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Interest in emerging markets has been growing and investors are now looking out for sectors and stocks best placed to benefit. "Emerging markets are too important to ignore," says Malcolm Dorson, a senior portfolio manager at the U.S.-headquartered Mirae Asset, which has around $600 billion in assets under management. "Emerging markets have a multi-decade story with significant opportunities. More than 4 billion people live across emerging markets, Dorson noted, adding that each country will have "significant domestic consumption stories [and] long-term opportunities." One of the simplest routes to investing in emerging markets is through exchange-traded funds.
Persons: Malcolm Dorson, Dorson, Javier, Milei Organizations: CNBC Pro, India Active, Global, India, Companies, Infosys, Reliance Industries, Tata Consultancy, U.S . Federal, Brazil Active, Brazil IMI, Argentina IMI, Fitch, IMI Locations: U.S, India, Brazil, Brazilian, FactSet, Argentina, American, Greece, Europe
The so-called "Magnificent Seven" were among the hottest stocks last year, but one wealth manager says they are "wildly overvalued" and has his sights elsewhere. The Magnificent Seven comprises Alphabet , Amazon , Apple , Meta Platforms , Microsoft , Nvidia and Tesla , which continue to be in the spotlight thanks to the buzz around artificial intelligence. Other global stocks Global stocks Dennison is betting on include Fresenius Medical Care , a German health-care company, and Kazatomprom, a Kazakhstan-headquartered producer of uranium. "It is a top position in many pension portfolios and has become a value stock because of the strong Swiss Franc," he said. Value stocks are often cheaper than so-called growth stocks and typically trade at a lower price than what the company's performance indicates.
Persons: Tariq Dennison, Dennison, he's, Russell, Chow, Fook, Tencent, Goldman Sachs, Kazatomprom Organizations: GFM Asset Management, CNBC Pro, Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla, Nasdaq, Value, Avantis U.S, Abercrombie, Fitch, Cadence Bank, Commercial Metals, KB, Jackson Financial, Warrior, MTR Corp, Global, Dennison, Fresenius, London Stock Exchanges, U.S, Nestle, Six Swiss Exchange Locations: U.S, China, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, Swiss
Private market assets or alternative investments are those that do not fall into the conventional categories of stocks, bonds, commodities and cash. Prequin, which provides data on the alternative assets market, says it expects assets under management to hit $23.21 trillion by 2026 . Listed companies related to private markets He advised investors to consider listed companies in "the business of private markets management." These include the likes of KKR and Blackstone , which invest in a range of alternatives like real estate, credit and capital markets. Listed private market funds Another way to gain exposure to the alternatives space is through private market funds which are available in some countries.
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Portfolio manager Chad Morganlander named a raft of sector and stock plays for investors right now, and revealed he was bullish on small-cap names. Besides small-cap stocks, Morganlander also likes "large cap value stocks." Value stocks are often cheaper than so-called growth stocks and typically trade at a lower price than what the company's performance indicates. Stocks to play Morganlander believes several sectors and stocks make good plays for investors right now. From the health-care sector, the portfolio manager is also bullish on United Health , as he says its PE multiple of around 17 times gives it "competitive positioning."
Persons: Chad Morganlander, Russell, Morganlander, CNBC's, Stocks Organizations: Crossing Advisors, Nasdaq, Union, Union Pacific, United Health, Microsoft, Big Tech Locations: U.S, Union Pacific
But for those looking for alternatives, UBS has refreshed its list of "highest conviction and most investable" tech stocks in Asia. So far, UBS' Asian Super 8 has gained 8.3% since its inception in February, beating the 6.7% returned by the benchmark MSCI Asia-Pacific index. "We believe the valuation discount across the value chain in Asia's technology sector offers a defensive catch-up play for investors," UBS' analysts wrote. Tencent has been making headlines recently, with several analysts bullish, including Goldman Sachs , which included the stock in its conviction list. The company, which also goes by the name Foxconn, is expecting over 40% year-on-year growth in its AI server sub-segment this year, UBS' analysts noted.
