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But the president’s abject debate performance and defiance in the aftermath have badly weakened his standing in a party already unenthusiastic about his campaign. Any slip ups or confusion would rip off the fragile patch Biden has fixed on the dam of Democratic Party support. Biden needs one of his classic comebacks more than everStill, it’s too early to count Biden out. “We concluded that Joe Biden is old; we found out, and the polling came back that he’s old,” Fetterman told CNN. Many of the CBC’s members are in solid blue districts and may be under less pressure than frontline Democrats who have criticized the president’s debate performance.
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Biden’s Age Dominates Hur Hearing
  + stars: | 2024-03-12 | by ( Susan Milligan | March | At P.M. | )   time to read: +5 min
"There has been a lot of attention paid to language in the report about the president’s memory," Hur said, addressing one of the most contentious parts of his report. For that reason, I had to consider the President’s memory and overall mental state, and how a jury likely would perceive his memory and mental state in a criminal trial." Rep. Adam Schiff, California Democrat, chided Hur for including the references to Biden's memory at all. The issue of both Biden's and Trump's mental acuity has been an ongoing issue in the 2024 campaign, although polling shows that voters have greater concerns about Biden's age. "What does that say about his mental state?"
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are investigating remarks reported to have been made by Roger J. “It’s time to do it,” the speaker can be heard saying. It’s either Swalwell or Nadler has to die before the election. They need to get the message.”An article by Mediaite accompanying the recording claimed that Mr. Stone made the remarks to an associate, Salvatore Greco, a former New York City policeman, at a restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. But the recording itself does not make clear whom the speaker was addressing.
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It’s also a clear sign that the gun safety movement needs to get to work reforming the Supreme Court. Regardless of how Rahimi is decided, the Supreme Court has already done enormous damage to our ability to keep Americans safe from gun violence. We need Supreme Court expansion to restore balance and sanity to the Court. Fortunately, Supreme Court expansion is clearly constitutional: Congress has done it multiple times throughout American history and we can do it again. Expanding the Supreme Court would be yet another way we can fight the war against senseless gun violence.
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The Justice Department works for the American people." [1/3]U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland and attendees in the room hold their hands over their hearts for the U.S. Republicans have also been critical of the department's handling of a five-year-long tax investigation into Hunter Biden, 53. Hunter Biden lives in California. Republicans on Wednesday grilled Garland about the Hunter Biden case.
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The letter, obtained exclusively by CNBC, is an early indication of the added spotlight Meta's newest product could bring to the company in Washington. "Indeed, Threads raises serious, specific concerns because it has been marketed as rival of ElonMusk's Twitter, which has faced political persecution from the Biden Administration followingMusk's commitment to free speech," Jordan wrote. On July 4, a federal judge in Louisiana granted in part a preliminary injunction in that suit that barred several Biden administration officials from meeting with social media companies to encourage them to remove or delete posts. It also prevented those officials from even flagging certain kinds of social media posts to the companies to encourage their removal or suppression. On Friday, an appeals court agreed to put a temporary pause on the preliminary injunction, meaning government flagging of social media posts could resume until the court further considers the case.
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Trump has pleaded not guilty in the classified documents case and in another prosecution in New York related to a hush money payment to an adult film star. “President Trump endured an unprecedented raid at his home in Mar-a-Lago. (A special counsel is still investigating classified documents found in Biden’s possession, while the Justice Department closed a case on the possible mishandling of documents found at Pence’s Indiana home.) Ron DeSantis and other Republicans have promised a comprehensive gutting of the FBI, Justice Department and other government agencies in response to what they claim is a wholesale effort to stop Trump winning the 2024 election. Some independent investigations looking at the Trump era have found wrongdoing or mistakes in the FBI.
