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Shooting at a Trump Rally in Pennsylvania: Diagrams, Maps and PhotosThe Associated Press; Photograph By Doug Mills/The New York TimesFormer President Donald J. Trump was whisked off the stage at his rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday after an armed person fired shots toward the area where he was speaking. The New York TimesThe rally took place on the grounds of the Butler Farm Show in Western Pennsylvania, about 35 miles outside of Pittsburgh. In a statement, a spokesman for the Secret Service said that one spectator at the rally was killed and two were critically injured. The suspected shooter was killed by the Secret Service, according to three people who had been briefed on the matter. Eric Lee/The New York TimesFollow live Times coverage of the shooting here.
Persons: Doug Mills, Donald J, Trump, Witnesses, Eric Lee Organizations: Trump, Press, New York Times, Secret Service, Secret Locations: Pennsylvania, Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh
In this gilded echo chamber, Mr. Trump enjoys unwavering devotion — and collects the staggering price of admission. During the 2014-15 season — the last before Mr. Trump officially entered politics — The Times counted 52 fund-raiser events at Mar-a-Lago. More than two dozen midterm candidates had already held fund-raisers on the property when Mr. Trump made that statement. But that changed when Letitia James, the New York attorney general, sued Mr. Trump for exaggerating the value of his properties. And, unlike when Mr. Trump was president, “he was there a lot,” Mr. Rustmann said.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, MAGA, Matt Gaetz, , Sebastian Gorka, , Forgiato, Donald Trump, Ryan Garcia, “ Donald Trump, Glenn Beck, Roger Stone, Liz Crokin, Michael T, Flynn, We’re, , Vivek Ramaswamy, Matthew DePerno, Frank Pavone, Kari Lake, Joe Kent, ” Cameron Moore, Alex Stone, Stone, Roger J, Stone Jr, Roseanne Barr, don’t, Abraham Lincoln, Lago, Thomas D, Homan, ” Sebastian Gorka, Gorka, Abraham Lincoln ”, Trump’s, ” Mr, Vernon Jones, Letitia James, galas, Laurence Hirsh, James, Greg Christovich, Christovich, Christovich’s, Michael Barnett, Barnett, ” Frank Vain, Fred Rustmann, Mr, Rustmann Organizations: Gravity, House, New York Times, Mar, U.S.A, Times, Trump, Palm, Republican Party of Palm, Lincoln, Breakers, Policy Institute, America’s, Inc, White, Mr, America, of, Republican, Republicans, Republican National Committee, Democratic Senatorial, Trump Organization, New, U.S ., Secret Service, U.S . Department of State, Records, The Trump Organization, Republican Party of, RSM, Republican Party Locations: Mar, Jan, America, Palm Beach, Lago, Charlottesville, Va, Beach, Georgia’s, , New York, Republican Party of Palm Beach County, Florida
On Today’s Episode:Top Democrats, Swallowing Fears About Biden’s Candidacy, Remain Behind Him, by Catie Edmondson, Maya C. Miller, Robert Jimison and Annie KarniA Late Play by the Biden Campaign: Running Out the Clock, by Adam Nagourney and Jim RutenbergHow Mar-a-Lago Became the Center of Gravity for the Hard Right, by Karen Yourish, Charlie Smart and David A. FahrentholdAt Least 25 Reported Killed in Israeli Airstrike at School Turned Shelter in Gaza, by Liam Stack and Anushka Patil‘Rust’ Jury Chosen After Questions About Guns, Movies and Alec Baldwin, by Julia Jacobs
Persons: Catie Edmondson, Maya C, Miller, Robert Jimison, Annie Karni, Adam Nagourney, Jim Rutenberg, Karen Yourish, Charlie Smart, David A, Liam Stack, Anushka Patil, Alec Baldwin, Julia Jacobs Organizations: Biden, Gravity Locations: Gaza
Trump’s Pattern of Sowing Election Doubt Intensifies in 2024Former President Donald J. Trump has baselessly and publicly cast doubt about the fairness of the 2024 election about once a day, on average, since he announced his candidacy for president, according to an analysis by The New York Times. A line chart shows the number of times Donald J. Trump cast doubt on the fairness or integrity of the election during the 2016, 2020, and 2024 election cycles. Mr. Trump first raised questions about the 2016 election in August of that year, about 100 days before the election. About six weeks before Election Day in 2020, Mr. Trump refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power. “We want to make sure that the election is honest, and I’m not sure that it can be,” Mr. Trump said.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Trump’s, , Long, Biden, “ weaponizing, , ” Mr, General Merrick B, we’re, , TRUMP, “ You’ve, Hillary Clinton, Mr, I’m, ” —, I’ll, it’s Organizations: The New York Times, Trump, Mr, United States Capitol, White, Justice Department, Republican, Democratic, Electoral College, House, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Locations: Florida, Georgia, Manhattan, Ukraine