Persons: Tencent, Goldman Sachs, Hon Hai Taiwan's, Hai, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia, Tesla, UBS, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, U.S, Hai Precision Industry, Taiwan Stock Exchange, Lenovo Lenovo, Lenovo, Hong Kong Exchange Locations: Asia, China, U.S
The uncertainty has led Morgan Stanley to reiterate its recommendation to buy dividend stocks. The investment bank noted that the MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan High Dividend Index has slightly underperformed the MSCI Asia Pacific ex-Japan index in the second quarter of the year, albeit by only 0.34 percentage points. "We still prefer Dividend stocks given cautious risk sentiment in Asia/EM and see support in valuations for quality dividend stocks due to their defensiveness. Investor appetite on corporate reform and shareholder return theme in Asia/EM also remain high, which are likely to benefit dividend stocks." The company provides distillery services and Morgan Stanley sees it benefitting from "improving demand for high-end products and mid-market brands."
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Morgan, Wuliangye, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Asia, UST, U.S . Treasury, Wuliangye Yibin Company, China's Shenzhen Stock Exchange, FTSE, G, Won, Korea Exchange, American Locations: Japan, Asia, Pacific, China, FTSE China, Korean, U.S
"A solid iPhone replacement cycle and spec upgrade should help HH's better sales/earnings in 2025-26," the investment bank's analysts wrote. The bank expects the China-based design and manufacturing giant to see strong margins as demand for its casings increases in tandem with better iPhone shipment cycles between 2025 and 2026. "We lift Foxconn Industrial Internet (FII)'s 2024-26E earnings by 2-6% on potentially better iPhone casing sales and strong AI server contribution," the analysts wrote. "We expect BYDE's casing profitability to gradually improve on better operation efficiency (higher automation rate, improving yield)," the analysts wrote. They have lifted the company's 2025-2026 earnings expectations by 2% to "reflect potentially better iPhone volume, robust auto expansion as well as rising AI-related contribution (server, robot)."
Persons: Ming, Chi Kuo, Ross Young, Hai, BofA, Foxconn, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Tech, Apple, Bank of America, Hai Precision Industry, Taiwan Stock Exchange, American Depository, New, Industrial, Taiwan Stock Exchanges, U.S . Its, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China 5G, Semiconductor, Hong Kong Exchange, Hong Locations: U.S, New Taiwan, China, Shanghai, Taiwan, U.S . Its Shanghai, Hong Kong
The super-rich have a very different mindset toward investing than the average person, wealth manager Robert Fraser says. Fraser named real estate as another asset class the ultra-rich like, with many owning properties and earning rental income. "Billionaires love real estate — it brings benefits to owners like growth through inflation, depreciation, tax-deferral and long-term capital gains," Fraser added. He suggests that the remaining funds be channeled into real estate — starting with single family residences and eventually diversifying into industrial properties, multi-family residences and retail real estate. "It is good for the average investors regardless of whether they are accredited to be in real estate.
Persons: Robert Fraser, Fraser, cryptocurrencies — Organizations: Aspen Funds, CNBC Pro, Forbes, Yale Endowment Fund Locations: U.S
Shares of Dutch food delivery marketplace Just Eat could more than double over the next 12 months, according to Jefferies analysts. Jefferies remains bullish on Just Eat, even as the company's U.S. business Grubhub has faced the pressures of government price controls imposed on restaurants since the Covid-19 pandemic. Just Eat expects a $100 million EBITDA impact from the amending of the fee caps, the Jefferies note reported. Shares of the delivery firm have also moved away from their high during the Covid pandemic, and are now down 18.1% year-to-date and 22.5% in the last 12 months. It also trades as an American Depository Receipt in the U.S. — CNBC's Michael Bloom contributed to this report.
Persons: Jefferies, Grubhub, Giles Throne, Throne, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Jefferies, U.S ., TKWY, Euronext Amsterdam, London Stock Exchange, American Locations: U.S, New York, New York City
Portfolio manager Richard Kaye is bullish on the Japanese market and believes it offers an opportunity "a lot of people don't recognize." The stronger performance of Japanese equities follows the Tokyo Exchange Group's push for reforms last year. Stocks to play Kaye believes several sectors and stocks in Japan make good plays right now. Among the companies on his radar are Fanuc Corp and Keyence Corp which are in the business of automation products. In medical electronics and health care, Kaye is bullish on Shimadzu Corp and Sysmex Corp .
