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Hong Kong CNN —China is a “decisive enabler” of Russia’s war against Ukraine, NATO leaders said Wednesday, as the defense alliance hardens its stance on Beijing and the “systemic challenges” they say it poses to their countries’ security. For the third consecutive year, leaders of New Zealand, Japan and South Korea attended the NATO leaders’ summit in another sign of closer ties between the bloc and those countries, as well as Australia. NATO’s increasing focus on AsiaThe NATO leaders’ declaration is the latest step in what has been the bloc’s gradual hardening of tone on China in recent years. NATO leaders first mentioned the need to jointly address “opportunities and challenges” posed by China in a 2019 declaration, before moving to refer to “systemic challenges” the country poses in 2021. “The Indo-Pacific is important for NATO, given that developments in that region directly affect Euro-Atlantic security,” the leaders said in their declaration.
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Experts quoted in official media also discussed health hazards of the alleged practices. “Using chemical tankers for edible oils will inevitably result in residual contamination,” said Liu Shaowei, a food safety expert cited by CCTV. Several executives found to be responsible for the 2008 case were ultimately handed death sentences, and the tragedy drove deep mistrust of domestic products and food safety in China. Another case in 2022, also exposed by state media, showed how “dirty” pickled cabbage was supplied to popular instant noodle brands. Xi has repeatedly stressed the importance of food safety and the security of grain and food staple supplies.
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Earlier this year, the EU launched investigations into China’s state support for its wind turbine and solar panel suppliers. Now, China will investigate if the bloc’s probes violate the two sides’ economic treaty and if they have hurt the country’s trade with the 27 EU member states. The announcement comes just days after the provisional additional duties on imports of Chinese-made EVs into the EU came into effect. Beijing has spoken out strongly against the EU tariffs, saying it will make “all necessary moves” to safeguard China’s interests. According to Wednesday’s announcement, MOFCOM is launching its latest investigation in response to a June request by an industry group in China.
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Hong Kong CNN —A man was caught trying to smuggle more than 100 live snakes into mainland China by stuffing them into his pants, according to the country’s customs authority. Customs officers in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen intercepted the man traveling through Futian Port, a checkpoint between Hong Kong and mainland China, the agency said in a statement on Tuesday. Shenzhen CustomsDuring an inspection, officers found six canvas drawstring bags sealed with tape in the pockets of his pants. “Officers opened the bags and found that each bag contained a number of live snakes in various shapes and colors,” the statement said. “After counting, a total of 104 snakes were found.”Five species of snakes were later identified – the milk snake, western hognose snake, corn snake, Texas rat snake and bullsnake – four of which are non-native to China.
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“Today, I would like to announce that a settlement has been reached in the civil trial with the three perpetrators who were found guilty in the criminal trial,” Gonoi said. Authorities initially seemed unwilling to believe her but Gonoi’s refusal to be silenced eventually prompted prosecutors to reopen investigations in a sweeping probe into sexual harassment across the JSDF. The broad investigation led by Japan’s defense ministry found that Gonoi had suffered physical and verbal sexual harassment daily between late 2020 and August 2021. Not backing downAs a child, Gonoi said she saw JSDF members as heroes. The defense ministry eventually launched a broad investigation into sexual harassment across the JSDF that found Gonoi had suffered physical and verbal sexual harassment daily between late 2020 and August 2021.
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China EV maker BYD to build $1 billion plant in Turkey
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Hong Kong CNN —China’s BYD, which vies with Tesla for the title of the world’s top maker of battery electric vehicles, has agreed to build a $1 billion car factory in Turkey, the Turkish government has announced. “We aim to meet the growing demand for new-energy vehicles in the region and reach consumers in Europe,” the statement cited BYD representatives as saying. The EU’s decision earlier this year imposed an extra 17.4% tariff on the vehicles BYD ships from China to the bloc, which also has a standard 10% duty on all car imports. Talks between the EU and China are expected to continue but, if no agreement is reached, the additional tariffs will become definitive in November. BYD already announced in December that it would build an EV factory in EU member Hungary, becoming the first major Chinese automaker to build passenger cars in Europe.
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Andy Chui (left) and John Li at a press conference held by the Hong Kong Blind Union on July 7, 2024. They said were removed from an HK Express flight on May 22, 2024. Hong Kong Blind Union“They need to ensure that companies comply with these guidelines and that there are punitive measures when companies discriminate against people with disabilities,” Wong told CNN. HK Express said its staff had followed the airline’s “standard safety procedures,” during the incident, without specifying whether the two passengers had failed to comply with its protocols. All 35 passengers on the flight walked off in solidarity with Rizzi.
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The two leaders began their meeting at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse Monday morning, Chinese state media reported. China is a “key power in creating the conditions for peace” in the war, Orban wrote in an X post Monday. “This is why I came to meet with President Xi in Beijing, just two months after his official visit to Budapest,” he added. Orban and Xi last met in May, when the Chinese leader was welcomed with fanfare for a state visit to Hungary. “Only unity and determination will pave the path to a comprehensive, just and lasting peace in Ukraine,” she added.
