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For more than six months, Russia has been carrying out a sabotage campaign across Europe, largely by proxy. “We’re seeing sabotage, we’re seeing assassination plots, we’re seeing arson. Russia’s sabotage campaign has, at times, smacked of a shotgun approach carried out by amateurs. In London in March, several men were charged with working with Russian intelligence services to set fire to a Ukrainian-linked warehouse. And French authorities last month detained a Russian-Ukrainian man who was allegedly building bombs as part of a sabotage campaign orchestrated by Moscow.
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The NATO official said they had observed “an unprecedented escalation and spread of Russia’s hybrid warfare” over the past six months, which included “physical sabotage” on the supply line of NATO weapons intended for Ukraine. “It is everything from point of production and origin, to storage, to those who are making decisions, to the actual delivery,” the senior NATO official said. Recent high-profile arrests have revealed the ad-hoc, clumsy nature of how the Kremlin’s intelligence operations have evolved since the start of the war in Ukraine. Russia is big enough to have resources to fight a war against Ukraine and also maintain its security operations against European countries… against us. There are people who take part in the war against Ukraine, and then they are rotated to some other region or area.
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Far-right parties across the continent had strong showings, but their momentum did not cause the center ground of European politics to cave in – as many had predicted. Those gains did materialize; far-right groups were expected to secure a record number of seats in the European Parliament, dealing a major blow to the continent’s establishment leaders. Most of the far-right gains were concentrated in countries that elect large numbers of seats: France, Italy and Germany. Several other far-right parties are among the non-aligned (NI) group, predicted to secure 45 seats. The center holdsDespite a far-right surge, the centrist European People’s Party (EPP) was the biggest single winner on Sunday night.
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download the appSign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. Read previewNATO is busy setting up land corridors that US soldiers and military vehicles would use in the case of a Russian invasion of Europe, The Telegraph reported, citing unnamed officials. AdvertisementPlans are also being developed to move troops through ports in Sweden, Finland, and the Balkans, the outlet reported. AdvertisementLast year, NATO leaders agreed to keep 300,000 soldiers in a state of high readiness, The Telegraph reported. Last week, the Financial Times reported that NATO had less than 5% of the air defenses needed to protect Central and Eastern Europe, citing people familiar with NATO's defense plans.
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The ceremonies, as is tradition, honor those who fought and died in World War II, and reaffirm a commitment to learn the lessons of history. But what exactly are those lessons, and how exactly will world leaders turn that commitment into reality? Join us on Twitter and FacebookAs they gaze on the once blood-drenched beaches of Normandy, world leaders should consider the lessons of World War II, and how to apply them today. Eventually, 16.4 million Americans served in the military during World War II, more than 10% of the population. And yet, the beaches of Normandy resonate with the lessons of that terrible history; world leaders should listen closely.
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If true, the loss of a Polish shopping center by means of Russian arson would be shocking on its own. As NATO advances toward the July summit, it's become clear that more comprehensive discussions on addressing the Russian sabotage campaign must take place. Some of the earliest identified acts of Russian sabotage occurred in 2014 at ammunition depots in the Czech Republic killing two and causing $42.5 million in damage. Bulgaria has played a crucial role in supplying ammunition and shells to Ukrainian forces, especially in the early stages of the war. Matthias Merz/picture alliance via Getty ImagesWeapons and training facilities aiding Ukrainian forces are frequent targets.
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Read previewEuropean countries are preparing to reveal plans for a $4.3 billion Iron Dome-style air and missile defense system, Poland's prime minister announced on Monday. The European Sky Shield Initiative, or ESSI, is conceived as a means to jointly procure ground-based interoperable air defense systems. There is no reason for Europe not to have its missile defense shield," Tusk said, per The Telegraph. Related storiesIsrael's Iron Dome has long been seen as one of the world's most advanced air defense systems, protecting the country's skies from rockets and other projectiles. AdvertisementWhile a direct hot-war attack by Russia on NATO Europe is not considered an immediate likelihood, many countries — particularly those that border Russia — are deeply alarmed.
