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Read previewA former safety employee at OpenAI said the company is following in the footsteps of White Star Line, the company that built the Titanic. Was the path that OpenAI was on more like the Apollo program or more like the Titanic?" Apollo vs TitanicAs Saunders spent more time at OpenAI, he felt leaders were making decisions more akin to "building the Titanic, prioritizing getting out newer, shinier products." OpenAI did not immediately respond to a request for comment sent outside regular business hours by Business Insider. Meanwhile, OpenAI cofounder and former chief scientist Ilya Sutskever, who led the firm's superalignment division, resigned later that month.
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CNN —The United States has proposed new language to bridge gaps in discussions for a ceasefire and hostage deal between Israel and Hamas, a senior US administration official said Friday. But dashing hopes for a breakthrough, earlier this month Hamas responded to the Israeli proposal with further amendments. The US is pushing Egypt and Qatar to press Hamas to accept the change in language, according to Ravid. Jack Guez/AFP/Getty ImagesThe second phase of the proposal has been a source of disagreement in the months-long negotiation between Israel and Hamas. The total number of Palestinians killed in Gaza since Oct. 7 is now 37,834, while the number of injuries has risen to 86,858.
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The threat against Cyprus is also an indirect threat against NATO member Greece, which has close ties with Israel. "Although the Republic of Cyprus and Israel have enjoyed strategic cooperation for years, the current timing is crucial. "The Republic of Cyprus is able to expose the tactics of Hezbollah at the EU level and simultaneously seek support by the US." Jack Guez/Getty ImagesNevertheless, Hezbollah could harm Cyprus if it carries out its threat. Related stories"The Israeli capacity to shoot down Hezbollah's drones in 2022 could be a model for the Republic of Cyprus," Tzogopoulos said.
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Beirut, Lebanon CNN —The fate of the 120 remaining hostages in Gaza is crucial to any deal to end the protracted and bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas. But a senior Hamas official has told CNN that “no one has an idea” how many of them are alive, and that any deal to release them must include guarantees of a permanent ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. People walk among debris, aftermath of Israeli strikes at the area, where Israeli hostages were rescued on Saturday, in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, on Sunday, June 9. Hamas' Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar attends a meeting with members of Palestinian groups in Gaza City on April 13, 2022. Israel believes that more than 70 hostages of the more than 100 who are still held in Gaza to be alive.
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Amir Levy | Getty Images News | Getty ImagesIsrael's war cabinet minister Benny Gantz resigned from the emergency government, dealing a decisive blow which is expected to entrench Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu deeper into a far-right support base that opposes a cease-fire in Gaza. A former chief of staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, centrist Gantz co-founded and led the National Unity party that joined Netanyahu's emergency government after the outbreak of the Gaza war. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Cabinet minister Benny Gantz during a press conference in the Kirya military base in Tel Aviv , Israel , 28 October 2023. And the prime minister himself. Around 1,200 people were killed in Israel, Israeli official figures say, since the start of the Gaza conflict.
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Noa Argamani, who was kidnapped in the deadly Oct. 7 attack by Hamas and is one of four hostages who has been rescued by Israeli forces alive, is pictured in this undated handout photo. Jack Guez | Afp | Getty ImagesA video circulating on social media showed Argamani as she reunited with her father. She also spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a phone conversation following her rescue. Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid called the rescue "A great light in a terrible darkness" and welcomed the hostages back. Andrey Kozlov recently moved to Israel from Russia, and had also been working as a security guard at the festival.
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Why Israel-Hezbollah tensions risk boiling over now
  + stars: | 2024-06-06 | by ( Nadeen Ebrahim | )   time to read: +9 min
In Lebanon, Hezbollah is officially considered a “resistance” group tasked with confronting Israel, which Beirut classifies as an enemy state. Since then, the two sides have traded fire sporadically, but tensions boiled over in 2006 when Israel went to war in southern Lebanon after Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. More than 1,000 Lebanese were killed in that conflict, mostly civilians, as well as 49 Israeli civilians and 121 soldiers. The military capability of the Lebanese group has grown since 2006, when it relied largely on inaccurate Soviet-era Katyusha rockets. Hezbollah has fired 35 kilometers into Israel, while Israel has targeted areas of Lebanon more than 120 kilometers north.
