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I was there most of my life, except for the two years I spent in downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. Jersey City — nicknamed New York's Sixth Borough by some — has also become one of the most expensive US cities to live in. To live comfortably in Jersey City or New York City, a single person needs to make over six figures. AdvertisementSince I work remotely, I gave up on city life to move to a suburban area of Pennsylvania almost a year ago. In downtown Jersey City, I've seen nothing available to rent for even close to that price.
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The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
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Somehow a hacker got into her email account, and then was able to get all of our transaction information. But we got a call from our real attorney, and they said, "Hey, your down payment is due today." I called the seller's attorney, and he explained that the email account was not his, and the bank account wasn't either. AdvertisementWe found out the only real email address in the thread was our real-estate agent's, but she wasn't the one communicating with us. She told us via text message that her email account must have been hacked — that it was her email address, but she didn't write it.
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Things should have been settled. The weary delegates should have already chosen a presidential nominee, packed up their Welcome to New York souvenirs and returned home in time for the nation’s celebration of what it stood for. Just a few dozen miles to the south, it was celebrating a white-nationalist Independence Day with a hood-and-robe parade right down the Broadway of a beachside New Jersey city. The simultaneous events reflected the divide over what it meant to be an American. Instead of proudly asserting who we are, that distant summer day raised a question being debated over the July Fourth weekend a century later: Who are we?
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A French Museum Collides With New Jersey Politics
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Plans to build an outpost of the Pompidou Center in the heart of Jersey City were put on hold after the State Legislature voted last week to rescind $24 million in funding for the Paris museum’s project. Another $34 million in state and federal assistance for what would have been the Pompidou’s first satellite location in North America was also put in jeopardy by the vote. Tim Sullivan, chief executive of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, addressed a letter to museum officials saying that the project was called off. “Due to the ongoing impact of Covid and multiple global conflicts on the supply chain, rising costs, an irreconcilable operating gap and the corresponding financial burdens it will create for New Jersey’s taxpayers, the Legislature has rescinded financial support,” Mr. Sullivan wrote, “leaving us to determine that this project is unfortunately no longer feasible.”
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Where to Watch July 4 Fireworks Around New York City
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Members of the public can watch free of charge from spots along Hudson River and areas of New Jersey. Other fireworks shows will take place on Staten Island, in Coney Island, in Westchester County and at Jones Beach on Long Island. The Macy’s fireworks will be launched from barges positioned on the river between West 14th and West 34th Streets. The best spots to watch from will be in Manhattan along the West Side Highway between those streets, or across the river near the New Jersey waterfront in Hoboken, Weehawken and Jersey City. There are five places where the public can enter the West Side Highway to watch the show.
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Stankard should know — he's a rising senior now, but this will be his second summer interning for Goldman's sales and trading division. "I've always been interested in business generally," said Young about her decision to intern with Goldman last summer. For sales & trading interns like him, the summer is different — they split their nine weeks between two "pods" within the division. Dan Dees Goldman SachsA summer at Goldman is hard workTraders are known for having early work schedules to get ahead of the trading day and clients' needs. Goldman interns mingle Emmalyse BrownsteinAdvice for other interns and applicantsStanding out is hard in the application process.
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According to a May Zumper report, the national median rent for a one-bedroom apartment is $1,487. The New York-Newark-Jersey City metro area saw the average rent for a one-bedroom apartment go from $1,991 in 2023 to $2,008 in 2024, an increase of only $17 or 0.9%. Connecticut has the most metro areas with the biggest rent increase for one-bedroom apartments — four out of the top five. This includes one statistical area that covers part of northeastern Connecticut and a swath of Massachusetts including Worcester. Connecticut is also the only state in the Northeast region to have multiple metro areas in the top 20.
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"I don't have the capacity to think through, well, what if, what if, what if," Menendez told me. Mayor Bhalla told me that he began contemplating his primary challenge shortly after the elder Menendez was first indicted in September. AdvertisementSitting in his recently opened campaign office, the mayor told me that the most important facet of his candidacy was his fight against New Jersey's party boss-driven political culture. "Everything here is a headline or a deadline driving the process," Councilman Paul Presinzano said of Mayor Bhalla. Menendez looks on as Bhalla's opening remarks at a Jersey City candidate forum are filmed by a cameraman.
