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Older homeowners who live on fixed incomes are having a particularly hard time managing these rising costs. She blames rising property taxes and insurance costs but notes that inflation, in general, has also squeezed those on fixed incomes. Older homeowners are struggling in communities across the country. AdvertisementThe housing affordability crisis comes as the country is also facing a retirement crisis. AdvertisementMany older homeowners forced out of their housing end up unhoused, part of a growing homeless population in the state.
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“I said I wanted no part of it,” the warden, Justin Hawkaluk, recalled with a barely audible chuckle. Mr. Hawkaluk now says his sense of dread was warranted. The story of the governor, the wolf and the warden made few waves when it first broke. Mr. Gianforte was recorded as the killer of the animal, an adult black wolf, and given a warning for not having taken a required trapping course. A spokeswoman for the governor said Mr. Gianforte had “immediately rectified the mistake” by taking the course.
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With former President Donald Trump highly likely to win Montana in November, many Republicans believe he'll be able to aid down-ballot candidates like Sheehy. AdvertisementTester, a moderate Democrat, has established a political brand that has defied the state's GOP orientation for nearly 20 years. Greg Gianforte, the Montana legislature passed housing and land-use reform bills that overhauled the construction process — and now permit more housing density. The issue is sure to be a major issue for Tester — as well as the eventual GOP Senate nominee — for a state in transition. National Republicans see Montana as one of their best opportunities to win a "red" seat, especially as many transplants left Democratic-dominated coastal states for a more rustic environment.
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The largest employer in Seeley Lake, Montana, is closing in part due to costs and housing issues. An influx of people to smaller towns has driven up costs and fueled housing shortages in Montana. "Among other problems, labor shortages, lack of housing, unprecedented rising costs, plummeting lumber prices, and the cost of living in Western Montana have crippled Pyramid's ability to operate." "This is devastating news for the Seeley Lake community and all of Montana," Daines said. Communities across the West are feeling the pinch of rising costs in different ways.
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The American Society of Civil Engineers gave it a C-minus in 2021 and said the US needed about $2.6 trillion in infrastructure investment over a decade. These include nonvehicle transportation projects such as pedestrian bridges and urban bike paths and neighborhood-level projects like park improvements. Inflation, worker shortages, and other obstaclesAcross the country, there are some key practical challenges to implementing infrastructure projects. Overcoming barriersLocal governments and employers across the country recognize many of the challenges to building and maintaining major projects. Under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act alone, 72 programs "emphasize or allow some type of workforce development activity," a Brookings report found.
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For years, the Yimbytown conference was an ideologically safe space where liberal young professionals could talk to other liberal young professionals about the particular problems of cities with a lot of liberal young professionals: not enough bike lanes and transit, too many restrictive zoning laws. The event began in 2016 in Boulder, Colo., and has ever since revolved around a coalition of left and center Democrats who want to make America’s neighborhoods less exclusive and its housing more dense. (YIMBY, a pro-housing movement that is increasingly an identity, stands for “Yes in my backyard.”)But the vibes and crowd were surprisingly different at this year’s meeting, which was held at the University of Texas at Austin in February. In addition to vegan lunches and name tags with preferred pronouns, the conference included — even celebrated — a group that had until recently been unwelcome: red-state Republicans. The first day featured a speech on changing zoning laws by Greg Gianforte, the Republican governor of Montana, who last year signed a housing package that YIMBYs now refer to as “the Montana Miracle.”
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Greg Gianforte blames Paramount's hit 2018 soap opera "Yellowstone" for what he calls his state's most pressing crisis: housing affordability. The so-called Montana Miracle has been celebrated by progressive housing advocates across the country. The policies are supply-side fixes for the crisis — creating more housing to drive down costs — rather than subsidizing renters or lower-income homebuyers. Education Images/Getty ImagesRunning on housingGianforte was "pretty distant" when it came to overseeing the housing task force, Dugan said. Last June, he extended the housing task force through the next legislative session.
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CNN —The record level of migrants arriving at the US-Mexico border loomed over a gathering of governors at the White House this weekend, revealing how the issue has become prominent in states nationwide and across the political spectrum. The National Governors Association holds a gathering of governors at the White House annually to discuss matters affecting their states and other kitchen-table issues. “Everybody realizes that this is a significant problem right now and a challenge,” North Carolina Democratic Gov. White House officials maintain no final decision has been made. Garza and other mayors from across the country met with Biden last month at the White House to discuss the influx of migrants arriving in their cities.
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(AP) — Montana Republicans gathered in a hotel ballroom this weekend aiming to unite ahead of the 2024 election and defeat three-term incumbent Democrat U.S. Sen. Jon Tester. Rosendale's move laid bare deep fissures within the Montana GOP at a time when Republicans can ill afford it. Outside observers and even some Republicans say an intraparty skirmish leading up to Montana's June primary could undermine those hopes. Rosendale’s entry into the Senate contest capped months of speculation that the hard-right lawmaker wanted a rematch six years after losing to Tester in 2018. Those Democrats are egging on the division in the GOP Senate race, hopeful it will drain Republican funds and alienate independent voters before the general election.
