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Those losses have come despite the sophistication of Israeli tanks and Israel's experience using them. AdvertisementThe recent images of an advanced Israeli Merkava tank blazing on the Gaza border evokes memories of another October war 50 years ago. Nonetheless, about 20 Israeli tanks have been knocked out over the past two months by Hamas, an irregular force that lacks advanced weaponry. Tanks of 1973An Israeli tank in the Golan Heights during the Yom Kippur War in October 1973. Hamas drones dive-bombing Israeli tanks is probably more of a rare occurrence than a decisive tactic — though the IDF has mounted steel cages on its tanks for protection.
Persons: Israel, , Oleg Granovsky, Henri, Patton, GABRIEL DUVAL, Benami NEUMANN, Israel Tal, Tal, Samuel Katz, Hani Alshaer, Sagger, Abu Mustafa, Michael Peck Organizations: Service, Hamas, Hamas Press, Getty, Business, IDF, Sherman, NATO, Rommel's, Israeli Armored Corps, Getty Images Israel, West Bank, Britain, Anadolu Agency, REUTERS, Centurions, Defense, Foreign Policy, Twitter, LinkedIn Locations: Israeli, Gaza, Kippur, Ukraine, Anadolu, Golan, Israel, British, Soviet, Damascus, AFP, Britain, France, West, Jenin, Lebanon, Russian, Gaza City, Urban, Hamas, Sinai, aren't, Forbes
Emma Stone has been married to husband Dave McCary since 2020. The couple met in 2016 on "Saturday Night Live," where McCary worked as a writer and director. December 2016: Emma Stone hosts "SNL" for the third time and meets director Dave McCaryEmma Stone during her "Saturday Night Live" monologue on December 3, 2016. According to People , it was during the filming of this sketch that Stone met McCary, who had been working as a segment director for the show since 2013. "Emma Stone gives a second life to a white dress specially designed for her wedding after-party."
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Granville T. Woods was one of the most prolific Black inventors in the 19th century. Woods' inventions revolutionized transportation, but he faced many challenges as a Black inventor. One such inventor was Granville T. Woods, the most prolific Black inventor in the late 19th century. Woods, ironically, was dubbed "Black Edison" by newspapers at the time for his contributions to science. Historians ascribe Woods' decision to sell his hard-won patents to an acknowledgment that it was difficult to market Black American inventions to a largely white audience.
Persons: Granville, Woods, Thomas Edison, he'd, , Edison, George Westinghouse, Frank Sprague, Rayvon Fouché, Lewis H, Latimer, Shelby J, Davison, couldn't, Lucius Phelps, Michael C, Christopher Organizations: Service, Woods, Co, United States Patent, National Inventors Hall of Fame, Edison, Edison Company, Getty, Westinghouse, General Electric, American Engineering, of Black Studies Locations: Cincinnati , Ohio, Columbus , Ohio, Australia, African American
New York CNN —Egg and turkey prices are down. But a deadly bird flu is still threatening poultry flocks, turkey in particular. Turkey takes a hitThis year, turkey prices were low ahead of Thanksgiving — partially because turkey farmers expected an outbreak in the spring that didn’t really happen, boosting turkey supplies, explained Matt Busardo, poultry market reporter at Urner Barry. But the uptick of bird flu cases has hit turkey farms hard, and threatens to tighten supply in groceries this spring. In part that’s because unlike eggs, turkey isn’t a kitchen staple — meaning that higher prices could just lead people to skip that turkey sandwich after all.
Persons: ” Dennis Summers, Summers, We’re, ” Summers, Emily Metz, “ We’ve, Ryan Hojnowski, Urner Barry, skyrocket, , Hojnowski, it’s, Matt Busardo, Barry, , there’s, ” Busardo, , Kasinger, Ohio’s Summers, Christine McCracken Organizations: New, New York CNN, CNN, American Egg Board, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Bloomberg, Getty, Rabobank, Locations: New York, United States, Iowa, Ohio, Turkey, Minnesota
Paris CNN —When the United States Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June 2022, French women were paying close attention. Ludovic Marin/AFP/Getty ImagesProtesters voice their support for abortion rights during a debate at the Senate in Paris. According to backers of the bill, therefore, constitutionalization would safeguard abortion rights even if a pro-life majority were to be voted into office. Just last week, Argentina elected a far-right president who has pledged to reverse the abortion rights the country acquired in 2020. ‘Now or never’In France, recent polling data suggests 86% of people are now favorable to the constitutionalization of abortion rights.
Persons: Paris CNN —, Roe, Wade, France, , Mélanie Vogel, Vogel, Emmanuel Macron, Stephanie Hennette, Ludovic Marin, Jordan Bardella, ” Bardella, Laurence Rossignol, Malagré, , Enora Malagré, Pierre, Stephane Cardinale, Corbis, Rossignol, Sarah Durocher, it’s, Marine Le, Le Pen, that’s “, Lafargue Raphael, Durocher, Vauchez, ” Vogel, “ It’s Organizations: Paris CNN, United States, Atlantic, CNN, Senate, Getty, Popular, Law, Justice, National Rally, Locations: France, French, Paris, AFP, United States, Popular French, Poland, Argentina, Versailles
Inflation predictionsZurich, Switzerland (pictured) tied with Singapore as the world's most expensive city on the Worldwide Cost of Living Index from the Economist Intelligence Unit. Maremagnum/Corbis Documentary RF/Getty ImagesThe city-state of Singapore and Switzerland’s Zurich were named as the most expensive cities in the world. Movers and shakersHong Kong, the "Pearl of the Orient," came in fifth on the list of the world's most expensive cities to live in. The 2023 Worldwide Cost of Living surveyed 173 major cities, comparing more than 400 individual prices across 200 products and services. The world’s 10 most expensive cities for 20231.