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WASHINGTON, May 11 (Reuters) - The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday approved Republican legislation intended to stop immigrants and illegal drugs crossing the nation's southwestern border with Mexico, leaving it to the Senate to attempt a broader, bipartisan immigration bill. It also would resume construction of a wall along the border and expand federal law enforcement efforts. The House voted 219-213 to pass the bill, with no Democrats in favor and one Republican opposed. Officials at the southwestern border were seeing large influxes of immigrants in the final days of Title 42 expiration. House Republican leaders at the last minute had to modify provisions of their bill for the U.S. agriculture industry to comply with "E-Verify" requirements for confirming U.S. employment eligibility.
If it is an unorthodox, and perhaps still futile path, Mr. Santos has few other options. His local Republican Party has banned him from its events, and pushed other civic organizations to blackball him, too. Representatives for New York’s senators, Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, said he has yet to seek to work with them. “I have no doubt that he will be a one-term congressman,” said Representative Anthony D’Esposito, a fellow New York Republican who, like Mr. Santos, flipped a Democratic-leaning suburban district on Long Island last November. Mr. D’Esposito said he had gone out of his way to make sure his name did not appear on letters or bills with Mr. Santos, and bemoaned the constant churn that seemed to follow his colleague, and overshadow his own work.
Rep. Jim Jordan held a Manhattan hearing criticizing its 'soft-on-real-crime' DA. The House Judiciary Committee hearing was met with pushback about crime in red states like Jordan's. NYPD stats show that the first three months of 2023 have seen a decline in Manhattan crime compared with the first three months of last year. The chairman is doing the bidding of Donald Trump," Nadler said. Bragg responded by suing Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee; his lawsuit seeks to block the subpoena and to stop Jordan's investigation.
Democrats are urging the Supreme Court to address ethics concerns around Justice Clarence Thomas. ProPublica reported this week that Thomas has accepted free vacations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They close by urging Chief Justice Roberts to ensure that the highest court's ethics code is treated are more than just a suggestion. "The highest court in the land should have the highest ethical standards," Kyle Herrig, president of the advocacy group Accountable.US, said in a statement. A spokesperson for the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Democrats are urging the Supreme Court to address ethics concerns around Justice Clarence Thomas. ProPublica reported this week that Thomas has accepted free vacations worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. They close by urging Chief Justice Roberts to ensure that the highest court's ethics code is treated are more than just a suggestion. "The highest court in the land should have the highest ethical standards," Kyle Herrig, president of the advocacy group Accountable.US, said in a statement. A spokesperson for the Supreme Court did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
[1/2] U.S. Supreme Court police officers stand on the front steps of the Supreme Court building prior to the official investiture ceremony for the court's newest Associate Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and the start of the court's 2022-2023 term in Washington, U.S. September 30, 2022. The report said the Supreme Court's information security environment was "built fundamentally on trust with limited safeguards to regulate and constrain access to very sensitive information." But it called the court's information security policies "outdated" and recommended that it overhaul its platform for handling case-related documents and remedy "inadequate safeguards" for tracking who prints and copies documents. The Supreme Court's IT systems operate separately from the rest of the federal judiciary. U.S. judiciary officials have said the systems used by federal appellate and district courts also are outdated and need modernization.
The party-line vote on Tuesday aims to do just that, setting up a "Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government." The body is set to launch a wide-ranging probe of Democrat Biden's administration, which Republicans accuse of "weaponizing" the FBI against Trump. Among the federal agencies targeted are those looking into Trump's attempt to overturn his 2020 defeat and alleged mishandling of classified documents. On Monday the White House said that lawyers for Biden found classified documents at a Washington think tank affiliated with the president. That would create a situation where he could seek to oversee a federal investigation into himself.
Lawmakers have previously called for the Justice Department to investigated the company. Take action with @MorePerfectUS," Ocasio-Cortez tweeted after the news broke, directing her followers to a tweet that said: "Tell the DOJ to break Ticketmaster up here." The tweet also included a link to a form that allowed users to sign up to send an email to the Justice Department requesting the investigation. It's time for the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate their conduct and move to break them up." The White House has not indicated whether it plans to investigate Live Nation Entertainment, although President Joe Biden indicated last month federal regulators were working to address "junk fees" tacked onto things like entrainment and travel.
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