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Unprotected at the margins of the rental market
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Cecilia Reyes | )   time to read: +31 min
Officers interviewed two motel residents who called 911; they said they did not want to leave their homes. Alyssa Pointer for Business InsiderIn Georgia, an eviction requires a court order, but the law doesn't explicitly make lockouts illegal. In this case, an officer classified the incident as a "crime against property" — a crime committed by the residents themselves. In unincorporated Clark County, where the property is located, operating a short-term rental without a license is illegal. Matthew Main is an attorney who has represented residents in similarly precarious housing situations in New York City, where state law also grants residents tenants' rights after 30 days.
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Behind Diane sat her husband, Claud Lee “Tex” McIver, an attorney with powerful political connections, with a gun in his lap. Claud "Tex" McIver enters the courtroom holding a bible filled with papers before his sentencing at the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta in May 2018. A family photo of Tex McIver and his wife, Diane. “There is no doubt that Tex McIver depended on his wife’s money,” defense attorney Bruce Harvey said in trial. Tex McIver pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of his wife, Diane, on Friday, January 26, 2024.
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The zoning changes doubled the size of houses allowed in Hogg Hummock. Black residents say larger homes in the community will lead to property tax increases that they won’t be able to afford. He added that their lawsuit “is wholly silent on the topic.”Attorneys for the Hogg Hummock landowners who are suing did not immediately return an email message seeking comment Thursday. About 30 to 50 Black residents still live in Hogg Hummock, founded by former slaves who had worked the island plantation of Thomas Spalding. Well over 100 Hogg Hummock residents and landowners packed those meetings to voice objections, but were given just one chance to speak to the changes.
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ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's state Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to approve rules for a new commission to discipline and remove state prosecutors, meaning the commission can't begin operating. In an unsigned order, justices said they have “grave doubts” about their ability to regulate the duties of district attorneys beyond the practice of law. Beyond the hurdle of state Supreme Court approval of rules, four district attorneys are suing to overturn the commission, arguing that it unconstitutionally infringes on their power. The Georgia law states a prosecutor can't refuse to prosecute whole categories of crimes, but must instead decide charges case by case. It applies both to district attorneys and elected solicitors general, who prosecute lower-level crimes in some Georgia counties.
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Georgia’s Six-Week Abortion Ban Upheld
  + stars: | 2023-10-24 | by ( Laura Kusisto | )   time to read: 1 min
The ruling by Georgia’s Supreme Court was the latest in a flurry of legal battles over abortion. Photo: John Amis/Associated PressGeorgia’s highest court on Tuesday upheld a law banning abortion after about six weeks of pregnancy, a decision that will keep abortion access significantly constrained throughout most of the South. A 6-to-1 majority of the Georgia Supreme Court rejected a claim by abortion providers that the law, enacted in 2019, was clearly unlawful when it was passed because Roe v. Wade, which protected the right to an abortion, was the law of the land at the time.
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In its 6-1 opinion, the Georgia Supreme Court found that the law, known as the LIFE Act, can be enforced thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision last year overturning Roe. The Georgia top court had previously allowed the law to take effect while it considered the case. The state Supreme Court did not rule on that issue, which will now go back to the lower court judge. "We are pleased with the court's decision and will continue to defend the constitutionality of Georgia's LIFE Act," Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr said in a statement. The Georgia law prohibits abortion, with limited exceptions, after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks.
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Georgia’s Supreme Court upheld the state’s prohibition of abortion Tuesday, rejecting arguments made by doctors and advocacy groups that the law was unconstitutional when the state legislature approved it in 2019, more than three years before the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. The ruling means that abortion remains banned in the state, with limited exceptions, after the sixth week of pregnancy — a point when most women have not yet even realized they are pregnant. The Georgia case is not over, because the court addressed only the question of whether the state ban should have been voided because of when it was enacted. The court sent the case back to a lower court for a trial on the separate question of whether the state constitution protects a right to privacy, and whether that right encompasses abortion. Still, the latest ruling in Georgia is a reminder that state constitutions have become key arbiters in the nation’s state-by-state abortion battles.
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The July indictment accused Mr. Trump, Mr. De Oliveira and Mr. Nauta of trying to delete Mar-a-Lago security footage. The government had requested a trial date in December, while Mr. Trump’s lawyers asked for an indefinite postponement. Once he was sworn in as president, Mr. Trump reimbursed Mr. Cohen. Rather than publish her account, the tabloid suppressed it in cooperation with Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen, prosecutors say. Ms. Maddock, who has close ties to Mr. Trump and is married to Matt Maddock, a state representative, accused Ms. Nessel of “a personal vendetta.”“This is part of a national coordinated” effort to stop Mr. Trump, she added.
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Trump has now been indicted on nearly 80 felony counts and has dug himself into the deepest possible hole. Michael Gerhardt Deborah R. GerhardtThe ramifications of these charges for Trump and the country are enormous. But the third indictment goes further — for the first time — by charging Trump with criminal attempts to undermine American democracy. Each set of indictments tests the country’s commitment to the rule of law, which is the foundation of our democracy. In contrast, as each set of indictments shows, there is an abundance of actual evidence of Trump’s misconduct.
