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Dec 3 (Reuters) - Russia launched 12 drones and a cruise missile at Ukraine overnight, with Ukraine's air defence systems destroying 10 drones before they reached their targets, Ukraine's air force said on Sunday. The cruise missile was not destroyed but did not reach its target, the air force said, without giving further details. These are good results that we see every day," Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat told national television. Reuters could not independently verify the air force's report. The Iranian-made Shahed drones were headed towards Ukraine's northwest, the air force said.
Persons: Yuriy Ihnat, Lidia Kelly, Pavel Polityuk, William Mallard, Bernadette Baum Organizations: Air Force, Reuters, Regional, Thomson Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Ukraine's, Mykolaiv, Melbourne, Kyiv
Editor’s Note: Sign up for Unlocking the World, CNN Travel’s weekly newsletter. Get the latest news in aviation, food and drink, where to stay and other travel developments. CNN —In travel news this week: the world’s leading destinations for neighborliness and tranquility, what’s trending in aircraft interiors and top picks for city getaways and Asian hotels. World’s most peaceful countriesWhat do Iceland, Denmark and Ireland have in common, other than being Northwestern European countries with oceanic climates and gorgeous, green landscapes shaped by ancient glaciers? That’s what’s promised by Lufthansa Technik’s new cabin design for the upcoming BBJ 777-9 — the private jet version of Boeing’s new widebody aircraft, the 777X.
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AdvertisementA serious issue for travelers could be quietly brewing amid the booming demand for cruises : oversold ships. With this has come an influx of last-minute bookings that may be catching cruise operators off guard, leading to oversold cruises, Scholes said. On Tuesday, an oversold Quantum of the Seas ship left several travelers stranded at the embarkation port in Brisbane, Australia. While hard to predict, Scholes said he "wouldn't be surprised" if there were a handful of oversold cruise incidents next year as well. Statistically, it's still unlikely: Only a handful of the millions of annual cruise travelers have ever been impacted by this.
Persons: , Patrick Scholes, Scholes, Brittany Chang, itineraries, wouldn't, it's, Raynor Organizations: Royal, Service, Truist Securities, Royal Caribbean Group, Seas, Seas ., Port, Business Locations: Royal Caribbean, Brisbane, Australia, Caribbean, Port of Brisbane
It has been nearly half a century since The Love Boat promised “something for everyone.” These days, it’s actually true. Before the hit TV show helped popularize them, cruises were derided as being for the “newly wed and nearly dead,” and were a lot more expensive than they are today. Those not quite rich enough for their own yacht can still splurge on intimate, luxurious trips or high-octane adventures to places like Antarctica. But most cruisers these days are middle-class Americans or Europeans looking to be fed, pampered and entertained on a floating version of home. The hyper-efficient industry has made that possible by building megaships that resemble floating theme parks, and even its own islands.
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A pedestrian carrying an umbrella walks along the River Thames in view of City of London skyline in London, Britain, July 31, 2023. Finance executives, consultants and headhunters interviewed by Reuters predict subdued deal flows, modest bonuses for most and heavy job cuts in 2024. "2023 will ultimately be one of the lowest corporate finance fee pools in modern history," said Fabrizio Campelli, head of Corporate Bank and Investment Bank at Deutsche Bank. JOB CUTSBanks have already turned to cost cuts to try to weather the downturn, which in a people-intensive business means job losses. And although some bankers expect a tough 2024, others sense an opportunity for European banks from the Basel Endgame.
Persons: Hollie Adams, Fabrizio Campelli, Banks, Ronan O'Kelly, Oliver Wyman, O'Kelly, Dominic Hook, Goldman Sachs, Vis Raghavan, JP Morgan, Morgan McKinley's, Stephane Rambosson, headhunter, Rambosson, Ana Botin, Morgan's Raghavan, there's, Oliver Wyman's O'Kelly, Deutsche's Campelli, Anousha Sakoui, Carolyn Cohn, Jesus Aguado, Alexander Smith Organizations: REUTERS, LONDON, Finance, Reuters, Corporate Bank, Investment Bank, Deutsche Bank, Organisation for Economic Cooperation, Development, Barclays, Lloyds, Challenger Metro Bank, UBS UBSG.S, Citi, Workers, Global Investment Banking, Employment, European Union, Santander, Global, Basel, Thomson Locations: City, London, Britain, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Ukraine, West, China, United States, India, Madrid
Search operations widened Friday with additional U.S. military personnel joining the effort, while Japanese coast guard and military ships focused on an undersea search using sonar. Japanese officials say they asked the U.S. military to halt Osprey flights in Japan except for those involved in the search operations. A total of 44 Ospreys have been deployed at U.S. and Japanese military bases in Japan. Denny Tamaki called on Japan’s defense and foreign ministries to request the U.S. military to suspend all Osprey flights in Japan, including in search operations. “I have serious doubts about Osprey safety even for their search and rescue operations.”