“They have chased down Jewish students. They have screamed at those who bear the Star of David.”Former President Donald J. Trump chimed in. Jewish students have been shouted at to return to Poland, where Nazis killed three million Jews during the Holocaust. There are chants and signs in support of Hamas, whose attack on Israel sparked the current war. A leader of the Columbia protests declared in a video that “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”
Persons: Mike Johnson, , jeers, David . ”, Donald J, Biden, , Israel, don’t Organizations: Columbia University, Trump, Truth, Republicans, Columbia Locations: Gaza, Poland, Israel
How the House Voted on Foreign Aid to Ukraine, Israel and TaiwanVotes on the Foreign Aid Bills Source: Office of the Clerk, U.S. House of RepresentativesThe House passed a long-stalled foreign aid package on Saturday that gives funding to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan, with a majority of lawmakers backing money for American allies across the globe. A majority of Republicans voted against Ukraine aid on Saturday, in a reflection of the stiff resistance within the G.O.P. to continuing to aid Ukraine against President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia’s invasion. While all Democrats voted in favor of aid to Ukraine and all but Ms. Tlaib supported funding to Taiwan, 37 left-leaning Democrats defected to vote against the Israel aid bill. The opposition to the Israel aid represented a minority of Democrats, but reflected the deep resistance to unconditional aid and the divisions in the party on Gaza.
Persons: Mike Johnson, Kevin McCarthy’s, Mr, McCarthy, Vladimir V, Putin, Elise Stefanik, Rashida Tlaib, Bob Good, Good, , Tlaib, Jamie Raskin, Donald S, Beyer Jr, Earl Blumenauer of, John Garamendi of Organizations: Foreign Aid, Foreign, House, Senate, House Progressive Caucus, Fund, Caucus, Republican, Republicans, , Maryland, Democrats Locations: Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, New York, Michigan, Virginia, Gaza, Earl Blumenauer of Oregon, John Garamendi of California, United States
How Every Member Voted on Impeaching Alejandro MayorkasTuesday’s impeachment vote Answer Democrats Dem. The House passed a resolution Tuesday night to impeach Alejandro N. Mayorkas, the homeland security secretary, over his handling of the southwestern border. The vote was 214 to 213, with all but three present Republicans voting yes. A first attempt to impeach Mr. Mayorkas failed last week after the same three Republicans broke with their party and voted against the impeachment. How every member voted in the two efforts to impeach Mayorkas
Persons: Impeaching Alejandro Mayorkas Tuesday’s, Alejandro, Mayorkas, Mr, Steve Scalise Organizations: Dem, House, Republicans Locations: Louisiana
Made false claims to U.S. attorney generalMade false claims to U.S. attorney generalMet with Justice Department officialMet with Justice Department officialMade false claims to Ga. state officialMade false claims to Ga. state officialTold Justice Department officials to say election was "corrupt”Told Justice Department officials to say election was "corrupt”Pressured Justice Department official to take actionPressured Justice Department official to take action
Persons: Organizations: Justice Department, Met, Department
Mapping Air and Ground Attacks in Israel and GazaIsrael and Hamas declared they were at war on Saturday after Hamas militants launched one of the largest assaults on Israel in 50 years. Where Hamas militants infiltrated Israel towns, and where Israel struck GazaHamas fired thousands of rockets toward Israeli cities, and Palestinian militants crossed into southern Israel, killing civilians and holding Israelis hostage. Israel’s emergency service, Magen David Adom, said it had received reports of Hamas rockets landing as far north as Tel Aviv. Plumes of flames and smoke rose above Gaza City as Israel retaliated, reducing multistory buildings to rubble. Soliman HijjyThe streets of Gaza City were largely empty as residents prepared for intensified Israeli airstrikes.
Persons: Israel, Daniel Hagari, Magen David Adom, Tamir Kalifa, Admiral Hagari Organizations: Hamas, Gaza, The New York Times Locations: Israel, Gaza Israel, Gaza, Tel Aviv, Sderot, Kfar Azza, Ashkelon, Ofakim, Gaza City, Egypt
Live Vote Count: House Decides Whether to Oust McCarthy as SpeakerLIVE Vote tally to remove McCarthy Answer Democrats Dem. Republicans Rep. Total Yes 0 0 0 No 0 0 0 Source: C-SPAN Note: House members can change their votes up to the end of the voting period. Late votes or changes may not be reflected until the House clerk publishes the full accounting of votes. Without support from the far-right members, given Republicans’ narrow majority, Mr. McCarthy will need some protective action from across the aisle if he is to retain his position. If enough Democrats vote in his favor, vote “present” (neither for nor against) or simply do not show up, the bar for a majority could be low enough for Mr. McCarthy’s supporters to clear it.
