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Sam Altman was ousted from OpenAI then accepted a top job at Microsoft over the weekend. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementOver the course of a whirlwind weekend, OpenAI cofounder Sam Altman was ousted from ChatGPT's parent company and promptly accepted a job running a new AI research team at Microsoft. [Microsoft CEO Satya] Nadella says they're still committed to OpenAI. (Ware predicted brain drain as other OpenAI employees follow Altman to Microsoft or join other rivals now he's no longer in charge.)
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Billionaire investor Chamath Palihapitiya discussed how AI could impact VCs. Palihapitiya said there was a "reasonable case to make" that the job could cease to exist. AdvertisementAdvertisementBillionaire investor and former Facebook exec Chamath Palihapitiya thinks AI will radically change the job of the venture capitalist. He said that changes to the industry sparked by AI could lead to VCs being replaced by "an automated system of capital against objectives." The rapid advancements in generative AI have sparked fears of job losses across industries, including in the financial sector.
Persons: Chamath Palihapitiya, Palihapitiya, , Chamath, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, David Friedberg Organizations: Service, Facebook, Silicon, Silicon Valley VC, Social Capital, Deutsche Bank Locations: Silicon Valley
Millionaire VC Jason Calacanis is catching flak for mocking a woman venting about her 9-5 on TikTok. Users on X, formerly Twitter, said he was punching down and noted he hadn't worked a 9-5 in decades. Some commenters said the woman was unprepared to enter the workforce; others agreed 9-5 jobs leave little room for work-life balance. "I want to be able to talk for this next generation and explain that a 40-hour work week plus commute is not necessary for productivity," she said. Period," one person said on X.AdvertisementAdvertisementMany users agreeing with Brielle expressed their support for a 4-day work week.
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Elon Musk has criticized journalist Kara Swisher over her interview with a former X executive. Swisher interviewed Yoel Roth at Vox Media's Code Conference on Wednesday. During the interview, Roth advised X CEO Linda Yaccarino to consider the risks of working with Musk, The Verge reported. However, in a follow-up post on X, Swisher said Yaccarino had known Roth would appear. In a separate post on X, Swisher called Boorstin's interview with Yaccarino "very tough but fair."
Persons: Elon Musk, Kara Swisher, Swisher, Yoel Roth, Vox, Linda Yaccarino, , Roth, " Roth, Yaccarino, Musk, Kara, Julia Boorstin, chuckles, Jason Calacanis Organizations: Service, Twitter
Deft, an AI-powered search engine startup for e-commerce, has emerged from stealth with a $1.8 million funding round. "Google and Amazon continue to push the most relevant searches down so they can make more money and marketers have figured out how to bump up results using SEO," Zach Hudson, Deft cofounder and CEO, told Insider. The rise of AI following the launch of OpenAI's ChatGPT 3 last year led to increased pressure to launch for Deft, Hudson added. Deft is emerging from stealth with its product after raising $1.8 million in funding at the beginning of 2022. The company's funding round comes from Hustle Fund, Frontier VC, Vitalize, Long Ecommerce Ventures, 43 Ventures, Launch, and angel investor Jason Calacanis alongside a variety of founders.
Persons: Alex Gunnarson, Zach Hudson, Hudson, Long, Jason Calacanis, I've Organizations: Google, Hustle Fund, Frontier, Long Ecommerce Ventures, Ventures
Founders say VCs are increasingly demanding detailed data and visibility into their startups before considering a deal. But some in the industry say that for early stage startups, a reliance on data can create an illusion of certainty. Half a dozen early stage startup founders tell Insider that gone are the days when a good idea and flashy pitch deck were enough to close a deal. He described it as looking for "the golden playbook for investing in early stage startups." For his part Hasan says that when speaking to potential investors, he views an obsession with financials and data as a red flag.
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In some cases, Twitter has told them to expect tens of thousands of dollars. Billy Markus, the creator of Dogecoin who has 2.1 million followers, tweeted on Thursday that he was getting $37,050. Several accounts connected to Musk were told they'd also be getting payments. Sawyer Merritt, a Tesla investor who posts regular commentary about Musk's businesses, tweeted that Twitter would pay him $6,465. "It makes a lot of cents to create here!," Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino tweeted on Thursday after the program was announced.
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Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said AI will ultimately be a boon to the job market. He predicts AI will propel "millions of startups," even as jobs at existing companies could decrease. Chesky is one of many business leaders that has weighed in on AI this year. He anticipates that the technology will propel "millions of new startups," he told investor Jason Calacanis on a recent episode of This Week In Startups. While many in the business world have said AI could profoundly impact innovation and the economy, business leaders, including Warren Buffett, are skeptical.