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CNN —A judge in Fulton County, Georgia, on Monday rejected efforts by Donald Trump’s legal team to toss evidence in the criminal investigation into the former president’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia and to disqualify the district attorney investigating him. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney also rejected efforts by Cathy Latham, who served as one of the GOP fake electors in Georgia, to join Trump’s push. CNN previously reported that Willis is considering bringing racketeering and conspiracy charges in connection with Trump and his allies’ efforts to overturn the 2020 election in Georgia. Trump’s team already raised their arguments before the Georgia Supreme Court, which dismissed Trump’s attempt to shut down the investigation. A hearing on that matter is currently scheduled before another judge on August 10.
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Opinion | Preventing Another Jan. 6
  + stars: | 2023-07-20 | by ( David French | )   time to read: +2 min
The American legal system is on the cusp of a remarkable historical achievement. The target letter signals that the grand jury investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol is likely to indict Trump, perhaps any day now. Willis can continue her work, and she’s expected to begin issuing indictments — including potentially her own Trump indictment — in August, if not sooner. Presuming another Trump indictment (or more than one) is imminent — or even if it is not — the legal response to Jan. 6 will continue. If you rewind the clock to the late evening of Jan. 6, 2021, America’s long history of a peaceful transfer of power was over, broken by a demagogue and his mob.
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WASHINGTON, July 18 (Reuters) - Former U.S. President Donald Trump said on Tuesday he had received a letter from Special Counsel Jack Smith stating that he is a target of a grand jury investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election result. Officials have testified that during his final months in office, Trump pressured them with unsubstantiated claims of widespread voter fraud. stating that I am a TARGET of the January 6th Grand Jury investigation," Trump wrote on his Truth Social media site. In his Truth Social post, Trump said Smith's office has given him "a very short 4 days" to appear before the grand jury in the probe. But he said the cumulative impact of the cases against Trump could deter some moderate Republicans and hinder his chances in the general election.
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[1/2] Former U.S. President and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign event in Council Bluffs, Iowa, U.S., July 7, 2023. REUTERS/Scott Morgan/File PhotoJuly 17 (Reuters) - Georgia's top court on Monday rejected former President Donald Trump's latest effort to block an investigation into whether he and his allies illegally sought to interfere with the state's 2020 election, weeks before prosecutors are expected to seek formal charges. Court records showed the Georgia Supreme Court unanimously dismissed the petition, filed last week by Trump's lawyers, that had sought to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and to quash a special grand jury report that recommended indictments against certain individuals. Willis has indicated to local officials that she will seek indictments in the case from a regular grand jury in August. Trump's lawyers previously filed a separate petition asking the state judge who oversaw the grand jury to quash its report and disqualify Willis from the case.
Persons: Donald Trump, Scott Morgan, Donald Trump's, Fani Willis, Willis finalizes, Willis, Trump, Georgia's, Joe Biden's, Joseph Ax Organizations: U.S, Republican, REUTERS, Georgia Supreme, Fulton, Trump, New, Thomson Locations: Bluffs , Iowa, U.S, Georgia, Fulton County, New York
ATLANTA — In a ruling on Monday, the Georgia Supreme Court rejected a long-shot attempt by former President Donald J. Trump’s legal team to scuttle an investigation into election interference weeks before indictment decisions are expected. The pronouncement from the court was both unanimous and swift, coming just three days after Mr. Trump’s lawyers submitted their filing. She has been the prosecutor in charge of the investigation into whether Mr. Trump and his allies interfered in the 2020 election in Georgia. Most of the court’s nine justices were originally appointed by Republican governors; thus far, the case has played out in Superior Court in Atlanta. Mr. Trump’s lawyers had conceded in their filing that they were up against long odds and had identified “no case in 40 years” where the court had intervened in the way they were seeking.
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CNN —The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a long shot legal bid from former President Donald Trump to essentially shut down the Fulton County criminal probe into his attempts to overturn his 2020 election defeat in Georgia. Eight of the nine members of the Georgia Supreme Court were appointed by Republican governors. Trump has other legal challenges related to the Fulton County criminal investigation that are still pending. Charging decisions are expected soon in the investigation, which is led by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. A special purpose grand jury in Fulton County previously heard evidence from 75 witnesses, including Trump White House officials, former Trump lawyers and advisers, Georgia officials and election experts.
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The Georgia Supreme Court on Monday unanimously dismissed a longshot bid by former President Donald Trump to quash the special grand jury report that recommended criminal charges in the Fulton County district attorney's probe of Georgia's 2020 election. The state Supreme Court also rejected Trump's request that it bar Fulton DA Fani Willis from continuing to oversee the criminal investigation. And the identities of more than a dozen people who the special grand jury recommended be prosecuted remain secret. And, as they did in their petition in Fulton County court, the lawyers argued that the evidence compiled by the special grand jury in the election probe was "unlawfully obtained." The special grand jury heard evidence and testimony from dozens of witnesses last year, but it did not have the power to return indictments.