Persons: , Sabrina Singh, Hirokazu Matsuno, Minoru Kihara, Ricky Rupp, ” Kihara, Rupp, Yoko Kamikawa, Japan Rahm Emanuel, United States “, Denny Tamaki, Tamaki, , Organizations: TOKYO, Pentagon, U.S, Ospreys, U.S ., Defense, U.S . Forces Japan, Osprey, United, U.S . Air Force Special, Command, Yokota Air Base, Fifth Air Force, 353rd, Operations, U.S . Marine Corps Air, Iwakuni, Kadena Air Base, Gov Locations: Japan, U.S, Okinawa, United States, Yamaguchi prefecture
Washington CNN —Ukrainian forces are facing a “tough” winter and a difficult year ahead, as Western intelligence assessments do not expect significant movement on the frontlines in the coming months, two Western officials and a senior US military official told CNN. In the nearer term, Western intelligence agencies expect Russia to expand its bombardment of civilian infrastructure, including electrical facilities, in an attempt to inflict further suffering on the civilian population during the cold winter months. Western intelligence assessments indicate the frontlines are unlikely to change much in the coming months. “On the other hand,” a senior Western official told CNN, “Ukraine will have the defender’s advantage, and they are very tough at that”. However, Western intelligence assessments warn that battlefield movement could stagnate until well into 2024, bringing the war closer to the “frozen conflict” that many Russia observers fear plays to Putin’s advantage.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, , Donald Trump, Putin, John Kirby, Kylie Atwood, Natasha Bertrand, Jennifer Hansler, Kevin Liptak, Sam Fossum Organizations: Washington CNN, CNN, NATO, Western, , Fleet, Congress, National Security Locations: Russia, “ Ukraine, United Kingdom, Russian, Ukraine, Europe, Israel
Ukrainian servicemen of a drone hunting team stand next to an anti-aircraft twin-barreled autocannon that they use to target Russian launched drones, in the outskirts of Kyiv, on November 30, 2023, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday called for quicker fortifications in key battlegrounds that face assaults from Russian forces, particularly in eastern Ukraine. Russia's navy reported early Friday morning that it destroyed a Ukrainian navy vessel without crew that was heading towards Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014. Separately, Russia's presence at a European security meeting taking place Thursday caused a stir. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attended the annual meeting of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, with Baltic nations and Ukraine refusing to attend as a result.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Zelenskyy, John Kirby, Sergei Lavrov Organizations: . National Security, Russian, Organization for Security, Cooperation Locations: Kyiv, Ukraine, Russian, Ukrainian, Russia, Crimea, Washington, Europe, Baltic
The X Shore Pro, which is meant for commercial operations or coast guards, is based on the former and shares most of its specifications. The X Shore 1 costs upwards of €109,000 (about $119,000), but the more expensive models in the lineup start at €195,000 (about $213,000). According to Keisu, the experience of riding an X Shore boat is radically different to a traditional one. “The only difference is that we [X Shore] use our batteries also for propulsion, so we have much larger battery packs,” she says. However, technological constraints may be slowing down the electrification of boats, including small leisure boats such as those manufactured by X Shore.
Persons: that’s, Tesla, , Maria Niläng, we’re, X Shore, Jenny Keisu, X, Keisu, Timothy McCoy, McCoy, ” Brandon Taravella, , ” Keisu Organizations: CNN, X Shore, Värmdö Archipelago, University of Michigan, University of New, UNESCO Locations: Stockholm, Sweden, Swedish, Värmdö, X, University of New Orleans, Norway
Several guests weren't allowed to board a Royal Caribbean cruise because the ship was overbooked. Just hours after arriving at the Brisbane International Cruise Terminal, the couple was sent back home because Royal Caribbean had overbooked its 4,905-guest ship. But if it weren't for this option, Raynor says he would "absolutely not" be inclined to go on another Royal Caribbean cruise. AdvertisementRoyal Caribbean has a history of overbooking its giant cruise shipsRoyal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas. "I know Royal Caribbean generally has a good reputation, but it's certainly left a bad sour taste in our mouths," Raynor said.