Persons: Airbnb, Brian Chesky, Jason Calacanis, Calcanis, , Chesky, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk Organizations: CNBC, Google, Center, AI Safety
Brian and Lisa Sugar, the married founders of PopSugar, have raised a second venture capital fund. The $33 million fund will invest in consumer brands and software powering the future of retail. The eponymous firm, Sugar Capital, began to raise the sophomore fund a year ago and closed in May, Brian Sugar told Insider. For her part, Lisa stepped back from managing PopSugar in 2021 and joined Sugar Capital as a partner in 2022. Sugar Capital set out to raise $75 million for its second fund and reduced the target size last summer, Sugar said.
Persons: Brian, Lisa Sugar, Brian Sugar, MrBeast's Feastables, Will Hawthorne, Krista Moatz, PopSugar, Hawthorne, Sugar, Sam Altman, Jason Calacanis, Everlane, Ben Lerer's, Lisa, Brian Ach Organizations: PopSugar, Sugar Capital, Avid Capital Advisors, Avid, Sugar, JPMorgan, Advisors, Sequoia Capital, Nine Media, Bain Capital, Pritzker Group Venture, Consumer Locations: Olive
Ron DeSantis — including hosting the candidate's kickoff event on Twitter — demonstrate how Sacks is working to become a GOP kingmaker. A DeSantis campaign spokesman did not return a request for comment before publication. Sacks, according to Puck, serves as one of the group's directors. Kevin McGrann, a lobbyist at government relations juggernaut Forbes Tate Partners, is also linked to Bay Strategies, according to Hall. And Sacks said during a recent episode that he plans to ask the DeSantis campaign for the Florida governor to agree to an interview.
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Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky told the "This Week in Startups" podcast the pandemic forced him to change how he runs the company. Now, Chesky said the company follows a principle Steve Jobs held at Apple — to never work on more than the CEO can focus on. "We were like staring into the abyss," Chesky told host Jason Calacanis. According to Chesky, a few people who famously worked closely with Steve Jobs during his time at Apple ultimately proved instrumental in reshaping how Airbnb runs. Chesky told Calacanis Ive used to tell Jobs it was important for Jobs himself to be personally involved with product development.
"I have worked with more than 50 VCs and nobody comes close to what it is like to work with Mark Suster," said a founder backed by Suster. "Mark and the Upfront Summit helped put LA tech and investing on the map," said Jeffrey Katzenberg, the cofounder of DreamWorks and WndrCo. Several years ago, a founder whose startup Suster invested in was in a conference room rehearsing their presentation for the Upfront Summit. If you're going to put him on your board, you're letting the fox guard the henhouse. "If you're going to put him on your board, you're letting the fox guard the henhouse."
Greg Becker, who was the longtime CEO of Silicon Valley Bank, pictured last year. "Looks like Silicon Valley Bank is in some deep shit," Uncommon Capital general partner Jamie Quint tweeted. Startup founders scrambled to get their funds out of Silicon Valley Bank after its collapse. Andreessen Horowitz announced this week that it will continue banking with Silicon Valley Bank "for the foreseeable future" but is crafting a longer-term plan to diversify. Even so, he added, "I think we'd be supportive, as they stabilize, for them to be one of many partners that our founders bank with."
New York CNN —The massive amount of customer withdrawals that led to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank had all the hallmarks of an old-fashioned bank run, but with a new twist befitting the primary industry the bank served: much of it unfolded online. Customers withdrew $42 billion in a single day last week from Silicon Valley Bank, leaving the bank with $1 billion in negative cash balance, the company said in a regulatory filing. “It was the speed, fueled by zero distribution costs for both rumors and withdrawals, that was so destabilizing.”Silicon Valley Bank was arguably uniquely susceptible to those factors given its tech-focused customer base. The next day, the US Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation stepped in and took control of the bank, which only added to the viral panic on Twitter. “THAT IS THE PROPER REACTION.”Hours later, the Biden administration stepped in and guaranteed the bank’s customers would have access to all their money starting Monday.
The Silicon Valley Bank meltdown is teaching the tech industry that regulators are sometimes needed. Tech's relationship with regulation has long been contentiousGovernment regulations, some of tech's most vocal figures contend, can stifle innovation and creativity. "I would suspect that this failure will result in some significant changes to banking regulation," Griffin said. "My logic for that is it isn't sustainable to have a run on a bank triggered mainly on Twitter." Very few in the VC world believe that the move to protect depositors will be bad for the industry's overall health.
New York CNN —Andrew Ross Sorkin woke up early Monday morning, long before the crack of dawn, after managing to sneak in a handful of hours of sleep. The New York Times columnist had been up late into the night working on his DealBook newsletter. And now he needed to rise for a special edition of “Squawk Box,” the CNBC program he has co-hosted since 2011. It is a story Sorkin described covering as “a balancing act, a little bit like walking a tight rope.” On one hand, he said, journalists must avoid sparking panic and causing a catastrophic run on the banks. “If you scream ‘fire,’ everyone runs out of the theater,” Sorkin said.
