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Speaking at a campaign event in Iowa, Trump said it was important to scrutinize the vote in the battleground states likely to determine the general election. "So the most important part of what's coming up is to guard the vote. Trump did not specify who he was asking to "go into" the battleground-state cities. In a second Iowa event on Saturday in Cedar Rapids, Trump reiterated plans to reform the Affordable Care Act, known informally as Obamacare, calling the healthcare insurance program "a disaster." Reporting by Nathan Layne in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, and Gram Slattery in Washington Editing by Matthew LewisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
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No one behind in the national polls by as much as Haley at this point in the primary calendar has ever ended up winning the nomination. A late October Des Moines Register poll had Trump at 43% to Haley and DeSantis each at 16% in Iowa. They both went on to win Iowa. Haley, however, doesn’t need to win Iowa to secure the GOP nomination. Hart’s overperformance in Iowa was a big reason he went to win the New Hampshire primary in 1984.
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Ron DeSantis deflected questions about what he will do if he fails to get a strong result in the Iowa caucuses, pledging to win the Jan. 15 GOP presidential contest in an interview with NBC’s “Meet the Press." DeSantis has thrown resources into the state to compete with both Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and Nikki Haley, who tied DeSantis for second in Iowa in the most recent NBC News/Des Moines Register/Mediacom poll. Asked by "Meet the Press" moderator Kristen Welker if he would drop out of the 2024 presidential race if he didn't finish first or second in Iowa, DeSantis said, "Well, we're going to win the caucus." "We’re going to win Iowa," DeSantis continued. The full interview with DeSantis will air Sunday on "Meet the Press."
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A Closer Look at Donald Trump’s Second-Term Agenda
  + stars: | 2023-12-02 | by ( Andrew Restuccia | )   time to read: 1 min
Among other proposals for a second White House term, former President Donald Trump has said he would institute a credentialing body to certify teachers ‘who embrace patriotic values and support the American Way of Life.’ Photo: Jim Vondruska/Getty ImagesFormer President Donald Trump has outlined a second-term agenda that envisions a muscular use of federal authority to influence swaths of American society. Here are some of the most notable proposals that Trump has outlined on his campaign website:EducationTrump has promised to take funds from private-university endowments to create a government-backed “American Academy” that would provide free online courses and allow people to achieve the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree.
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WASHINGTON—As he campaigns to retake the White House, Donald Trump has increasingly tossed aside the principles of limited government and local control that have defined the Republican Party for decades. The former president is laying plans to wield his executive authority to influence school curricula, prevent doctors from providing medical interventions for young transgender people and pressure police departments to adopt more severe anticrime policies. All are areas where state or local officials have traditionally taken the lead.
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THE KINGDOM, THE POWER, AND THE GLORY: American Evangelicals in an Age of Extremism, by Tim AlbertaWhat would Jesus do? It’s a question that the political journalist Tim Alberta takes seriously in his brave and absorbing new book, “The Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory,” pressing the evangelicals he meets to answer a version of it — even if a number of them clearly do not want to. This phenomenon, Alberta says, cannot simply be a matter of evangelicals mobilizing against abortion access and trying to save lives; after all, they have kept remarkably quiet when it comes to showing compassion for refugees or curbing gun violence, which is now, as Alberta notes, the leading cause of death for children in the United States. What he finds instead is that under the veneer of Christian modesty simmers an explosive rage, propelling Americans who piously declare their fealty to Jesus to act as though their highest calling is to own the libs. No wonder the popular image of evangelicalism, according to one disillusioned preacher, has devolved into “Mister Rogers with a blowtorch.”
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U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan found no legal basis for concluding that presidents cannot face criminal charges once they are no longer in office. Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination to challenge Democratic President Joe Biden in the 2024 U.S. election, served from 2017 to 2021. Trump's lawyers had argued that the case by Smith "attempts to criminalize core political speech and political advocacy." In addition to the case being pursued by Smith, Trump also faces state criminal charges in Georgia related to his actions seeking to undo his 2020 defeat and two other indictments. His defense team argued that the immunity U.S. presidents have from civil lawsuits should extend to criminal charges.
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Ron DeSantis' campaign is announcing the completion of a longtime campaign pledge Saturday: touring all of Iowa's 99 counties, a milestone for a campaign that has devoted significant resources to the first-in-the-nation contest. On paper, DeSantis has made significant strides in running a traditionally successful Iowa campaign, racking up influential endorsements and dedicating significant time, personnel and financial resources to the state. And while the DeSantis campaign, with significant super PAC help, has stayed focused on Iowa, it remains unclear just what the traditional Iowa playbook counts for in this unusual modern campaign against Trump. "Winning an Iowa caucus requires a strong combination of outworking and out-organizing the competition and that's been the Ron DeSantis model. Inside the sprint to the caucusesStill, the DeSantis playbook in Iowa hardly stops at the "Full Grassley."