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Russia is currently experiencing a labour shortage in no small part due to the war in Ukraine, with some sectors experiencing significant problems recruiting workers, Britain's Ministry of Defense said Tuesday, noting that the situation could lead to a "mobilisation of labour." In other news, Poland has arrested nine people in connection with acts of sabotage committed in the country on the orders of Russian services. Ukraine's ally Warsaw says it has become a target for Russian intelligence services because it is a hub for military hardware supplies for Kyiv. "We currently have nine suspects arrested and charged with engaging in acts of sabotage in Poland directly on behalf of the Russian services," Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk told private broadcaster TVN24 late Monday, Reuters reported.
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Poland to spend around $2.5 billion on securing eastern border
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Donald Tusk, Prime Minister of Poland, speaks during a press conference where Polish PM announces resignation of four ministers and nominees for the future positions in Chancellery of Polish Prime Minister in Warsaw, Poland on MAy 10, 2024. Poland will invest 10 billion zlotys ($2.55 billion) in a program to secure its eastern border, the prime minister said on Saturday, in a bid to bolster its defenses against what it says is a rising threat from Russia and Belarus. "We have decided to invest 10 billion zlotys in our security, and above all in a secure eastern border," Prime Minister Donald Tusk told a news conference. "We are starting a major project to build a secure border, including a system of fortifications as well as landscaping and environmental decisions that will make this border impossible to pass for a potential enemy." Tusk had announced plans to strengthen the eastern border earlier in May, but without giving details.
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Late last year, Poland's national security agency estimated that Russia could attack NATO within three years. AdvertisementBut whether Putin really does intend to attack NATO and what an attack might look like remains unclear. In March, Putin denied having any plans to attack NATO members, describing such claims as "complete nonsense." "So, his ambition in growing is not going to be that he will attack NATO and NATO countries next year. A covert war is already underwayRussia, some point out, is already engaged in a war with NATO, albeit covertly.
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Berlin CNN —Germany should overturn its 150-year old ban on abortions and make terminations legal within the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, a government-appointed panel of experts said on Monday. The procedure is de-criminalized up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, but anyone seeking a termination must attend a compulsory counselling session followed by a mandatory three-day waiting period. After 12 weeks, abortions are only allowed in exceptional circumstances, such as if the pregnancy or birth poses a risk to the mother’s physical or mental health. “(The commission’s) recommendations provide a good basis for the open and fact-based conversation that is now necessary,” German Minister for Family Affairs Lisa Paus said in a statement on Monday. The proposals from Prime Minister Donald Tusk’s party would legalize abortion up to 12 weeks, a move more in line with some Western European countries.
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CNN —Polish lawmakers backed plans to end the country’s near-total abortion ban on Friday, setting the stage for an eventual showdown on women’s rights between the country’s government and its right-wing president. Poland’s current abortion law, introduced by a PiS-backed court in 2020, bans virtually all abortions. It prompted a huge backlash and its unpopularity with women voters was partially responsible for Tusk’s election victory over PiS last year. Friday’s votes marked the start of a lengthy legislative process to relax Poland’s current draconian abortion laws, which are among the strictest in Europe. An election to replace Duda will take place next May, and Tusk will be keen to mobilize women voters to support the government-backed candidate.
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But several realtors told CNN that their clients are now citing another reason: Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the fear that the conflict could spread. A record-breaking number of Poles bought property in Spain in 2023, topping the previous record set the year before, according to Polish outlet Bizblog. Lopez said a client last month bought a property because they wanted to avoid being conscripted into the Polish military. “The trigger, really, was the war in Ukraine.”But most buy just for peace of mind – a back-up plan, for those wealthy enough to afford one. “Obviously, we are in NATO, but I must say there’s a big amount of people who are really, really afraid,” she said.
