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They are turning to making their own oil by buying household oil press machines. a post on social media platform Xiaohongshu, captioning a video of a bottle of cooking oil, showcased locals' worries. China's authorities have launched an investigation into food safety concerns after domestic media revealed that a major state-owned company, Sinograin, had been using tankers that carry fuel to transport cooking oil. Be careful of 'Made in China' food products," Rein told CNBC's "Squawk Box Europe." "Illegal enterprises and relevant responsible persons will be severely punished in accordance with the law and will not be tolerated," China's Commission on Food Safety of the State Council said.
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The Chinese government said it would start a food-safety investigation after public outrage followed a news report that a tanker truck carried liquefied coal and was then immediately used to transport cooking oil. Last week, The Beijing News, which has a reputation as one of mainland China’s boldest newspapers, reported that it had witnessed a tanker truck previously used to transport industrial coal oil being loaded with soybean oil. The tanker was not sterilized between the loads, according to the newspaper, which said the episode took place in late May in Yanjiao, in Hebei, near Beijing. Several truckers interviewed for the piece said that often tankers were not cleaned before being loaded with cooking oil, sugar or other substances to be taken to wholesalers and other businesses. In the past two decades, China has repeatedly dealt with food safety concerns, including infant formula laced with melamine and cooking oil being recycled for continued use, a practice commonly known as using “gutter oil.”
Organizations: Beijing Locations: Yanjiao, Hebei, Beijing, China
Experts quoted in official media also discussed health hazards of the alleged practices. “Using chemical tankers for edible oils will inevitably result in residual contamination,” said Liu Shaowei, a food safety expert cited by CCTV. Several executives found to be responsible for the 2008 case were ultimately handed death sentences, and the tragedy drove deep mistrust of domestic products and food safety in China. Another case in 2022, also exposed by state media, showed how “dirty” pickled cabbage was supplied to popular instant noodle brands. Xi has repeatedly stressed the importance of food safety and the security of grain and food staple supplies.
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Read previewA new cooking oil scandal has erupted in China, about a decade after the country's infamous crackdown on restaurants reusing gutter oil and sewage grease. The furor follows a bombshell investigation published on July 2 by state media outlet Beijing News, which found multiple cases of tank trucks transporting edible cooking oil immediately after delivering chemicals used for coal-to-liquid processing. They recommend that oil companies only use tank trucks dedicated to edible substances, but the guideline is only encouraged and isn't mandatory. Related stories"Shouldn't a kerosene can be a kerosene can and a cooking oil can be a cooking oil can? Days after Beijing News' report, state media jumped in with scathing commentary.
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Here are Monday's biggest calls on Wall Street: UBS reiterates Nvidia as buy UBS raised its price target on Nvidia to $150 per share from $120. Stifel upgrades Ecolab to buy from hold Stifel said it's bullish on shares of the food safety company. KBW upgrades Charles Schwab to outperform from market perform KBW said it's getting bullish on shares of Charles Schwab. Wells Fargo reiterates Meta as overweight Wells raised its price target on Meta to $625 per share from $593. Wells Fargo reiterates Roblox as overweight Wells raised its price target on the stock to $43 per share from $41 ahead of earnings on August 1.
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Delta Air Lines pulled some meal options from dozens of international flights on Wednesday hours after the carrier said reports of "spoiled" food on an Amsterdam-bound flight forced the plane to divert to New York. Delta was only serving pasta in the main cabin on about 75 international flights on Wednesday. Delta apologized to customers over the report of spoiled food in the main cabin on the Detroit-to-Amsterdam flight. "This is not the service Delta is known for and we sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience and delay in their travels," Delta said. The incident occurred in the midst of the peak summer travel season, when Delta and its rivals are fighting over travelers.
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California is likely to be especially hard hit, with highs passing 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 degrees Celsius) in many areas. For instance, chicken should be cooked to an internal temperature of at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit, and ground beef should be cooked to at least 160 degrees Fahrenheit. That applies to cooked meat like hamburgers as well as perishable salads like potato salad and cole slaw. Not only can raw milk harbor bacteria, but it is also possible that raw milk can transmit the bird flu. It wasn’t advisable for people to drink raw milk or consume products made from raw milk prior to the bird flu outbreak, and it certainly is not advisable now.
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Australia is facing an egg supply crunch thanks to bird flu outbreaks — and it's led McDonald's to trim breakfast hours by 90 minutes, also pushing supermarkets to restrict purchases to two cartons per consumer. Citing "industry challenges," McDonald's on Tuesday announced that it was temporarily serving breakfast until 10.30am instead of midday across Australia. The government added that it is currently responding to outbreaks of the H7 high pathogenicity avian influenza (HPAI) at 11 poultry farms. The Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) noted that there is currently no evidence that people can contact the virus through "properly prepared" food. "Avian influenza (bird flu) is not a food safety concern and it is safe to eat properly handled and cooked chicken meat, eggs and egg products," the organization added.