Persons: McCarthy, Kevin McCarthy, they’d, Matt Gaetz, Gaetz, McCarthy’s Organizations: Dem, Republicans Locations: Florida
Senate stopgap spending vote Answer Democrats Dem. Republicans Rep. Total Bar chart of total votes Yes 46 39 3 88 Votes needed No 0 9 0 9On Saturday evening, the Senate overwhelmingly passed a measure to temporarily avert a government shutdown by authorizing funding until Nov. 17. The House passed the bill earlier in the day, crossing the required two-thirds threshold with 335 votes — 209 Democrats and 126 Republicans. How Every Senator Voted
Organizations: Dem
Live Vote Count: House Stopgap Spending MeasureLoading... Answer Democrats Dem. Republicans Rep. Total Bar chart of total votes Yes 0 0 0 No 0 0 0 Note: See a breakdown of individual member votes below. With the help of House Democrats, Speaker Kevin McCarthy successfully pushed forward a measure on Saturday that would keep the government funded for 45 days. With 335 in favor, it crossed the two-thirds threshold required to pass and now goes to the Senate. See how each member of the House voted.
Persons: Kevin McCarthy Organizations: Dem, House Democrats
Notably, Representatives Wesley Hunt of Texas and Ken Buck of Colorado came back to Washington at Mr. McCarthy’s request to vote in his favor for speaker. And Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia aligned herself with Mr. McCarthy during the speaker fight and was ousted from the Freedom Caucus over the summer. With far-right members of his caucus in revolt over suspending the debt ceiling, Mr. McCarthy was forced to negotiate a deal with President Biden, further enraging the already volatile faction. In another blow to Mr. McCarthy, the bipartisan measure passed with more Democrats than Republicans. They did so to punish Mr. McCarthy for making a deal with Mr. Biden to suspend the debt limit.
Persons: Antagonized McCarthy, Biggs Bishop Boebert Buck Burchett, Gosar Greene Hunt Mace Miller Mills Mooney Moore, Kevin McCarthy’s stopgap, McCarthy’s, Biggs, Gosar Miller, Clyde Donalds Good Harris Luna Norman Perry Roy, Wesley Hunt, Ken Buck, Colorado, Marjorie Taylor Greene, McCarthy, Buck Burchett, Hunt Mace Miller Mills Mooney, Alford, Bost Brecheen Buchanan Cammack Carter Cline Clyde Collins DesJarlais Donalds Fallon Finstad Fischbach Fry Fulcher Gonzales Good Gooden Griffith, Hageman Harris Harshbarger Hern Higgins Jackson LaHood Lesko Luna Luttrell Mann Mast McCormick Moran Norman Palmer Perry Posey Rose Roy Santos, Strong Tiffany Timmons Van Drew Van Duyne, Weber, Biden, Greene, Troy Nehls, Lauren Boebert, Rosendale, Norman Roy Scalise, Mr Organizations: Republicans, House Republicans, Caucus, Mr, Freedom Caucus, Hageman Harris Harshbarger Hern Higgins Jackson LaHood Lesko Luna Luttrell Mann Mast McCormick Moran Norman Palmer Perry Posey Rose Roy Santos Sessions, Republican Locations: Rosendale, Wesley Hunt of Texas, Washington, Georgia, United States, Texas, Colorado
Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Kevin Calvert Calif. 41st George Santos N.Y. 3rd Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Roger Wicker Miss. Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Kevin Calvert Calif. 41st George Santos N.Y. 3rd Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Roger Wicker Miss. Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Paul Gosar Ariz. 9th Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Josh Hawley Mo. Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Paul Gosar Ariz. 9th Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Josh Hawley Mo. SEN. HOUSE MORE conservative Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative Less conservative HOUSE MORE conservative Less conservative SENATE MORE conservative SEN. HOUSE MORE conservative According to an analysis by The New York Times, a small number of Republicans have made statements about the indictment that did not immediately dismiss the investigation.