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Though fraught with obstacles, the decision to bring abortion back to the fore was one Tusk had to make. Donald Tusk leads a broad coalition which is divided on how to tackle the issue of abortion. Third Way lawmakers have also supported a referendum on changes to the abortion law, a potentially long-running saga that Tusk is eager to avoid. Poland’s near-total abortion banThe move by PiS to dramatically toughen already restrictive abortion laws in 2020 set off a heated fight in Polish politics whose ruptures are still closely felt. That effort was blocked by opposition lawmakers, many of whom now find themselves in Tusk’s coalition.
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CNN —The non-profit World Central Kitchen (WCK) has named its seven aid workers who were killed in an Israeli military strike in Gaza on Monday, praising their “beautiful souls,” as international condemnation over the incident grows. From World Central KitchenJohn Chapman, James Henderson and James KirbyThe three Brits killed were John Chapman, 57, James “Jim” Henderson, 33, and 47-year-old James Kirby. From World Central KitchenLalzawmi “Zomi” FrankcomAustralian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese praised Lalzawmi “Zomi” Frankcom, citing her previous humanitarian efforts. From World Central KitchenWhat is the World Central Kitchen? In a Reuters interview, Andres accused Israel of “systematically” targeting the seven WCK aid workers.
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CNN —Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has warned that Europe is in a “pre-war era” but still has a “long way to go” before its ready to confront the threat posed by Russia. We haven’t seen a situation like this since 1945,” Tusk said in an interview with German newspaper Die Welt published Friday. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied that Russia intends to attack NATO countries. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk and French President Emmanuel Macron in Berlin, Germany, March 15, 2024. Obviously, he feels the need to justify the increasingly violent attacks on civilian sites in Ukraine,” Tusk said.
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Polish President Andrzej Duda speaks to members of the media following a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden at the White House on March 12, 2024 in Washington, DC. Kevin Dietsch | Getty ImagesPolish President Andrzej Duda said Monday that NATO must urgently increase its defense spending to ensure it does not become the next target of a Russian attack. Duda said it was therefore more critical than ever to ramp up the alliance's military investment, describing his increased spending targets as "common sense." The Polish president, whose country shares a land border with Ukraine, has spearheaded calls to supply weapons to Kyiv since the onset of Russia's full-scale invasion. During a meeting with U.S. President Joe Biden last week, Duda called for NATO to raise its minimum military spending target to 3% of GDP to further strengthen the alliance's defenses.
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Look no further than the close and historically complicated relationship that American presidents and congressional leaders have negotiated with Israel leaders over the last 75 years. Obama declined to invite Netanyahu to the White House during the visit, with White House officials saying that holding such a visit so close to Israel's election would be inappropriate. The standard Obama set for a White House visit wasn't one Bill Clinton subscribed to years earlier. The bigger the ally's economy, the less likely American leaders are to meddle openly in its elections. “There are moments when American leaders want to and need to speak out and have their say.
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Chancellor Olaf Scholz and President Emmanuel Macron of France met in Berlin on Friday looking to smooth over their differences on how to support Ukraine in its war with Russia and allay concerns that the Franco-German “engine of Europe” is sputtering. Mr. Scholz hosted Mr. Macron alongside Poland’s prime minister, Donald Tusk, as Europe struggles to maintain unity at a critical moment, with U.S. support for Kyiv in question and Russian forces having made gains on the battlefield. In recent weeks, the differences between the allies have become unusually public and bitter, even as all agree that support for Ukraine is crucial to preventing further Russian aggression in Europe. Mr. Macron, eager to stake out a tougher stance toward President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia, chided allies not to be “cowards” after they strongly rebuffed his suggestion that NATO countries should not rule out putting troops in Ukraine. From being Europe’s dove on Russia, the French leader, feeling humiliated over his initial outreach to Mr. Putin, has been transformed over the past two years into its hawk.
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A photo of a television screen shows French President Emmanuel Macron during a televised address to the nation, made from the Elysee Palace, after signing into law a pensions reform, in Paris, on April 17, 2023. French President Emmanuel Macron has doubled down on the possibility of sending troops into Ukraine, a day before a key summit with Germany, which is staunchly opposed to the idea. The latest statements by Macron once again risk pitting him against NATO allies, who distanced themselves from the possibility of their own national military deployment in Ukraine in February. Foreign volunteers have assisted both Russia and Ukraine in the war so far, but not as part of any formal military deployment. Macron on Friday is meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin for talks that many hope could silence simmering tensions over Ukraine.