Persons: CNN —, Israel, Rina Castelnuovo, Hassan Nasrallah, Heiko Wimmen, , Ramot Naftali, Peter Lerner, ” Amal Saad, ” Saad, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Ronni, Netanyahu, Bezalel Smotrich, Benjamin Netanyahu, Amir Cohen, ” Naim Qassem, Hezbollah’s, Al, ” Qassem, Jack Guez, Itamar Ben Gvir, Yair Lapid, ” Lapid, Matthew Miller, Biden, , ” Shaked, Iran – Organizations: CNN, Hezbollah, Lebanese, Crisis, Wednesday, Israel Defense Forces, Cardiff University, Truman Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Yad Vashem, Holocaust, Reuters, Crisis Group, Getty, Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, National, State Department Locations: CNN — Israel, Lebanese Iran, Israel, Lebanon, Beirut, Palestinian, Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Brussels, Israeli, Cross, Jerusalem, Kiryat Shmona, Lebanese, Al Jazeera, AFP, United States, Iran
Israel attributed the blaze to rocket fire from southern Lebanon, where Hezbollah said it had launched a “swarm of drones” at Israeli military sites. On Wednesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the northern city of Kiryat Shmona near the Lebanese border, saying that Israel is prepared for “very intense action” in the north. Israel and Hezbollah in Lebanon have been trading fire since the start of Israel’s war on Hamas in Gaza in October. In April, the IDF said it is “preparing to move from defense to attack,” referring to operations on the northern border. Ten Israeli civilians and 18 soldiers have also been killed on the border, the Israeli military said.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, , Staff Herzi Halevi, ” Halevi, Naim Qassem, Hezbollah’s, Al, Kiryat Shmona, ” Amos Harel, of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir, Bezalel Smotrich, Benny Gantz, Jack Guez, Gantz, that’s, ” Harel Organizations: Abu Dhabi CNN, Hezbollah, Israel Defense Forces, Staff, Lebanese, Gaza, GPO, IDF, Reuters, Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, CNN, Haaretz, of National Security, , , Getty, Israel Locations: Jerusalem, Abu Dhabi, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Kiryat Shmona, Lebanese, , Gaza, Al Jazeera, Israeli, Alma, Golan, Syria, AFP, An Iran, East, United States
The World Food Programme (WFP) is currently serving only 27,000 people in Rafah, according to Matthew Hollingworth, the organization’s country director in Gaza. Rafah had previously been the central artery for aid to flow into Gaza, as the only border crossing not controlled by Israel. Israel’s military has continued to push further into Rafah, defying international concern and anger over its operations in the city. “IDF troops in central Rafah located Hamas rocket launchers, terror tunnel shafts, and weapons. Hollingworth added that the WFP’s warehouse in Rafah, which was once capable of storing 2,700 tons of food, is no longer operational.
Persons: Matthew Hollingworth, ” Hollingworth, , Hollingsworth, Jack Guez, Israel, Erez, Hollingworth, Organizations: CNN, United, Food Programme, Getty, WFP, Israel Defense Forces, , UN, IDF Locations: United Nations, Rafah, Gaza, Israel, AFP, Egypt, , May, Kerem, Erez
CNN —Divisions and disagreements within the Israeli cabinet on the conduct and priorities of the war against Hamas have simmered since the onset of the crisis. That has been a red line for the religious right in the Israeli cabinet. Cabinet Minister Benny Gantz, pictured in October, is widely seen to be a leading contender to be the next Israeli leader. Over the next three weeks, compromise may yet keep the war cabinet intact. It would, however, leave the prime minister more exposed to the demands of far-right- members of his cabinet.
