not intercepted due to “human error,” an Israeli military official said. The Israeli military is investigating the attack and does not believe further threats are imminent, the official said. An investigator inspects a damaged window of a building at the site of an explosion in Tel Aviv on July 19, 2024. The drone attack in Tel Aviv Friday comes after the Houthis claimed earlier this month that they had targeted ships in the Israeli port of Haifa with a number of drones in joint military operations with Iran-backed militias based in Iraq.
Persons: Yemen’s, Houthi, Yahya Sare’e, , ” Sare’e, Ricardo Moraes, Israel’s Magen David Adom, , Roi Klein, Organizations: CNN, Embassy, Israel Defense Forces, Reuters, US Embassy, US State Department, MDA, Police, IDF Locations: Tel Aviv, Gaza, Jerusalem, Shalom, Tel, Aviv, Red, Israel, Haifa, Iran, Iraq
CNN —Shiite Muslims across the globe on Tuesday observed Ashura, an annual commemoration mourning the seventh-century martyrdom of a grandson of the Prophet Mohammed. Ashura, or “the 10th day,” falls on the 10th day of Muharram, the first month in the Islamic calendar. Shiite Muslim devotees self-flagellate during Ashura rituals in New Delhi, India. Haidar Mohammed Ali/Anadolu/Getty ImagesA Shiite Muslim self-flagellates with curved knives on chains during an Ashura procession in Bengaluru, India. Bikas Das/APA "zuljanah," an ornately decorated horse representing Hussein's battle stallion, parades through the streets of Srinagar, Indian-controlled Kashmir.
Persons: Prophet Mohammed, Imam Hussein bin Ali’s, , , Kabir Jhangiani, Saurabh, Imam Hussein, Haidar Mohammed Ali, Idrees Mohammed, Bikas Das, Yawar Nazir, Ameer Al, Ahmad Al, Nasir Kachroo Organizations: CNN, Anadolu, Getty Locations: Karbala, Iran, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, India, New Delhi, Ahmedabad, Nasiriyah, Bengaluru, AFP, Kolkata, Srinagar, Indian, Kashmir, Sadr City, Baghdad, Sopore
CNN —An explosion near the US Embassy branch office in Tel Aviv that killed at least one person early Friday is being investigated as a possible drone attack, according to Israeli authorities. The blast occurred about 100 meters (330 feet) from the compound of the US Embassy branch office, according to a CNN analysis of open-source satellite imagery of the scene. The United States is closely monitoring the situation, a government official told CNN, acknowledging that an explosion happened near the branch office. An investigator inspects a damaged window of a building at the site of an explosion in Tel Aviv on July 19, 2024. A person walks down the stairs of a building damaged from a blast in Tel-Aviv on July 19, 2024.
Persons: Israel’s Magen David Adom, Ricardo Moraes, , Roi Klein Organizations: CNN, Embassy, US Embassy, Israel Defense Forces, Police, MDA, Reuters Police Locations: Tel Aviv, United States, Shalom, Tel, Aviv
The fleet of 500 vehicles operating in the city belongs to Apollo Go, a unit of Chinese tech giant Baidu (BIDU). There have also been complaints from residents in Wuhan about traffic jams, as driverless cars fail to respond to traffic lights. Uncertainty over the safety and reliability of driverless cars has cast a long shadow over the industry in the US. Last week, authorities in Shanghai’s Pudong New Area started handing out licenses to driverless car operators, including Apollo Go and Alibaba-backed AutoX, according to state media China Daily. California-based startup, backed by Toyota and Saudi Arabia, was also given the green light to test driverless vehicles in the financial hub.
