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asked Kristen Brengel of the National Parks Conservation Association, noting that visitors on the ground far outnumber those overhead. Congress passed another round of legislation in 2000 with a goal of setting rules in other national parks. Historically, some of the nation's busiest spots for tour operators are Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, and Haleakala National Park. But Brengel of the National Parks Conservation Association said the resistance doesn't have much traction. An amendment to the FAA reauthorization bill that would have required the agency to factor in the economics of commercial air tours over national parks failed in July, she said.
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The shortage in US air traffic controllers is not new, but it has reached a critical juncture. AdvertisementFor years, air traffic controllers have seen their ranks diminish, to the point where 10-hour days and six-day workweeks have become increasingly common among this group tasked with preserving safety in America's skies. However, the nationwide shortage of air traffic controllers is not a new phenomenon. In August 1981, then-President Ronald Reagan fired 11,000 striking air traffic controllers, in what was a pivotal moment for the labor movement in the US. "The nation absolutely needs more air traffic controllers, and growing the work force will result in better working conditions and more flexibility," she added.
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Air traffic controllers, who have long endured staffing shortages, are facing increasingly strenuous schedules. The workloads have led some controllers to use alcohol, sleeping pills, and drugs to cope, per a Times report. When it comes to air traffic controllers, the coping mechanisms that some of them have sought to employ were further detailed in complaints to the FAA. "The nation absolutely needs more air traffic controllers, and growing the work force will result in better working conditions and more flexibility," she added. AdvertisementShiffer also said that the agency prioritized the health of its air traffic controllers, noting that it provided free counseling.
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CNN —Brian Aerni’s favorite photo of himself was taken when he was just three years old. On one of these airport excursions, Aerni’s father took a photo of his son. A framed version of the 1976 airport photo has pride of place on a wall in his home. Not only was Aerni’s son the same age as he’d been back in the 1976 photo, he looked a lot like young Aerni. 40 years laterAerni tracked down the aircraft and recreated the 1976 photograph with his young son.
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Cockpit Voice Recordings Get Erased After Some Close Calls. the FAA Will Try to Fix ThatFederal officials say they will give investigators a better tool for understanding accidents and close calls between planes
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Europe has required new airplanes to collect 25 hours of cockpit voice recordings since 2021. FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker said the change will "give us substantially more data to identify the causes of incidents." After one runway incident, the NTSB said the cockpit voice recordings in both planes were overwritten and not recovered because the devices record only two hours. "More data will not only help identify causes but better enable operators to address any safety deficiencies," Homendy said. When cockpit voice recorders were first implemented in 1966, they could only record 30 minutes, the FAA said.
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A China Cargo flight suffered a right engine failure after a bird strike at JFK on Monday. After some repetition, the ATC was able to safely guide the Boeing 777 back to JFK. NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. AdvertisementA Chinese cargo flight was forced to return to New York's JFK Airport shortly after takeoff on Monday after suffering a possible bird strike, the Federal Aviation Administration told Business Insider. With only one working engine, the cargo plane circled over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Long Island, where it dumped fuel.
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An American Airlines passenger was arrested this week in connection to an attack on a staffer. The Miami-Dade Police Department report says the chaos unfolded before American Airlines Flight 2213 took off for New York City. Advertisement"Acts of violence against our colleagues are not tolerated by American Airlines and we are committed to working closely with law enforcement in their investigation," the spokesperson said. The FAA has 'zero-tolerance' for unruly passengersThe Federal Aviation Administration has a "zero-tolerance" policy for unruly passenger behavior. So far this year, the FAA has received about 1,900 unruly passenger reports, stats show.
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That is because in his four years working the tower at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the controller said, Southwest planes usually took off as soon as they got permission. “But hindsight being 20/20,” controller Damian Campbell told investigators, he “definitely could have held them,” referring to making the Southwest crew wait. Campbell said he couldn't even see the Southwest plane through the dense early morning fog on Feb. 4. Political Cartoons View All 1273 ImagesThe National Transportation Safety Board released transcripts of interviews and other details of its investigation Wednesday. “We had this dense ground fog ... you couldn't see anything,” Campbell told investigators.