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WARSAW, Poland (AP) — Poland's president on Monday called on other members of the NATO alliance to raise their spending on defense to 3% of their gross domestic product as Russia puts its economy on a war footing and pushes forward with its invasion of Ukraine. President Andrzej Duda made his call both in remarks in Warsaw and in a piece published by The Washington Post. His appeal came on the eve of a visit to the White House, where U.S. President Joe Biden will receive both him and Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk on Tuesday. NATO increased its spending to 2% of GDP for its members after Russia annexed Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in 2014, but most members, including Germany, still fall short of that benchmark. It is allocating close to 30 percent of its annual budget to arm itself," Duda argued.
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WARSAW, Poland (AP) —U.S. President Joe Biden will host Poland’s President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk for a meeting in Washington on March 12, the 25th anniversary of Poland’s joining the NATO Alliance, the White House said Thursday. The declaration of support has special significant now, when political infighting in U.S. Congress is stalling approval of a $60 billion aid package for Kyiv. Poland last year spent some 4% of its GDP on defense and has earmarked some 3.1% of its 2024 GDP for the purpose. The U.S.-Polish strategic energy security partnership, economic ties and “shared commitment to democratic values” will also be a theme of discussions. Duda hails from the right-wing party that ruled until December, and he has accused Tusk's government of violating Poland's constitution and using authoritarian methods.
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By Patricia ZengerleWASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Senate was due to vote on Thursday on a $95.34 billion bill that includes aid for Ukraine, Israel and the Indo-Pacific, after Republicans blocked compromise legislation that also included a long-sought overhaul of immigration policy. The security aid bill includes $61 billion for Ukraine as it battles a Russian invasion, $14 billion for Israel in its war against Hamas and $4.83 billion to support partners in the Indo-Pacific, including Taiwan, and deter aggression by China. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on social media that Republican senators should be ashamed for blocking the Ukraine aid package, saying former President Ronald Reagan would be "turning in his grave." Senator Chris Murphy, one of the three negotiators on the border deal, told Reuters the biggest potential risk to the Ukraine bill would be opposition by Trump. "Once he got loud on the immigration bill, the thing fell apart ... if he turns his flamethrower on Ukraine, I wonder how it survives," Murphy said in an interview on Wednesday.
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WARSAW (Reuters) - Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said on Thursday that Republican senators in the United States should be ashamed for blocking a $60 billion aid package for Ukraine, saying former U.S. President Ronald Reagan would be "turning in his grave". Republicans in the U.S. Senate on Wednesday defeated a bipartisan effort to bolster border security that had taken months to negotiate, but said they could still approve aid for Ukraine, and Israel, that had been tied up in the deal. "Dear Republican Senators of America. Ronald Reagan, a Republican, was the 40th president of the United States, holding the role from 1981 to 1989. The Latest Photos From Ukraine View All 91 ImagesU.S. Republicans for months have insisted that any additional U.S. aid to Ukraine, and Israel, must also address the high numbers of migrants arriving at the U.S-Mexico border - a top voter concern.
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It's the kind of obstruction of key policy objectives for which Orbán has become notorious within the European Union. “We are the sand in the machinery, the stick between the spokes, the splinter under the fingernail,” Orbán said in a speech to tens of thousands of supporters in 2021. Now, frustrated EU officials are trying to determine what Orbán seeks to achieve with his obstructionist strategy, and how they might overcome it. But with his veto power, the nationalist leader will have plenty of further opportunities to sow discord within the EU. Widely considered to be Russian President Vladimir Putin’s closest ally in the EU, Orbán has been accused by his critics of promoting Moscow’s interests over those of his EU and NATO allies, and of preparing to lead his country out of the EU entirely.
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