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CNN —Sheila Jackson Lee, a longtime Democratic congresswoman from Texas who was an outspoken advocate for Black Americans for decades, has died. Jackson Lee announced in June that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via Getty ImagesDuring her congressional tenure, Jackson Lee was an outspoken advocate for progressive interests and Black Americans. “Congresswoman Jackson Lee was a patriot and a fighter to the very end. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Steven Horsford and members of the Congressional Black Caucus said in a statement following her death.
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We should not have had nine fire stations without power,” Patrick said. Combined with power outages, alarmingly dangerous consequences have ensued. CenterPoint foreign assistance crews work to restore power lines on Thursday in Houston, Texas. Danielle Villasana/Getty ImagesFrustration mounts with Houston utility providerThe crisis comes more than three years after massive power outages hit the state. Greg Abbott has requested an investigation into CenterPoint Energy and other electric companies in the wake of the outages, Patrick said in a news conference Thursday.
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The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
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A handful of states, including Texas and Nevada, have set up dedicated systems designed to restore tenants to their homes after an illegal lockout. She and her family still don't have a new apartment, she said, and the eviction cases on her record don't help. BI reviewed two years' worth of lockout cases from the department and found city lawyers routinely dismissed tickets, often without documenting why. Bridget Bennett for Business InsiderThat afternoon, Brown had three cases on his docket in which tenants were alleging they'd been illegally locked out and dozens of cases in which landlords were seeking formal evictions. In 2022, Miami-Dade County passed a tenant's bill of rights that underlines the illegality of lockouts and limits a landlord's ability to harass tenants.
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A home destroyed by Hurricane Beryl bakes in the midday sun on Monday off Blue Water Highway in Surfside Beach. At least six people have died in Texas and one in Louisiana as a result of Hurricane Beryl, as a huge clean-up and restoration operation gets underway to reconnect 2.3 million energy customers who lost power during the storm's disastrous procession through the state. A 53-year-old man and a 74-year-old woman both died when trees fell onto their homes in separate incidents in Harris County, Texas, police said. Beryl has since been downgraded to a tropical depression, but more than 21 million people from Arkansas to Michigan were under flood watches Tuesday morning as it continues to moves northeast. At least six people died in Texas as a result of the storm after it made landfall on Monday as a Category 1 hurricane with sustained wins speeds of 80 mph.
Persons: Hurricane Beryl bakes, Hurricane Beryl, Russell Richardson, Sheriff Julian Whittington, Beryl Organizations: Montgomery County Emergency Management, Magnolia . Houston Police Department, Sheriff, Facebook, National Weather Service Locations: Surfside Beach, Texas, Louisiana, Hurricane, Harris County , Texas, Montgomery County, Magnolia ., Bossier Parish , Louisiana, Shreveport, Arkansas, Michigan
While universal basic income provides money to everyone, guaranteed income may provide either targeted or universal support. The organization did not provide comment, but the Foundation for Government Accountability's research lays out the reasons for its opposition to guaranteed income programs. Once they have access to guaranteed income, that often allows them to figure out ways to increase what they earn, she said. "Folks who press arguments about guaranteed income creating dependency aren't looking at the fact that what guaranteed income is actually allowing participants to do is make good choices," Bogle said. 'The status quo isn't working'Many other guaranteed income program participants have seen life-changing improvements, particularly when it comes to their earnings capability.
Persons: Harish Patel, Patel, Austin, Mary Bogle, Bogle, Taniquewa Brewster, Winter Storm Uri, Brewster, Michael Tubbs, Harris, Rodney Ellis, Ken Paxton's Organizations: Economic Security, American, Getty Images, Foundation, Government, Solutions, Foundation for Government, Urban Institute, Austin, Winter Storm, Mayors, Democrats, Republicans, Houston . Houston Chronicle, hearst Newspapers, Getty, Hearst Newspapers Locations: Columbus , Ohio, Getty Images Idaho , Iowa, South Dakota, Arkansas, Austin , Texas, Austin, Harris, Texas, Houston .
Tropical Storm Beryl ripped a path of destruction through the heart of Houston on Monday, transforming roads into rivers, killing at least four people and knocking out power for more than two million customers across Texas. The storm, which made landfall early Monday as a Category 1 hurricane, weakened as it passed over the city and continued its swirling march north. But its relatively modest official strength undersold its power, local authorities said. As it churned through Houston, officials warned people to stay inside and away from windows, “as though there was a tornado coming your way,” Lina Hidalgo, the top official in Harris County, which includes Houston, cautioned residents. The center passed just to the west of the city, meaning Houston received some of the worst of the storm as it spun counterclockwise.