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[1/2] A Boeing 737 Max aircraft during a display at the Farnborough International Airshow, in Farnborough, Britain, July 20, 2022. The FAA said Tuesday it was also issuing additional guidance to airplane manufacturers on how to identify safety-critical information and said both new steps will "improve aircraft certification safety." A U.S. House of Representatives report said Boeing failed to classify MCAS as a safety-critical system, which would have attracted greater FAA scrutiny during the certification process, and said the "FAA failed in its oversight of Boeing and its certification of the aircraft." The FAA is still considering whether to certify two additional variants of the MAX - the smaller MAX 7 and larger MAX 10. Last year, the FAA granted Boeing a shorter regulatory compliance program extension than the planemaker sought, so it can ensure the company implements "required improvements."
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailSec. Pete Buttigieg: There's more work to be done on supply chains for long-term strengthPete Buttigieg, U.S. Transportation Secretary, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk holiday travel, FAA funding, supply chain issues and much more.
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Watch CNBC's exclusive interview with Sec. Pete Buttigieg
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWatch CNBC's exclusive interview with Sec. Pete ButtigiegPete Buttigieg, U.S. Transportation Secretary, joins 'Closing Bell Overtime' to talk holiday travel, FAA funding, supply chain issues and much more.
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Colorado startup Boom Supersonic is developing a faster-than-sound jet called Overture. Boom hopes to conduct its first XB-1 flight by the end of this year. The engines on Boom's XB-1 supersonic test plane. To prepare for its first XB-1 flight, Boom said its test pilots had completed hundreds of hours of flight training in a simulator and a trainer aircraft. AdvertisementA pilot sitting in the cockpit of the Boom Supersonic experimental aircraft.
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The Chile-based company, which leapfrogged U.S. majors American Airlines (AAL.O) and United Airlines (UAL.O), transported more than 260,000 passengers between the countries in the period. Average load factor in those flights, LATAM told Reuters, reached 89%. The results, according to ANAC, secured LATAM a 26% market share for flights between the two most populous countries in the Americas in the August-October period, above American Airlines' 22% and United Airlines' 20%. Year to date, American Airlines still leads the ranking with a 23.7% market share, slightly above LATAM's 22.4%, considering the number of passengers transported. In 2023 the U.S. carrier has so far ranked fifth in U.S.-Brazil traffic, also lagging behind Azul (AZUL.N).
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The FAA gave Boeing the green light to start certification flight testing of its 737 MAX 10. The variant is expected to enter service in 2024 after years of production delays. The 737 MAX 10 will rival Airbus' best-selling A321neo praised for its capacity and efficiency. The 737 MAX 10 is one of Boeing's two MAX variants — the other being the MAX 7 — not yet certified to fly. Both the MAX 8 and 9 were officially ungrounded in November 2020, and Boeing expected its 737 MAX 10 to enter service in 2022.
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FAA Clears Boeing 737 Max 10 Jet for Test Flights
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A Boeing 737-10 aircraft flying during the 54th International Paris Air Show near Paris, France, last June. Photo: Gao Jing/Zuma PressU.S. air-safety regulators cleared Boeing to begin key flight tests on its 737 MAX 10 jet, a milestone toward preparing the plane for commercial service. The airborne checks are a preliminary validation for Boeing by the Federal Aviation Administration and put the company on track for its first deliveries next year.
Persons: Gao Jing Organizations: Boeing, International Paris Air, Zuma Press U.S, Federal Aviation Administration Locations: Paris, France
WASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration has cleared Boeing (BA.N) to begin certification flight testing of its 737 MAX 10, the largest version of its bestselling jet aimed at seizing the top of the narrowbody market. The FAA granted type inspection authorization for the 737 MAX 10 earlier this week, a milestone that allows FAA pilots to participate in flight testing needed to certify the plane for normal operations, three Boeing executives wrote in a letter to employees. The 737 MAX 10 is Boeing's answer to the A321neo made by European rival Airbus (AIR.PA), which has dominated the lucrative top of the single-aisle market in battles against Boeing's MAX 9. The MAX 10 has so far logged more than 400 flights and almost 1,000 flight hours during Boeing's test program. Boeing's MAX 7 - the smallest entrant of the 737 MAX family - is still awaiting FAA certification, expected by the end of 2023.