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Hong Kong CNN —Beijing has intensified its anti-dumping investigation into imports of European brandy. The announcement came on the same day as the European Commission’s additional provisional tariffs on imports of Chinese-made electric vehicles came into effect. On Saturday, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, a state-backed auto association, said it was “strongly dissatisfied” with the additional EU tariffs on Chinese EVs and considered them “unacceptable.”Major stakeholders are bracing for retaliatory moves by Beijing. China’s probe into Europe’s cognac is a tit-for-tat reaction to EU action on Chinese EVs, said Jean-Jacques Guiony, chief financial officer of LVMH (LVMH), at an economic conference on Saturday, according to a Reuters report. The European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, announced last month that it would hike tariffs on Chinese EVs.
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Launched in 2018 by Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba, the free online contest is open to math enthusiasts worldwide, though Chinese math majors typically dominate the top places. She was later trained by math teacher Wang Runqiu at Lianshu Secondary Vocational School, where she studies fashion design. Social stigma for vocational studentsAmong the cacophony of commentary, some suspect the harsh public scrutiny of Jiang is rooted in social prejudice against vocational students. But structural discrimination in China’s schools, universities and workplaces means society still favors academic degrees over trades. Jiang considers math her “Plan B,” prioritizing fashion design for future study, according to The Beijing News.
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Hong Kong CNN —For the first time ever, Tesla cars have been placed on a local Chinese government’s purchase list, according to state-owned media outlet Tesla is the only foreign-owned EV car brand on the purchase catalog published by the government of Jiangsu province in eastern China. On the government’s purchase catalog, Tesla’s Shanghai-made Model Y was listed at 249,900 yuan ($34,377). Tesla cars had previously been barred from entering some government and military complexes in China due to spying and data security concerns. Those restrictions were lifted in April, when a top auto association announced that Tesla’s cars had passed China’s data security requirements.
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Last year, almost 30% of the Japanese population was 65 or older. In June 2023, Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida unveiled a multi-billion dollar package of measures to encourage families to have more children. The growth of the older population is also changing the consumer product market. Demand for adult diapers in Japan has been rising, while the need for baby diapers has fallen. Electronics giant Panasonic has been researching and developing products aimed at the older population since 1990, according to its website.
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Hong Kong CNN —There are a lot of princesses at Hong Kong Disneyland, but not the ones you think. Hair carefully coiffed, and in full makeup Liang Xiaoyu, 18, is dressed for a day out at Hong Kong Disneyland. Noemi Cassanelli/CNNAnd at Hong Kong Disneyland, Disney characters aren’t the sole fashion inspiration for dedicated fans. Li Mengru, 27, poses for a picture during an interview with CNN, at the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland on June 7, 2024. Yang Yushen, who also goes by Kris, and his partner Jimmy Redinger like the romantic side of Hong Kong Disneyland.
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“Russian-Chinese cooperation in global affairs serves as a main stabilizing factor on the international stage, and we continue to further enhance it,” Putin said. China has surpassed the European Union to become Russia’s top trade partner, offering a crucial lifeline to its heavily sanctioned economy. The two nuclear-armed neighbors have also continued to hold joint military exercises, including with Iran. Both moves are widely seen as part of a broader push by Xi and Putin to create an alternative world order that is no longer dominated by the West. Xi said Wednesday that China backed Russia’s role as BRICS chair this year in uniting the Global South, preventing a “new Cold War” and opposing hegemonism, according to state-run news agency Xinhua.
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“What worries policymakers is the interest rate risk, which will rise once the dominant narrative shifts from deflation to reflation,” Hu from Macquarie said. If that happens, bond yields will rise as investors switch back into riskier stocks. The country’s “4,000 or so small and medium-sized banks” will be particularly vulnerable to the interest rate risk, he added. “The bubble formed by the rush of funds into the bond market is accumulating interest rate risks,” the Securities Times said in an editorial. Economic risksThe rapid decline in Chinese bond yields also poses significant risks to the economy.
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After adding Belarus, it will boast 10 members, representing more than 40% of the world’s population and roughly a quarter of the global economy. Growing ambitionsAs the SCO grows in international visibility and economic weight, it has also broadened in geopolitical ambitions. Putin speaks to Xi at the SCO summit two years ago in Samarkand, Uzbekistan. But the Belarus membership also creates big question marks that will hang over the organization, Gill said. After the summit in Astana, China is due to take up the rotating presidency of the SCO for a year.
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At the height of their careers, former defense ministers Li and Wei often struck a tough tone before the world’s top military officials. Former Defense Ministers Li Shangfu and his predecessor Wei Fenghe have both been expelled from the Communist Party over corruption allegations. Most of the generals dismissed or disappeared without explanation last year were linked to the Rocket Force or military equipment, including Li and Wei. An engineer by training, the 66-year-old spent decades launching rockets and satellites in southwest China before being promoted to the PLA headquarters to deal with military equipment procurement. “The gun barrel must always be held in the hands of those who are loyal and reliable to the party,” Xi told the PLA elites.