Persons: Beryl, ” Lina Hidalgo Organizations: Houston Locations: Houston, Texas, Harris County
CNN —Tropical Storm Beryl will strengthen as it tracks toward the Texas-Mexico border this weekend, bringing a risk of damaging winds, life-threatening storm surge and dangerous flooding to Texas beginning late Sunday. • Hurricane and storm surge watches issued: Hurricane and storm surge watches were extended eastward along the Texas coast Friday night. • Beryl expected to slam South Texas: Beryl is forecast to make landfall over South Padre Island, Texas, close to the Texas-Mexico border, as a Category 1 hurricane late Sunday night, according to the National Hurricane Center. • At least nine dead due to Beryl: Beryl became the earliest Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic on record earlier this week. Randy Brooks/AFP/Getty Images Brad Reinhart, senior hurricane specialist at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, tracks Hurricane Beryl on Monday.
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Read previewAs St. Louis continues its guaranteed basic income pilot, two residents are suing to cut the program's funding. The plaintiffs, Greg Tumlin and Fred Hale, are both St. Louis residents. Adam Layne, the St. Louis city treasurer, previously told BI that St. Louis residents have primarily used their $500 a month to pay bills. BI reached out to the city of St. Louis and St. Louis Guaranteed Income for comment, but the parties did not respond by the time of publication. States like South Dakota, Arizona, and Iowa, Republican politicians have also brought basic income bans to the state legislature.
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CNN —When Simon An and his family heard screaming from a store next door to their family taekwondo studio on Wednesday outside Houston, Texas, they knew they had to find out what was happening. An told CNN Friday the family was returning from their lunch break and were parking at the Yong-In studio in Katy when his father heard a “loud scream” as he exited his car. Then the whole family heard “a second scream, and it was loud. Very loud.” “I would describe it as a horror scream.”His father led the family into a nearby Cricket Wireless store. “I’m very proud of my family.”The Harris County Sheriff lauded the An family as “good samaritans” and thanked them for their “quick action in protecting others.”
Persons: Simon An, , Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, , , Alex Robinson, Robinson, KHOU, Hannah, Han Organizations: CNN, Harris County Sheriff, Cricket Wireless, KHOU, Sheriff Locations: Houston , Texas, Harris County, Katy, Harris
The incredible oblivion of Judge Marvin Isgur
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On a mild Houston day in March 2021, Judge Marvin Isgur prepared to oversee the only case on his docket that morning. In October 2023, the Fifth Circuit Court rebuked Judge David Jones but said that his longtime colleague, Judge Marvin Isgur, had been "unaware" of Jones' inappropriate relationship. "But only Judge Isgur knows what he knew or didn't know about the relationship." Much of this work was in cases before either Judge Isgur or Judge Jones. Isgur can continue to hear the case, he ruled, writing in the December 2023 opinion that lawyers for the creditor "failed to demonstrate much other than that former Judge Jones and Judge Isgur are close friends."