Persons: weren't, he's, , Jai Raynor, Raynor, rebooking, it's Organizations: Royal, Service, Port, Brisbane International Cruise, Business, Royal Caribbean, Caribbean, Seas . Locations: Royal Caribbean, Brisbane, , New Caledonia, Nouméa , New Caledonia . Southern Lightscapes, Australia, Caribbean
The logo of Robinhood Markets, Inc. is seen at a pop-up event on Wall Street after the company's IPO in New York City, U.S., July 29, 2021. Since then, trading activity has shrunk as people grapple with a cost-of-living crisis caused by high interest rates and inflation. Robinhood said UK customers will have access to commission-free trading of more than 6,000 US-listed stocks and American Depositary Receipts (ADRs), without foreign exchange fees and no account minimums. "For too long, UK investors have incurred high fees to invest in the U.S. markets and earned low returns on their uninvested cash," said Jordan Sinclair, president of Robinhood UK. The online brokerage missed Wall Street estimates for third-quarter revenue earlier this month after a slowdown in trading activity.
Persons: Andrew Kelly, Robinhood, Vlad Tenev, Jordan Sinclair, Sinead Cruise, Kirstin Ridley, Jane Merriman, Barbara Lewis Organizations: Inc, REUTERS, Authority, Robinhood, U.S . Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, Thomson Locations: New York City, U.S, Britain, United States
Ford takes $1.7 billion profit hit from UAW strike
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The automaker now expects adjusted earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of $10 billion to $10.5 billion for 2023. In July, it forecast adjusted EBIT of $11 billion to $12 billion. Ford said the new outlook included $1.6 billion in lost profits in the fourth quarter due to interruptions in production of high-margin trucks and SUVs. A month into the strikes, Ford said the company was "at the limit" of what it could spend on higher wages and benefits. The deal UAW leaders finally approved included a pay hike of at least 30% for full-time workers and more than double pay for others.
Persons: David, Dee, Delgado, Ford, Shawn Fain, walkouts, Bill Ford, Tesla, Nathan Gomes, Anil D'Silva Organizations: New York, REUTERS, Ford, GM, UAW, Canadian, Chrysler, EV, Thomson Locations: Manhattan , New York City, U.S, United States, Michigan, Bengaluru
In March, Life at Sea Cruises announced it was accepting reservations for its three-year cruise around the world. When the cruise was first announced, prices were starting at $29,999 a year/The three-year cruise was initially set to depart from Istanbul, Turkey on November 1. The company had been trying to buy AIDAaura, a 20-year-old ship, which was sold in November to another cruise company. In a statement to the news outlet, Miray Cruises owner Vedat Ugurlu said the cruise wasn't canceled but postponed until May 2024. Representatives for Life at Sea Cruises and Miray Cruises did not immediately respond to CNBC Make It's request for comment.
Persons: Vedat Ugurlu Organizations: CNBC, CNN, Sea Cruises, Miray Cruises, ABC News, Miray, Life Locations: Istanbul, Turkey, Amsterdam
The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, which erupted in early October, has halted international tourism to Israel and severely blunted travel to neighboring countries in a ripple effect spreading across the entire Middle East. While the slowdown in international visitors is only one of the war’s economic repercussions in the region, it poses a significant threat to the economies of Egypt, Jordan and other nations heavily dependent on tourism and has swiftly reversed a banner year of travel in the Middle East. The war has affected all segments of the travel industry, with international travel operators scaling back or postponing excursions, cruise lines redeploying ships and airlines dramatically reducing service. And many travelers, heeding government warnings and their own worries, are increasingly wary about visiting the region, prompting waves of cancellations. “We foresaw the Middle East evolving into the ‘New Europe’ with the Iran-Saudi Arabia rapprochement and Saudi Arabia’s integration into the tourism system,” said Khaled Ibrahim, a Cairo-based consultant for Amisol Travel Egypt and a member of the Middle East Travel Alliance.
Persons: , Khaled Ibrahim, , Hussein Abdallah, hasn’t Organizations: Amisol Travel, East Travel Alliance, UNESCO Locations: Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Europe, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Saudi, Cairo, Amisol Travel Egypt, Lebanon, Beirut, Baalbek
As opera characters, both Nixon and Mao Zedong are faintly ridiculous and faintly noble, singing of their hopes and dreams in Goodman’s enigmatic, evocative lines. And Kissinger — Nixon’s national security adviser in 1972 and, a year later, his secretary of state, too — is there by their side, just as he was in history. “When Peter Sellars proposed the idea of the opera,” Adams said in an interview, “he had just finished reading Kissinger’s ‘White House Years,’ which I seem to recall being pretty pompously self-congratulatory. The opera’s Kissinger, though, is never really human; he doesn’t get the exposure of thoughts and ambivalence granted to the other main players. “He’s not the character we go into great psychological depth with,” Adams said.