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China PMI: No end in sight for uneven economic story
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Hong Kong CNN —Factory activity among China’s private firms expanded at the fastest pace in three years, a private gauge showed Monday, suggesting healthier domestic and international demand for Chinese goods. The Caixin manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) rose to 51.8 in June, up from 51.7 in May, according to a statement from S&P Global, which compiled the survey. The Caixin survey covers more export-oriented and consumer-related companies. The official PMI, however, is tilted more towards manufacturers that produce industrial materials — including steel, cement, and chemical — making them more vulnerable to a slowdown in fixed-asset investments. Analysts believe that the current data reflects an economic reality characterised by strong exports and consumption, but softer investment.
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Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued the first yellow alert for high temperatures in 2024, with the highest temperature in the city reaching 35 degrees Celsius. New Delhi topped the list of hottest cities, recording 4,222 days above 35 degrees Celsius in the past three decades – more than any other city analyzed. In 2018, Seoul saw 21 days over 35 degrees Celsius — more than the previous 10 years combined. Beijing’s number of days over 35 degrees has increased by 309% since 1994. In October 2023, Jakarta experienced 30 consecutive days over 35 degrees Celsius — more days than during the entire period between 1994 and 2003.
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Two Adidas employees out in China corruption probe
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Hong Kong CNN —Two employees have left Adidas as a result of an ongoing investigation by the German sportswear brand into allegations of corruption in China. Chinese state media outlet Economic View reported Wednesday that both former employees had worked in marketing for Adidas China. The allegations against Adidas executives were contained in an unsigned letter from people calling themselves employees of Adidas China. Greater China — a region that encompasses mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan — accounts for 15% of the company’s sales. In mainland China, Adidas is the second-largest international sportswear brand behind Nike (NKE).
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Editor’s Note: Sign up for CNN’s Meanwhile in China newsletter which explores what you need to know about the country’s rise and how it impacts the world. Hong Kong CNN —Chinese Premier Li Qiang has warned against a “vicious cycle” of economic decoupling from the West, as Beijing struggles to contain rising global pushback over soaring electric vehicle (EV) exports. This will “drag countries … into a vicious cycle of scrambling for a cake that becomes smaller and smaller,” Li added. Last month, the Biden administration quadrupled tariffs on EV imports from China, from 25% to 100%, aiming to protect American jobs and manufacturing. Chinese EV sales to the United States are tiny.
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The region has been battered by heavy rainfall over the last week, causing deadly flooding and landslides that have killed at least 71 people, according to Chinese state media. Southern Guangdong province, an economic powerhouse home to 127 million people, is subject to annual flooding from April to September. Floodwaters immerse a rural road in Chongzuo, southern China, on June 23, 2024. An excavator works at the site of a landslide in Guizhou province, China on June 24, 2024. Local rivers rose a record 4.59 meters (15 feet), according to Chinese state broadcaster CGTN.
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Hong Kong CNN —China’s Chang’e-6 lunar module returned to Earth Tuesday, successfully completing its historic mission to collect the first ever samples from the far side of the moon in a major step forward for the country’s ambitious space program. “The Chang’e-6 lunar exploration mission has been a complete success,” said Zhang Kejian, head of the China National Space Administration (CNSA), from the control room. Once they receive the samples, Chinese scientists are expected to share data and carry out joint research with international partners, before Beijing later opens the samples for access by international teams, according to statements from CNSA officials. China and the US are not alone in eyeing the national prestige, potential scientific benefits, access to resources and further deep space exploration that successful moon missions could bring. Last year, India landed its first spacecraft on the moon, while Russia’s first lunar mission in decades ended in failure when its Luna 25 probe crashed into the moon’s surface.
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Tokyo/Hong Kong CNN —A Japanese woman and her child were among three people stabbed by a man on Monday in front of a school bus at a bus stop in eastern China, according to Japanese authorities. In Suzhou, the attack took place Monday afternoon as the mother waited to pick up her child at a bus stop near a Japanese school, according to the Japanese official. The school bus is from the Suzhou Japanese School, located less than a mile from the bus stop in an area where many Japanese nationals live, NHK said. Opened in 2005, the Suzhou Japanese School offers six-year elementary school and three-year junior high school curriculums, according to its website. Its rules state that students must be picked up by a parent or guardian from the school bus.
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Besides signing the defense deal with Kim Jong Un, Putin also linked security on the Korean Peninsula to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, threatening to arm North Korea should South Korea provide military aid to Kyiv. The aircraft carrier’s presence in Busan is just the latest in a series of US military moves to show Washington’s “ironclad” commitment to its own treaty ally in South Korea. Earlier this month, US Air Force B-1B bombers participated in a live-fire exercise on the peninsula, the first time in seven years those long-range strike aircraft have dropped live munitions in South Korea. The visit of the USS Theodore Roosevelt to Busan marks the second time a Nimitz-class carrier has visited South Korea in seven months. Neither the US nor South Korea would give details or exact dates of the upcoming Freedom Edge exercise.
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