Silicon Valley Bank was shut down by regulators on Friday. The news has made startup founders worried that they won't be able to pay their employees next week. Startup founders still reeling from Silicon Valley Bank's implosion have something new to stress about: whether they'll be able to access enough money to cut employee paychecks next week. "Lots of startups are missing payroll in 2-4 weeks if a) Silicon Valley Bank doesn't have the deposits b) SVB doesn't get sold or c) SVB isn't rescued." "If you're a startup founder dealing with this, I'm here to help any way I can," Ayush Sharma, founder and CEO of payroll and compliance startup Warp, tweeted.
But now some industry heavyweights are raising the alarm about the massive build up of venture debt, warning it could imperil future deals. Why startups raise debtStartups tend to raise venture debt alongside traditional equity. "Venture debt makes sense in an environment in which founders are generally able to raise the next round and then pay back the venture debt." A venture debt reckoningSamir Kaji, a former venture debt lender and host of the Venture Unlocked podcast, recently took to twitter to weigh in on the venture debt reckoning. Venture debt has traditionally seen credit loss rates much lower than other private lenders, but that could soon be changing.
Investors at JetBlue Ventures, Mighty Capital, and other VC firms shared their favorite podcasts. Another recommendation is "Origins" by partners at the biotech VC firm Notation Capital. Here are 11 great options, recommended by VCs, founders, CEOs, and other industry insiders. "The main thing about the VC world is building relationships, and Harry is an example of a great networker," Gershfeld said. "BTC is the single-most important asset in the world, and that podcast gets to the heart of why that is."
On the business podcast All-In, Palihapitiya said Google Search will be the biggest business loser of 2023. Amid the rise of chatbots like ChatGPT, Palihapitiya said more companies will engineer competitive search engines. The All-In podcast is a business podcast co-hosted by four tech industry veterans — PayPal COO David Sacks, investor David Friedberg, entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, and Palihapitiya. However, Palihapitiya doesn't think that ChatGPT is the only reason Google's search business might be on shaky grounds this year. With enough time and money, Palihapitiya said companies like Microsoft, Oracle, "Chinese internet companies," and even Facebook could be potential competitors to Google search.
Twitter faced its first widespread outage under Elon Musk's leadership on Wednesday evening. Musk responded to the reports by tweeting: "Works for me." Twitter staff previously raised concerns about outages after Musk laid-off half the company's staff. Musk responded to some unaffected users discussing the reports, saying: "Works for me." Fears about such an outage began after Musk laid off around half of Twitter's 7,500 staff soon after he purchased the company.
Experts told Insider Elon Musk's close business relationships is a "recipe for disaster." Experts told Insider it's not surprising that the second-richest man in the world would be taken aback by public criticism. Across his companies, Musk also appears to have built up a slew of allies. Similarly, at Twitter, Musk has also brought in some of his personal associates to assist in the transition. 'Speak truth to power'It can be very difficult to "speak truth to power," Nawaz told Insider, saying it's important for CEOs to create "psychologically safe" environments.
New York CNN —When Elon Musk polled Twitter users about whether to reinstate former President Donald Trump’s account, he quickly followed through on the majority’s wish to do so. But since a clear majority of Twitter users voted for Musk to step down as Twitter CEO in another poll on Sunday, Musk has remained conspicuously (and uncharacteristically) silent. After one Twitter user said, “Blue subscribers should be the only ones that can vote in policy related polls,” Musk responded, “Good point. There is no successor.”CNBC reported Tuesday that Musk is “actively searching” for a new Twitter CEO, citing anonymous sources. The most obvious potential candidates for a new Twitter CEO are the Musk lieutenants who have been helping to run the company since his takeover.
But not all traders are on the same ride — the large, institutional investors on Wall Street have shuffled away from markets while Main Street’s retail investors are still strapped in. But despite this year’s lackluster market, investors bought $800 billion of Exchange Traded Funds which are baskets of stocks typically purchased by retail investors. However, Main Street is holding on to its stocks while Wall Street is running for the hills. One simple explanation is that institutional investors are responsible for vast amounts of money that belong to other people. “Respect, for retail investors, is in short supply,” wrote Azalea Micottis at Informa Financial Intelligence, in a recent note.
New York CNN —Elon Musk may soon be on the lookout for a new chief executive to run Twitter. There is no successor.”If Musk were to look for a new Twitter CEO, he’d likely have many willing takers. Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder, CEO of Block and friend to Musk, has previously said he would not return to run the social network. The most obvious potential candidates for a new Twitter CEO are the Musk lieutenants who have been helping to run the company since his takeover. Who is insane enough to run twitter?!?
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