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Hours later, federal and state authorities said investigators had found no evidence of an act of terrorism, though circumstances surrounding the crash on the Rainbow Bridge remained murky, leaving it to be determined whether it was accidental or intentional. [1/15]A vehicle burns at the Rainbow Bridge U.S. border crossing with Canada, in Niagara Falls, New York, U.S. November 22, 2023 in a still image from video. The Rainbow Bridge and all three other border crossings along the Niagara River between western New York and the Canadian province of Ontario - the Peace Bridge, the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge and the Whirlpool Bridge - were shut for several hours as a precaution. The three bridges that were not involved were reopened early Wednesday evening, but the Rainbow crossing remained closed during the investigation and as officials assessed the crossing's safety. He said the vehicle, which he described as a luxury sedan, was "fish-tailing" out of control before it crashed.
Persons: Kathy Hochul, Paul Stanley, Hochul, Mike Guenther, Guenther, , Ted Hesson, Jonathan Landay, Ismail Shakil, Katharine Jackson, Daphne Psaledakis, Susan Heavey, Daniel Trotta, Andrew Hay, Ward Jasper, Makini Brice, Gabriella Borter, Joseph Ax, Richard Cowan, Daniel Whitcomb, Steve Gorman, David Gregorio, Leslie Adler Organizations: FBI, Twitter, U.S . Customs, Border Protection, Authorities, CNN, Bentley, Wednesday, U.S . Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Buffalo Niagara International, Rainbow Bridge, REUTERS, Whirlpool, Niagara - Frontier Transit Authority, Buffalo, Thomson Locations: New York, Ontario, Niagara Falls, U.S, Toronto, Canada, Niagara Falls , New York, Niagara, Canadian, Lewiston, Queenston, New York City, Kitchener , Ontario, Washington
A view of a closed Buffalo-Niagara International Airport in Cheektowaga, NY, which is scheduled to reopen tomorrow, following a deadly Christmas blizzard in the western portion of New York, U.S., December 27, 2022. REUTERS/Robert Kirkham/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsWASHINGTON, Nov 22 (Reuters) - Buffalo Niagara International Airport was closed to departing and arriving international flights on Wednesday as authorities continued to investigate a vehicle explosion at the Rainbow Bridge connecting the United States and Canada at Niagara Falls, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said on their website. Reporting by Jasper Ward, Katharine Jackson; Editing by Caitlin WebberOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Robert Kirkham, Jasper Ward, Katharine Jackson, Caitlin Webber Organizations: Niagara International, REUTERS, Rights, Buffalo Niagara International, U.S . Federal Aviation Administration, FAA, Thomson Locations: Buffalo, Cheektowaga , NY, New York, U.S, United States, Canada, Niagara Falls
The late crush of holiday travelers is picking up steam, with about 2.7 million people expected to board flights on Wednesday and millions more planning to drive to Thanksgiving celebrations. The Transportation Security Administration predicts that it will screen 2.7 million passengers Wednesday and a record 2.9 million on Sunday, the biggest day for return trips. AAA says the nationwide average for gas was down to $3.29 a gallon on Tuesday, compared with $3.66 a year ago. Air travelers will enjoy lower prices too. Even so, the high cost of rent, food, health care and other expenses were weighing on people's travel plans.
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CNN —Mere moments after SpaceX’s Starship system — the most powerful rocket ever built — was lost in a test flight Saturday, a somewhat complicated narrative around the vehicle began to emerge. “What we did today will provide invaluable data to continue rapidly developing Starship,” SpaceX said Saturday in a statement. SpaceX's mega rocket Starship launches for a test flight from Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, on Saturday, November 18, 2023. The Starship spacecraft was then able to ignite its own engines and break away from the Super Heavy rocket booster to continue the mission. SpaceX's Starship rocket prototypes are seen at the SpaceX Starbase in Brownsville, Texas, on August 19, 2023.