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WASHINGTON (AP) — The House is making history this year in ways that Republicans could hardly have envisioned when the party took control. First, the Republicans voted to oust their speaker, Kevin McCarthy, and on Friday they voted to get rid of one of their own, indicted GOP Rep. George Santos of New York. The result has been a dizzying 11 months in a House majority riven by infighting, chiseling away at the powers of Congress and taking its toll on the actual business of governing. As the year comes to a close, the arc of power for House Republicans is at an inflection point, a new era of performance politics and chaotic governing that shows no signs of easing. A scathing House Ethics report found “overwhelming evidence” of lawbreaking by Santos, including questionable campaign expenditures on items like Botox.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — One fall day in 2010, retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor slipped into the courtroom where she worked for nearly 25 years to take in an “amazing” sight. That was pretty amazing.”O’Connor lived to see four women serve at the same time on the Supreme Court. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesO’Connor, who left the court in 2006, died Friday in Phoenix of complications related to advanced dementia and a respiratory illness, the Supreme Court said. “I had never expected or aspired to be a Supreme Court justice. —-Richard Carelli, a former Supreme Court reporter for The Associated Press who is now retired, contributed to this story.
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Ron DeSantis head into their respective Iowa campaign events on Saturday eyeing different objectives that reflect their drastically different standings in the GOP primary. “Everybody will feel the love tomorrow, but the main focus will be Biden,” the senior Trump campaign aide told CNN on Friday. Trump’s campaign on Friday launched a six-figure broadcast TV ad buy in Iowa, according to the senior Trump campaign aide, which includes an ad focused on Biden. The Biden campaign seized on Trump’s comments, deploying high-profile surrogates and running a new ad on Thursday focused on health care and prescription drug costs. Trump is expected to participate in a prime-time town hall moderated by Fox News host Sean Hannity in Davenport, Iowa, the night before, according to the senior Trump campaign aide.
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Trump repeated his longstanding contention that the four criminal indictments against him show Biden is misusing the federal justice system against his rival. “He’s been weaponizing government against his political opponents like a Third World political tyrant,” Trump said to a crowd in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesTrump has long promised to prosecute Biden in retaliation should he return to the White House. That's led Trump to blame them on the president, whom he contended had “defaced the Constitution” in trying to block him. Trump supporters would attack the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021, to try to stop the certification of Trump's loss to Biden.
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But the Florida governor's moment, like much of his campaign, will take place under the towering shadow of former President Donald Trump. Around the same time DeSantis is set to take the stage Saturday afternoon in Newton, Iowa, Trump will be addressing cheering supporters about 100 miles away in Cedar Rapids. Just six weeks are left before the Jan. 15 Iowa caucuses, which DeSantis has said he “absolutely” expects to win. He's bet his campaign on the state, winning key endorsements from Iowa Gov. Trump’s campaign said the timing of the Cedar Rapids event compared to DeSantis’ 99th county celebration was coincidental.
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Some 1,200 Israelis have been killed, mostly during Hamas’ Oct. 7 attack on Israel that triggered the war. Biden’s unwillingness to call for a ceasefire has damaged his relationship with the American Muslim community beyond repair, according to Minneapolis-based Jaylani Hussein, who helped organize the conference. One of the things that made us even more angry is the fact that most of us actually voted for President Biden. But leaders said Saturday that the community's support for Biden has vanished as more Palestinian men, women and children are killed in Gaza. The Muslim community leaders' condemnation of Biden does not indicate support for former President Donald Trump, the clear front-runner in the Republican primary, Hussein clarified.
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His wife, Bridget Ziegler, told detectives that the three had engaged in sex once more than a year ago. Christian Ziegler did not immediately respond to a phone message left Saturday seeking comment. The woman told detectives that she and Christian Ziegler have known each other for more than 20 years. In a phone call, the woman told Ziegler that he had sexually assaulted her. Detectives seized Christian Ziegler’s phone on Nov. 2 and accessed his Google account two weeks ago, the affidavits say.
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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — Three senior members of a super PAC backing Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis left the group on Saturday, the latest sign of instability within the 2024 hopeful's political operation just six weeks before the Iowa Republican caucuses. Longtime DeSantis ally Scott Wagner, who had been a member of the group's board, was named interim CEO and board chairman. DeSantis' campaign has relied heavily on Never Back Down for basic campaign functions, though the two sides cannot directly coordinate under federal campaign finance rules. Never Back Down has more staff working in Iowa, more than two dozen, than any campaign or super PAC and have been organizing ahead of the precinct-level caucuses since June.
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SIMI VALLEY, Calif. (AP) — Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Saturday denounced those who advocate “an American retreat from responsibility” and said sustained U.S. leadership is needed to help keep the world as safe, free and prosperous as possible. He also urged Congress to end the partisan gridlock that has stalled the federal budget and war spending. Those who “try to pull up the drawbridge,” he said, undermine the security that has led to decades of prosperity. Political Cartoons View All 1277 Images“You’ll hear some people try to brand an American retreat from responsibility as bold new leadership,” Austin said. About 100 hostages were freed as part of the truce, but about 140 remain held by Hamas and others in Gaza.
