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A vegan diet differs from a vegetarian diet in that it eliminates not only animal flesh but dairy, eggs or any other ingredient derived from animals. In each pair, one twin was assigned a vegan diet, while the other was assigned an omnivore diet. “I feel like a lot of people who do a vegan diet think ‘Oh great, soda is vegan. Cutting back on eating meat and animal byproducts can be done slowly, bit by bit. Harvard’s Hu agreed: “While this study showed a vegan diet may provide additional advantages compared to a healthy omnivorous diet, it does not mean that everyone should become a vegan or vegetarian.
Persons: , Christopher Gardner, Gardner, , ” Alice Lichtenstein, Frank Hu, ” Hu, ” Gardner, “ I’m, quinoa, there’s, Harvard’s Hu Organizations: CNN, Stanford Prevention Research Center, Nutrition Studies Research, Stanford, Tufts University’s Cardiovascular Nutrition Laboratory, Harvard, of Public Health, JAMA Locations: Palo Alto , California, Chan, Boston, Brussels, Yukon
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 29 (Reuters) - Microsoft will take a non-voting, observer position on OpenAI's board, CEO Sam Altman said in his first official missive after taking back the reins of the company on Wednesday. The observer position means Microsoft's representative can attend OpenAI's board meetings and access confidential information, but it does not have voting rights on matters including electing or choosing directors. The new OpenAI board is on an active search for six new members with expertise in fields from technology to safety and policy. OpenAI's chief scientist Ilya Sutskever will no longer be part of the board, Altman said. Apart from Altman, Brockman, Sutskever, D'Angelo, OpenAI's previous board consisted of entrepreneur Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, director of strategy at Georgetown's Center for Security and Emerging Technology.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Sam Altman, Satya Nadella, Altman, OpenAI, Bret Taylor, Larry Summers, Adam D'Angelo, Mira Murati, Greg Brockman, Greg, Ilya Sutskever, Sutskever, Ilya, Brockman, D'Angelo, OpenAI's, Tasha McCauley, Helen Toner, Akanksha, Krystal Hu, Sayantani Ghosh, Stephen Coates Organizations: REUTERS, Microsoft, U.S . Treasury, Reuters, Georgetown's Center for Security, Emerging Technology, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Bengaluru, New York, San Francisco
However, by attacking mentions of egg fried rice by famous chefs and other online influencers, the nationalist users have inadvertently promoted the very rumor their government is trying to quash. Celebrity chef Wang Gang says he won't make egg fried rice again. But can it be a coincidence every single time?” a comment said of Wang’s egg fried rice videos. But some have also come to Wang’s defense, noting that the chef has posted egg fried rice in other months throughout the year. “Why don’t we clearly stipulate a complete ban on eating and making egg fried rice in November, or simply retire egg fried rice from Chinese cruisine all togther,” another supporter quipped.
Persons: , ” Wang Gang, Wang’s, , Wang, Mao Zedong’s, Mao Anying, Mao Anying’s, Wang Gang, Chef Wang, Yang Di, Mao, Xi Jinping, Luo Changping, Xi, , , ” Wang, Hu Xijin, ” Hu Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, People’s Liberation Army, Chinese Academy, Communist Party, Weibo, telegraphs, Fried, Daily, Global Times Locations: Hong Kong, China, Weibo, American, North Korea, Nanchang, Yangzhou, Sichuan
Now "it's like 'plus-10' and then China," he added, with the latter down to providing half of Industry West's products and being trimmed more. China recorded its first-ever quarterly deficit in foreign direct investment in July-September, suggesting capital outflow pressure. But for the first time in the four decades since China opened up to foreign investments, executives are now also concerned about long-term growth prospects. Primavera Capital founder Fred Hu cites mounting macroeconomic uncertainty, a "murky capital market outlook," and lingering concerns over past regulatory crackdowns on high-growth industries such as technology and education. Despite the challenges, foreign investment flows are not unidirectional.