Persons: Richard Kaye, Kaye, CNBC's Organizations: Tokyo Exchange, Fanuc, Keyence, Shimadzu Corp, Sysmex Corp, Tokyo Disney Resort, Tokyo Stock Exchange, U.S Locations: Japan, Asia, China, Tokyo, U.S
Goldman Sachs has refreshed its lists of top global stock picks for July, adding some and removing others. The stocks are featured in the investment bank's "Conviction List - Directors' Cut" which seeks to offer investors a "curated and active" list of 15 to 25 buy-rated stocks. Stocks on the list are selected by a subcommittee designated by the bank's Investment Review Committee for each region. "The subcommittee will collaborate with each sector analyst to identify top ideas that offer a combination of conviction, a differentiated view and high risk-adjusted returns," Goldman Sachs said. The investment bank's analyst Ben Andrews expects the company's organic growth and margins to surpass consensus estimates.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Ronald Keung, Keung, Goldman, Ben Andrews, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: bank's Investment, Tencent Holdings China, HK, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, U.S, ISS, Copenhagen Stock Exchange Locations: Asia, Pacific, Europe, Danish, U.S
Carey, a portfolio manager at the U.S.-headquartered investment advisory firm which manages around $4 billion, estimates that returns from AI will be across "multi-years [and] decades." AI companies have a very, very large moat, not only on the hardware side, but also, on the software side. Among the names Carey is bullish on is power management company Eaton . Shares of the U.S. power management company have had a bumpy ride over recent days, but remain up nearly 30% year-to-date and 54.4% in the last 12 months. He noted the "strong demand" for the small-cap's packaged solutions and products.
Persons: Carnegie Investment Counsel's Christopher Carey, Carey, Eaton, Powell Organizations: Carnegie Investment, Nvidia, Amazon, Microsoft, Broadcom, Powell Industries Locations: U.S
"The goal is to be able to hold these stocks for a while to benefit from the magic of compounding, which can take a long time." Calling it a "great company," the portfolio manager likes the size and scale of its operations and focus on acquisitions. Deere & Company Another company that Carey likes is Deere & Company , or John Deere. Stryker Another stock Carey is watching is medical technology player Stryker . "Stryker is a company that should capitalize on multi-decade trends, and that's where we want to be positioned," Carey added.
Persons: Christopher Carey, Carey, John Deere, Charles Schwab, Schwab, TD, Stryker Organizations: Nasdaq, Carnegie Investment, CNBC, Cintas, Deere, Company, Deere & Company, Charles, Charles Schwab Financial, Stryker Locations: U.S
"There are better places to make money with a lot lower risk," he added, naming several stocks he likes right now. "Right now, technology stocks are selling at 30 and 40 times earnings. The markets are at 22 times earnings. Trading at 22 times forward earnings, he said the stock offers "a great business at a very good price." The market is 21 times earnings.
Persons: David Katz, CNBC's, Katz, We're, — CNBC's Amelia Lucas Organizations: Nvidia, Cisco Systems Technology, Cisco Systems, Cisco, Starbucks, Bank of New York Mellon, PNC Financial Services Locations: U.S, Israel
Morgan Stanley analysts say they are expecting the computer memory sector to hit new highs over the rest of 2024, despite investors "generally" not being comfortable buying such stocks at such lofty prices. Aside from their attractive valuations, memory stocks are expected to see a lift in demand on the back of stronger usage of artificial intelligence-powered applications, infrastructure, tools and services, the analysts added. Top pick and overweight-rated stocks SK Hynix , the South Korean chipmaker, is Morgan Stanley's "top pick." Both stocks trade on the Korean Exchange and in the iShares MSCI South Korea ETF (SK Hynix has a 10.7% weight while Samsung Electronics has a 22.2% weight). Morgan Stanley is overweight on the stock and gives it a price target of $86, or nearly 12% upside.
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Shawn Kim, Morgan Stanley's, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: SK Hynix, Samsung Electronics, South Korean, SK Hynix —, Samsung, Korean Exchange, Western Locations: Korean, Korea
Artificial intelligence is set to give the global data center market a major boost, according to Jefferies, and usher in a "new era of electricity demand." "As GPUs [graphics processing units] have become a larger part of the data center ecosystem and drive AI investments, demand for power and data center space has grown at a feverish pace," the investment bank's analysts wrote in a June 18 note. They noted that demand for data center space has increased between 10% and 20% each year for most of the past 15 years. As the data center market grows, so will demand for electricity, Jefferies said, naming a slew of beneficiaries in these segments and beyond. Among the "pure-play data center" names it likes are Digital Realty Trust and Equinix .