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I think of that encounter from time to time as I ponder the unspeakable violence of the war raging in the Middle East. I’m also heartbroken to witness the profound pain of my Jewish and Muslim friends and their growing fears for their own safety. Intolerance was already on the rise but the events of the past two months have sent it into overdrive. Indirectly, therefore, public opinion in the US seems likely to have some potential impact on the Israeli government’s actions. Despite backlash from other sections of their own community, some Jewish groups have marched alongside pro-Palestinian protesters to demand a ceasefire in Gaza.
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CNN —House Speaker Mike Johnson said Saturday he believes Republicans have the votes to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. “I believe we will,” Johnson told Fox News of a GOP-led impeachment inquiry. Johnson, appearing alongside House GOP conference chair Elise Stefanik, claimed the inquiry wouldn’t be used as a partisan political tool. “Now we’re being stalled by the White House because they’re preventing at least two to three DOJ witnesses from coming forward” and withholding evidence from the National Archives, he continued. “A formal impeachment inquiry vote on the floor will allow us to take it to the next necessary step, and I think it’s something we have to do at this juncture.”To this point, House Republicans have been pushing to formalize their impeachment inquiry into Biden but have not had the votes to do so.
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Olympic swimmer Klete Keller avoided prison for his role in the Capitol riot on January 6, 2021. The gold medal winner stormed the Capitol and shouted profanities about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Prosecutors asked for a prison term, but he was sentenced to probation and home detention instead. AdvertisementKlete Keller, an Olympic swimmer and gold medallist, was spared jail during his sentencing for his involvement in the 2021 Capitol attack. Video footage taken during the attack shows Keller inside the Capitol shouting obscenities about Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer.
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Because once again, we are talking about repealing Obamacare. AdvertisementAs a result, Trump has handed President Joe Biden a potent gift at a critical time. Despite over a decade of promises of "repealing and replacing" Obamacare, Republicans have never agreed on how to replace the law. AdvertisementIn reigniting the repeal debate, Trump has also opened up the playbook for the Biden White House. Unlike typical Republicans, Trump professes an aversion to cutting Social Security and Medicare (even if the actual reality isn't the same.)
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Trump Can Be Sued for Jan. 6 Incitement, Judges Rule
  + stars: | 2023-12-01 | by ( Sadie Gurman | Jan Wolfe | )   time to read: 1 min
Former President Donald Trump is facing four separate indictments at both state and federal levels. WSJ breaks down each of the indictments and what they mean for his 2024 presidential campaign. Photo Illustration: Annie ZhaoWASHINGTON—Civil lawsuits seeking to hold Donald Trump accountable for the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol can move forward, a federal appeals-court panel ruled Friday, expressing skepticism toward the former president’s claims of “absolute immunity” from allegations that he incited violence that day. The three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit said while presidents can carry out their official duties without exposure to lawsuits, plaintiffs including Capitol Police officers had adequately established that Trump wasn’t acting in that capacity while campaigning for re-election.
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Fulton Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee departs after presiding over a hearing at the Fulton County Courthouse in Atlanta on November 15. But it’s in Georgia where he and his alleged co-conspirators face a combined 41 state charges for trying to overturn legitimate election results in the 2020 presidential election. This is the first time Trump’s attorneys will appear in court in the Fulton County case, though their client won’t be with them. Trump hasn’t yet been in the Atlanta courthouse – he previously waived his right to an arraignment hearing – though he was processed at the Fulton County jail in late August. Read more about the Georgia election subversion case.
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Former President Donald Trump is facing four separate indictments at both state and federal levels. WSJ breaks down each of the indictments and what they mean for his 2024 presidential campaign. Photo Illustration: Annie ZhaoWASHINGTON—Former President Donald Trump’s efforts to claim absolute immunity to ward off criminal and civil legal actions against him were rebuffed twice Friday in separate legal decisions. U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan , presiding over Trump’s election-interference case brought by special counsel Jack Smith, rejected the former president’s bid to have that case tossed out on the grounds that he enjoys “absolute immunity” from criminal prosecution. In court papers, the former president’s lawyers argued that his efforts to challenge his November 2020 election loss had been “within the ‘outer perimeter’ of his official responsibility” as president.
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Below is a fact check of 102 of Trump’s false claims from the 12 speeches. But contrary to Trump’s claim, it’s not true that people had been attempting for decades to create such an initiative. Trump’s aid to farmersIn speech after speech, Trump claimed that he had given US farmers $28 billion from China. Even if the poll result is off, it’s clear that Trump’s claim that “nobody wants them” is not true. He said he was an airline pilot.”Facts First: Trump made a false claim while mocking Biden for making false claims.
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