Persons: Jordan England, Nicholas Lardy, England, I'm, Li Qiang's, Li, Michael Hart, Noah Fraser, Fred Hu, Hu, Joe Cash, Ellen Zhang, Kane Wu, Eduardo Baptista, Don Durfee, Kripa Jayaram, Marius Zaharia, Jamie Freed Organizations: China, Reuters, Peterson Institute for International Economics, LONG, Conference Board, China International, Canada China Business Council, Reuters Graphics, Primavera Capital, Tech, Thomson Locations: China, BEIJING, HONG KONG, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Mexico, England, Florida, Washington, Beijing, consultancies, U.S, Asia, Australia, Europe, Hong Kong
One Russian banking source close to the Russian central bank said receiving revenue in a non-convertible currency with little value outside India was "pointless". They said, however, the problem remained of finding a viable alternative to the dollar, and that the problems affect buyers in Africa, China and Turkey which have become top buyers of Russian oil. The biggest issue, however, concerns India, which has been buying more than 60% of Russian seaborne oil, according to LSEG data and Reuters calculations. India's top refiner Indian Oil Corp (IOC.NS) is struggling to settle some payments, mainly for the purchase of Russia's light, sweet Sokol grade from the Sakhalin 1 project. From October, several UAE banks have tightened control over Russia-focused clients to ensure compliance with the price cap, according to five oil trading and bank sources.
Persons: Yang Mei Hu, Tatiana Meel, Ivan Nosov, Sokol, YUAN, Barbara Lewis Organizations: COSCO Shipping, REUTERS, U.S ., UAE, Reuters, Indian Oil Corp, Sokol, IOC, UAE dirhams, Thomson Locations: Nakhodka, Russia, Ukraine Russian, MOSCOW, DELHI, Ukraine, India, Russian, Hong, Africa, China, Turkey, Washington, Moscow, United States, Russia's, Sakhalin, UAE
[1/2] Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, arrives for a bipartisan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insight Forum for all U.S. senators hosted by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., September 13, 2023. The previously unreported letter and AI algorithm were key developments before the board's ouster of Altman, the poster child of generative AI, the two sources said. This could be applied to novel scientific research, for instance, AI researchers believe. In their letter to the board, researchers flagged AI’s prowess and potential danger, the sources said without specifying the exact safety concerns noted in the letter. Researchers have also flagged work by an "AI scientist" team, the existence of which multiple sources confirmed.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Chuck Schumer, Julia Nikhinson, Sam Altman’s, Altman, Mira Murati, I've, Anna Tong, Jeffrey Dastin, Krystal Hu, Kenneth Li, Lisa Shumaker Organizations: Intelligence, Senate, U.S, Capitol, REUTERS, Reuters, Microsoft, Economic Cooperation, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, OpenAI, San Francisco, Asia, New York
Northern China is struggling with a wave of respiratory illnesses among its children. Cities like Beijing and Tianjin have been hit hard by cases of flu and pneumonia, hospitals said. Children wait on the stairs at a children hospital in Beijing on November 23, 2023, with some administered with drips. "All the children have respiratory illnesses." Children receive a drip at a children hospital in Beijing on November 23, 2023.
Persons: , Liu Wei, Liu, imploring, JADE GAO, Mi Feng, they're, It's, JADE GAOJADE, Hu Xijin, Hu, David Heymann, Francois Balloux Organizations: Service, Beijing Aviation General, Management, drips, Getty, Changjiang, Health, Business, Global Times, Health Organization, London School of Hygiene, Tropical Medicine, UCL Genetics Institute Locations: Northern China, Cities, Beijing, Tianjin, China, Tianjian, Wuhan, Hubei, Chongqing, Weibo
[1/2] Sam Altman, CEO of ChatGPT maker OpenAI, arrives for a bipartisan Artificial Intelligence (AI) Insight Forum for all U.S. senators hosted by Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., September 13, 2023. The previously unreported letter and AI algorithm was a catalyst that caused the board to oust Altman, the poster child of generative AI, the two sources said. The sources cited the letter as one factor among a longer list of grievances by the board that led to Altman’s firing. According to one of the sources, long-time executive Mira Murati told employees on Wednesday that a letter about the AI breakthrough called Q* (pronounced Q-Star), precipitated the board's actions. OpenAI defines AGI as AI systems that are smarter than humans.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Chuck Schumer, Julia Nikhinson, Sam Altman’s, Altman, Mira Murati, ChatGPT, Anna Tong, Jeffrey Dastin, Krystal Hu, Kenneth Li, Lisa Shumaker Organizations: Intelligence, Senate, U.S, Capitol, REUTERS, Reuters, Microsoft, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, San Francisco, New York
The previously unreported letter and AI algorithm were key developments before the board's ouster of Altman, the poster child of generative AI, the two sources said. An OpenAI spokesperson said that the message, sent by long-time executive Mira Murati, alerted staff to certain media stories without commenting on their accuracy. This could be applied to novel scientific research, for instance, AI researchers believe. In their letter to the board, researchers flagged AI’s prowess and potential danger, the sources said without specifying the exact safety concerns noted in the letter. Researchers have also flagged work by an "AI scientist" team, the existence of which multiple sources confirmed.
