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Exit George SantosVideo Ad Feedback SE Cupp: Trump didn't pave the way for George Santos. In the week that Americans said goodbye to Rosalynn Carter, Henry Kissinger and Sandra Day O’Connor, it was jarring that Santos occupied our minds. But as SE Cupp argued, in a more rational world, Santos would have resigned from Congress long ago. • Join us on Twitter and Facebook“Many Republicans just don’t care,” wrote Zelizer. Ron Edmonds/APAs a 12-year-old girl in 1981, Traci Lovitt was riveted by the appointment of Sandra Day O’Connor as the first woman on the Supreme Court.
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Walmart Stops Ads on X, Joining the Advertising Exodus
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Sarah Nassauer | )   time to read: 1 min
Walmart says the move has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s statements ‘on or off the platform.’ Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg NewsWalmart said it had stopped advertising on Elon Musk’s X, joining the parade of major marketers that have left the social-media platform in recent weeks. The retail behemoth said the halt—in the middle of its critical holiday shopping season—wasn’t due to a change in its advertising policies, but about how well advertisements on X have performed.
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The Storm Brewing Inside Elon Musk’s Mind Gets Out
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Tim Higgins | )   time to read: 1 min
The complicated mind of Elon Musk has taken center stage—intentionally or not. This could have been— should have been—a week all about Musk’s goodwill trip to Israel that he made Monday after an outcry followed his tweeting in support of antisemitic vitriol.
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Walmart Stops Ads on X, Joining the Advertising Exit
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Sarah Nassauer | )   time to read: 1 min
Walmart says the move has nothing to do with Elon Musk’s statements ‘on or off the platform.’ Photo: Victor J. Blue/Bloomberg NewsWalmart said it had stopped advertising on Elon Musk’s X, joining the parade of major marketers that have left the social-media platform in recent weeks. The retail behemoth said the halt—in the middle of its critical holiday shopping season—wasn’t because of a change in its advertising policies, but about how well advertisements on X have performed. Walmart largely stopped purchasing ads in October and the last ones ran around Thanksgiving.
Persons: Elon, Victor J, Elon Musk’s Organizations: Walmart, Bloomberg, Elon, behemoth
The rise of SpaceX as the dominant force for U.S. rocket launches has meant that NASA’s role is now evolving. To find out what this means for the future of the space agency, WSJ’s George Downs sat down with NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy. Photo Illustration: George DownsJeff Bezos and Elon Musk have both spent decades building space companies. Now, Bezos’ Amazon .com is turning to Musk’s SpaceX for a ride to orbit. Amazon, which Bezos founded and where he still serves as executive chairman, said Friday that it hired Musk’s SpaceX to conduct three rocket launches for the Seattle company’s planned satellite-internet division.
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Some of that loss may be because of disappointing news about the Cybertruck’s pricing and availability. But some may also reflect renewed concern about Elon Musk’s latest comments, made at the DealBook Summit this week, and whether his self-inflicted damage at X is distracting from his other businesses. Advertisers aren’t impressed by Musk’s recent tirade. On Wednesday, he asserted that brands were trying to “blackmail” him by suspending their advertising after he endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory on X. “There is no advertising value that would offset the reputational risk of going back on the platform,” Lou Paskalis, the founder and C.E.O.
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Listen now: War resumes
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Listen on the Reuters app. Fighting resumes in Gaza as either side blames the other for the collapse of a week-long truce. Plus, the latest from COP and the mystery illness affecting dogs in the United States. Visit the Thomson Reuters Privacy Statement for information on our privacy and data protection practices. Further ReadingWar resumes in Gaza after truce expiresStarting at $60,990, Tesla's Cybertruck is priced 50% higher than initial estimateDemocrats have no Biden backup plan for 2024, despite age concernsMystery illness affecting dogs across the United StatesOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Walmart is the latest company to join the growing flock of major advertisers to pull spending from X, Elon Musk’s beleaguered social media company, amid concerns about hate speech — as well as reaching a sizeable audience on the platform. “We aren’t advertising on X as we’ve found some other platforms better reach our customers,” Walmart said in a statement. Musk said advertisers pulling out are engaging in “blackmail” and, using a profanity, essentially told them to go away. Walmart is joining the Walt Disney Co., IBM, NBCUniversal and its parent company Comcast and other companies who have decided to stop spending on X. But X's relations with advertisers don't appear to be improving.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, Musk, Andrew Ross Sorkin, , , ” Musk, Linda Yaccarino, Joe Benarroch Organizations: FRANCISCO, Walmart, Walt Disney Co, IBM, NBCUniversal, Comcast
Elon Musk lashed out at advertisers boycotting X during an interview at the New York Times’s DealBook Summit Wednesday. The billionaire said anyone trying to blackmail him with advertising money could “go f— yourself.” Photo: Michael M. Santiago/Getty ImagesElon Musk’s F-bomb-laden tirade at advertisers will make X Chief Executive Linda Yaccarino ’s job harder as she tries to rebuild the company’s ad-sales business, industry executives said. “It’s a line in the sand that can’t be undrawn,” said Craig Atkinson, chief executive officer of Code3. “I have no idea what kind of salesmanship can counteract a sentiment like that.”
