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Unprotected at the margins of the rental market
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Cecilia Reyes | )   time to read: +31 min
Officers interviewed two motel residents who called 911; they said they did not want to leave their homes. Alyssa Pointer for Business InsiderIn Georgia, an eviction requires a court order, but the law doesn't explicitly make lockouts illegal. In this case, an officer classified the incident as a "crime against property" — a crime committed by the residents themselves. In unincorporated Clark County, where the property is located, operating a short-term rental without a license is illegal. Matthew Main is an attorney who has represented residents in similarly precarious housing situations in New York City, where state law also grants residents tenants' rights after 30 days.
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Yet she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Biden and didn’t vote that year. In the 2000 election, Democrat Al Gore received 70% in DeKalb; in 2020, Biden won 83%. Massachusetts native Kim Cavaliere, who moved to Georgia over 20 years ago, is pictured at her home in Dacula, Georgia. She’s still inclined to vote third-party again but is perhaps open to reconsidering if Georgia could settle a close race. It is rural, and reliably red – Trump won 71% of the county vote in 2020.
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SAVANNAH, Ga. (AP) — Michael Thurmond thought he was reading familiar history at the burial place of Georgia's colonial founder. The son of a sharecropper and great-grandson of a Georgia slave, Thurmond became an attorney and has served for decades in state and local government. Historians have widely agreed Oglethorpe and his fellow Georgia trustees didn’t ban slavery because it was cruel to Black people. Escaped slaves captured in Oglethorpe’s Georgia were returned to slaveholders. Thurmond's book openly embraces such evidence that Oglethorpe's history with slavery was at times contradictory and unflattering.
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Despite calls by some legal experts to recuse herself from the case to protect its integrity, she is not expected to do so, the sources told CNN. Still, a source familiar with the thinking inside the DA’s office told CNN they would be “mystified” if it succeeds in removing her. “I think a lot of what I’ve read is more of a distraction and not legally substantive,” James told CNN in a sit-down interview. I think it’s very unlikely that we’ll see any criminal action come out of that,” Kreis told CNN. If Willis ultimately survives the current push to disqualify her, the case would effectively be back on track, sources told CNN.
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Allegations have surfaced of an affair between Fulton County DA Fani Willis and an attorney she hired. AdvertisementFulton County District Attorney Fani Willis hired attorney Nathan Wade to lead the Georgia prosecution of Donald Trump and 18 others over efforts to overturn the 2020 election. The lawyer is seeking to get the indictment tossed and to remove Willis and Wade from the case. Outside of any effect on this case, Willis, an elected Democrat, is up for reelection this year, and this could become a campaign issue depending on how she ultimately responds. Records show Wade billed for what he described as "travel to Athens; conf with White House Counsel" in May 2022.
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ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia's state Supreme Court on Wednesday refused to approve rules for a new commission to discipline and remove state prosecutors, meaning the commission can't begin operating. In an unsigned order, justices said they have “grave doubts” about their ability to regulate the duties of district attorneys beyond the practice of law. Beyond the hurdle of state Supreme Court approval of rules, four district attorneys are suing to overturn the commission, arguing that it unconstitutionally infringes on their power. The Georgia law states a prosecutor can't refuse to prosecute whole categories of crimes, but must instead decide charges case by case. It applies both to district attorneys and elected solicitors general, who prosecute lower-level crimes in some Georgia counties.
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(CNN) – Fulton County prosecutors have discussed potential plea deals with at least six additional co-defendants charged alongside Donald Trump for attempting to subvert the 2020 presidential election, multiple sources tell CNN. Pro-Trump lawyer Robert Cheeley is among those who have been offered a plea deal in the Georgia case but, according to his lawyer, turned it down. A source with knowledge of the Fulton County DA’s strategy tells CNN that it would be open to discussing plea deals with anyone, but there is little room for compromise when it comes to the charges against Trump. To be clear, there is no indication that prosecutors or Trump’s legal team are interested in discussing a plea deal. John Eastman, who is also considered one of Trump’s most high-profile co-defendants, has not been offered a plea deal either, his lawyer told CNN.
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Gwinnett County police said Emanuel Rene Esfahani, a 20-year-old Lawrenceville man, turned himself in Tuesday and is charged with five counts of vehicular homicide. He's also charged with reckless driving, racing, speeding, unsafe lane change and not wearing a seatbelt. Investigators say Esfahani was racing a pickup truck driven by 18-year Hung Nguyen about 4 a.m. on Labor Day on Georgia 316 when the two came upon a slower vehicle. But Esfahani came upon a truck stopped in the emergency lane and swerved left, striking Nguyen's Toyota Tacoma. One had not been wearing a seatbelt, but investigators could not determine if the second passenger had been wearing one.