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CNN: Do you think that Israel can defeat Hamas without conducting a ground invasion in Rafah? The fact is that Rafah’s where the hostages and remaining Hamas military power and leadership are believed to be, their rockets and weapons production and other capabilities, everything. CNN: Couldn’t Israel’s offensive still have the effect of creating more militants who are going to join Hamas and fight against Israel? But it’s also a very winnable war for Hamas at this point because wars are not determined just by military capability. The problem is that the international community pushed Israel into this framework of going slower, going methodically, evacuating every area beforehand.
Persons: CNN —, John Spencer, Spencer, John Spencer Spencer, He’s, ” Spencer, JACK GUEZ, they’ve, we’re, there’s, Couldn’t, David Petraeus, Petraeus, who’s, it’s, You’ve, Dawoud Abo, Israel, I’ve, Israel doesn’t, that’s, — we’re, they’re, would’ve Organizations: CNN, Israel Defense Forces, Hamas, Modern, Institute, IDF, United Nations Relief, Works Agency for Palestine Refugees, Getty, Israel, Nazi, Spencer, Shiva, Dawoud Abo Alkas, ISIS, UN, Gaza, Twitter, Facebook Locations: Israel, Gaza, Iraq, West, Rafah, Spencer, Israeli, Hamas, Gaza City, AFP, Iran, Palestine, Northern Gaza, Afghanistan, United States, Egypt, Sinai, Anadolu, Qaida, Mosul, Panama, Tokyo
CNN —Protesters took to the streets of several cities across Israel on Saturday, demanding the release of all hostages held in Gaza ahead of Israel’s Memorial Day. Families of hostages held in Gaza also took part in anti-government protests, including in Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Rehovot, and Haifa. Many waved Israeli flags and held up signs with images of the Israeli hostages, calling on the government to bring them home alive. Israeli mounted police deploy during a rally calling for the release of hostages held in Gaza outside the defense ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv on May 11, 2024. “The UK government has been working with partners across the region to secure the release of hostages, including British nationals.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Yael Adar, Tamir Adar, Tamir, ” Adar, Jack Guez, Hagit Chen, Itay Chen, , ” Chen, Abu Obaida, Popplewell, ” Obaida, Kibbutz, Channah Peri, brother Roi Organizations: CNN — Protesters, Israel Defense Forces, Getty, Al, Brigades, Minister’s, CNN, United Locations: Israel, Gaza, Israel’s, Tel Aviv, Caesarea, Rehovot, Haifa, AFP, Kibbutz Nirim, Israeli
The Israeli Air Force achieved an unmatched air combat victory in the 1982 Lebanon War. The battle, known as Operation Mole Cricket 19, saw over 60 enemy aircraft eliminated without a single Israeli loss. The fourth-generation Israeli jets were also made much more lethal by the AIM-9L Sidewinder missile that could be fired from any angle. This allowed Israeli jets, with targeting assistance from UAVs, to destroy the SAMs using anti-radiation missiles. A picture taken on June 28, 2016 shows an Israeli Air Force F-16 fighter jet preparing to take off at the Ramat David Air Force Base located in the Jezreel Valley, southeast of the Israeli port city of Haifa JACK GUEZ/AFP via Getty ImagesAdditionally, Israel had superior Command, Control, and Communications (C3) capabilities.