Persons: Jefferies, Stocks, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Digital Realty Trust Locations: U.S, Europe, Freeport, McMoRan
Equity markets have been rallying in the past week, with the S & P 500 benchmark briefly hitting a high of 5,500 last week before losing traction. That movement has raised concerns on whether valuations are stretched, but Morgan Stanley's Andrew Slimmon has maintained his bullish stance on the stock market. "But what's important to remember is that the S & P 500 has rallied 7 of the last 8 months and is up 40% from the October lows. One merit of large-cap stocks is that they "have better earnings revisions than the small-caps," since they buy back their stocks more aggressively, he explained. Three stocks Slimmon likes right now include investment bank JPMorgan Chase , insurance company Progressive Corp and Irish building materials company CRH .
Persons: Morgan Stanley's Andrew Slimmon, I'm, CNBC's, Slimmon Organizations: Morgan Stanley Investment Management, CNBC, U.S . Federal Reserve, JPMorgan Chase, Progressive Corp
The Wall Street bank estimates that another 1 gigawatts in potential power has been "underwritten as these data centers ramp up." "With $50 billion in committed AI/DC [data center] investments, we see upside to power gencos and grid operators in the region," Morgan Stanley's analysts wrote in a June 2 research note. Below are three stocks from Morgan Stanley's list that stand out for having significant upside potential, according to FactSet's consensus price targets. Analysts polled by FactSet give the stock a price target of 14.62 Malaysian ringgits, giving it around 6% potential upside. Keppel has an ADR in the U.S. and Singapore Telecommunications trades over the counter .
Persons: Morgan Stanley, Morgan, Morgan Stanley's, FactSet, Keppel, — CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: Morgan, Google, U.S, Global X FTSE, Asia, Malaysian, Singapore Telecommunications, Singapore Exchange Locations: Tenaga Nasional, Malaysia, Bursa Malaysia, Singapore, Keppel, U.S
Goldman Sachs refreshed its lists of top global stock picks for June by adding some and removing others. The stocks are captured in the investment bank's "Conviction List - Directors' Cut" and seeks to offer investors a "curated and active" list of 15 to 25 buy-rated stocks. The stocks are selected by a group designated by the bank's Investment Review Committee for each region. Here are three of the latest additions to Goldman's directors' cut lists — for Asia-Pacific and Europe — that were given more than 40% upside potential in the next 12 months. Goldman has a target price of 685 New Taiwan dollars ($21.16) on the stock, implying 54.1% potential upside.
Persons: Goldman Sachs, Goldman, Chao Wang, Oil Goldman, Nikhil Bhandari, Phillips, Daniela Costa, CNBC's Michael Bloom Organizations: bank's Investment, EMC, Taiwan Stock Exchange, SmartETFs Asia, New, Oil, Project, bbl, PTT Public Company, Stock Exchange of, Nasdaq, Philips, Euronext Locations: Asia, Pacific, Europe, New Taiwan, Thailand's, Stock Exchange of Thailand, Dutch, Euronext Amsterdam
Shares in Adobe jumped by 17% after its results announcement last week, and are up around 7% in the last 12 months. "The market is not seeing much potential in Adobe because Nvidia is making all these big future predictions and markets love that. HDFC Bank In India, the wealth manager is betting on financial firm HDFC , as the country — and the bank itself — prepares for growth. When asked how HDFC compares with competitors like ICICI Bank , Sengupta responded that the former's management is "very stable with consistent leadership and that puts them in good standing." Shares in the bank are up by just over 1% in the last 12 months, but are showing signs of picking up.
Persons: Dhruba Jyoti Sengupta, Sengupta, Davidson, Harley Davidson, HDFC Organizations: Nvidia, CNBC Pro, Wrise, Adobe, Harley, HDFC Bank, India, ICICI Bank, National Stock Exchange, U.S, India Financials Locations: Asia, East, Europe, Dubai, India, FactSet
Tech giant Apple has made headlines this week following its artificial intelligence announcements — but one market watcher is unimpressed. "I do not like Apple," Paul Meeks, co-chief investment officer at Harvest Portfolio Management told CNBC's "Street Signs Asia" on Tuesday — while acknowledging that many people disagree with him. Apple's shares reacted positively to the announcement, surging 7% to close at a record high on Tuesday. Shares in the tech giant are up over 10% year-to-date and 16% in the past 12 months. AAPL YTD mountain Year-to-date shares in Apple Meeks, however, maintains his bearish stance on Apple.