Persons: CNN —, Artemis III —, Bill Nelson, SpaceX, , Eric Gay, John Insprucker, Elon Musk, Jim Watson, Wayne Hale, they’ve, ” Hale, , They’ve, , SpaceX’s, Christina Hammock Koch, Victor Glover, Reid Wiseman, Jeremy Hansen, Wiseman, Glover, Hammock Koch, Hansen, Artemis, Bill Ingalls, Hale, Jeff Bezos, Lakiesha Hawkins, ” Hawkins, NASA isn’t, Apollo Hale, Neil A, Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E, Aldrin Jr, ” What’s, Veronica Cardenas, Reuters It’s Organizations: CNN, SpaceX, NASA, China, Super, International Astronautical, Getty, FAA, CSA, Canadian Space Agency, Orion, Planetary Society, SLS, Origin, Blue, Kennedy Space Center, Saturn, Earth, ” CNN, Reuters, Federal Aviation Administration Locations: Starbase, Boca Chica , Texas, Baku, Azerbaijian, Boca Chica, South Texas, AFP, Texas, Washington, Florida, , SpaceX’s, Brownsville , Texas
DALLAS (AP) — Despite inflation and memories of past holiday travel meltdowns, millions of people are expected to hit airports and highways in record numbers over the Thanksgiving break. Sunday will draw the largest crowds with an estimated 2.9 million passengers, which would narrowly eclipse a record set on June 30. Scott Keyes, founder of the travel site Going, is cautiously optimistic that holiday air travel won’t be the same mess. From June through August — when thunderstorms can snarl air traffic — the rate of cancellations fell 18% compared to 2022. The airlines, in turn, have heaped blame on the Federal Aviation Administration, which they say can’t keep up with the growing air traffic.
Persons: Pete Buttigieg, Nature, , Patrick De Haan, ” De Haan, haven't, Scott Keyes, ” Keyes Organizations: DALLAS, Transportation Security Administration, AAA, . Transportation, Southwest, U.S . Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation, FAA, Airlines Locations: East Coast, snowplows, New York, Miami, Jacksonville , Florida, Delta
CNN —The top two lawmakers on the US Senate’s space and science subcommittee are pushing federal regulators to accelerate the approval of commercial space launches, arguing that the current pace could cost the United States its edge in the new space race. ‘Keeping pace with industry demand’The FAA’s Office of Commercial Space Transportation is responsible for protecting public safety while simultaneously greenlighting a growing number of commercial space launches, which have quadrupled in just four years. The FAA has already licensed 104 launches this year, compared to 26 launches in 2019. We cannot be our own worst enemy when it comes to beating China to the moon and Mars,” Schmitt told CNN. The senators are now asking Coleman to respond to several questions, including what additional resources he may need to accelerate the launch licensing process, by November 28.
Persons: Kyrsten Sinema, Eric Schmitt, Kelvin Coleman, , , Coleman, Senators Kyrsten Sinema, Al Drago, Eva Marie Uzcategui, we’re, William Gerstenmaier, Sinema, Schmitt of Missouri, ” Schmitt Organizations: CNN, United, Federal Aviation, FAA, Transportation, Senators, Bloomberg, Getty, Elon, SpaceX, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Regulators, Republican, China Locations: United States, Arizona, China, Beijing
Southwest Airlines planes are show at San Diego International airport in San Diego, California, U.S., May 18, 2023. The chief operating officer of Southwest Airlines (LUV.N) found himself in the eye of a storm after a blizzard last December forced the company to cancel almost 17,000 flights, disrupting travel plans for about 2 million customers. With this week's U.S. Thanksgiving holiday kicking off the holiday travel season, Watterson can ill afford another fiasco. Airlines have taken measures to beef up winter operations including investments in weather forecast technology and de-icing equipment, and increased staffing and training. To make its winter operations more resilient, Watterson said Southwest invested in de-icing trucks and de-icing pads across its network.
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The Super Heavy booster and Starship spacecraft successfully separated after liftoff, as the Starship lit up its engines and pushed away. SpaceX's Starship launches on its second test flight from the Starbase facility in Boca Chica, Texas, on Saturday morning. The method was used to separate the Starship spacecraft and Super Heavy rocket after liftoff. Then, the spacecraft’s flight termination system was triggered to prevent it from veering off course, bringing an early end to the test flight. After April’s explosive first test flight, SpaceX noted “success comes from what we learn, and we learned a tremendous amount.”
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