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As recently as June 30, following rain the previous day, E. Coli levels increased to around 2000 CFU/100mL at Alexandra III Bridge. But E. Coli levels near Alexandra III Bridge still climbed to around 10000 CFU/100mL on the second day of rain. Longer term trends show there has been a “significant improvement” in water quality, according to Dan Angelescu, the company’s CEO. That’s more than three times higher than the level needed for “good” water quality, according to CNN’s calculation. In comparison, between June 24 and July 5, average E. Coli levels dropped to around 880 MPN/100mL, according to Fluidion.
Persons: CNN — Weeks, Alexandre III, ” Antoine Guillou, Mayor Anne Hidalgo, that’s, , , Emmanuel Dunand, ” Guillou, “ We’ve, Dan Angelescu, Dimitar Dilkoff, , Guillou, CNN’s Organizations: CNN, Olympic, Olympics, Paris, French, Mayor, France Inter, CFU, City, Palais, Getty, Authorities, Paris . Technology, Fluidion, Paralympic Games, Games Locations: Paris, Seine, Alexandra, City of Paris, AFP, ., Austerlitz, Alexandre, Essonne, Val, de, Marne
CNN —The mayor of Paris told French radio on Wednesday that she would swim in the city’s River Seine next week, in a bid to show its suitability for the Olympics despite ongoing cleanliness concerns. However, despite a 1.4 billion Euro (1.5 billion USD) clean-up plan, concerns remain over the river’s suitability for swimming events. Mayor Hidalgo – one of the main faces behind the organization of the Paris Olympics – had previously said she would swim in the Seine but postponed the dip following the dissolution of the National Assembly by French President Emmanuel Macron. Macron, who also said he would swim in the Seine, has yet to announce a date. The Opening Ceremony of the Paris Olympics is set to take place on the Seine on July 26 if currents are not too strong.
Persons: Mayor Anne Hidalgo, that’s, Mayor Hidalgo –, Paris Olympics –, Emmanuel Macron, Macron, Marc Guillaume Organizations: CNN, Paris, Mayor, France Inter, Paris Olympics, National Assembly Locations: Seine, Paris
CNN —Soccer star Kylian Mbappé has called the first round of French elections “catastrophic” after last Sunday’s results saw the country lurch towards the far-right with anti-immigration party National Rally (RN) leading first place. The captain for France’s national soccer team, who is preparing for Les Bleus’ Euro 2024 quarterfinal against Portugal in Hamburg on Friday, urged the French public to vote saying “now more than ever” it was needed. If the RN assumes power, it would become the first far-right party to enter the French government since World War II – although nothing is certain ahead of Sunday’s second round. This isn’t the first time that Mbappé has spoken about French politics while he’s been with the French national soccer team at Euro 2024. “And that is why I want to talk to the whole of the French people, but also the youth.
Persons: Kylian Mbappé, Les, , ” Mbappe, Emmanuel Macron’s, Mbappé, , he’s, ” Mbappé, Mbappé’s Les, Jules Kounde –, ” Kounde, CNN’s Niamh Kennedy, Saskya Vandoorne Organizations: CNN — Soccer, National, soccer team, Les Bleus, Portugal, Front, NFP, French national soccer, Reuters Locations: Hamburg, Germany, France, Sunday’s, Algeria, Cameroon, Belgium
French President Emmanuel Macron promptly turned the country on its head by announcing a snap legislative election. Marine Le Pen addresses her supporters alongside National Rally President Jordan Bardella during an event on Sunday following the European elections. Marion Marechal addresses supporters of her party, Reconquest, alongside party president Eric Zemmour, left, on Sunday. In his statement on X, formerly Twitter, he refuted Marechal’s accusations that he had sunk a deal with National Rally. The fact of Ciotti’s endorsement, even if rejected by others in his traditionalist party, indicates how far National Rally has moved into mainstream politics.
Persons: defenestrated, Emmanuel Macron, , , there’s, acolyte Jordan Bardella, Macron’s, Jordan Bardella, Julien de Rosa, Eric Ciotti, Republicans –, , Le Pen’s, Valerie Pecresse, Ciotti, Stephane de Sakutin, Marion Marechal, Eric Zemmour, Marechal, Zemmour, “ Let’s, BFMTV, “ She’s, Ian Langsdon, Le, Julen Chavin Organizations: Paris CNN —, National, National Rally, Republicans, Paris, Facebook, , Getty Locations: France, France’s, AFP, Paris, Thusrday
Paris CNN —At least two gunmen ambushed a prison convoy and broke out an inmate in Normandy on Tuesday, killing two prison guards and wounding three others, according to French Justice Minister Eric Dupond-Moretti. The violent incident, extremely rare for that part of northern France, took place as the vehicle was transporting a prisoner from court to a nearby prison, Dupond-Moretti said. Video from the scene showed a black SUV in flames that appeared to have crashed into a prison van near a motorway toll booth, CNN affiliate BFMTV reported. Dupond-Moretti told reporters that the incident was the first time a French prison employee had died while working since 1992. A forensics team inspects the site of a prison convoy ambush in France on Tuesday in which two guards were killed.
Persons: Eric Dupond, Moretti, Dupond, ” Dupond, Alain Jocard, Gerald Darmanin, Emmanuel Macron, Organizations: Paris CNN —, French, CNN, BFMTV, Getty Images Locations: Normandy, France, AFP
CNN —A violent hailstorm wreaked havoc on vineyards in Chablis in the famous French wine region of Burgundy Wednesday evening, delivering another weather blow to already hard-hit local Chardonnay winemakers. The extent of the damage was still unclear as winegrowers checked over their plots on Thursday, a representative for the Burgundy wine association told CNN. “We’ve never seen anything like this, it’s dramatic,” Julie Fèvre, a winemaker, told BFM. Some 38 million bottles of Chablis Chardonnay wine are sold every year, generating an estimated $340 million turnover, according to the Burgundy wine association. Around 67% of Chablis wine is exported to foreign markets, the association said.
Persons: “ We’ve, Julie Fèvre, BFM, ” Paul, Étienne, we’ve, Vincent Laroche, Marc Fesneau, , Chablis, ” Louis Poitout, we’ll, CNN’s Laura Paddison Organizations: CNN, Chablis, BFMTV, International Organisation of Vine Locations: Chablis, Burgundy, France,
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