Persons: Paul Meeks, CNBC's, , wearables, Siri, OpenAI's ChatGPT, Apple Meeks, Meeks Organizations: Tech, Apple, Portfolio Management, Wall
The spotlight has seemingly shifted in the past year toward companies going to market, hoping to ride on the coattails of India's growth story. Growing foreign listingsThe allure of India's stock markets has trickled to companies beyond its shores — with foreign entities eyeing a share of its growth. Such listings add strength to India's markets, says M&G Investment's Asian Equities Portfolio Manager Vikas Pershad. The optimism on India's IPO boom is sometimes marred by concerns over elevated valuations of its stock market — and whether it is headed toward a bubble. "When we look at India, we see continued economic and earnings per share growth and higher levels of profitability," Dorson from Global X told CNBC's Inside India.
Persons: Swiggy, Debarchan Chatterjee, Neil Bahal, Dhruba Jyoti Sengupta, Ola, PhonePe, Ola Electric, Sengupta, Vikas Pershad, Malcolm Dorson, CNBC's Organizations: Getty, Reliance Industries, Adani Enterprises, Mankind Pharma, Negen, Securities, Exchange Board, Wrise Private, Aakash Educational Services, Aakash Educational, Walmart, United Arab, Hyundai, Insurance Corporation of India, Maruti Suzuki, Hindustan Unilever, Siemens, ABB India, Global Locations: Kolkata, India, SEBI, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka, Hyundai India, India's, Maruti Suzuki India, Hindustan
Liontrust Asset Management's Clare Pleydell-Bouverie is looking beyond the headline-makers, however, to other companies set to gain from AI adoption. She said AI is set to remove "a lot of waste out of people's jobs," and bring about a "phenomenal productivity uplift." 'Higher customer conversion' Pleydell-Bouverie also said consumer-facing companies like French beauty and cosmetics label L'Oreal stand to gain from the adoption of AI. "They've pioneered beauty tech as an industry," she said, adding that the company's generative AI beauty assistant system has a 60% higher customer conversion than in-store advisors. The analysts have an average price of $450.25 on L'Oreal, giving it slightly downside potential.
Persons: Clare Pleydell, CNBC's, Bouverie, They've Organizations: Big Tech, Amazon, Nvidia, Meta, Microsoft, Liontrust Global Technology Fund, Technology, JPMorgan Chase, JPMorgan, L'Oreal, Euronext Locations: Euronext Paris, U.S
But this heavy focus on just a few stocks has led one portfolio manager to urge investors to diversify, naming two stocks he thinks look particularly attractive. Dunn, who also holds the title of co-head of value equity at Morgan Stanley, said other stocks offered investors "a lot of opportunity," naming two he likes. Thermo Fisher Scientific Healthcare services and biotechnology company Thermo Fisher is another favorite for Dunn, who sees it as an industry leader and "supermarket of tools and analytics." "We think [Thermo Fisher is] really ready to sort of benefit from this as the year progresses." Shares in Thermo Fisher are up around 9.5% year-to-date and 12.8% in the last 12 months.
Persons: Nvidia, Aaron Dunn, CNBC's, Dunn, Morgan Stanley, They've, BJ's Organizations: Big Tech, Apple, Meta, Microsoft, Tesla, Morgan, Value, Costco Wholesale, Walmart, Sam's, Fisher Scientific Healthcare, . Value Locations: Morgan Stanley's, U.S, Fisher
Chipmaker Nvidia is clearly the poster child for artificial intelligence, according to one portfolio manager — but she says another firm is being overlooked. "[We] think of Nvidia as the poster child for AI chips, and they are. But, [Broadcom] was another company that posted over a billion in revenue from AI chips," Pleydell-Bouverie told CNBC's Pro Talks . For the first quarter , Broadcom said revenue came in at $11.96 billion , topping analysts' forecasts of $11.72 billion. AVGO YTD mountain Year-to-date share movement in Broadcom Pleydell-Bouverie flagged that the company has a "leading position" in segments like custom ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits).
Persons: , Clare Pleydell, Bouverie, CNBC's, Hock Tan, Bernstein, Stacy Rasgon, Fred Imbert Organizations: Nvidia, Broadcom Inc, Broadcom, Nasdaq, Broadcom Pleydell, Circuits, Liontrust Global Technology Fund, Technology
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