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In 2006, her son died in a construction accident, six months after her husband had a major stroke. They settled in Tarpon Springs, Florida, and Sussman got a job in the catering department for several hotels. AdvertisementHer husband decided he wanted to live his last years on the property where they would have their dream home, and they put a manufactured home on the property. "I didn't know who I was in this new role. I didn't know where to go from there."
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When it comes to reviewing a restaurant, cleanliness is one of the most critical concerns for guests. To maximize revenue, restaurant industry businesses should consider a holistic, company-wide approach to advancing a higher level of cleanliness. Employee turnover is reducedIt's no secret that employee churn is a challenge in the restaurant industry, with turnover rates reaching as high as 80%. However, after these seven businesses committed to the Ecolab Science Certified program, 72% of employees said this would "help them stay," further boosting the bottom line. For restaurant industry businesses, cleanliness is essential – it helps improve your online reviews, maintain a better relationship with the Health Department, increase foot traffic, and boost employee retention.
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Denmark bans ramen noodles for being too spicy
  + stars: | 2024-06-12 | by ( Geoff Weiss | )   time to read: +1 min
Denmark's food safety agency has nixed three varieties of instant ramen. Ramen brand Samyang said it's the first time its products have been recalled for being too spicy. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA), the nation's food safety agency, announced it was recalling three varieties of instant ramen, saying the noodles are so spicy that they could harm young children and some adults. In its note about the recall, the DVFA claimed that kids were filming themselves eating super-spicy food for social media challenges.
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Dollar Tree said on Wednesday that it is considering a sale or spinoff of Family Dollar, which has struggled with its operation for years. There are about 8,000 Family Dollar stores, and Dollar Tree, which owns Family Dollar, said in March that it would close nearly 1,000 of them. In February, the U.S. Justice Department fined Family Dollar $41.7 million, the largest-ever financial criminal penalty in a food safety case, for distributing food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics from a rat-infested warehouse. Rick Dreiling, chairman and chief executive of Dollar Tree, said in a statement on Wednesday that the “unique needs” of its discount store chains led the company to explore a sale of Family Dollar, which it bought in 2015 in an $8.5 billion deal. This is a developing story that will be updated.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. In response, they're pulling out their smartphones as Chipotle employees add chicken al pastor, steak, or another one of their preferred proteins to their order. In the video, Lee samples multiple Chipotle items, including a bowl he ordered with chicken al pastor. "There have been no changes in our portion sizes, and we have reinforced proper portioning with our employees," Chipotle Chief Corporate Affairs and Food Safety Officer Laurie Schalow told Business Insider. Chipotle hasn't given employees instructions on what to do when customers start filming, a spokesperson added.
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Beef tissue from a sick dairy cow has tested positive for the bird flu virus, federal officials said on Friday. The department continued to stress that the commercial food supply remained safe. But the positive test, which came as part of an ongoing federal study of beef safety, raises concerns about whether the virus might make its way into the commercial beef supply, posing a health risk to humans. Just one cow tested positive, the department said. Meat from condemned cows is not allowed in the commercial food supply.
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CNN —Chemical toxins are everywhere — in our water, food, air and soil. Children born to European mothers exposed to four families of chemicals that disrupt the body’s endocrine (hormone) system had elevated levels of metabolic syndrome at ages 6 to 11. Metabolic syndrome can include obesity, elevated blood pressure, and abnormally high cholesterol and insulin resistance, which is a precursor to type 2 diabetes. Metabolic syndrome is typically associated with adult cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke, but the growing epidemic of childhood obesity has seen symptoms appearing in kids at younger and younger ages. Having metabolic syndrome as a child is highly predictive of chronic disease as an adult, experts say.
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Read previewOn May 1, CDC officials boarded Margaritaville at Sea, a Jimmy-Buffet-themed ship that welcomes 1,680 passengers, for an unexpected health inspection. In the inspection detail report, officials noted food and drink concerns as well as crowded whirlpools. Beyond food and drink, the officials noted that whirlpools often had six guests, although they're designed for a maximum of four people. Previously, the MSC Seaside failed with a score of 67, Business Insider reported last spring. In the past two years, multiple Business Insider reporters have boarded the Margaritaville at Sea Paradise ship, and their reviews have been mixed.
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Does Your Dog Really Belong in This Restaurant?