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CNN —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is coming under fierce pressure from far-right members of his government not to agree to the ceasefire proposal currently on the table, which could prevent an Israeli military offensive in Rafah from moving forward. Relatives and supporters of Israeli hostages protest in Tel Aviv, Israel, April 27, 2024. Jack Guez/AFP/Getty ImagesFormer Israeli Prime Minister and opposition leader Yair Lapid hit back at Strook’s remarks. In the first phase, between 22 and 33 hostages are to be released over several weeks in exchange for the pause and the release of Palestinian prisoners. A woman looks at a wall of photos of hostages captured by Hamas on October 7, displayed in Tel Aviv.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Antony Blinken, Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu’s, Orit Strook, Strook’s, Netanyahu mulls, Bezalel Smotrich, , Netanyahu, Jack Guez, Yair Lapid, , Benny Gantz, Gantz, ” Strook, Amir Levy, Blinken, Jordan, “ We’re, ” Blinken, Isaac Herzog, wouldn’t, Herzog, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, Israeli, Israel’s Army, Hamas, Getty Locations: Rafah, Egypt, Gaza, Israel, Tel Aviv, AFP, , Saudi Arabia
Israel's reported use of AI in its war against Hamas is highlighting many of the problems concerning future warfare. There are military benefits to AI, but the tools to keep it in check aren't coming fast enough. AdvertisementArtificial intelligence is playing a key and, by some accounts, highly disturbing role in Israel's war in Gaza. AdvertisementIt's time-consuming, and in Israel's case, there's likely been a desire to develop a lot of targets very quickly, Scharre said. That's a substantial number of errors given the scale of Israel's air war and the significant increase in available targets provided by AI.
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Israel’s military instead announced it was building a new crossing into northern Gaza and said an aid convoy used it for the first time on Friday. The military declined to specify the location of the crossing or the number of aid trucks. COGAT said 419 humanitarian aid trucks were inspected and transferred to Gaza on Monday, followed by 468 trucks on Tuesday – the highest one-day figure since the start of the war – and another 298 trucks on Wednesday. Aid shipments slated for Gaza are sniffed by a dog at the Kerem Shalom border crossing on March 14, 2024. Israel counts trucks arriving at their crossings for inspection and entry, while UN agencies count trucks inside Gaza that arrive for distribution, according to UN humanitarian affairs office (UNOCHA) spokesman Jens Laerke.
Persons: Jerusalem CNN —, Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Erez, Samantha Power, Jamie McGoldrick, McGoldrick, ” McGoldrick, , Kerem Shalom, ” COGAT, COGAT, Jack Guez, Jens Laerke, Laerke, Antonio Guterres, Abu Organizations: Jerusalem CNN, Israel, CNN, UN, Getty Locations: Jerusalem, Gaza, United States, Israel, Ashdod, Kerem, AFP, Abu Salem, Rafah
In one tragic instance, several people were killed when a pallet bearing food aid plummeted from the sky and landed on top of them. But in terms of the sheer scale of the misery I have witnessed, there has been nothing to compare to Gaza. Palestinian children in Rafah wait to receive food distributed by a charity kitchen amid severe food shortages of food supplies. In fact, many children in Gaza have diarrhea due to the lack of clean water and poor sanitation. This picture taken from Israel's southern border with the Gaza Strip shows parachutes of humanitarian aid dropping over the besieged Palestinian territory in late March.
Persons: Zaher, Khan Yunis, I’ve, Biden, Samantha Power, Mohammed Salem, Khan Younis, kneeled, Mohammed Abu Shahla, Mohammed, Lama, Jack Guez, Abdallah Organizations: CNN, Hamas, Getty, UN, Marshall Plan, Marshall, US, USAID, Reuters, Nasser Hospital, Gaza Locations: Gaza, United States, Khan, Israel, AFP, Washington and New York, Europe, Israeli, Rafah, Israel's, Palestinian
CNN —Two relatives of Israeli hostages abducted on October 7 were arrested during a protest outside the defense ministry headquarters in Tel Aviv Tuesday evening, according to one of the groups that participated. Israeli police in a statement said they cleared the protesters from Tel Aviv’s Ayalon Highway where they were blocking traffic. A representative from the Israeli Pro-Democracy Protest Movement that was involved in the demonstrations said in an update that two of the four arrested were relatives of hostages. CNN has reached out to the Hostage Families Forum, which represents the captives’ families and has held protests at the site. A man sits in a cage with portraits of 47-year-old Israeli hostage Elad Katzir, in Tel Aviv, Israel on March 26, 2024.