Persons: Nixon, Mao Zedong, Kissinger —, , Peter Sellars, ” Adams, Kissinger’s ‘, ” “ Nixon ”, Adams, Sellars, Goodman, J, Robert Oppenheimer, opera’s Kissinger, doesn’t, “ He’s, He’s, Kissinger Organizations: Palestine Liberation Front militants
I spent Thanksgiving on a, eight-day Carnival Cruise with my husband and 12 of our friends. We booked an eight-day Carnival Cruise over the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate our friends Tai and Darien's wedding anniversary. My husband and I spent about $3,800 to book the tripThe cruise cost $2,050 for the two of us. AdvertisementThe ship didn't satisfy our Thanksgiving cravings, but we still had nice mealsThe ship's Thanksgiving dinner, unfortunately, didn't tickle our fancy. But it felt good to lay in bed on the cruise and watch films I hadn't seen in years.
Persons: , Tai, fanny, Katrina Wilson, à, Stevie Wonder, we're, Lawrence, Whitney, I'd Organizations: Service, gratuities Locations: Florida, formalwear
Brand partnerships are a popular income source for many travel creators. Travel marketplace Jerne analyzed partnership data from 4,723 creators and 325 companies. Here are three takeaways, including how often brands expect travel creators to post. Travel is a popular niche within the creator economy, with some influencers earning five figures working with hotels, cruise lines, and tour companies to promote their experiences. Many travel companies offer free services or experiences in exchange for posting or pay creators a set amount.
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Signage is seen outside of a Metro Bank in London, Britain, May 22, 2019. REUTERS/Hannah McKay/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsNov 30 (Reuters) - Metro Bank (MTRO.L) on Thursday announced sweeping cost-cutting plans aimed at bolstering its finances, which could see the embattled British lender lay off 20% of its staff and axe some of its biggest customer perks including seven-day opening hours. The lender expects to take a lower-than-expected one-off restructuring charge of between 10 million pounds and 15 million pounds in 2023. Metro Bank did not immediately respond to a request for clarification on the precise number of roles at risk, but the lender employs around 4,000 people, according to its latest annual report. It is also reviewing its seven-day opening and extended store hours and will "selectively streamline lending" to focus on relationship banking to maximise risk-adjusted returns.
Persons: Hannah McKay, Jaime Gilinski, Daniel Frumkin, outflows, Yadarisa, Sinead Cruise, Elizabeth Howcroft, Rashmi Aich, Sherry Jacob, Phillips, Sharon Singleton Organizations: Metro Bank, REUTERS, Metro, Thomson Locations: London, Britain, Colombian, Bengaluru
GM cuts spending on Cruise self-driving cars
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CNN —General Motors announced Wednesday that it’s cutting spending at its self-driving car unit, Cruise. GM had previously announced it intends to cut back Cruise’s operations once the company restarts testing and ride hailing services. The Cruise vehicle then pulled forward, dragging the person along pavement for 20 feet. Following the suspension, Cruise announced it was pausing its public operations throughout the US and, last week, Cruise chief executive Kyle Vogt resigned. The reduction in spending relates to the broad reigning in of production and operations for Cruise.
Persons: Mary Barra, Cruise, Kyle Vogt, Dan Kan, Barra Organizations: CNN — General Motors, GM, California Department of Motor Vehicles, Cruise, Reuters Locations: United States, San Francisco
The $9.3 billion in additional costs through 2028 is for deals with the UAW as well as Canadian union Unifor, and translates to about $575 per vehicle over the life of the deals. GM's new guidance reduced expected net income attributable to stockholders for 2023 to a range of $9.1 billion to $9.7 billion, compared to the previous outlook of $9.3 billion to $10.7 billion. That includes an estimated $1.1 billion EBIT-adjusted impact from the UAW strike, which lasted just over six weeks, primarily from lost production. GM had approximately 1.37 billion shares of common stock outstanding prior to the buyback program, the company said. GM will still have another $1.4 billion of capacity remaining under its share repurchase authorization for additional stock buybacks.