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(AP) — Montana's Supreme Court has rejected an attempt by the state's Republican governor to block a landmark climate ruling that said regulators must consider the effects of greenhouse gas emissions when issuing permits for fossil fuel development. Greg Gianforte and three state agencies to block the August ruling from District Court Judge Kathy Seeley while an appeal by the state is pending before the high court. The state high court ruling means Montana officials must “immediately comply” with Seeley's order pending the appeal, said Mark Bellinger, an attorney for Our Children's Trust, which represented the 16 young plaintiffs who brought the case. The Department of Environmental Quality has created a work group to discuss potential changes to how it uses the Montana Environmental Policy Act, which requires public input in fossil fuel and mining development. Last year's amendment by lawmakers forbid greenhouse gas emission analyses unless the federal government decided to regulate carbon dioxide as a pollutant.
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(AP) — Montana Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte, whose administration oversaw a decrease in individual income taxes and an increase in residential property taxes, is seeking a second term. Property taxes went up because the appraised value of homes increased due to demand. Critics said Gianforte and the Republican Legislature did not do enough to mitigate the increase. Busse and the Montana Democratic Party criticized Gianforte's support of legislation that sought to limit access to abortion.
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TikTok Music has launched on Wednesday in Australia, Singapore and Mexico to a small group of users. A federal judge in Montana has blocked a law that would have resulted in a state-wide ban of TikTok starting on Jan. 1, 2024. Before the judge's preliminary ruling, Montana was set to become the first U.S. state to ban the popular video and social media app, which is owned by the China-based tech giant ByteDance. ByteDance sued Montana in May to "prevent the state of Montana from unlawfully banning TikTok," the company said at the time. The lawmakers were concerned that the Chinese Communist Party may be able to access the data of U.S. citizens, and have considered implementing a nation-wide ban on TikTok.
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(AP) — A group of people, organizations and businesses opposed to a law that restricts drag performances and bans drag reading events at public schools and libraries asked a federal judge to declare Montana's law unconstitutional without requiring a trial. Political Cartoons View All 1270 ImagesThe plaintiffs argue that the law is an unconstitutional content- and viewpoint-based restriction on speech. Plaintiffs have modified or canceled events, as well, in order not to violate the law, court records state. The state argues the law is meant to protect children from “indecent and inappropriate conduct” that is harmful to them. Montana law already protects minors from exposure to obscenities.
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Political Cartoons View All 1230 ImagesThe Montana State Hospital violates those laws and its patients' constitutional rights to dignity and due process, the lawsuit states. DiMauro, who suffered a traumatic brain injury in 2012, was admitted to the Montana State Hospital in September 2020. Staff also failed to treat a wound on his forehead that he suffered in a fall, the lawsuit states. Patzoldt, then 75, was admitted to the Montana State Hospital on Oct. 19, 2021, after having behavioral disruptions at a memory care center. A review of his records found his heart medication was not given to him for nearly three weeks in November 2021, the lawsuit states.
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Montana became the first state to authorize a complete ban on TikTok when lawmakers passed SB419 in April and Gov. US officials have said that Chinese government influence over ByteDance could potentially lead to US TikTok users’ data being exposed to Beijing — which might facilitate spying, blackmail or other espionage activity. Alexander Berengaut, an attorney for TikTok, responded by quoting Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen’s own past words about the ban that have characterized TikTok as an alleged agent of China. Ambika Kumar, an attorney representing the group of TikTok creators, said SB419 tramples on the First Amendment rights of consumers and of TikTok itself. Knudsen could have even gone on television to issue public service announcements warning Montanans not to use TikTok, Malloy suggested.
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(AP) — Former firearms executive turned gun industry critic Ryan Busse is seeking the 2024 Democratic nomination to challenge first-term Republican Governor Greg Gianforte in Montana. “To me this is a narrative about Greg Gianforte making this a playground for the wealthy and ignoring the people of Montana,” Busse said Wednesday. During a 25-year career in the firearms industry, Busse said, he directed the sale of almost 3 million guns from the manufacturer Kimber America. His remonstrations against America's gun culture could become a flashpoint in the campaign given the strong support for gun rights in Montana politics. Republican State Rep. Tanner Smith of Lakeside plans to challenge Gianforte in the primary.
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The adherents of the "Yes In My Backyard," or YIMBY, movement believe that America's housing crisis comes down to the fundamental tension between supply and demand. Today, nearly 75% of residentially-zoned land in the US is restricted to single-family housing — detached homes designed for one family. Folks are like, 'Oh, we're in a housing crisis for the very first time. Ground zero for the modern YIMBY movement was California, where sky-high home prices forced people to reconsider their attitudes toward development. The city didn't allow new multiunit buildings to be taller or wider than the single-family homes they replaced, making construction less financially attractive to developers.
