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The past few years have solidified single-family rental homes as genuine moneymaking enterprises, not just ho-hum nest eggs. Related storiesWhen everyone was scrambling for their piece of the suburbs during the pandemic, mom-and-pop landlords pounced, using these newfound tools to collect more cash. The company, which estimates only one-fourth of single-family-rental landlords use professional management services, now manages more than 28,000 rentals on behalf of small landlords. As the Wall Street ethos trickles down to small rental owners, it'll be harder and harder to tell them apart. But the gap is narrowing as small rental owners capitalize on the innovations that the institutional class has already embraced.
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Read previewPresident Joe Biden on Tuesday rolled out a plan offering landlords a choice: cap annual rent increases at 5% for the next two years or risk losing valuable tax credits. These landlords control more than half the national rental market, according to senior White House officials. Corporate landlords who increase rent by more than 5% would lose the valuable tax benefit known as depreciation deductions. AdvertisementA focus on housing affordabilityAs president, Biden has pushed a series of pro-housing policies and generally favored more federal participation in housing policy. Tuesday's move is part of a series of recent housing policy announcements from the administration.
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While her house is paid off, her home-related costs, including insurance, property taxes, and maintenance, have risen. In 2019, her home insurance cost about $890, but last year, according to her record-keeping, she paid almost $1,500. Increasingly, cities and states across the country are legalizing and even incentivizing ADU construction as a way to boost the supply of smaller, more affordable homes. Courtesy of SylviaThis comes as older people, including homeowners, are struggling with rising housing costs in communities across the country. But property taxes and insurance costs are also way up, making it hard for many homeowners to afford their payments.
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Older homeowners who live on fixed incomes are having a particularly hard time managing these rising costs. She blames rising property taxes and insurance costs but notes that inflation, in general, has also squeezed those on fixed incomes. Older homeowners are struggling in communities across the country. AdvertisementThe housing affordability crisis comes as the country is also facing a retirement crisis. AdvertisementMany older homeowners forced out of their housing end up unhoused, part of a growing homeless population in the state.
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Related storiesIn Florida, there are five metro areas where more than 60% of renters are cost-burdened. Two Pennsylvania metro areas were in the top 10 for the highest percentage of cost-burdened renters: State College and East Stroudsburg, at 63% and 61%, respectively. According to the Harvard report, 45% of renters in Stillwater, Oklahoma, are severely cost-burdened, the highest percentage in the nation. AdvertisementCorvallis, Oregon; Port St. Lucie, Florida; and State College, Pennsylvania, are the three metro areas that are in the top 10 for both cost-burdened and severely cost-burdened renters. Home prices and mortgage interest rates have surged in recent years, putting homeownership out of reach for even more renters.
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A severe housing shortage has made both buying and renting increasingly unaffordable. Harvard report finds cost-burdened homeowners rose by three million from 2019 to 2022. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . A severe shortage of housing, high mortgage interest rates, and strong demand from a growing number of new households have made it increasingly unaffordable to put a roof over your head. The only group that seems to be faring well through this housing crisis are homeowners who locked in low-interest mortgages before rates began soaring two years ago.
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The number of affordable units — with rents under $600 — also dropped to 7.2 million that year, 2.1 million fewer than a decade earlier. Photos You Should See View All 45 ImagesThose factors contributed to a dramatic rise in eviction filings and a record number of people becoming homeless. "It just hits you like, ‘This is for nothing.’"In Auburn, Massachusetts, pervasive rent hikes have already hit the last bastion of affordable housing. Just off an interstate alongside a pond, residents at the American Mobile Home Park face rent increases upwards of 40%. The group Lawyers For Civil Rights has sent a letter to the landlord accusing it of “unconscionable rent increases," and failing to provide critical services like adequate garbage and snow removal.
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The median asking rent was $1,713, which was down $4 from November and down $63 from the July 2022 peak. However, median rent is still $309 higher than the same time in 2019, before the pandemic. What’s more, 12 million of those renters are severely cost burdened, which means they are paying more than half of their income on housing. Following changes in housing needs during the pandemic and an already existing low supply of multifamily housing in some markets, rents surged in 2021 and 2022. Without continued new supply in addition to enhanced rental support, the Harvard report concludes affordability will remain a critical concern for many renters.