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Listen and follow DealBook SummitApple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon MusicDealBook Summit includes conversations with business and policy leaders at the heart of today’s major stories, recorded live at the annual DealBook Summit event in New York City. Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites connect every corner of the world to the internet. His electric car company, Tesla, has prodded the automotive industry toward a self-driving, battery-powered era. His 2022 purchase of Twitter promised a “common digital town square,” but a year later, the platform — now called X — has become a lightning rod for controversy. Earlier this month, IBM and other big brands pulled their spending from the social media platform after Musk endorsed an antisemitic post.
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Listen now: The rift over fossil fuels
  + stars: | 2023-11-30 | by ( )   time to read: +1 min
The United States alleges an Indian government official directed an assassination plot in New York. Climate talks kick off in Dubai with a rift over fossil fuels mirrored in the Catholic Church, where U.S. bishops continue to invest in oil and gas. The Supreme Court is hearing a case with major implications for the government’s ability to set and enforce rules. Plus, the latest on the Gaza truce and Elon Musk’s sharp words for advertisers. Visit the Thomson Reuters Privacy Statement for information on our privacy and data protection practices.
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CNN —Elon Musk is trying to make amends, or at least do damage control, after endorsing an antisemitic post on his platform X, formerly Twitter. The backlash to Musk’s comments on X was swift: Advertisers pulled their campaigns from X, and Musk came under international criticism. Musk’s Israel tour was transparently transactional and frankly insulting. A chat with Musk and a personal tour of Hamas’ devastation seems like it could have waited. Earlier this year, the ADL published a report documenting an increase in antisemitic content on X under Musk’s ownership.
Persons: Jill Filipovic, CNN — Elon Musk, isn’t, , ‘ Hitler, , I’m, Musk, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu, X, ” X, White, Jonathan Greenblatt, Greenblatt, ” Musk, George Soros, Soros, Dilbert, Scott Adams, tweeting Organizations: Twitter, CNN, Musk, Defamation League, Israeli, Hamas, Islamic State, Center, Media, ADL Locations: New York, Israel, Buffalo, Gaza, Europe, Hungarian
Washington CNN —Elon Musk is an increasingly important player in global affairs and has been touring the world to meet with political leaders in recent months. “We can observe Elon Musk’s Twitter/X activity that he regularly consumes right-wing content and this increased during COVID-19,” Facciani said in an email. More recently, however, Musk’s ambitions have come a bit closer to earth and become far more concrete. There are many world leaders who hold extreme or far-right views, of course. Musk’s outbursts that contradict widely held international norms and values are meant for a specific internet audience that Musk mistakes for being representative of the wider world.
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The blackout on X extends beyond these companies’ corporate accounts, in some cases. Prior to Musk’s backing of an antisemitic post, Colbert’s show, however, was primarily active on X, regularly posting videos and other content. It is, of course, possible that these companies will reverse course down the road and resume posting and even advertising on the platform. And if more companies and other notable figures abandon Musk’s platform for other social networks, it will extinguish the allure it once had, providing yet another reason for average users to ditch the troubled platform. “Every day, more brands are waking up to the reality that Twitter is dead and X is a cesspool,” Platformer’s Casey Newton said.
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BROWNSVILLE, Texas—Elon Musk’s space company is blasting off the world’s most powerful rockets in this corner of Texas—and remaking it along the way. Supporters say Space X’s Starbase represents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change the course of Brownsville and the Rio Grande Valley, which has long struggled with poverty.