Persons: You’ll, ” Tu Le, robotaxi, Apollo Go’s, Apollo, Waymo, Elon Musk, Go Organizations: Hong Kong CNN —, Weibo, Baidu, Global Times, Sino, CNN, National Bureau of Statistics, Apollo Go, United, GM, Department of Justice, McKinsey, Pudong New Area, Toyota, Beijing Municipal Bureau of, Information Technology, People’s Daily Locations: China, Hong Kong, Wuhan, Weibo, United States, United Arab Emirates, California, Beijing, Shenzhen, Pudong, . California, Saudi Arabia, Bao’an district, People’s
Hong Kong CNN —More than a dozen Chinese companies face legal action for allegedly asking job applicants to take pregnancy tests, state media has reported. Chinese law bans employers from administering pregnancy tests or discriminating against pregnant workers. In Nantong, authorities were tipped off by an online public litigation group, which said some employers in the city had given pregnancy tests to job seekers. Demographic crisisChina’s population has shrunk for two years in a row and its birth rate in 2023 was the lowest since the founding of the People’s Republic in 1949. Alarmed by the falling birth rate in recent years, the government scrapped the “one child” policy that was in place for 35 years.
Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Prosecutors, Employers, CNN, Population Research Locations: China, Hong Kong, Nantong, Jiangsu, People’s Republic, India
“In anticipation of tonight’s Copa America Final, thousands of fans without tickets attempted to forcibly enter the stadium, putting other fans, security and law enforcement officers at extreme risk,” the statement said. “All fans without tickets MUST leave the Hard Rock Stadium premises. Maddie Meyer/Getty ImagesPhotos and video from outside the stadium showed massive overcrowding, with visibly distressed women and children among thousands of fans stuck outside the gates. At least one photo showed fans falling on top of each other at an overturned crush barrier. Young Argentina fans outside the stadium before the Copa América final.
Persons: Lionel Messi’s, Maddie Meyer, WSVN, Organizations: CNN, Copa América, Argentina, Copa America, Miami - Dade Police Department, Young, Getty, Sunday, Colombia’s, Uruguay, Uruguayan Locations: Argentina, Colombia, Miami Gardens , Florida, Miami, Young Argentina, Charlotte , North Carolina
Tokyo CNN —A beachgoer who was swept 80 kilometers (50 miles) out to sea in a floating ring has been rescued off Japan’s east coast some 36 hours after she went missing, authorities said. She had been spotted earlier by a cargo ship crew, which radioed the tanker for help, the coast guard added. The coast guard flew the woman by helicopter to the city of Yokohama, where she was taken to the hospital for assessment following her overnight ordeal. There is no need for hospitalization,” the coast guard said. Authorities said the woman was likely swept away by currents and moderately strong winds, NHK reported.
Organizations: Tokyo CNN, Japan Coast Guard, CNN, NHK, Authorities Locations: Tokyo, Yokohama, Shimoda, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan
CNN —A museum in Australia has come clean: The Picasso paintings hanging in its women’s restroom were forged by one of its own curators. The Ladies Lounge first made headlines in 2020 as a female-only space displaying what were presented as original Picassos once owned by Kaechele’s great-grandmother. Enclosed in green silk curtains, the Ladies Room was opened for female visitors in 2020. I liked that a misogynist would dominate the walls of the Ladies Lounge. The Ladies Lounge, a green velvet-draped room adorned with gold detailing, opened “to any and all ladies” in December 2020.
Persons: Kirsha Kaechele, , MONA, ” Kaechele, Jesse Hunniford, MONA “, Picasso, Picasso’s, , , Kaechele, Queen Mary of, revel, Jason Lau, Lau, I’ve Organizations: CNN, Tasmania’s Museum of, of Locations: Australia, American, Spanish, Guinean, Queen Mary of Denmark, Hobart, Tasmania, New South Wales
I got inked by the world’s oldest tattoo artist
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Kathleen Magramo | )   time to read: +11 min
Buscalan, Philippines CNN —The first sound I heard upon reaching Buscalan was that of heaving and panting. At 107 years old, Whang-Od is the world’s oldest tattoo artist. She was dressed in a loose, colorful tie-die shirt and bold patterned pants, her own tribal tattoos on full display. Photos, identification cards and other mementos left by visitors on the thatched roof of the hut where Whang-Od's grandnieces (and apprentices) tattoo. “(My friends who gave tattoos) have all passed away,” Whang-Od told CNN in an interview in 2017.