Persons: Marvin Isgur, David Jones, Jones, Elizabeth Freeman, Jackson Walker, Isgur, Michael Van Deelen, he'd, Freeman, Matthew Cavenaugh, Cavenaugh, Michael Van Deelen Van, Judge Jones, who'd, Steve Smith, Smith, Michael Lewis, Van Deelen, I'm, Van Deelen's, Tom Kirkendall, Gary Cruciani, Judge David Jones, Nancy Rapoport, University of Nevada Las Vegas William S, Kirkendall, " Jones, Trump, she's, Sarah, Porter Hedges, , — Elizabeth Freeman, John Higgins, Whitney Ables, Josh Wolfshohl, Amy Lucas, Porter, Wesley Steen, Fifth Circuit —, that's, Liz, Bruce Markell, it's, Judge William Greendyke, Lynn LoPucki's, Patricia Tomasco, Christopher Lopez, Manges, Greendyke, Albert Alonzo, Alonzo, Jones Isgur, Susan Tran Adams, Matt Cavenaugh, Veronica Polnick, Genevieve Graham, cookout, Graham, Tran, Christina Morrison, David, I, Neiman Marcus, J.C, Penney, Freeman hadn't, hadn't, Jim Wilkinson, Ellis, Kirkland, Ellis —, Veronica Polnick —, Polnick —, Elizabeth, COVID, Jackson, Kirkland Ellis, they'd, — Greendyke, Wilkinson, Judge Isgur, Mike Warner, Eduardo Rodriguez, Rodriguez, Isgur's, Judge Lopez —, Lopez, Alfredo Perez, Weil, Perez, Richard Schmidt, Jack Newsham Organizations: Business, Southern District of, McDermott International, Southern, Houston, Fifth Circuit, Appeals, Department of Justice, Fifth, University of Nevada, Boyd School of Law, Circuit, University of Houston, American Bankruptcy Institute, Emory Law School, Emory, Facebook, Big Law, Reuters, Bloomberg, Northwestern's Pritzker School of Law, Enron, LinkedIn, Southern District of Texas, Judicial Conference, Texas, Chesapeake Energy, Big, Kirkland, Cavenaugh, UPS, Technologies, Candy Club, Omni, Norton Rose, GWG Holdings Inc, Brands, Southern District's, Southern District, US, Former Locations: Texas, Southern District, Southern District of Texas, Houston, New Orleans, United States, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Kirkendall, Galveston, Carolina, Porter, Harris, Nevada, Southern District of Texas , Delaware, New York, Delaware, Weil, Southern, disgorge, Sorrento, Corpus Christi, prefacing
Storms unloaded hurricane-force wind gusts across the Dallas area, with Dallas Fort Worth International Airport recording a wind gust of 77 mph early Tuesday as power outages in the area started to skyrocket. KTVTThe power outages started to ramp up early Tuesday morning in the Dallas area, then extended south with the storms as they roared across the state, according to Large hail, lightning and wind gusts as strong as 80 mph are the main threats with any storm. Dallas is the second major Texas city to have critical power infrastructure damaged by severe weather in less than two weeks. Storm damage is seen in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, area on May 28, 2024.
Persons: Houston’s George, Storms, Clay Jenkins, Grant Cruise, Oncor, , ” Cruise, it’s, Jenkins, Andy Rose Organizations: CNN, Dallas Fort Worth International, Dallas, Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental, White House, National Weather Service, Sunday, Houston, , Dallas County, Texans Locations: Texas, Dallas, Houston, Terrell , Texas,, Dallas County, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Fort Worth, Harris County, Fort Worth , Texas
Basic income has become a trending strategy to combat poverty in cities nationwide. ARPA funds have been used to partially or fully fund most US basic-income pilots so far, but funds are set to expire. While philanthropy and nonprofit work have been central to basic-income pilots, they are not always a long-term or large-scale funding solution. More GBI programs are electing to focus on specific groups of participants, like low-income parents with children and foster youth. The program is funded through the Temporary Aid to Needy Families Program (TANF), an existing federal cash assistance program for low-income families.
Persons: , Michael Tubbs, Tubbs, It's, Tubbs —, GBI —, Marcela Díaz, let's, Díaz, Teri Olle, Olle, John Gillette, Ken Paxton, Dustin Palmer, GiveDirectly, Palmer, Shafeka Hashash, Hashash, Hashah, GBI Organizations: Service, Business, SNAP, Medicaid, Somos Un, Somos Un Pueblo Unido, Economic Security, New, New Mexico House, California Senate, Republican, South Dakota Republicans, ARPA, Pew Charitable Locations: Stockton , California, Durham , North Carolina, Birmingham, Chicago, Antonio, San Antonio, Denver, Seattle, California, New Mexico, State, Mexico, Somos, Somos Un Pueblo, Economic Security California, Arizona, Iowa, Harris County , Texas, Flint , Michigan
Read previewLegal challenges by conservative lawmakers and activists against guaranteed basic income programs are heating up nationwide. Guaranteed basic income programs differ from their idealistic cousin — a universal basic income. AdvertisementWhile localized guaranteed basic income programs are tiny compared to a nationwide universal basic income, they are the subject of no less conservative opposition. Local politicians in places like South Dakota and Arizona have moved to block basic income programs for this reason alone. AdvertisementWhile these arguments appear to support giving basic income payments to a broader group of people, it's unlikely many conservatives would actually support a universal basic income.