Persons: BROWNSVILLE , Texas — Organizations: BROWNSVILLE , Texas — Elon Locations: BROWNSVILLE , Texas, Texas, Brownsville, Rio Grande
Tesla vs. Toyota Is the New Hot Battle in Cars
  + stars: | 2023-11-25 | by ( Tim Higgins | )   time to read: 1 min
A year ago, the debate between EVs and hybrids looked settled. Now, Elon Musk’s vision for an electric-vehicle future is being challenged anew by Toyota and its re-energized hybrid plans. Musk, Tesla ’s chief executive, wants to make the world electric, targeting annual vehicle deliveries that would overtake Toyota to become the bestselling automaker before 2030. And while that goal is far off, he’s had some success—in the U.S., Tesla’s small lineup has already overtaken some of Toyota’s bestsellers.
Persons: Elon, Tesla, he’s Organizations: Toyota Locations: U.S
London CNN —It has taken nearly a month, but workers striking against Tesla in Sweden have finally drawn a response from the company’s famously anti-union boss. “This is insane,” CEO Elon Musk said Thursday on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter that he owns. Musk was responding to news that Swedish postal workers are refusing to deliver Tesla license plates, joining a wave of action in sympathy with mechanics who stopped servicing Tesla cars late last month. About 130 mechanics began their ongoing strike in October after their employer, a Tesla subsidiary in Sweden, announced that it would not recognize their labor union, according to Expressen, a CNN affiliate. Still, the strikes by Swedish workers may embolden Tesla’s employees in Germany, where it has a large plant manufacturing electric vehicles and battery cells.
Persons: Elon Musk, Musk, dockworkers, Tesla Organizations: London CNN, Tesla, CNN, IF Metall, National Labor Relations Board, Reuters, IG Metall Locations: Sweden, Swedish, United States, Buffalo , New York, Germany, Berlin, German Union, , German, Wolfsburg
Elon Musk has said he isn’t antisemitic and criticized media coverage of his actions. Photo: tolga akmen/pool/ShutterstockThe controversy over Elon Musk’s comments on the social-media platform X reached the board of Tesla this week. Several prominent Tesla investors are speaking out after Musk, the car maker’s chief executive, last week called an antisemitic post “the actual truth.”
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New York CNN —At least a dozen major brands have halted ad spending on X, formerly Twitter, since its latest advertiser exodus began last week over concerns about antisemitism and hate speech on Elon Musk’s social media platform. The ongoing exit of advertisers marks a deepening crisis for X, which was already struggling to woo brands back to the platform following Musk’s takeover last year. IBM’s decision also came after Musk had publicly endorsed an antisemitic conspiracy theory in a post on X earlier in the week. X also said it had made the pro-Nazi accounts identified by Media Matters ineligible for monetization, meaning ads can no longer be run on their pages. (Media Matters has vowed to fight the lawsuit from X and says it stands by its reporting.)
Persons: Axios, they’d, Musk, Apple, Linda Yaccarino, Richard Spencer, , CNN’s Oliver Darcy, Liam Reilly, Brian Fung Organizations: New, New York CNN, Elon, Fox Sports, Ubisoft, TechCrunch, Paris, CNN, White, IBM, Media, Disney, Paramount, Comcast, Lionsgate, NBCUniversal, Warner Bros, Media Matters, University of Michigan, D.C, National Football League Locations: New York, Washington
But those assurances have rung hollow as advertisements have continued to be placed on accounts posting hate speech and conspiracy theories. “Elon introduced unique risks,” marketing industry veteran Lou Paskalis, the founder and chief executive of marketing consultancy AJL Advisory, told CNN. “It’s self-destructive for any advertiser to be associated with him,” Sonnenfeld told CNN. His endorsement of the post came as the progressive watchdog Media Matters issued a report that indicated advertisements for major brands appeared next to neo-Nazi hate speech on X. Legal experts have told CNN that the lawsuit is deeply flawed and could open the billionaire up to embarrassing revelations during the discovery process.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, Brian McCarthy, Musk, George Soros —, X, “ Elon, Lou Paskalis, ” Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, ” Sonnenfeld, , Ted Boutrous, Boutrous, ” CNN’s Clare Duffy Organizations: CNN, NFL, Walmart, State, The New York Times, Washington Post, The, Mondelēz International, Ritz Crackers, Twitter, Defamation League, Apple, Disney, IBM, Paramount, Fox Sports, Paris, Warner Bros ., AJL, Yale School of Management, Media, Media Matters, Ted Boutrous CNN Locations: Wendy’s, White
“We have seen an alarming increase in disinformation and hate speech on several social media platforms in recent weeks,” Johannes Bahrke, a European Commission spokesperson, said Friday. That means, should the European Commission find that X has broken DSA rules, the company could be fined as much as $180 million. So far, only two states, Italy and Hungary, have done so, a commission spokesperson told CNN. The European Commission, which recently sounded the alarm on a sharp rise in antisemitism in Europe, has so far stopped short of criticizing Musk directly. A commission spokesperson declined to comment to CNN on Musk’s X post from last Wednesday.