Persons: Philippines CNN —, didn’t, She’s, , she’s, Girlie, Od, overworking, Kathleen Magramo, Emmett, , , Kent Donguines, Emmett Sparling, Lars Krutak, Hunter, Michelle Dee, Whang, batok, Krutak, ” Krutak, ” Whang, that’s, I’m, Grace Palicas Organizations: Philippines CNN, CNN, American Catholic, Rice, Warner Bros, Vogue Philippines, Miss Universe Philippines, Wigan Locations: Philippines, Buscalan, Kalinga, Canadian, Manila
“Today, I would like to announce that a settlement has been reached in the civil trial with the three perpetrators who were found guilty in the criminal trial,” Gonoi said. Authorities initially seemed unwilling to believe her but Gonoi’s refusal to be silenced eventually prompted prosecutors to reopen investigations in a sweeping probe into sexual harassment across the JSDF. The broad investigation led by Japan’s defense ministry found that Gonoi had suffered physical and verbal sexual harassment daily between late 2020 and August 2021. Not backing downAs a child, Gonoi said she saw JSDF members as heroes. The defense ministry eventually launched a broad investigation into sexual harassment across the JSDF that found Gonoi had suffered physical and verbal sexual harassment daily between late 2020 and August 2021.
Persons: Hong Kong CNN —, Rina Gonoi, ” Gonoi, Gonoi, , Yoshiaki Saito, Japan’s, Kazuhiro Nogi, Fumio Kishida, Boram Jang, “ Rina Gonoi, ” Jang Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, , Japan Self, Defense Force, NHK, CNN, Japan’s Ministry of Defense, Authorities, Getty, Japanese, Gonoi, Amnesty Locations: Tokyo, Hong Kong, Japan, Higashi, Japan’s, Miyagi, Fukushima, AFP, East Asia
Andy Chui (left) and John Li at a press conference held by the Hong Kong Blind Union on July 7, 2024. They said were removed from an HK Express flight on May 22, 2024. Hong Kong Blind Union“They need to ensure that companies comply with these guidelines and that there are punitive measures when companies discriminate against people with disabilities,” Wong told CNN. HK Express said its staff had followed the airline’s “standard safety procedures,” during the incident, without specifying whether the two passengers had failed to comply with its protocols. All 35 passengers on the flight walked off in solidarity with Rizzi.
Persons: , Andy Chui, John Li, , Li, Chui, ” Chui, Billy Wong, Wong, ” Wong, , KK Ong, Albert Rizzi, Rodney Hodgins Organizations: Hong Kong CNN — Budget, HK Express, Hong Kong Blind Union, . Blind Union, CNN, Cathay, ” HK Express, , US Airways, Rizzi, Air Canada, Las Vegas . Air Canada Locations: Hong Kong, Tokyo, Hong, Long, Las Vegas
Beryl will likely create dangerous rip currents along much of the US Gulf Coast for the holiday weekend. “Life-threatening beach conditions” will begin Friday afternoon and persist through the weekend for the Gulf Coast, the National Hurricane Center warned Thursday morning. “Beachgoers should be extremely wary of these conditions over the holiday weekend,” the National Weather Service in Corpus Christi urged Thursday. Widespread high temperatures in the 90s for the Gulf Coast this weekend will likely have people seeking out said relief. Rip currents can be spotted from the shore but are tricky to see for anyone already in the water.
Persons: Beryl aren’t, Beryl, , CNN’s Sara Smart Organizations: Coast, National Hurricane Center, National Weather Service Locations: Gulf, Corpus Christi, Florida
“While the Ladies Lounge undergoes a series of reforms to meet the exemptions required for reopening, I’ve been doing a little redecorating. “Some Cubism in the cubicles.”The Picasso works were moved into a fully functioning restroom for women. ‘Ladies Lounge’ closed“We never had female toilets at Mona before, they were all unisex. But then the Ladies Lounge had to close thanks to a lawsuit brought on by a man. Jason Lau, a visitor from New South Wales was barred from entering the “Ladies Lounge” exhibit on April 1 in 2023.