Persons: Sam Altman’s, Altman, Mira Murati, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Chuck Schumer, Julia Nikhinson, I've, Anna Tong, Jeffrey Dastin, Krystal Hu, Kenneth Li, Lisa Shumaker Organizations: Reuters, Microsoft, Intelligence, Senate, U.S, Capitol, REUTERS, Economic Cooperation, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Washington , U.S, San Francisco, Asia, New York
Still, in 2005, an M&M balloon swung out of control from sudden wind bursts and hit a light pole in Times Square, injuring two people. After that, city officials mandated anemometers — instruments that measure wind speed and direction — along the route. This year, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority had to schedule the installation of congestion pricing tolling equipment for after the parade. Orlando Veras, a Macy’s spokesman, declined to discuss the cost of the parade, saying only that it was the department store’s “gift to the city and the nation.”Ydanis Rodriguez, the transportation commissioner, said the city’s efforts were well rewarded. “The joy and the smiles that the Macy’s balloons inspire on Thanksgiving morning brings out the kid in everyone who watches this parade — and I am no different,” he said.
Persons: Orlando Veras, ” Ydanis Rodriguez, Organizations: Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Park
Microsoft (MSFT.O) owns 49% of the for-profit operating company, according to sources familiar with the matter. Other investors and employees control 49%, with 2% owned by OpenAI's nonprofit parent, according to Semafor. OpenAI's board fired Altman on Friday after a "breakdown of communications," according to an internal memo seen by Reuters. Venture capital investors usually hold board seats or voting power in their portfolio companies but OpenAI is controlled by its nonprofit parent company OpenAI Nonprofit, which according to OpenAI's website was created to benefit "humanity, not OpenAI investors." Nonprofit boards have legal obligations to the organizations they oversee.
Persons: Dado Ruvic, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Altman, Minor Myers, Paul Weitzel, Weitzel, Steve Jobs, Anna Tong, Krystal Hu, Jody Godoy, Tom Hals, Kenneth Li, Lisa Shumaker, Matthew Lewis Organizations: REUTERS, Reuters, Microsoft, Venture, OpenAI Nonprofit, University of Connecticut, Nonprofit, University of Nebraska, Apple, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, San Francisco, New York
Hong Kong CNN —Another business leader in China is being probed by the country’s anti-graft watchdog, in a sign of an ongoing crackdown in the world’s second largest economy. Zhou Jun, president of state-owned Shanghai Industrial Investment, is under investigation by the Shanghai Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, a branch of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI), according to a CCDI statement Monday. Shanghai Industrial Investment’s business spans infrastructure, property and pharmaceuticals. Just this month, the CCDI said it was investigating Zhang Hongli, a former senior executive vice president at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China. That was followed by a report by Chinese state-owned media outlet Cover News that tech entrepreneur Chen Shaojie had become unreachable, citing unconfirmed reports that he was being investigated.
Persons: Zhou Jun, CCDI, Zhou, , Zhang Hongli, Chen Shaojie, Chen, Tencent, Fred Hu Organizations: Hong Kong CNN, Shanghai Industrial Investment, Shanghai Municipal Commission, Central Commission, Shanghai Industrial, Industrial, Commercial Bank of China, CNN, International, Bloomberg, Primavera Capital Locations: China, Hong Kong, Shanghai
Qilai Shen | Bloomberg | Getty ImagesBEIJING — China's property market, which makes up a substantial chunk of the country's economy, needs more government support to prevent it from deteriorating further, analysts said. UBS analysts estimated that real estate and related sectors now account for about 22% of China's gross domestic product, down from around 25% levels seen in recent years. However, real estate behemoth Country Garden still ended up defaulting on a U.S. dollar bond last month, according to Bloomberg News. "China's property sector has yet to bottom out," the report said. "Markets appear to have been a bit too optimistic about the property stimulus policies over the past two months."