Persons: Donald Trump, Fani Willis, Willis, Trump, Joe Biden's, Trump's, Brad Raffensperger, Raffensperger, Stormy Daniels, Jack Smith Organizations: Georgia Supreme, Fulton, Fulton County Superior Court, Superior Court, Electoral College, Biden, Representatives, White, U.S . Capitol, Biden's Locations: Las Vegas , Nevada, Georgia, Fulton County, Peach State, Atlanta, New York, Manhattan, Florida
Former President Donald Trump asked two courts in Georgia to disqualify Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis from investigating him and quash the special grand jury report that recommended criminal charges in Willis' 2020 election interference probe. The requests came in court documents filed overnight in Georgia Supreme Court and Fulton County Superior Court. These newly seated grand juries are separate from the special purpose grand jury which heard evidence and testimony from dozens of witnesses last year. That grand jury submitted a final report, most of which remained under seal as of Friday. The special grand jury did not have the power to indict, and Willis was not required to follow its recommendations.
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Attorney L. Lin Wood holds up a Bible while speaking during a press conference on election results in Alpharetta, Georgia, U.S., December 2, 2020. Lin Wood, a pro-Trump lawyer who worked to challenge the 2020 election results, retired from practicing law in order to avoid his potential disbarment in Georgia. A spokeswoman for the State Bar of Georgia did not immediately confirm that Wood's request had been received or granted. The Georgia State Bar launched disciplinary proceedings against Wood in February 2021. His former partners have sued him in state court in Georgia over an alleged breach of a settlement agreement.
Persons: Lin Wood, Wood, Richard Jewell, JonBenet Ramsey, Kyle Rittenhouse, Nicholas Sandmann, Joe Biden's, Wood's, Thomas Cauthorn, Cauthorn Organizations: Trump, Twitter, State Bar of, Georgia, State Bar, Georgia State Bar, Biden Locations: Alpharetta , Georgia, U.S, Georgia, State Bar of Georgia, Atlanta, Michigan
WASHINGTON, Nov 23 (Reuters) - The Georgia Supreme Court allowed counties to hold early voting this Saturday in the U.S. Senate runoff election between Democratic incumbent Raphael Warnock and Republican challenger Herschel Walker, denying a bid by state Republicans to block the early voting. For the second time in less than two years, a U.S. Senate race in Georgia will go to a runoff, this time between Warnock and Walker, who is backed by former President Donald Trump. A Walker win would give national Republicans a boost, having seen their standing in the state of Georgia erode toward Democrats over the last few years. A Warnock victory could indicate that Democrats are making inroads in places where they have had difficulties gaining traction in the past. Democrats held the narrowest possible majority for the past two years in the 50-50 Senate, where Vice President Kamala Harris gave them the tie-breaking vote.
ATLANTA — The Georgia Supreme Court Wednesday reinstated the state’s ban on abortions after roughly six weeks of pregnancy. In a one-page order, the high court put a lower court ruling overturning the ban on hold while it considers an appeal. Abortion providers who had resumed performing the procedure past six weeks after the lower court ruling will again have to stop. Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert McBurney ruled on November 15 that the state’s abortion ban was invalid because when it was signed into law in 2019, U.S. Supreme Court precedent under Roe. Georgia’s ban took effect in July, after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade.
The Georgia Supreme Court on Wednesday denied the state Republican Party's bid to block early voting in the state's hotly contested Senate runoff from moving forward this Saturday. Early voting is required to be available statewide Monday through Friday of next week. The state Republican Party appealed the decision, arguing it was allowing “illegal advance voting.”The dispute centered on a provision of Senate Bill 202, signed by Republican Gov. Raffensperger contended that meant there could be no early in-person voting on Nov. 26, the Saturday following Thanksgiving. In a court filing, Democrats said at least 19 counties with a total of over 4 million residents were planning on offering early voting on Saturday.
The Georgia Supreme Court allowed the state’s ban on most abortions after six weeks of pregnancy to once again take effect, reversing a lower court’s ruling that blocked enforcement of the 2019 law last week. The justices on Wednesday granted a request for an emergency order brought by the state’s attorney general’s office. The state had quickly appealed the decision of Judge Robert McBurney of the Superior Court of Fulton County that allowed clinics in the state to resume appointments after six weeks of pregnancy.
CNN —Republican Herschel Walker is getting a tax break intended only for a primary residence this year on his home in the Dallas, Texas, area, despite running for Senate in Georgia. Walker registered to vote in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021 after living in Texas for two decades and voting infrequently. 11Alive News, a local Georgia station, first reported that Walker took the homestead exemption on his Texas home in 2020. The county tax office in Texas where Walker maintains his home confirmed the exemption. Homeowners in many states are able to apply for a tax exemption by declaring their home to be their primary residence and the exemption lowers their tax bill by removing part of their home’s value on paper.
Nov 23 (Reuters) - Georgia can enforce a law banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy while the state appeals a lower court order striking it down, the state's highest court ruled on Wednesday. The Supreme Court of Georgia did not give a reason for its unanimous order. The state law, which originally took effect this past summer, has been challenged by Planned Parenthood and other abortion rights groups. Georgia passed a law banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around six weeks, in 2019. He said the state legislature could pass a new law banning abortion now that Roe is overturned.
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