Persons: Picasso, Pablo Picasso, Kirsha Kaechele’s, , , MONA, Kaechele, I’ve, Australia Kaechele, Charlotte Vignau, , David Walsh, Jason Lau, Lau Organizations: CNN, Tasmania’s Museum of, Tasmanian Civil, Museum of Locations: Australia, , Hobart, Tasmania, Mona, New South Wales, state’s
The charges stemmed from allegations by Duterte that De Lima had received payoffs from convicted drug gangs to fund her 2016 senatorial bid. Speaking to reporters outside the court, De Lima said Duterte would be held responsible for “sins committed” against Filipinos. Jam Sta Rosa/AFP/Getty ImagesDuring his tenure as president, Duterte repeatedly said the killings of drug suspects are lawful if police are acting in self defense. In July last year, the International Criminal Court (ICC) rejected an appeal by the Philippine government to block an investigation by prosecutors into Duterte’s drug war. The Philippines was formerly a signatory to the ICC but Duterte canceled the country’s membership after the court began probing his drug war.
Persons: Rodrigo Duterte’s, Leila De Lima, Duterte, De Lima, De, “ Leila, , , Leila de Lima, Sta Rosa, Ferdinand Marcos Jr, pullout Organizations: CNN, PTV, ” Former, Criminal Court, ICC, Hague, Duterte Locations: Muntinlupa, ” Former Philippine, AFP, Davao City, Philippine, Philippines
In Dagestan, Russian security forces fought an Islamist insurgency in the mountainous region in the 2000s that spilled over from neighboring Chechnya, though attacks have become rarer in recent years. Russian President Vladimir Putin attends a meeting with his election campaign confidants at the Kremlin in Moscow, Russia March 20, 2024. ISIS-K attack on music venueThe coordinated attacks in Dagestan come just weeks after Russia suffered its worst terror attack in decades. For a leader who has long promised security and stability to Russians, the major attack on Russian soil was another powerful blow. In the aftermath of the March attack, Putin called for Russia to remain united.
Persons: Vladimir Putin’s, Putin, Ramzan Kadyrov, Jill Dougherty, Vladimir Putin, confidants, Evgenia Novozhenina, Bashar al, Assad, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Benjamin Netanyahu, Organizations: CNN, ISIS, Ukraine grinds, Russian Jewish Congress, Attackers, TASS, Russian Federation, Soviet, Hamas, Makhachkala Uytash Airport, Kremlin, Reuters, Saudi, Israeli, Central, Migrants, Kazakhstan — Locations: Russia, Russia’s, Dagestan, Moscow, Derbent, Makhachkala –, Makhachkala, Russian, Republic of Dagestan, Russia’s Caucasus, Caucasus, Soviet Union, Chechnya, , Grozny, Ukraine, , Gaza, Israel, CNN Moscow, Reuters Russia, Iran, Soviet, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan
New Delhi CNN —Nights are getting uncomfortably and dangerously hotter in India’s capital as people in the world’s most populous nation feel little respite from unrelenting temperatures. Northern India has endured a scorching summer — with one part of the capital of Delhi recording the country’s highest-ever temperature 49.9 degrees Celsius (121.8 degrees Fahrenheit) earlier this month. Bicycle rickshaw driver Sagar Mandal told CNN that he’s been getting fewer passengers because people opt for air-conditioned taxis over open-air transport. Outdoor workers like Nikhil Kumar find no respite as the heat lingers on even at night. Residents fill their containers with water supplied by a municipal tanker in New Delhi on 19 June, 2024.
Persons: Sagar, he’s, , , Nikhil Kumar, Esha Mitra, “ We’ve, Kalyani Saha, hasn’t, ” Saha, Saha, Money Sharma, Ajay Chauhan, Ram Manohar Lohiya, ” Chauhan, Chauhan, “ that’s, Sarita Kumari, ” Kumari Organizations: New, New Delhi CNN, Centre for Science, Environment, Sagar Mandal, CNN, Getty, Ministry of Health, NGO Centre, Health Development India Locations: New Delhi, Northern India, Delhi, United States, Mandal, Australian, Lajpat Nagar, India
Hong Kong CNN —The Philippines has accused China’s Coast Guard of launching a “brutal assault” with bladed weapons during a South China Sea clash earlier this week, a major escalation in a festering dispute that threatens to drag the United States into another global conflict. A Philippine Navy serviceman on the rubber boat lost his right thumb when the Chinese Coast Guard rammed it, Torres said. China’s Coast Guard also deployed tear gas, “blinding” strobe lights and continuously blared sirens, the AFP said. “The Chinese Coast Guard personnel had bladed weapons and our personnel fought with bare hands. This is the closest China’s Coast Guard has come to the BRP Sierra Madre, Koh noted.