Persons: Qilai Shen, Larry Hu, Nomura Organizations: Bloomberg, Getty, BEIJING, Macquarie, UBS, U.S, Bloomberg News, Developers Locations: Nanchuan, Xining, Qinghai province, China, Beijing
The startup's newly appointed interim head moved quickly to dismiss speculation that OpenAI's board ousted Altman due to a spat over the safety of powerful AI models. It was not clear why Murati had stepped down as interim CEO. [1/4]Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, attends the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in San Francisco, California, U.S. November 16, 2023. Some of those joining Altman at Microsoft include senior researchers Szymon Sidor and Jakub Pachocki, according to Brockman. Microsoft had supported a return by Altman to the startup, according to sources, a move that seemed likely only hours prior to Monday's announcements.
Persons: OpenAI, Emmett Shear, Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, OpenAI's, Altman, Shear, Ilya Sutskever, we've, Sutskever, Mira Murati, reinstates Altman, Brockman, Bret Taylor, Will Hurd, Murati, Carlos Barria, Richard Windsor, Satya Nadella, Szymon Sidor, Jakub Pachocki, Russ Mould, AJ Bell, Nadella, Jeffry Dastin, Anna Tong, Krystal Hu, Akash Sriram, Aditya Soni, Urvi, Shubham, Stephanie Kelly, Nivedita Bhattacharjee, Miyoung Kim, Sam Holmes, Susan Fenton, Chizu Nomiyama, Anil D'Silva Organizations: Microsoft, FRANCISCO, Google, OpenAI, Reuters, Economic Cooperation, REUTERS, Radio Free Mobile, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, Texas, Asia, San Francisco , California, U.S, San Franciso, New York, Bengaluru
The renewed interest in Alzheimer's vaccines follows a promising first attempt more than 20 years ago that was abandoned after 6% of study volunteers developed life-threatening brain inflammation known as meningoencephalitis. Dr. Reisa Sperling, an Alzheimer's researcher at Mass General Brigham in Boston, said she believes vaccines will play an important role as researchers look to prevent Alzheimer's. She is considering vaccines for her next study in asymptomatic people with Alzheimer's proteins in their blood, but not enough to register on brain scans. Alzheimer's vaccines are still in the early stages and will require large, years-long trials to show they work. Generating a strong immune response is critical for such vaccines, which would typically be given to older individuals with weaker immune systems, he said.
Persons: Brian Snyder, Eli Lilly's, Reisa Sperling, Brigham, , ” Sperling, Walter Koroshetz, Mei Mei Hu, Vaxxinity, Hu, Michael Rafii, Rafii, Andrea Pfiefer, Johnson, Prothena, Gene Kinney, Julie Steenhuysen, Caroline Humer, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Alzheimer Research, Brigham, Women's, REUTERS, Rights, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Mass, National Institutes of Health, UB, University of Southern, Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Thomson Locations: Boston , Massachusetts, U.S, Boston, Taiwan, University of Southern California
OpenAI and Altman did not reply to requests for comment. Kholsa Ventures, an early backer of OpenAI, wants Altman back at OpenAI but "will back him in whatever he does next," the fund's founder Vinod Khosla posted on X on Saturday. Others expressed support for joining Altman in starting a company, a third person familiar with the matter said. Tech website The Verge earlier reported the OpenAI board's discussions with Altman to return as CEO. Forbes reported on Saturday investors were plotting to restore Altman as CEO.
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, Vinod Khosla, Altman's, Elon Musk, Greg Brockman, OpenAI, Brockman, Szymon Sidor, Sidor, Jony, SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, Brad Lightcap, Forbes, Krystal Hu, Anna Tong, Jeffrey Dastin, Gursimran, Chizu Nomiyama, Kenneth Li, William Mallard Organizations: Microsoft, Kholsa Ventures, Union, U.S, Altman, Reuters . Tech, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, New York, San Francisco, Gursimran Kaur, Bengaluru
Companies Openai LLC FollowApple Inc FollowMicrosoft Corp Follow Show more companiesNov 18 (Reuters) - Sam Altman, the recently ousted CEO of OpenAI, has been working on a new artificial intelligence venture he is planning to launch, sources briefed on the plan said on Saturday. Altman could not be reached for comment and Brockman did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment. Some researchers at OpenAI, including Szymon Sidor, have quit the company over the CEO change but it was unclear if Sidor and others will join Altman's new venture. The board of OpenAI, the company behind hit product ChatGPT, on Friday pushed out its high-profile CEO Altman. Co-founder Brockman quit shortly after Altman was fired.