Persons: Rob Menendez —, Sen, Bob Menendez —, Ravi Bhalla, Menendez, , Rob Menendez, Bob Menendez, who's, that's, frat bro, I've, Stephen Chernin, he's, father's, Phil Murphy, Bhalla, Pete Buttigieg, outraise Menendez, Ted Shaffrey Bhalla, Menendez —, there's, They're, Andy Kim, Tammy Murphy, James Solomon, you've, hasn't, bossism, Anna Moneymaker, deriding, didn't, I'm, wasn't, we're, It's, Sam Bankman, rZ6H2IB4N0, — Rob Menendez, @RobMenendez4NJ, Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, Kim, Fisher, Paul Presinzano, Union City —, Donald Trump, Bryan Metzger, Rob's, Tammy Murphy's, He's, Cory Booker, Rob Menendez Bhalla, Steve Fulop —, corruptly Organizations: Hoboken, Service, Nike Air Force, Gov, Port Authority of New, New Jersey ., Sikh American, Congress, South, AP, New, Democratic Rep, First, Jersey City, Getty, Lipton Tea Company, House Transportation, Infrastructure, Union City, Homeland Security, Democratic, House Democratic, Facebook Locations: New Jersey, Manhattan, Jersey, Hoboken, Port Authority of New York, he's, Jersey City, Washington ,, Washington and NJ, Menendez's, Union City
At the end of March, a federal judge sided with Kim, blocking Democrats from using the so-called "county line" system in the state's upcoming June primaries. That's set to bring a stark change to the way ballots look — and potentially, a total overhaul in the state's political culture. AdvertisementHere's what to know about the "county line" and why it may be going away for good. A 2020 Democratic primary ballot in Mercer County, New Jersey. "I think you'll see a more candidate-centric politics," said Jersey City Councilman James Solomon, a longtime opponent of the county-line system.
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Dan Braido, Audley Wilson and Andy Siegel are the co-founders of RoboBurger, which makes vending machines that dispense customized burgers — a concept they call "the future of fast food." Yet by the end of the episode, O'Leary teamed up with a guest judge, Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin, to offer the RoboBurger founders $1.5 million. Seeking $1.5 million despite no profitsThe trio of founders brought a vending machine for the judges to try. RoboBurger's vending machine on display on the set of ABC's "Shark Tank." At the time of filming, RoboBurger had been in "beta testing" for 18 months, with more than 12,000 burgers sold, the founders said.
Persons: Dan Braido, Audley Wilson, Andy Siegel, Kevin O'Leary, O'Leary, Michael Rubin, Rubin, Cuban, Christopher Willard, hadn't, Siegel, RoboBurger didn't, RoboBurger, Wilson Organizations: RoboBurger, Disney, Sharks Locations: Jersey City , New Jersey
Buying a home was a historic challenge last year because of sky-high listing values and the highest mortgage rates since the turn of the century. Heading into 2024, the consensus among real-estate mavens is that affordability will get substantially better, largely due to declining mortgage rates. In turn, mortgage rates are now headed in the wrong direction, steadily rising from 6.6% late last year to nearly 6.9% as of mid-April. AdvertisementHome prices are persistently high — especially in these 27 real-estate marketsAll else equal, higher borrowing costs should translate to lower property prices because of lower demand from buyers. Only a dozen real-estate markets fitting that description saw property prices fall by more than 1%.
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She found her neighbors describing the same rattling, realizing they had experienced an earthquake in a suburb about 20 miles east of New York City. New York City Mayor Eric Adams urged New Yorkers to "go about their normal day.” Brittainy Newman/APUSGS said the earthquake occurred at 10:23 a.m. Three neighboring homes in Newark, New Jersey, were evacuated after residents reported structural damage, according to the city’s public safety director. Good quality New York moment.”In Jersey City, New Jersey, Kristina Fiore was sitting at her desk in her apartment when her building shook for a few seconds. The epicenter was just northeast of Lebanon, New Jersey, less than 50 miles west of New York City, according to the USGS.
Persons: , , Jeanne Evola, Eric Adams, ” Brittainy Newman, David Rodriguez, ” Long, Kathy Hochul, James Oddo, Fritz Fragé, , Fragé, Kevin J, Bethel, ” Bethel, Spencer Platt, Reed Whitmont, Kristina Fiore, Fiore, panicking, Betancur, New York Kennedy, ” Nobody’s Organizations: New, New York CNN, Geological Survey, The New York Police Department, ” New York, New York City, New York City Fire Department, Empire, ” New York Gov, NYC Department of, Newark Public, Emergency Management, Philadelphia Police Department, Getty, Boonton Coffee Co, Earthquakes, Federal Aviation Administration, Newark Liberty, FAA, Amtrak Locations: New York, Washington, New York City, Maine, New Jersey, Square, Long, New, Hoboken , New Jersey, , New Jersey’s Hunterdon County, Lebanon, Newark , New Jersey, Newark, New Jersey’s Essex County, Montclair . In Pennsylvania, Lebanon , New Jersey, Manhattan, Park Slope , Brooklyn, York, Jersey City , New Jersey, Boonton , New Jersey, Philadelphia, AFP, Baltimore
Jarrell Chalmers and his partner, Jose Diaz, moved to Puerto Rico to escape high rents in Jersey City. AdvertisementThis as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Jarrell Chalmers, a 31-year-old marketing consultant in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Rent is cheaper, but groceries are more expensiveHouses in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. We've also been posting content on how to get remote jobs in Puerto Rico for Puerto Ricans. Things move slowly because people in Puerto Rico live in the moment, and that's what we love about it.