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[1/3] People protest agains the controversial "Cop City" project as the clear cutting of trees begins near Atlanta, Georgia, U.S., March 31, 2023. The defendants were charged with violations of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, commonly known as the RICO Act. "Each individual charged in this indictment knowingly joined the conspiracy in an attempt to prevent the training center from being built," the indictment reads. "The movement to prevent the development of Cop City is a fight against hundreds of years of racialized violence and ecological destruction," the website says. Clearing of the training center site has already begun, but a petition has circulated in Atlanta demanding a halt to the project pending a referendum.
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Ultimately, they went with Soccer Shots, a children's program that partners with local schools to help kids develop both soccer and life skills. The Halls bought their first Soccer Shots franchise in 2018. They also had to put together a PowerPoint presentation for Soccer Shots' executive team at the headquarters in Pennsylvania. Buying their first Soccer Shots for $29,500 plus additional start-up costsSoccer Shots officially offered the franchise to the Halls in September 2018. On average, they spend one to two hours a week working on Soccer Shots.
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Atlanta CNN —Former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows rolled the dice on Monday with his opening move in the sprawling Fulton County election subversion trial: he took the stand himself. If the judge agrees, the trial could end up moving from state court to federal court, a more advantageous legal spot for Meadows. The former chief of staff also grew somewhat exasperated as the prosecutor questioned why his role would include setting up a call to settle private litigation. “There is a role for the chief of staff to make sure those campaign goals and objectives are implemented at the federal level,” Meadows argued. Meadows quipped, “I can’t imagine I would be chief of staff for President Biden.”
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Trump's booking and arraignment in Atlanta will take weeks, which is way too long. In Atlanta, where the Fulton County district attorney charged Trump with an array of crimes for trying to overturn Georgia's 2020 election results, that same process is expected to take several weeks. It's 'lightning speed' for AtlantaTrump has said he'll go to Atlanta on Thursday where he'll be booked at the Fulton County jail, known locally as Rice Street, on 13 charges ranging from RICO — a racketeering charge — to illegally pressuring public officials. Fulton County Sheriffs install barricades outside the Fulton County Jail, making it even less walkable. AdvertisementAdvertisementYes, the district attorney's office, county court, and federal court are all nearby each other in downtown Atlanta.
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Hundreds of activists packed Atlanta's City Hall to protest the funding of "Cop City." But the City Council approved $67 million in funding for the police training center anyway. Arvin Temkar/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via APThe training center was approved by the City Council in September 2021 but required an additional vote for more funding. Though more than 220 people spoke publicly against the training center, a small handful voiced support, saying they trusted Dickens' judgment. Protestors gather in the atrium of Atlanta City Hall to protest the proposed police training center on Monday, June 5, 2023.
Persons: , Andre Dickens, Dickens, Jason Getz, Manuel Paez Terán, Matthew Johnson, Johnson, Arvin Temkar, Councilmembers, Natrice Miller, Sen, Raphael Warnock, Devin Franklin, Franklin, Sara McClintock, councilmembers, McClintock, It's Organizations: Council, Service, ATLANTA, Atlanta City Council, City Council, Atlanta Police Foundation's, Atlanta, Beloved Community, Protesters, Hall, Atlanta Police Foundation, Atlanta City Hall, AP, Atlanta Solidarity Fund, Prosecutors, Democratic, Civil Rights Movement, Southern, For Human, City Hall, Emory University Locations: Atlanta, DeKalb County, City
ATLANTA, March 6 (Reuters) - Two dozen people face domestic terrorism charges in Atlanta after they were arrested during violent clashes between officers and protesters at a police training center construction site, authorities said on Monday. The 23 people who face charges were part of a group detained on Sunday by police who said they launched bricks, rocks, Molotov cocktails and fireworks at officers after they breached the construction site, where a new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center is being built. Opponents of the site say they want to save an important green space near the greater Atlanta metropolitan area of 6 million people. The site was subject to a protest in January that briefly turned violent as demonstrators set a police car on fire and smashed windows of buildings. Demonstrators at that time gathered to protest the law enforcement killing of an activist during a raid to clear the construction site.
March 5 (Reuters) - Fires broke out at the construction site of an Atlanta police training center on Sunday after a demonstration at the property led to clashes between police and protesters and 35 people were arrested, police said. Opponents of the site say they want to save an important green space near the greater Atlanta metropolitan area of 6 million people. "We call on all people of good conscience to stand in solidarity with the movement to stop Cop City and defend the Weelaunee Forest," reads a statement on a website called Defend The Atlanta Forest. With more events planned in coming days, Atlanta police said they and other law-enforcement agencies had "multi-layered strategy that includes reaction and arrest." Demonstrators at that time gathered to protest against the killing by law enforcement of an activist during a raid to clear the construction site.