Persons: , Andrew Yang, Sam Altman, Republican Sen, John Wiik, Kathryn Blankenberg, Ken Paxton, Paxton, It's Organizations: Service, Business, Republican, Judicial Watch, American Civil Rights, Texas Locations: South Dakota, Arizona, Dakota, San Francisco, Texas, Houston, Harris County
CNN —Millions across parts of the Central Plains are at risk for severe weather Sunday that could bring tornadoes, tennis ball-sized hail and damaging winds to the area. “Destructive wind swaths of 80-100 mph may occur, with localized extreme gusts exceeding 100 mph possible,” the Storm Prediction Center warned. The severe weather in Houston Thursday included a derecho with 100 mph winds. “Scattered severe storms are expected to affect the region Sunday afternoon and evening,” the National Weather Service in Wichita said. Through early next week, the Central US faces an increasing threat of severe weather and excessive rainfall, according to the National Weather Service.
Persons: “ We’re, Matt Elliott, , Storms Organizations: CNN, Storm, Storm Prediction Center, Storm Prediction, National Weather Service Locations: Central, Gulf Coast, Plains, United States, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Central Plains, Houston, Kansas, Dodge City, Salina, Hutchinson, Garden City, Hays, Wichita, Michigan , Wisconsin, Illinois, Chicago, Detroit, Mississippi, Lower Michigan, Harris County
My condolences go out to the families that lost a loved one during yesterday’s severe weather event,” Gonzalez said. Over 531,000 customers in Harris County remain without power early Saturday following the line of storms, according to “Isolated to scattered severe thunderstorms appear possible across portions of the Southeast and Carolinas on Saturday, and parts of the Upper Midwest,” the center said. The greatest chances for severe weather are across parts of Nebraska and Kansas, with a slight level 2 of 5 risk of severe thunderstorms issued by the Storm Prediction Center. By the end of the weekend, thunderstorm chances will diminish for most of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, the weather service said.
Persons: Samuel Peña, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez, Gonzalez, ” Gonzalez, David J, Phillip, , Houston Mayor John Whitmire, ” Whitmire, Logan Riely Organizations: CNN, Houston Fire, Harris County Sheriff, Authorities, CenterPoint Energy, National Weather Service, Houston Mayor, Carolinas, Storm Prediction Locations: Houston, Southeast, Gulf, Harris County, Cypress , Texas, City, Texas, Louisiana, Houston , Texas, Mexico, Carolinas, Midwest, Plains, Nebraska, Kansas
The storm also battered New Orleans overnight, with severe thunderstorms and flooding possible again Friday, according to the local branch of the National Weather Service. A home is severely damaged by a fallen tree after heavy winds and rains ripped through the region on May 17, 2024 in Houston, Texas. Across Houston, photos and videos on social media showed intense flooding and downed trees, as well as toppled electrical towers and power lines. Another video showed baseball fans leaving the stadium amid the bad weather. Strong winds appeared to have blown off roof panels at a Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston, a video posted to X showed.
Persons: Melissa Phillips, Ike, Houston Mayor John Whitmire, Logan Riely, Harris, Lina Hidalgo, Hidalgo, Samuel Peña, Whitmire, Greg Abbott, Abbott, Brett Coomer, Jon Shapley Organizations: Hearst Newspapers, Getty, Houston Mayor, National Weather Service, Houston Independent School District, Houston Fire, Texas Gov, Texans, Facebook, Houston Astros, Hyatt Regency Locations: Parkway, West, Cypress, Texas, Houston, Romayor, New Orleans, Houston , Texas, Southeast Texas, Sowden, Houston's Harris County, Fargo Plaza
At least 4 people are dead and almost 1 million are without power. AdvertisementA series of powerful thunderstorms packing hurricane-force winds smashed through Houston on Thursday, leaving at least 4 people dead and nearly 1 million without power. And damage to the grid could leave some parts of Texas's largest city without electricity for weeks, one county executive said. Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo said on Friday that the storm flipped an 18-wheeler and toppled power transmission towers. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers.
Persons: Houston, , Lina Hidalgo Organizations: Service, Business Locations: Houston, Texas's, Harris
More than 100,000 are also in the dark in Louisiana as storms batter the state, as well. Parts of Texas and western Louisiana are under a rare Level 4 of 4 high risk of excessive rainfall Thursday, the Weather Prediction Center said. Major flooding has prompted water rescues in at least one Texas city. Texas and Louisiana have been in the bull’s-eye of seemingly unrelenting rounds of torrential, flooding downpours since the start of April. A tornado warning had been issued earlier Thursday evening in Harris County, including downtown Houston, according to the National Weather Service.