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A family of four needs to make more than $275,000 to live comfortably in some of the most expensive U.S. cities, a recent SmartAsset analysis reveals. "Comfortable" is defined as the income needed to cover a 50/30/20 budget for a family of two adults and two kids. That's followed by other cities known for having notoriously expensive housing costs, including Boston, New York City, Honolulu and Los Angeles. Out of all 99 cities SmartAsset examined, a family of four would need a median of $226,886 to live comfortably. But that's still higher than the median family income in the U.S. of $92,750, according to the most recent U.S. Census bureau data available.
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Tammy Murphy, the wife of New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy, announced Sunday that she would withdraw from the state's Democratic Senate primary contest. The winner of that June 4 election will become the favorite to replace indicted Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez. Murphy's exit widens the path for Democratic Rep. Andy Kim to lock down his frontrunner status ahead of the primary. The Murphy campaign declined to provide further comment.
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Menendez announced Thursday that he would not run for reelection in the Democratic primary but again left open the possibility of an independent bid this summer. New Jersey Rep. Andy Kim greets supporters outside the Bergen County Democratic convention in Paramus on March 4, 2024. “Corrupt systems like the ‘county line’ in New Jersey (is) an enemy because that dissuades folks from actually getting involved. Kim speaks to delegates during the Bergen County Democratic convention in Paramus, New Jersey, on March 4, 2024. In Camden County, where the local boss keeps a tighter grip, video of another Senate candidate, progressive Patricia Campos-Medina, being blocked from entering the county Democratic convention went viral.
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CNN —Concorde, the world’s fastest commercial aircraft, has been making a rare journey – floating down New York’s Hudson River. The British Airways Concorde, one of only 20 of the supersonic aircraft to ever fly, has been en route back to NYC’s Intrepid Museum after being sanded and recoated during several months of restoration. The last ever flight by a Concorde was made on November 26, 2003. That aircraft, known as Delta Foxtrot, is now housed in Aerospace Bristol, an aviation museum in the west of England. Tours of Intrepid’s Concorde will resume on April 4, the museum says.
Persons: CNN’s Barry Neild Organizations: CNN, Concorde, British Airways Concorde, NYC’s Intrepid Museum, Intrepid, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, Intrepid’s Concorde Locations: Hudson, Jersey City , New Jersey, New York, London, Concordes, Paris, Aerospace Bristol, England
She has written a memoir about working for a secretive and wildly prestigious Wall Street hedge fund. Recruiters are one of the main gatekeepers for the hedge fund and private equity industries. I hadn't — but I had heard of Argon, a hedge fund that had long and widely been seen as financial royalty. A leading financial publication had called Carbon the world's hottest hedge fund. Another had named it one of the world's top-performing large hedge funds, ranking it among other hedge fund titans and their flagships, like Ray Dalio's Pure Alpha II and Ken Griffin's Citadel.
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This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. "I grew up in Nutley," Lorraine Hurlbut , the listing agent for the home who works with Keller Williams NJ Metro Group, told Business Insider. Advertisement“We have New Yorkers, people from Hudson County that live in Jersey City and Hoboken come,” to buy homes in Nutley, Hurlbut said. With 15 bids received, the home's sale price soared by over 40% of the asking price — setting a record in Nutley, Hurlbut told “I don't do minimal staging,” Hurlbut told Business Insider.
Persons: , William Lambert, Lorraine Hurlbut, Keller, It's, Hurlbut, , Geoffrey,, ” Hurlbut, Hurlburt, Organizations: Service, Business, Keller Williams NJ Metro Group Locations: Nutley , New Jersey, Nutley, Essex County, New York City, Hudson County, Jersey City, Hoboken, New York, New Jersey
If you were planning a trip to New York City for Presidents’ Day weekend and logged onto Airbnb Wednesday morning, the first two listings to turn up might have vexed you. One was for a hotel room on Park Avenue South, and the second was for a townhouse apartment in Jersey City, advertised for its proximity to the PATH train to Manhattan, useful because Jersey City is not actually in New York. But Airbnb thrived amid loopholes in the law. In May 2022, there were more than 10,500 New York City listings on the site for apartments or whole houses. In December, as demand for Airbnb spaces in New York fell by 46 percent, the growth in Jersey City and Newark exceeded 53 percent.