Persons: Donald J, Biden, Trump, Brian Fitzpatrick Pa, Ken Buck Colo, Romney, Romney Utah SEN, Doug LaMalfa Calif, Mike Kelly Pa, Ted Budd N.C, Kevin Calvert Calif, George Santos N.Y, Roger Wicker Miss, SEN, Lauren Boebert Colo, Tom Emmer Minn, Ted Cruz Texas, Ted Cruz Texas SEN, HOUSE Lauren Boebert Colo, Byron Donalds, Eli Crane Ariz ., Ron Johnson Wis, HOUSE, HOUSE Byron Donalds, Paul Gosar Ariz, Josh Hawley Mo, , , Don Bacon of Nebraska, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Kevin McCarthy, , Daniel Webster, Donald Trump, Steve Scalise, Diana Harshbarger, Mike Lee, Jack Smith, General Merrick Garland, Garland, Biden’s, Hunter, Trump’s Organizations: Senate, MORE, SEN, HOUSE Byron, The New York Times, , Justice Department, Biden’s Department of Justice, DOJ, Twitter, The, Department, White Locations: United States, Ken Buck Colo ., Romney Utah, Byron Donalds Fla, SEN, HOUSE Byron Donalds Fla, Florida, Tennessee, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua, America, Utah
In a text message with his producer, Alex Pfeiffer, Mr. Carlson appeared livid that viewers were turning against the network. On Nov. 7, 2020, Mr. Carlson told Mr. Pfeiffer that claims about manipulated software were “absurd.” Mr. Pfeiffer replied later that there was not enough evidence of fraud to swing the election. A video of Carlson from “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” Said publicly on Nov. 19, 2020 Carlson: “We did not dismiss any of it. It aired on the programs hosted by Mr. Dobbs, Ms. Bartiromo and Jeanine Pirro. On Feb. 5, 2021, one day after Smartmatic filed a defamation lawsuit against Fox, Fox Business canceled “Lou Dobbs Tonight.” At the time, Fox said it regularly reviewed its lineup.
The tumult that broke out last month during the election of Kevin McCarthy for speaker illustrated the potential for profound dysfunction in the new House Republican majority. Here is a closer look at the fractious House Republican caucus. Chart of House Republicans highlights members who denied the 2020 election results, were supported by the House Freedom Fund, or both. Representative Harriet Hageman of Wyoming, who has also denied the 2020 election results, defeated Representative Liz Cheney in the primary. A Venn diagram shows the Republican newcomers in the House who either denied the 2020 election results, were supported by the House Freedom Fund, or both.
In the third round of voting on Tuesday, all 20 of the lawmakers defying Mr. McCarthy voted for Jim Jordan of Ohio instead. Mr. Jordan, who himself voted for Mr. McCarthy, is a founding member of the Freedom Caucus and has repeatedly cast doubt on the 2020 election. Nineteen Republicans did not support Mr. McCarthy on the first two votes, casting their ballots for others, including Mr. Biggs and Mr. Jordan. 1st Zeldin Jordan Jordan Luna , Fla. 13th Fla. 13th Jordan Jordan Jordan Miller , Ill. 15th Ill. 15th Jordan Jordan Jordan Norman , S.C. 5th S.C. 5th Biggs Jordan Jordan Ogles , Tenn. 5th Tenn. 5th Jordan Jordan Jordan Perry , Pa. 10th Pa. 10th Biggs Jordan Jordan Rosendale , Mont. 2nd Biggs Jordan Jordan Roy , Texas 21st Texas 21st Donalds Jordan Jordan Self , Texas 3rd Texas 3rd Jordan Jordan JordanLee Zeldin, a former representative from New York, received one vote (from Andy Harris of Maryland) on the first ballot.
Spreading lies, misinformation and doubt about the 2020 election have proven to be a winning strategy for many Republicans across the United States. The analysis identified more than 370 candidates who cast doubt in some way on the 2020 election. House Republican newcomer said the 2020 election was stolen House Republican newcomer questioned the 2020 election in other ways W y o . M o . T e x as T enn. A vast majority of states will have one or more Republicans who cast doubt on the 2020 election. More than a Dozen Skeptics Elected in the SenateThe 16 Republican skeptics elected so far include several who have outright denied the 2020 election, including J.D.
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A “bump stock” replaces a rifle’s standard stock, which is the part held against the shoulder. The bump stock allows a weapon to fire at nearly the rate of a machine gun without technically converting it to a fully automatic firearm. How Fast Is a Rifle With a Bump Stock? Orlando nightclub 24 shots in 9 secondsIn contrast, a fully automatic weapon, like this pre-1986 Colt AR-15A2, sounds different. There are no variations in the firing rate like there was in the Las Vegas shooting.
Persons: Trump, Jill Snyder, , Donald J, Omar Mateen Organizations: National Rifle Association, The New York Times, Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Justice Department, Orlando Locations: Las, Vegas
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