Persons: Heather Somerville, Mary Barra, Barra, Cruise, Goldman Sachs, David Shepardson, Ben Klayman, Sharon Singleton, Mark Potter Organizations: General Motors, REUTERS, Detroit, United Auto Workers, UAW, GM, Cruise, Bank of America, Barclays, Citibank, Thomson Locations: San Francisco , California, U.S, California, Detroit
General Motors is slowing the expansion of its Cruise automated driving division and significantly cutting spending at the unit after suspending operations in response to growing safety concerns about its driverless cars. The company had been planning to roll out a ride service in San Francisco and three other cities and begin testing Cruise vehicles on the streets of several other markets. It now plans to focus on only one city as it works to improve the operation of its fleet of driverless vehicles it has been testing. “We expect the pace of Cruise’s expansion to be more deliberate when operations resume, resulting in substantially lower spending in 2024 than in 2023,” G.M.’s chief executive, Mary T. Barra, said Wednesday at an investor conference. “We must rebuild trust with regulators at the local, state and federal levels, as well as with the first responders and the communities in which Cruise will operate.”Last month, California regulators suspended Cruise’s license to operate in the state after an incident in which a Cruise self-driving vehicle in San Francisco ran over a pedestrian who had been hit by another car and dragged her for 20 feet.
Persons: , , Mary T, Barra Organizations: Motors, Cruise Locations: San Francisco, California
Nov 29 (Reuters) - Russia launched 21 drones and three cruise missiles at Ukraine overnight, but all the drones and two of the missiles were destroyed before reaching their targets, Ukraine's air force said on Wednesday. The third missile was not destroyed but did not reach its target, the air force said without going into further detail. The Iranian-made Shahed drones were headed towards the western region of Khmelnytskyi, the air force said. The target was not identified, but the region is home to a large air base. The air force said the missiles were shot down over the southern region of Mykolaiv, while the drones were downed in seven provinces all over Ukraine.
Persons: Lidia Kelly, Clarence Fernandez, Andrew Heavens Organizations: Reuters, Fleet, Moscow, Thomson Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi, Mykolaiv, Russian, Kherson, Melbourne
A frigate of the Russian Black Sea Fleet launches a Kalibr cruise missile at Ukraine's military infrastructure, according to Russian Defence Ministry, in the Black Sea, in this still image taken from video released November 29. Russian Defence Ministry/Handout via REUTERS Acquire Licensing RightsNov 29 (Reuters) - A frigate of the Russian Black Sea Fleet launched an attack with four cruise missiles on Ukraine's military infrastructure, Russia's defence ministry said early on Wednesday. "The crew of a frigate of the Black Sea Fleet received a task of launching a strike with Kalibr cruise missiles in the shortest possible time against enemy military infrastructure," the ministry said on its Telegram messaging app. The Black Sea has become a crucial theatre in the 21-month-long war. Ukraine's increased air and sea drone attacks on Russian military targets there have damaged ship and naval repair yards in the port of Sevastopol, and struck other targets.
Persons: Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Lidia Kelly, Jacqueline Wong, Raju Gopalakrishnan Organizations: Sea Fleet, Russian Defence Ministry, REUTERS Acquire, Black Sea Fleet, Reuters, Russian, Thomson Locations: Russian, Ukraine, Sevastopol, East, Europe, Melbourne
A passenger died after falling off Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas. The cruise ship was traveling from Florida to the Bahamas. AdvertisementA passenger was killed after he fell off a Royal Caribbean cruise ship on Saturday, the cruise line told Business Insider in a statement. Royal Caribbean declined to confirm how the passenger died to BI. Out of respect for them, we won't provide any further comment," Royal Caribbean told BI.
Persons: , TMZ Organizations: Service, Royal, TMZ, BI, Fox, Fox News, Royal Caribbean, Viking Cruises Locations: Florida, Bahamas, Royal Caribbean, Port Canaveral , Florida, Nassau
TOKYO (AP) — A U.S. military Osprey aircraft carrying eight people crashed Wednesday into the sea off southern Japan, and the Japanese coast guard is heading to the site for search and rescue operations, officials said. Details about what happened to the Osprey and to the people on board were not immediately known, coast guard spokesperson Kazuo Ogawa said. The coast guard received an emergency call from a fishing boat near the crash site off Yakushima, an island south of Kagoshima on the southern main island of Kyushu, he said. Political Cartoons View All 1270 ImagesA U.S. Marine Corps Osprey aircraft with 23 Marines aboard crashed on a north Australian island in August, killing at least three and critically injuring at least five during a multinational training exercise. There have been at least five fatal crashes of Marine Ospreys since 2012, causing a total of at least 19 deaths.
Persons: Kazuo Ogawa Organizations: TOKYO, , Osprey, U.S . Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, . Marine Corps, Marines, Marine Ospreys Locations: U.S, Japan, Kagoshima, Kyushu, Iwakuni, Okinawa
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