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And a growing number of people who are eligible for government housing assistance aren't getting it. But unlike other government benefits like Medicaid and food stamps, housing aid doesn't automatically go to those who need it. And across 31 pilot basic income programs , recipients spent an average of about 9.2% of their payments on housing and utilities. AdvertisementThe amount that the federal government spends on its housing assistance programs, mainly Housing Choice Vouchers and public housing, is determined by Congress each year. "Housing support across America is very fractured and variable," said Sean Kline, director of Stanford's Basic Income Lab.
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Make America Build Again
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America is the sixth-most-expensive place in the world to build subways and trolleys. The solutions will cost trillions of dollars and require a pace of building unseen in America since World War II. Perhaps the single most pressing question we face today is: How do we make America build again? "For this class of projects, federal environmental laws are more the exception." The prospect of overhauling our hard-won environmental laws might feel like sacrilege to anyone who cares about the Earth.
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Editor’s Note: Steven Melendez is artistic director of New York Theatre Ballet and a subject of the new documentary film “LIFT,” available on Apple and Amazon. He was born in the Bronx, New York, and has danced as a soloist with Ballet Concierto in Argentina, a principal dancer with the Vanemuine Theater Ballet Company in Estonia, and for more than 15 years with New York Theatre Ballet. CNN —Thirty years ago, I lived in a family homeless shelter in New York City, where dreams and struggles often do battle. The LIFT program did not simply introduce me to ballet; it transformed my life. New York Theatre BalletThe rigorous training demands unwavering commitment, punctuality and the relentless pursuit of perfection.
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“There is a pretty foundational bias against renters in American sociological and political life,” said Jamila Michener, a professor of government and public policy at Cornell. But the number of renters has grown steadily over the past decade to about 44 million households nationwide, while punishing housing costs have migrated from coastal enclaves to metropolitan areas around the nation. More salient to politicians, perhaps, is that renters are increasingly well-off — households that make more than $75,000 have accounted for a large majority of the growth in renters over the past decade, according to the Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies. At the same time, the struggle to find something affordable has escalated from lower-income tenants to middle-income families that in past generations would very likely have owned their homes. In other words, renter households are now composed of families much more likely to vote.
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They cited a strong labor market, low foreclosure rates, favorable demographics, and low supply. That was their biggest drop since the mid-2000s housing bubble, when home prices fell 27% over the course of a few years. As long as interest rates remain elevated, home price growth will likely continue to slow. First is that the labor market remains healthy. But so far this year, the labor market has continually surprised economists to the upside.
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The Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies released their State of The Nation's Housing report. Harvard Joint Center for Housing StudiesOn top of that, mortgage rates have surged from around 3.3% in early 2022 to just under 7% today. Harvard Joint Center for Housing StudiesBlame that in part on falling building rates. Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies"The construction slowdown in 2022 raised concerns about the nation's large and ongoing housing shortfall. To boost homeownership rates among minority groups, the researchers also proposed lowering credit score minimums for mortgages and taking into consideration other indicators of creditworthiness that aren't reflected in a credit score.
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Miller had an extra room in her home and thought why not find a roommate to help pay the mortgage. She called her local senior center, and they suggested she try Silvernest, a home-sharing platform founded in Colorado in 2015. According to Miller, Mears pays $650 on a month-to-month basis for her lodging and utilities. Longmont, Colorado, where Mears and Miller live, is located 40 miles north of Denver. After less than a week, Miller and Mears were eating dinner together regularly, taking turns cooking for each other.
REUTERS/Amr AlfikySept 21 (Reuters) - The cost of renting a home in the United States is surging and young workers have felt the sharpest pain, many of them taking on additional jobs or roommates to afford housing costs. Household rents in 2021 jumped 10% from pre-pandemic levels, according to Census Bureau estimates released last week. The 23-year-old spent a year in an apartment in New York City's Queens borough with a door that wouldn’t lock. Recent college graduate Caleb Seamon, 22, started delivering for Uber Eats alongside his full-time job at a think-tank to afford housing. Even so, Seamon says he only found a New York apartment because one of his roommate's parents acted as guarantors.
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