Persons: Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, OpenAI, Altman, Brockman, Szymon Sidor, Sidor, Jony, Masayoshi Son, Altman's, Brad Lightcap, Krystal Hu, Anna Tong, Jeffrey Dastin, Gursimran, Chizu Nomiyama, Kenneth Li Organizations: Microsoft, Reuters, Thomson Locations: New York, San Francisco, Gursimran Kaur, Bengaluru
Nov 17 (Reuters) - The board of the company behind ChatGPT late on Friday fired OpenAI CEO Sam Altman - to many, the human face of generative AI - sending shock waves across the tech industry. Backed by billions of dollars from Microsoft (MSFT.O), OpenAI kicked off the generative AI craze last November by releasing its ChatGPT chatbot, which became one of the world's fastest-growing software applications. He was the face of OpenAI and the wildly popular generative AI technology as he toured the world this year. Altman posted on X shortly after OpenAI published its blog: "i loved my time at openai. "That said, we believe Microsoft and Nadella will exert more control at OpenAI going forward with Altman gone."
Persons: Sam Altman, Mira Murati, OpenAI, Altman, what’s, Murati, Tesla, Satya Nadella, Mira, Nadella, Eric Schmidt, Daniel Ives, Thomas Hayes, Davidson, Gil Luria, Samrhitha, Jeffrey Dastin, Anna Tong, Krystal Hu, Shounak Dasgupta, Kenneth Li, Richard Chang Organizations: Microsoft, Union, U.S, Reuters, OpenAI, Wedbush Securities, Economic Cooperation, Thomson Locations: openai, Asia, San Francisco, Oakland , California, Bengaluru, New York
When Revel brought 68 electric mopeds to a Brooklyn storefront in 2018, it set out to show New Yorkers that getting around the city could be fun. Riders could hop onto an electric-blue moped instead of cramming into the subway or getting stuck in car traffic. But now, five years later, the mopeds will soon disappear entirely. On Saturday, Revel — facing the proliferation of other options to get around the city and safety concerns that have kept some people away — will pull its mopeds out of New York and send them to a salvage center. It will also shut down the moped service in San Francisco after previously ending it in other cities.
Persons: Revel, , , Donald Reid, Revel — Locations: Brooklyn, New York, San Francisco
CNN —A school run by the United Nations in northern Gaza has been hit with apparently devastating impact, the UN confirmed Saturday, in what a top UN official described as a “horrifying” incident. Video from al-Fakhoura School in Jabalya – which was being used as a shelter for displaced people – shows bloodied bodies across a series of rooms on two floors of the two-story building. The Israeli military is reviewing the incident, it told CNN, but had no further comment. Another school in Zaitoun was sheltering 4,000 people when it was struck multiple times on Friday, Touma told CNN. Dozens of people were likely killed in that incident, according to Lazzarini, who wrote: “These attacks cannot become commonplace, they must stop.
Persons: Juliette Touma, Touma, Philippe Lazzarini, Israel’s, Lazzarini Organizations: CNN, United Nations, UN, Fakhoura, United Nations Relief, Works Agency, UNRWA, Egyptian Foreign Ministry Locations: Gaza, Jabalya, Egypt, Qatar, Zaitoun
CNN —China is willing to be “a partner and a friend” of the United States, Chinese leader Xi Jinping told American business leaders in San Francisco on Wednesday, as he sought to court US businesses amid a decline in foreign investment in China. “China is willing to be a partner and friend of the United States,” he added. China is happy to see a confident, open and prosperous US,” Xi said. Xi recalled entering the US on that trip through San Fransisco, which he said formed his “first impression” of America. Under Xi, China has further expanded the scope of its anti-espionage law, raided US consultancy and due-diligence firms and detained executives in the name of national security, sending a chill through the foreign business community.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Xi, ” Xi, Tim Cook, Elon Musk, Joe Biden, , Biden, Dexter Roberts, Roberts, , ’ “ Liu Dongshu, ” Liu, Fred Hu, ” Hu, China “ Organizations: CNN, Economic Cooperation, Apple, Tesla, US, China Business Council, National Committee, China Relations, Flying Tigers, Mansfield Center, University of Montana, City University of Hong, Primavera Capital Group, Bloomberg, Economy, China Locations: China, United States, San Francisco, Asia, Japan, Iowa, America, San Fransisco, City University of Hong Kong, Xi, Singapore
Image President Xi Jinping of China spoke to a crowd of U.S. business executives at a dinner in San Francisco on Wednesday evening. “There are hundreds and hundreds of activists —” Crowd: “Go home Xi Jinping!” “— who are coming together from all corners of this nation.” “We are really upset. 1 question for us is: Are we adversaries or partners?” Mr. Xi asked. Mr. Orlins said the Chinese had prepared three versions of a speech Mr. Xi could deliver that night. After Wednesday’s events with Mr. Biden, Mr. Xi picked the friendliest one.
