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With digital price tags, big retailers, in theory, could do the same. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell has said that type of dynamic pricing is "incredibly important in our economy." AdvertisementSome experts agree, saying dynamic pricing practices could benefit consumers who are able to gain some understanding of the system and shop around. After customers complained online that those changes would surge prices, a spokesperson announced the company did not intend to implement surge pricing. How does dynamic pricing impact you?
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A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago. A "good" price for something today may have seemed outlandish five years ago, and it's understandable to wonder whether today's price is just as fleeting. The whole idea of what's a good price for a 12-pack of carbonated soft drinks has changed dramatically over the past few years." Plenty of companies can move their prices, whether by using dynamic prices or downright raising prices, because they're the only game in town. The answer to getting accustomed to high prices is basically to forget what those numbers were in 2019.
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Elon Musk has started an electric-vehicle price war that Tesla can't finish. In April, Ford CEO Jim Farley said Tesla's cuts could start an unsustainable price war. If it slides back into the red because of its price cuts, expect investors to run in another direction. In China, Tesla's price cuts even sparked protests among owners who paid more for their vehicles. Waging price war during a downturn is a challenge unlike any Tesla has faced before.
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Staples is “a classic ‘category killer,’ like Toys R Us,” Mitt Romney, then Bain & Co.’s managing general partner, said in 1989. Another category killer fell this week, when Bed Bath & Beyond filed for bankruptcy. Once the go-to stop for everything in customers’ homes, Bed Bath & Beyond was brought down by shopping changes, competition and its own missteps. Founded in 1971 as Bed ‘n Bath as a small linen and bath store, the company changed its name to Bed Bath & Beyond in 1987 to reflect its expanded merchandise selection and built larger superstores. It’s somewhat ironic that there is now nostalgia for Bed Bath & Beyond and other once dominant chains that drove mom-and-pops out of business.
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