Persons: Kan, Elad Katzir, Jack Guez Organizations: CNN, Protesters, Israeli Pro, Hostage, Getty, “ Times, United Nations Security Locations: Tel Aviv, Qatar, Tel, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, AFP, Qatari, Doha
Read previewGreece's military leadership has announced radical changes in its Armed Forces, particularly its air force, including plans to offload older combat aircraft and get new F-35 stealth jets. "Development and production concurrency is Block 4′s most critical challenge, and we are dealing with its consequences today," F-35 program executive officer Lt. Gen. Michael Schmidt said in December. Advertisement"The F-35 [Joint Program Office], Lockheed Martin, and other industry partners have identified high risk concurrency in the F-35 Block 4 schedule, which would threaten to shut down aircraft production if development slips," he added. An Israeli Air Force F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft flies over during an air show in Tel Aviv. For the air force, that means retiring and selling a variety of aircraft, such as F-4 jets, Mirage 2000-5 planes, and Block 30 F-16s.
Persons: , of Defense Nikos Dendias, Dendias, Michael Schmidt, Lockheed Martin, Frank Kendall, JACK GUEZ, Jon Ludwigson, Ludwigson, Greece's Organizations: Service, Armed Forces, of Defense, Business, Air Force, Israeli Air Force, Getty, Office, Armed Force, US State Department Locations: Greece, Tel Aviv, AFP
In an interview Monday, the presumptive Republican Party presidential nominee called on Israel to "finish up" its war in Gaza, saying the country is "losing a lot of support" around the world. Trump has only voiced his opinion on the war in Gaza fairly recently. Back in early March, he called into the "Fox & Friends" show on Super Tuesday, urging Israel to "finish the problem." In the interview Monday, Trump criticized Israel for making "a very big mistake" with photos showing its widespread air raids and bombing campaigns on the strip. AdvertisementSince Israel began its full-scale war against Hamas in Gaza, it has killed more than 32,000 people, mainly women and children, according to Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry.
Persons: , Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, Donald Trump, Israel, that's, Trump, would've, Jack Guez, MAHMUD HAMS, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Netanyahu, Linda Thomas Greenfield, John Lamparski, John Kirby, Kirby Organizations: Service, Israeli, United Nations, Business, Republican, Fox, Hamas, AFP, Getty Images Trump, Israel, Gallup, UN Security, White, UN, Security, Biden, US National Security Locations: Gaza, Israel, Sderot, AFP, Gaza City, China, Russia, Rafah, United States, New York City, Washington
Elon Musk filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and its CEO Sam Altman, years after he left the startup. "Elon Musk is the best PR stuntsman I've ever seen," Kyle Arteaga, the CEO of the national tech PR company, The Bulleit Group, said. Earlier this month, Altman told veteran tech reporter Kara Swisher that Musk was his "absolute hero" growing up. AdvertisementDuring the interview, Swisher told Altman she thought Musk's lawsuit was "nonsense." Representatives for Musk, Altman, and OpenAI did not immediately respond to a requests for comment by Business Insider.
Persons: Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Musk, , Elon, Altman, Muhammad Ali, Evan Nierman, Michael Kovac, OpenAI, Nierman, Sam Altman's, he's, xAI, Kyle Arteaga, Arteaga, it's, — Anthropic, He's, Tom Mueller, Alan Dunton, he'd, Musk's, you've, Dunton, JACK GUEZ, Ayelet Noff, Noff, Lex Fridman, Kara Swisher, Swisher, " Swisher Organizations: OpenAI, Service, Banyan, Yerba Buena Center, Arts, Microsoft, SpaceX, Musk, Communications, Elon, Getty, Business Locations: California, San Francisco, AFP, Altman's
This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. In a statement in December, Starbucks CEO Laxman Narasimhan said protesters had been "influenced by misrepresentation on social media" of what the company stands for. AdvertisementA Starbucks spokesperson told Business Insider: "As Alshaya reviews its business portfolio they have made the difficult decision to eliminate some roles in their Starbucks store portfolio." The layoffs came as Starbucks and other Western brands such as McDonald's and KFC have faced consumer boycotts over the Israel-Gaza war. "So long as this war is going on ... we're not expecting to see any significant improvement (in these markets)," McDonald's CEO Chris Kempczinski said.