Persons: Xi Jinping, Carlos Barria, Xi, , Xi Jinping doesn’t, , ” “, Jinping, Josh Edelson, Xi —, Mr, Tim Cook, Larry Fink, BlackRock, Jerry Brown, Elon Musk, ” John L, Holden, Biden, Doug Mills, ” Michael Hart, Jim Wilson, Angus, Gina M, Raimondo, , Ms, “ I’m, Stephen A, United States — Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao, Deng, It’s, ” Mr, Orlins, “ They’re, Jeff Chiu, Biden’s Organizations: Visit, Credit, Agence France, Hyatt Regency, Apple, Boeing, Pfizer, Nike, FedEx, Elon, McLarty Associates, San Francisco . Credit, New York Times, U.S, American Chamber of Commerce, ., Mr, National Committee, United, China Relations, Associated, U.S ., China Business Council, Economic Cooperation, Consulate Locations: China, U.S, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Tibet, United States, California, Filoli, San Francisco ., , Iowa, Asia, Pacific
CNN —The UN Security Council has approved a resolution calling for “humanitarian pauses and corridors” in war-torn Gaza, a long-awaited diplomatic breakthrough after weeks of bitter negotiations. He also criticized its lack of condemnation for the deaths of civilians and humanitarian workers. Wednesday’s vote was the Security Council’s fifth attempt to pass a resolution on Israel’s war with Hamas, which controls Gaza. “We knew that there are countries, the P5 (the permanent members of the Security Council: the US, UK, China, France and Russia) always have what they call the red lines. But the vote in that body is nonbinding, unlike a mandatory Security Council vote.
Persons: Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu, , , Lior, “ Israel, ” “ Israel, Riyad Monsour, França Danese, Lana Nusseibeh, Antonio Guterres, Martin Griffiths, Volker Türk Organizations: CNN, UN Security, United Nations, Israeli, Palestinian, Hamas, Arab, Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Security Council, International, Committee, UN, Security, Palestinian Ministry of Health, UAE, Star, Health Ministry, Human Rights, United Nations General Assembly Locations: Gaza, United States, United Kingdom, Russia, Israel, Gaza’s, Malta, China, UK, France, Ramallah, Pleas
Researchers at the institute looked at records of almost 18,000 incidents in which vehicles struck pedestrians. Tall front ends are common among full-size trucks and SUVs but they aren’t exclusive to very big vehicles. In general, vehicles with box-shaped front ends, even when they’re only medium height, are roughly 26% more likely to kill a pedestrian, according to the IIHS. NHTSA has also proposed adding pedestrian safety tests to its regimen of crash tests and other safety measurements for new vehicles. But automakers should also consider pedestrian safety in the design of their vehicles, IIHS president David Harkey said in a statement.
Persons: aren’t, IIHS, , Wen Hu, , that’s, Motors, Ford, David Harkey Organizations: CNN, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Research Transportation, Vehicles, Institute, Traffic, Administration, , Alliance, Automotive Innovation, NHTSA, U.S
Motor vehicles with higher, more vertical front ends raise risks for pedestrians, according to a highway safety organization. But among vehicles with hood heights between 30 and 40 inches, a blunt, or more vertical, front end increases the risk to pedestrians. Vehicles with hood heights of more than 40 inches and blunt front ends angled at greater than 65 degrees were 44% more likely to cause fatalities. “There’s no functional benefit to these massive, blocky fronts.”While sloping front ends did not reduce the risk posed by vehicles with the tallest hoods, they did make a difference for vehicles with hood heights of 30 inches to 40 inches. There was a 25% increase in the risk of a fatality for vehicles with flat hoods — those with angles of 15 degrees or less — compared with vehicles with more sloping hoods.
Persons: , Wen Hu, Organizations: The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, IHS, Research Transportation Locations: U.S
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