  + stars: | 2024-05-16 | by ( Rachel Sugar | )   time to read: +1 min
On a quiet weekday evening inside a restaurant in Brooklyn, a dog under a table announced its presence with a single pronounced yap. At a scoop shop in downtown Manhattan, a large white poodle was spoon-fed what appeared to be vanilla ice cream. In the dining room of a chic Midtown restaurant, a teacup Pomeranian strutted across the floor. There are 617,000 licensed dogs in New York City, and the vast majority, presumably, eat in. But while no city agency tracks how many dogs are regulars at the city’s restaurants, anecdotal evidence suggests that the number is far from zero.
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FDA food recalls are on the rise for several reasons, from undeclared allergens to pathogens. Here's what's wrong with food safety in the US and how you can protect yourself from buying bad products. This story is available exclusively to Business Insider subscribers. Become an Insider and start reading now. Have an account?
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New york CNN —The chief medical examiner’s office in Massachusetts has determined that a teenager who ate a tortilla chip containing a high concentration of a chemical compound found in chili peppers, died of a heart attack last September. Harris Wolobah, who had a congenital heart defect, was attempting Paqui’s ultra-spicy “One Chip Challenge” when he ingested the tortilla chip seasoned with both the Carolina Reaper pepper and the Naga Viper pepper. Paqui voluntarily pulled the product, which was packaged in a coffin-shaped box, off shelves following Wolobah’s death in September. The Carolina Reaper Pepper ranks just under pepper spray on the Scoville scale, which measures the pungency of peppers and chilis. The Naga Viper is a bit less pungent, coming in at around 1.2 million heat units on the scale.
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Tokyo CNN —A major Japanese food supplier has recalled more than 100,000 packs of a popular brand of sliced white bread after rat parts were found inside some loaves. They were found in a batch of white “chojuku” bread — or super fermented bread, known for its extra chewy texture — manufactured by a factory based in western Tokyo prefecture, according to the company. White bread is a staple for many Japanese people when they feel like a Western-style meal, or “yoshoku,” as an alternative to traditional Japanese food. Founded in 1920, Pasco is a major supplier of baked goods that employs more than 3,700 staff at 12 factories across the country. The 15-second commercial, released months ago, features a family excitingly declaring their love of good toast as breakfast, accompanied by a voice-over saying: “We put nothing unnecessary in it.”“⁠I love chojuku bread.
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The same bacteria that commonly cause food-borne illnesses, like salmonella, E. coli and listeria, can fester in raw milk. Between 1998 and 2018, researchers linked over 200 outbreaks, which sickened 2,645 people and led to 228 hospitalizations, to raw milk. Can you catch bird flu from raw milk? Researchers and health officials are not sure whether bird flu can spread from raw milk to humans. “There’s not a tremendous amount of studies showing the infectivity related to this virus and raw milk products,” Dr. Prater said.
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One of the architects of that plan for a Trump second term said as much in a video last year for the Heritage Foundation. Reissuing Schedule F is part of a roadmap, known as Project 2025, drafted for a second Trump term by scores of conservative groups and published by the Heritage Foundation. The new rules would not fully block reclassifying workers in a second Trump term. Greene said she worries for federal workers who might face the same choice in a second Trump term. The project includes a personnel database for potential hires in a second Trump administration.
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So far, though, many public health experts don't think this rings alarm bells about the safety of the food supply. Nathan Frandino/ReutersThe FDA oversees the nation's milk supply, and the US Department of Agriculture oversees dairy cows. Both say they believe the commercial milk supply is safe, due to the pasteurization process and the practice of disposing of milk from sick cows. Some states allow the sale of unpasteurized, aka "raw," milk or cheese, which the CDC recommends avoiding. "To date, we have seen nothing that would change our assessment that the commercial milk supply is safe.
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I know the legislature is doing a bill to try to protect our meat — You need meat, OK? "There's nothing about cultivated meat that is a conservative or a liberal thing," said Josh Tetrick, CEO of GOOD Meat — a cultivated meat company with the largest market share of the global industry so far. Other red-state politicians are also responding to the threat to their red meat, including Alabama State Sen. Jack Williams and Tennessee State Rep. Bud Hulsey, who have supported or proposed legislation to ban cultivated meat in their states. A nugget made from lab-grown chicken meat is seen during a media presentation in Singapore, the first country to allow the sale of meat created without slaughtering any animals.
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Here are Friday's biggest calls on Wall Street: Morgan Stanley reiterates Netflix as overweight Morgan Stanley raised its price target on the stock to $700 per share from $600. Morgan Stanley reiterates Starbucks as overweight Morgan Stanley lowered its price target to $115 per share from $120 but says it's sticking with Starbucks shares. "Charles Schwab's profitability, earnings growth, and free cash flow yield make it an attractive stock in the Financial sector." "Our 12-month price target of $84 (17% potential upside) is unchanged and we maintain our Buy rating on the stock." Goldman Sacks reiterates Apple as buy Goldman said it's sticking with its buy rating ahead of earnings in early May.
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