Persons: Thomas Shoal, , ” Collin Koh, ” Koh, , , Alfonso Torres Jr, Torres, Romeo Brawner Jr, ” Brawner, Ferdinand “ Bongbong ” Marcos Jr, Marcos, Matthew Miller, Enrique A, Antony Blinken, ” Derek Grossman, Koh, they’re, Thomas, Washington “, ” “ Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Coast Guard, Chinese Foreign Ministry, Philippine, Rajaratnam, of International Studies, Philippine Navy, Armed Forces, Getty, Western Command, Chinese Coast Guard, China’s Coast Guard, Staff, Getty Images Mutual, South China, US State Department, Mutual Defense, RAND Corporation, China Coast Guard, Philippine personnel, Navy Special Operations Group, BRP, BRP Sierra Madre Locations: Hong Kong, Philippines, China, United States, Manila, Spratly, Philippine, Singapore, AFP, , China’s, South, States, US, Washington, South China, The Hague, Beijing, India, BRP Sierra, BRP Sierra Madre
CNN —South Korea will soon launch a new visa for foreign nationals who dream of training like a K-pop idol, in a bid to boost its tourism industry back to pre-pandemic levels. The “K-Culture Training Visa” will be open to foreigners who want to train in K-pop dancing, choreography and modeling, the finance ministry announced on Monday. K-pop is already the most-cited reason for visiting the country, according to the MCST, with particularly strong interest from overseas fans from Southeast Asia, Europe and the US. Tourists visit the statue of Sejong the Great of the Joseon Dynasty at Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul, South Korea on February 21, 2024. South Korea has also made it easier for digital nomads to stay and work in the country, implementing its “workation” visa at the start of this year.
Persons: , Lee Jung, jae, Sejong the, Kim Jae Organizations: CNN, Ministry of Culture, Tourism, Korean, Tourists, Getty Locations: South Korea, Seoul, Southeast Asia, Thailand, Philippines, Korean, Europe, Korea
CNN —Nintendo has dropped a fresh surprise for fans – a new Zelda title where gamers will finally be able to play the titular princess from the legendary fantasy series. The new game, “The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom,” will release on the Switch console on September 26, according to a statement from Nintendo. The many iterations of the games usually revolve around the heroic elf Link, who spends most of his adventures trying to save Princess Zelda who, more often than not, has been kidnapped or mysteriously disappeared. Now it’s up to Princess Zelda to step into the protagonist’s role,” Eiji Aonuma, producer of the Zelda series, said in a video released by Nintendo. The release of a new Zelda game is the second surprise announcement Nintendo has dropped in recent weeks.
Persons: , Zelda, , Princess Zelda, ” Eiji Aonuma, Shuntaro Furukawa Organizations: CNN, Nintendo, ” Nintendo
Hong Kong CNN —Manila has accused China of injuring Filipino personnel and damaging Philippine vessels during a South China Sea collision earlier this week, as tensions simmer over territorial disputes in the resource-rich and strategically important waterway. CNN has reached out to the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Coast Guard for comment. China claims “indisputable sovereignty” over almost all of the South China Sea, and most of the islands and sandbars within it, including many features that are hundreds of miles from mainland China. A supply ship and two rubber boats from the Philippines had attempted to “illegally” deliver supplies to the stranded warship, China Coast Guard spokesperson Gan Yu said. China’s Coast Guard also said it took measures including “warnings and interceptions, boarding inspections and forced evictions” against the Philippine vessels.