Persons: Airbnb Organizations: , Malaysian, Local, City Council, York, New Locations: New York City, Jersey City, Manhattan, Jersey, New York, Newark
Raleigh and Boise also placed high for large cities, while Idaho Falls ranked first for small cities. Per the rankings, only 11 large cities and seven small cities were classified as Tier 1, placing high among many metrics. Big cities also saw their tech sectors grow much faster than small cities. Philadelphia jumped 130 places between 2023 and 2024 in the large cities list, while Manhattan, Kansas, rose 160 places for small cities. AdvertisementFour of the top seven small cities were in Idaho, exemplified by Coeur d'Alene, Twin Falls, and Pocatello.
Persons: Austin, , Milken, hasn't, Richmond , Virginia —, Paso Robles, El Centro Organizations: Milken Institute, Raleigh, Idaho Falls, Service, Boise, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Idaho National Laboratory, Obispo Locations: Boise, Austin, Raleigh, Los Angeles, Long, Glendale and New York, Jersey, White, Sunbelt, Provo, Orem, Utah, Salt Lake City, Elgin , Illinois, Houston, , Texas, Richmond , Virginia, Charleston, North Charleston, South Carolina, Philadelphia, Manhattan , Kansas, Wichita, Lawrence, Kansas, Idaho, Coeur d'Alene, Twin Falls, Pocatello . Idaho, California, San Luis, Arroyo Grande, Modesto, El
AdvertisementThe Bay Area took the lion's share of capital raised on Carta in 2023, followed by Boston, then New York. AdvertisementAccording to Carta data, select metro areas saw the total early-stage funding raised decline by at least a third from 2022 to 2023. Yet early-stage funding was only down 24% in Boston, however, the smallest decrease of the metro areas that Carta tracks. According to Carta data, about $2.6 billion of capital raised in biotech flowed to Boston startups last year. Beyond biotechThe Carta data shows Boston also had strong showings across investment in software-as-a-service and hardware.
Persons: , Zach Weinberg, Roche, Carta, Founders, that's, Rudina Seseri, Seseri, Peter Walker, Michael Greeley, Greeley, Mark Castleman, Castleman, Clement Cazalot, Cazalot, Walker Organizations: Service, Massachusetts Turnpike, Partners, Business, Carta, Boston, East Coast, Companies, Area, Flare Capital Partners, pharma, Intel Ignite, Glasswing Ventures, Founders, Machinery, Pritzker Group, Armory Square Ventures, Way Ventures, Klaviyo's, New York Stock Exchange Locations: Boston, New York City, East, Boston , Cambridge, Newton , Massachusetts, Newark, Jersey City , New Jersey, New York, San Francisco, Bay, France, Copley
Equity Residential purchased Portside Towers in 2019. A group of renters in the U.S. say their landlords are using software to deliver inflated rent hikes. Renters told CNBC they discovered how revenue management software is used in real estate after reading a 2022 ProPublica investigation. Equity Residential investor materials show that the company started to experiment with Lease Rent Options between 2005 and 2008. Equity Residential and other defendant landlords declined to comment on ongoing RealPage litigation.
Persons: RealPage, District of Columbia Brian Schwalb, We've, Kevin Weller, There's, Jeffrey Roper, Thoma, Thoma Bravo, Harry Gural, Gural, we're, Mark Parrell Organizations: Washington , D.C, District of Columbia, CNBC, Equity Residential, Towers, World Trade, RealPage, U.S . Department of Justice, Equity, U.S, Thoma Bravo, U.S . Locations: Washington ,, RealPage, Jersey City , New Jersey, Portside, U.S, Miami, Van Ness, Jersey City, Atlanta, Austin , Texas, U.S . East
East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, has the longest average commute time at 36.2 minutes one way. The New York City metro area ranked second, while four California cities were in the top eight. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows that residents of East Stroudsburg, a city about 40 miles north of Allentown in Pennsylvania, have the longest commute times of any metro area. The average commute time in East Stroudsburg — sometimes considered the gateway to the Poconos — may be the longest since residents often work in larger metropolitan cities like New York City, Allentown, or Philadelphia. The Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario area similarly has commute times of nearly 33 minutes as it's near the Los Angeles area.
Persons: Organizations: New, Service, U.S . Census Bureau, Jersey City, Apple, Cambridge Locations: Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania, New York City, California, East Stroudsburg , Pennsylvania, U.S, East Stroudsburg, Allentown, Pennsylvania, New York, Newark, Jersey, East Stroudsburg —, Philadelphia, Jersey City, York, Stockton, Central, Sacramento, Riverside, San Bernardino - Ontario, Los Angeles, Yuba City, Washington, DC, Arlington, Alexandria, Chicago, Naperville, Elgin, San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Boston, Houston, Great Falls , Montana, Lewiston , Idaho, Manhattan , Kansas, Casper , Wyoming
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