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President Biden’s resistance to pressure to end his re-election bid appears to be a strategy aimed at running out the clock, a play to leave his party so little time to come up with another candidate that his opponents stand down. Every day that Mr. Biden defies pressure to step aside, the prospects, and logistics, of replacing him become more untenable, and riskier. “It’s a mess,” said James Carville, a consultant who has been among a roster of Democrats pushing for Mr. Biden to step aside and clear the way for a new nominee. Everybody gets exhausted and just says, ‘It’s too much trouble.’”Mr. Biden’s efforts to dig in were showing signs of initial success. On Tuesday, some Democratic leaders in Congress expressed support for the president and said it was time to move on.
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In the 2020 election cycle, retirees gave hundreds of millions of dollars to federal candidates. Crystal Snow, a 60-year-old retired business owner, also donated hundreds of times to Republican groups ahead of the 2020 election, according to federal records. Snow told Insider she donated according to her Christian values and did so exclusively online, including to the likes of Sens. By the 2020 election cycle, retirees accounted for more than $1 in every $5, amounting to more than $378 million. Retirees are responsible for a greater and greater share of large political contributions, federal campaign finance data indicates.
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