One person was killed and a Georgia trooper was injured Wednesday as officials cleared out the site of a controversial proposed law enforcement training center in Atlanta. Tensions have been rising in the city over the proposed Public Safety Training Center: a sprawling stretch of 85 acres of forested land in DeKalb County that will have a shooting range, amphitheater and a mock city that will be used for training. Opponents have called the center "Cop City" and protesters have camped out in the area of the proposed site to decry construction. Other law enforcement officers returned fire, hitting the man, who died at the scene, the GBI said. A movement called “Defend the Atlanta Forest," which opposes the training center plans, contradicted the GBI’s account, saying: “Police killed a forest defender today, someone who loved the forest, someone who fought to protect the earth & its inhabitants.
His attorney, Tommy Calogero, said authorities erroneously linked Reid to purse thefts in Jefferson Parish and Baton Rouge. I said, ‘What is Jefferson Parish?’” Reid said. Reid’s case brings renewed attention to the use of facial recognition tools in Louisiana and elsewhere. Under the latest city rules, all possible matches must undergo a peer review by other facial recognition investigators. Legislation to restrict the use of facial recognition statewide died in a 2021 legislative session.
“Voter suppression was an issue, even if it wasn’t a completely successful issue,” Albright said. Albright said the “turnout was still pretty good for a runoff election,” although he acknowledged that “voter suppression” did affect some voters. … Showing up at the polls was more than beating voter suppression. It showed we care.”The robust Black vote also showed a level of erudition, Albright said, defying some myths that Black voters don’t understand, or thoroughly consider, the issues when voting. … So, Black voters overcame a lot — and showed they are smart voters, too.”
A series of graphs published by My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell on his social media channels and livestreams appearing to show real-time U.S. midterm election updates do not indicate or prove fraud, experts told Reuters. Lindell published four graphs on his Instagram account purporting to show real-time vote counts during the elections. But such ‘spikes’ seen in graphs using unofficial election data do not indicate or provide proof of fraud, with races rarely officially called on election night (here). The four graphs appearing to show real-time midterm election data do not point to fraud or nefarious activity. Visualizing unofficial vote counts in real-time where the incoming data may be non-uniform in distribution can lead to apparent “spikes” in graphs, experts told Reuters.
While some pointed to their civic duty and a dislike of the GOP for voting, others cited trust. "We just can't have it where people can just spill out false information," an Atlanta-area voter told Insider. Another voter, Dani, who declined to giver her last name, decried the state of negative advertisement in modern politics. "There's no way that Herschel Walker should represent any city, state, country, you name it," he told Insider. At Druid Hills High School in suburban DeKalb County, Jim Perkins told Insider that there were "too many crazy people" in politics and he had to cast a ballot because of it.
Multiple high-stakes races on the ballot in Georgia have drawn record levels of early-voter turnout, according to state officials. Through the first days of early voting, a record 1.017 million people cast ballots in the state, according to a press release from Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. This preliminary news of high turnout follows a controversial revision to state-level election administration procedures authorized by Georgia Gov. "We had a lot of problems with the 2020 election," said Christian Zimm, a Republican running to represent Georgia's 5th Congressional District. Watch the video above to see what's driving Atlanta's record early-voter turnout.
And Walker’s campaign told NBC News that it has ordered 1,000 imitation plastic law enforcement badges that say “I’m with Herschel” as a fundraising tool. “Herschel Walker has been a friend to law enforcement and has a record of honoring police,” said Gail Gitcho, the Walker campaign strategist who ordered the badges Saturday. "It just gives us a chance to talk about Herschel’s support of law enforcement and law enforcement's support for him. If he said, ‘I’m a law enforcement officer and I have these powers,’ then I have a problem with that. Asked whether he had a problem with Walker’s flashing the honorary badge onstage, Wilcher said: “No.
Corporate landlords in cities like Milwaukee helped drive an evictions crisis during the pandemic. Corporate landlords, which own almost 50% of rental properties, are more likely to evict, advocates say. Before the 2008 recession, corporate landlords owned 20% of rental properties; today, it's nearing a whopping 50%. Since the Center for Disease Control's evictions moratorium took effect last September, evictions by corporate landlords have actually been steadily increasing. There is no national database of evictions, and evictions are only tracked at the level of the country's more than 3,000 counties.
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