Persons: , Laxman Narasimhan, AlShaya, Narasimhan, we're, Chris Kempczinski, Jack Guez Organizations: Service, Reuters, Palestine, Business, Starbucks, AlShaya, KFC, Getty Locations: East, North Africa, Gaza, Israel, Palestine, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Sderot, AFP
CNN —Israel has proposed that Hamas senior leaders could leave Gaza as part of a broader ceasefire agreement, two officials familiar with the ongoing international discussions told CNN. Senior Hamas officials are known to live in Doha, Qatar, and the Lebanese capital Beirut, among other places outside the Palestinian territories. That, combined with the “enormous pressure” on Netanyahu and his government to bring hostages home, Miller said, has created a situation where Israel would be willing to propose having Hamas leaders leave Gaza. While it’s unclear whether in private discussions Israel has named which Hamas leaders they would hope to leave Gaza, there is no bigger target than Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ top official in Gaza. Israel vows to hunt Hamas globallyIsrael has made no secret of its intention to continue hunting Hamas leaders long after the war is over.
Persons: CNN —, , David Barnea, Antony Blinken, Brett McGurk, Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, , , Aaron David Miller, Netanyahu, Miller, Jack Guez, Biden, Barnea, Bill Burns, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman, Blinken, David Barnea Gil Cohen, al, Yahya Sinwar, ” Netanyahu, Sinwar, Khan Younis, Mohammed Deif, Deif’s, Marwan Issa, Sinwar’s, Mohammed, Yahya Sinwar Mahmud Hams, Ofer Shelah, ” Shelah, we’ve, Shin Bet, ” Bar, Kan, ” Miller, “ Weeks Organizations: CNN, Hamas, US, Carnegie Endowment, International, Getty, Gaza Health Ministry, US CIA, Qatari, Magen, US State Department, CIA, Prime Minister’s, Israel’s Institute for National Security Studies Locations: CNN — Israel, Gaza, Israel, Doha, Qatar, Beirut, Palestinian, Warsaw, Egypt, Israeli, AFP, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani, al Thani, Sinwar, Hamas, Lebanon, Turkey
CNN —Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday rejected calls for Palestinian sovereignty following talks with US President Joe Biden on post-war Gaza. Netanyahu said Israel’s need for security control over all territory west of Jordan is incompatible with the existence of a Palestinian state. Biden administration officials have recently been engaged in discussions about a future demilitarized Palestinian state, an idea the US president finds “intriguing,” the source said. It remains an open question how post-war Gaza will be governed but Netanyahu has had long-standing objections to a two-state solution. He and far-right National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir sparked anger when advocating for the resettlement of Palestinians outside the Gaza Strip.
Persons: Benjamin Netanyahu, Joe Biden, Netanyahu, Israel’s, ” Netanyahu, Jack Guez, Critics, Gadi Eisenkot, Biden, , ” Biden, Samuel Corum, Antony Blinken, , General Antonio Guterres, , Bezalel Smotrich, Itamar Ben Gvir Organizations: CNN, Israeli, Twitter, West Bank, Hamas, Getty, Saturday, Biden, UN, White, National Locations: Gaza, Jordan, Palestinian, , Israel, AFP, Tel Aviv, East
One woman was killed and at least 18 people were injured after two Palestinians rammed cars into crowds and stabbed at least one person in the city of Ra’anana on Monday, according to Israeli police. Photo: Jack Guez/AFP/Getty ImagesThe Israeli military is close to completing its most intensive phase of fighting against Hamas in the Gaza Strip, Israel’s defense minister said Monday, warning that the lack of a plan for postwar Gaza could hurt the military campaign. In northern Gaza, the most intensive phase of fighting is complete, while the military is close to completing intense fighting in the south, around the city of Khan Younis, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Monday.
Persons: Jack Guez, Khan Younis, Yoav Gallant Organizations: Getty, Hamas Locations: Ra’anana, AFP, Gaza, Khan
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