Persons: ” Johannes Bahrke, Bahrke, X, TikTok, , Musk, hasn’t, Andrew Bates, , Ferda, Ataman, Musk ”, Sandra Wachter, ” Wachter Organizations: London CNN, Elon Musk’s, Twitter, European Commission, Commission, Hamas, Facebook, Social, Digital Services, DSA, CNN, Disney, Paramount, Musk’s, White, European, Discrimination Agency, , Oxford Internet Institute Locations: Israel, Italy, Hungary, Gaza, Pittsburgh, Europe, Germany, Spain, Austria, , Federal
X and its billionaire owner, Elon Musk, have generated controversy over antisemitic content on the platform. Photo: tolga akmen/pool/ShutterstockX sued Media Matters for America after the left-leaning media watchdog group reported ads appeared near antisemitic and pro-Nazi content on the social-media platform formerly known as Twitter. X alleged in its lawsuit filed in federal court Monday that Media Matters was trying to drive away its advertisers. Media Matters in a report last week said X placed ads for certain companies next to posts supporting Nazis and white nationalism.
Persons: Elon Musk, tolga, X Organizations: Media Matters, America, Media
CNN —After days of silence following X owner Elon Musk’s endorsement of an antisemitic post, the NFL said Tuesday that it has conveyed its displeasure with the social media company. “The NFL unequivocally denounces all forms of hate speech and discrimination,” Brian McCarthy, the NFL’s chief spokesperson, said in a statement. “We’re aware of instances of hate speech on X and have expressed our concerns directly to X both in the past and again in the last few days,” McCarthy added. Earlier this year, the NFL also expressed concern after a Media Matters report found the league’s ads were appearing next to racist accounts on the social media platform. Earlier Tuesday, an NFL executive told CNBC that it was sticking with the platform despite the rise in hate speech.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, ” Brian McCarthy, , ” McCarthy, McCarthy, , Brian Rolapp Organizations: CNN, NFL, Media, Apple, Disney, Warner Bros, CNBC
CNN —Brands are being “irresponsible” by continuing to advertise on Elon Musk’s X after the billionaire endorsed antisemitic views, according to Yale professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld. It’s pathological,” Sonnenfeld, dean for leadership studies at the Yale School of Management, told CNN in a phone interview. Yaccarino under pressureThe advertiser backlash is piling even more financial pressure on X at a time when the social media platform has been struggling. “This is a perfect opportunity for the market to do what the market does best,” Minow said. Tim Calkins, a marketing professor at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, said brands don’t need to “completely agree” with a media property and its policies to advertise there.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, , Sonnenfeld, Musk, ” Musk, , Joe Benarroch, “ Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, Linda Yaccarino, “ Linda Yaccarino, ” Sonnenfeld, he’s, Yaccarino, Lou Paskalis, Nell Minow, ” Minow, Minow, Tim Calkins, Calkins, it’s, ” Calkins Organizations: CNN, Brands, Elon, Yale School of Management, Whites, Disney, Warner Bros . Discovery, Media, Twitter, Media Matters, Marketing, ValueEdge Advisors, Time Magazine, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management
“11:11 Media made the decision to immediately pull the campaign from the platform,” Bruce Gersh, 11:11 Media’s president and chief operating officer, told CNN on Tuesday. The decision by Hilton’s company to pull its advertising is a blow to X and the platform’s chief executive, Linda Yaccarino, who announced a major promotional partnership with Hilton just last month. A spokesperson for Hilton declined to comment on whether the suspension of 11:11’s ad campaign also meant the end of Hilton’s partnership with X. IBM halted its ad spend on X on Thursday after a report from progressive media watchdog Media Matters showed its ad had run alongside pro-Nazi content on X. Other major brands, including Disney and Paramount, followed suit on Friday, but did not specify their reasoning for pulling their ad spending from X.
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