Persons: Samuel Peña, John Whitmire, Houston Mayor John Whitmire, Houstonians, what’s, Hurricane Harvey Organizations: CNN, Houston Fire, Hyatt, Weather Prediction, WPC, National Weather Service, Houston, KPRC, Houston Astros, Oakland Athletics, Houston Mayor, Centerpoint, METRO, Training, Florida Panhandle, Regional Climate Center ., Hurricane Locations: Houston, Hyatt Regency, Texas, Louisiana, Bryan, United States, Georgia, Waco, Mississippi, Lake Charles , Louisiana, Harris County, Harris, city’s, Gulf, Alabama, Florida, Shreveport , Louisiana
Ann Arbor's program, called Guaranteed Income to Grow Ann Arbor, is giving low- and moderate-income residents $528 a month, no strings attached. Over 50 municipalities have tried the GBI model since 2019, offering low-income participants between $100 and $1,000 a month, no strings attached for one to five years. "This pilot will help us learn whether guaranteed income payments can be an effective way to help some entrepreneurs with their business efforts." Chicago announced in April that it restarted its previous GBI program that offered low-income residents $500 a month. A GBI program in Harris County, Texas is being challenged by Attorney General Ken Paxton, who called the program "unconstitutional."
Persons: , Ann, Ann Arbor's, Monique Gonzalez, Ann Arbor, GBI, Ken Paxton Organizations: Service, Business, Local, Services, Denver, Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation, University of Michigan, Chicago, Republican Locations: Ann Arbor , Michigan, Ann Arbor, San Antonio, Antonio's, Ann, Michigan, Atlanta, Denver, Flint, Harris County , Texas, Iowa , Arizona, South Dakota
No deaths or serious injuries have been reported, Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo told CNN, adding 153 pets have also been rescued during the deluge. Forecast calls for rain Sunday into MondayMost of the weekend’s rain fell over western and central Texas, but there’s a significant chance of heavier rain in the greater Houston area Sunday. An additional 1 to 3 inches of rainfall possible by Monday morning, according to the Houston National Weather Service office. Rainfall today will continue to exacerbate existing river flooding,” warned the Houston weather service office. The weather service listed some of the rainfall totals it collected:Groveton, TX- 23.56”Huntsville, TX- 21.76”Splendora, TX- 21.01”Willis, TX- 20.75”Livingston, TX- 18.42”There is relief on the horizon, however.
Persons: Lina Hidalgo, It’s, ” Hidalgo, “ We’re, Brent Taylor, CNN’s Amara Walker, , ” Taylor, “ There’s, , I’m, , Willis, Hurricane Harvey, Jason Fochtman, ” Emmitt Eldridge, ” Sherri Pegoda, Walker, Greg Abbott Organizations: CNN, Houston Office, Emergency Management, Houston Police, Houston Fire, Houston Public Works Department, Houston National Weather Service, Houston, Panhandle, West Lake Houston, Houston Chronicle, Texas, Gov Locations: South Texas, Harris County , Texas, Houston, Harris, City, Texas, , TX, Huntsville , TX, TX, Willis , TX, Livingston , TX, Gulf, East Texas, Hurricane, Lake Houston, West Lake, Kingwood, Atascocita, Kingwood , Texas, San Jacinto, Walker County, Polk County, Montgomery counties
A total of 1,000 homes are in a mandatory evacuation zone in the county, Polk County Judge Sydney Murphy told CNN. “Due to continuous rainfall across East Texas and rising levels in creeks and rivers, flood levels may increase. Please remain aware of changing flood levels along the Trinity River and ALL low-lying levels. Greg Abbott expanded the storm-related declarations in response to the flooding, according to a news release. The repeated bouts of heavy rainfall soaked soils, making many areas extremely prone to both flash and river flooding.