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TikTok users in Montana are suing the state over its banning of the app. TikTok is funding a lawsuit brought by its users in Montana against the state's ban on the app, The New York Times reported. But five TikTok creators filed suit against the state's attorney general, citing first amendment rights. It appeared to be a grassroots movement, but now TikTok has confirmed that it's footing the bill for the lawsuit, the Times reported. "Many creators have expressed major concerns both privately and publicly about the potential impact of the Montana law on their livelihoods," a TikTok spokesperson told The Times.
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Someone sent Republican lawmakers in Montana letters containing an unknown white powder. Republican officials in Tennessee and Kansas also received similar letters over the last week. Several Tennessee Republicans got similar letters the day before, according to the Tennessee Star. And on June 18, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation reported that more than 100 Republican lawmakers and officials from across Kansas received similar letters, which also included the suspicious powder. The letters contained cryptic messages and details designed to get recipients to open them, lawmakers told CNN.
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The Republican-led state is currently enforcing a near-total abortion ban, with exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother. MONTANA: Governor Greg Gianforte in May signed into law several bills limiting abortion access, including one that aims to overturn a 1999 state Supreme Court ruling that found the state constitution protected a right to abortion. TEXAS: While abortion is completely banned with very limited exceptions in Texas, Republican state representatives have introduced legislation that would compel internet providers to block websites that supply abortion pills or provide information on how to obtain an abortion. UTAH: Republican Governor Spencer Cox in March signed legislation to prohibit the licensing of abortion clinics, which abortion rights advocates say would effectively eliminate access in the state. In April, he also signed into law a bill to shield abortion providers and patients from other states' legal attacks.
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CNN —A train derailment in Montana caused a bridge across the Yellowstone River to collapse and sent multiple cars into the water below, officials in Stillwater County said Saturday. Multiple tanker cars were damaged and are leaking “petroleum products,” according to Yellowstone County Disaster and Emergency Services. The derailed Montana Rail Link train cars included “several hazmat cars,” the regional rail company said in a statement. “The state is standing by to support as Montana Rail Link and county officials assess their needs,” he said. Montana Rail Link is a Class II regional railroad that operates over 900 route miles of tracks across Montana and Idaho, according to the company’s website.
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She also posts TikTok videos about the process. The acrimony could potentially lead to a nationwide prohibition of TikTok, following a Montana statewide ban signed into law last month. There's no publicly known evidence of the Chinese government requesting data from TikTok, or TikTok providing it. The state's governor, Greg Gianforte, signed a bill last month that will prohibit Google and Apple's app stores from offering the TikTok app, starting in January 2024. The app disputed Montana's claim that TikTok is used for surveillance, saying the state has "nothing to support these allegations."
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TikTok sues Montana to reverse state's ban of the app
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TikTok has filed a federal lawsuit against Montana in response to a recently passed state law that would ban the popular video service in the state. The lawsuit, filed Monday in the United States District Court for the District of Montana, is intended to "prevent the state of Montana from unlawfully banning TikTok," lawyers for the app's parent company, ByteDance wrote. Last week, Montana became the first U.S. state to ban TikTok over allegations the Chinese government can use the app for intelligence-gathering operations. TikTok disputes Montana's allegations the Chinese government "could access data about TikTok users, and that TikTok exposes minors to harmful online content," the lawsuit said. With the lawsuit, TikTok hopes the court finds Montana's ban "unconstitutional and preempted by federal law."
Persons: TikTok, ByteDance, Greg Gianforte, Plaintiff, Shou Zi Chew, Banning, David Sacks Organizations: United States, Court, District of, Constitution, Apple, Montana Gov, Communist Party, Oracle, Craft Ventures Locations: Montana, District of Montana, U.S, United States, Texas
CNN —Keri Williams wouldn’t have her business without TikTok. But earlier this week, Montana Gov. Now, Williams, who lives near Montana’s largest city — Billings — is scrambling to figure out the future of her business. The law, set to take effect in January, has already been the subject of a lawsuit by a group of TikTok users who allege it infringes on their First Amendment rights. TikTok said in March that it has 150 million monthly active users in the United States, up from 100 million users in 2020, when the Trump administration first threatened to ban the service.
The Week in Business: An Attempt to Ban TikTok
  + stars: | 2023-05-21 | by ( Marie Solis | )   time to read: +3 min
The legislation seeks to cut off access by targeting mobile app stores, like the Apple Store and Google Play, and prohibit them from offering TikTok in Montana. If the stores continue allowing people to download the app, the companies could face fines, as could TikTok. The ban is set to take effect on Jan. 1, but it is already facing a legal challenge. A ‘Truly Sorry’ C.E.O. Though there was no explicit mention of Mr. DeSantis in the memo announcing the decision, Mr. D’Amaro noted “changing business conditions.”Image Credit... Giulio BonaseraWhat’s Next?
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