Persons: Shoal, , Lin Jian, Ferdinand “ Bongbong ” Marcos Jr, Marcos, Ren’ai Jiao, Thomas, China’s, , Gan Yu, Matthew Miller Organizations: Hong Kong CNN —, Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, Associated Press, Philippine Department of Foreign, CNN, Department of Foreign Affairs, Armed Forces, Philippine Coast Guard, Times, China Coast Guard, Foreign Ministry, Chinese Coast Guard, Philippine, South China, BRP, BRP Sierra Madre, Philippine Navy, China’s Coast Guard, US State Department Locations: Hong Kong, Hong Kong CNN — Manila, China, Philippines, Spratly, Philippine, South, South China, Manila, The Hague, Beijing, Palawan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, BRP Sierra, China’s, States
China claims “indisputable sovereignty” over almost all of the South China Sea, and most of the islands and sandbars within it, including many features that are hundreds of miles from mainland China. China had “obstructed the Philippines from executing a lawful maritime operation in the South China Sea, interfering with the Philippines’ freedom of navigation,” Campbell said, according to a State Department readout. The Chinese coast guard on Monday said a Philippine supply ship “ignored China’s repeated solemn warnings” and “deliberately and dangerously” approached a Chinese vessel in “an unprofessional manner,” resulting in a collision. China Coast Guard spokesperson Gan Yu on Monday accused the Philippines of “illegally” delivering supplies to the stranded warship. It should now be clear to the international community that China’s actions are the true obstacles to peace and stability in the South China Sea.”
Persons: Shoal, Manila MaryKay Carlson, China’s, Ferdinand “ Bongbong ” Marcos Jr, Marcos, Matthew Miller, Kurt Campbell, Foreign Affairs Maria Theresa Lazaro, ” Campbell, , , Francel Margareth Padilla, Adrian Portugal, Ren’ai Jiao, Thomas, Gan Yu, Gan, ” Gan, Jay Tarriela, Gilberto C, Teodoro , Jr Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Philippine, US State Department, Foreign Affairs, Department, Guard, Philippine Coast Guard, Reuters, China Coast Guard, BRP, BRP Sierra Madre, Philippine Navy, Chinese Coast Guard, CNN, Armed Forces, ( Armed Forces, Philippine Defense Locations: Hong Kong, United States, China, Philippines, Philippine, Second, Spratly, South China, Manila, South, Beijing, The Hague, Palawan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, BRP Sierra, Thomas Shoal, , West Philippine
CNN —American journalist Evan Gershkovich will stand trial behind closed doors in the Russian city of Yekaterinburg starting on June 26, state-run news agency TASS reported Monday, citing the court’s press service. The Russian Prosecutor General’s office said last Thursday it had approved the indictment and referred Gershkovich’s case to a trial court. On Thursday, US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller said the allegations against Gershkovich have “absolutely zero credibility.”“We have been clear from the start that Evan has done nothing wrong. He should be released immediately,” Miller said at a State Department briefing. Gershkovich is among a number of Americans being held in Russia, including former Marine Paul Whelan, whom the US State Department has also declared as wrongfully detained.
Persons: Evan Gershkovich, General’s, Gershkovich, “ Gershkovich, Matthew Miller, , Evan, ” Miller, Paul Whelan Organizations: CNN, Wall Street, Sverdlovsk Regional Court, US State Department, State Department, US Locations: American, Russian, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Moscow’s, Washington, Moscow, Ukraine, Russia
CNN —Thousands of people have been evacuated in southeast China after heavy rains hammered the region over the weekend, triggering floods and deadly landslides, authorities and state media said Monday. As of Monday morning, more than 10,000 people were evacuated in Meizhou, the hardest flood-hit city in Guangdong province. Those warnings were underscored in April, when deadly floods submerged parts of Guangdong after rain poured for multiple days. Four people were killed in a series of landslides in the coastal province, CCTV reported Monday. China has been grappling with extreme weather this month as heavy rains inundate the south while severe drought and record temperatures scorch the north.
Organizations: CNN, Ministry of Water Resources, “ Authorities Locations: China, Meizhou, Guangdong province, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghang
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