Persons: Hurricane Harvey, ” Emmitt Eldridge, Eldridge, , , ” Sherri Pegoda, Walker, Pegoda, ” Pegoda, , Sydney Murphy, Harvey, ” Harris, Lina Hidalgo, Greg Abbott, Hawley –, Bret Hendrickson, Brad Wilson, Hawley, CNN’s Allison Chinchar, Sara Tonks, Ray Sanchez, Andy Rose, Joe Sutton, Paradise Afshar Organizations: CNN, Panhandle, The Coast Guard, Texas Emergency Hospital, Coast Guard, Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas, Gov, San, Harvey, Storm Prediction, Hawley Police, Hawley Independent School, LSM, National Weather Service Locations: Texas, Houston, Gulf, East Texas, Hurricane, South Texas, San Jacinto County, Dallas, • Walker County, Walker County, • Polk County, Polk County, • Harris, San Jacinto, Hidalgo, Harris County, Crosby, Liberty County, Cleveland , Texas, Montgomery County, Livingston , Texas, Trinity, , Abilene, Hodges, Hawley, Hawley , Texas, Hodges , Texas, Louisiana, Groveton , Texas, Paradise
He knows the GBI money will help him breathe a little easier. Uplift Harris' program will begin payments in the meantime, according to the office of Precinct 1 Commissioner Rodney Ellis. Uplift Harris participants hope the program will make them more financially stableGuaranteed basic income is an increasingly popular solution to combat poverty in US cities. GBI participants have previously told BI that they used the funds to secure housing and food, pay off debt, and afford school supplies for their children. Have you benefited from a guaranteed basic income program?
Persons: , Delwin Sutton, doesn't, Sutton, Ken Paxton, Harris, Paxton, Rodney Ellis, Sutton doesn't, Dustin Palmer, We've, Palmer, Jay Carter, isn't, Carter, Still, Harris County Attorney Christian D, Menefee Organizations: Service, Business, Harvard, Yale, Texas Attorney, Services, American, Republican, Harris County Attorney, Austin, South Dakota Republicans, doesn't Locations: Houston, Harris, Harris County, GBI, Texas, Austin, San Antonio, El Paso County, The Arizona, South Dakota, Iowa
That idea of guaranteed income is receiving renewed interest as AI becomes an increasing threat to Americans’ livelihoods. As more Americans’ jobs are increasingly at risk due to the threat of AI, Tubbs and other proponents of guaranteed income say this could be one solution to help provide a safety net and cushion the expected blow AI will have on the labor market. “Then, when we have to deal with that job displacement, we’re better positioned to do so.”Silicon Valley’s infatuation with guaranteed incomeThe idea of a guaranteed income is not new. AFP/Getty ImagesDecades after King’s death, the idea of guaranteed income went on to see a resurgence of support emanating out of Silicon Valley. Other tech industry tycoons, including Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey, have also thrown immense financial support behind guaranteed income programs.
Persons: CNN — Michael Tubbs, Tubbs, , , ” Michael Tubbs, Nick Otto, ” Tubbs, Nathan Frandino, Let’s, Martin Luther King, Jr, I’m, ” King, King, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Sam Altman —, Musk, Rishi Sunak, Zuckerberg, ” Altman, Altman, Sam Altman, Justin Sullivan, Elizabeth Rhodes, Jack Dorsey, Dorsey, Ken Paxton, ” Paxton, overreach, ‘ It’s, ’ Tomas Vargas Jr, Vargas, I’ve, that’s, ” Tomas Vargas Jr, Tomas Vargas Jr, ” Vargas Organizations: CNN, Getty, Global, Monetary Fund, Reuters, Stockton, Civil Rights, Washington DC, Elon, , UK, Harvard, Facebook, YCombinator, Twitter, UPS Locations: Stockton , California, Silicon Valley, Big, America, Stockton, AFP, San Joaquin, U.S, Washington, Alaska, YCombinator, San Francisco , California, United States, Texas, Harris, Harris County
Read previewThe Texas Attorney General's office sued Harris County, which contains Houston, over its new guaranteed income pilot that would give nearly 2,000 residents $500 a month for 18 months with no strings attached. The state is seeking to block Harris County from giving its first payments to participants, which are slated to start in April. In response, Harris County Attorney Christian D. Menefee said that the lawsuit is "nothing more than another attack" on the county government. The Austin Guaranteed Income Pilot has distributed $1,000 a month to 135 low-income families, who reported using their money for housing, food, and other daily costs. Republican lawmakers are trying to ban guaranteed income programs in states such as Arizona, Iowa, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.
Persons: , Ken Paxton, Harris, Harris County Attorney Christian D, Menefee, Dustin Palmer, Paxton, Sen, Paul Bettencourt Organizations: Service, Texas, Business, American, Harris County Attorney, Republican, Austin Locations: Harris, Houston, Texas, Harris County, Austin, Arizona , Iowa, South Dakota, Wisconsin
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