Persons: who’s, Pol Albarrán, Price, ” Upasana Dutt, Dutt, Chunyip Wong, San Francisco Organizations: CNN, Economist Intelligence Unit, Economist Intelligence, Getty, Denmark's Copenhagen, Switzerland’s, New York, Singapore, Tel, Denmark’s, Orient, 171st, Venezuela’s, Paris, ., San Locations: Zurich, Switzerland, Singapore, China, Israel, El, , Tel Aviv, Switzerland’s Zurich, Swiss, Switzerland’s Geneva, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Paris, Denmark’s Copenhagen, San Francisco, Moscow, St, Petersburg, Ukraine, Beijing, Damascus, Syria, Tehran, Iran, Tripoli, Libya, Western, Venezuela’s Caracas, York, Geneva, . Tel Aviv, Copenhagen
President Gerald Ford (left) and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger talk together in the Oval Office, February 19, 1975. In his 2001 book "The Trial of Henry Kissinger," social critic Christopher Hitchens called him a war criminal. North Vietnam's Le Duc Tho (left) and US National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger at the Paris peace talks, January 1973. Chairman Zedong of the People's Republic of China meets U. S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger on Nov. 12, 1973. On a helicopter during the period of shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East, Henry Kissinger talks to his wife, Nancy.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, , Richard Nixon's, Kissinger, Richard Nixon, Richard Corkery, Duc Tho, Gerald Ford, Benjamin E, Ford, Warren Burger, Kissinger's, Paula, Gene, Forte, Seymour M, Hersh bashed Kissinger, Walter Isaacson's, Christopher Hitchens, Greg Grandin, Niall Ferguson, Kant, Clausewitz, Bismarck, Barry Gewen, Gewen, Elizabeth Holmes, Nixon, George Shultz, Holmes, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Louis, Walter, Hitler, Kissingers, Fritz Kraemer, William Yandell Elliott, Spengler, Toynbee, Metternich, Castlereagh, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Mike Wallace, Wallace, Kennedy, Johnson, Republican Nelson Rockefeller, George Romney, Hubert Humphrey, Democratic Sen, George McGovern, McGovern, Nguyen Van Thieu, Reg Lancaster, Tho, Thieu, Mao, Gen, Agha Muhammad Yahya Khan, Nicolae Ceausescu, Zhou Enlai, Leonid Brezhnev, Andrei Gromyko, Dirck, Sen, Henry Jackson, Charles Vanik, Brezhnev, Spiro Agnew, Archibald Cox, Cox, Robert Bork, White, Alexander Haig, Anwar Sadat, David Hume Kennerly, Marxist Salvador Allende Gossens, Fidel Castro's, Martin Bernetti, Allende, Augusto Pinochet Ugarte, Pinochet, Ann Fleischer, Elizabeth, David, Nancy Maginnes, Rockefeller, Jill St, John, Candice Bergen, Shirley MacLaine, Liv Ullman, Diane Sawyer, , Napoleon, Nancy, David Rubinger, Maginnes, Moshe Dayan, Robert Dallek, Nixon's, Bob Woodward, Carl Bernstein, Paula Kissinger, Brooks Kraft Organizations: Gould, Kissinger Associates, National Security, Waldorf, Astoria, Richard Corkery | New York Daily, Forte, Soviets, State, Chief, New York, Theranos Inc, Economic, Nuremberg, George Washington High School, City College of New, Army, 84th Infantry Division, U.S ., Hesse . Harvard, Harvard, Confluence, Foreign, Eisenhower, Republican, Republican National Convention, Rockefeller and Michigan Gov, Democratic, District of Columbia, US National Security, Getty, Paris Peace, North, Nationalist, China, Bettmann, East Pakistan, of, U.S, Soviet Union ., Ballistic, Soviet, Washington, Egyptian Third Army, Department, West, Marxist, Museum, AFP, CIA, Israeli, Southern California Quaker, White, Partners, Power Locations: New York City, U.S, Connecticut, Richard Corkery | New, United States, Vietnam, Saigon, Viet, Soviet Union, Communist China, Israel, Egypt, Syria, Chile, Pakistan, Theranos, Ukraine, Russia, Davos, Switzerland, Fuerth, Germany, Bavarian, American, Nazi Germany, London, New York, City College of New York, Ahlem, Hanover, German, Krefeld, Hesse, Cambodia, Massachusetts, Haiphong, Paris, North, China, Washington, Taiwan, People's Republic of China, Beijing, Moscow, India, East, Bangladesh, Shanghai, USSR, Soviet, Kremlin, Dirck Halstead, Ohio, Saudi, Japan, Sinai, Alexandria, Cairo, Suez, Americas, Santiago, Cuba, Chilean, America, Europe, Virginia, Southern California
Alfred Eisenstaedt/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images Kissinger takes a call in his office in the early 1970s. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Kissinger talks with journalists on his way to meet with NATO foreign ministers. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Kissinger, second from left, walks with Leonid Brezhnev, secretary-general of the Soviet Communist Party, in 1973. Bettmann Archive/Getty Images Kissinger looks out a window at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem in 1975. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images Kissinger is greeted by US Sen. John McCain after a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing in 2015.
Persons: CNN — Henry Kissinger, Kissinger, Henry Kissinger, Stephen Voss, Walter, Heinz Alfred Kissinger, Henry, William P, Rogers, Alfred Eisenstaedt, Tom Blau, Richard Nixon, Nixon, Warren Burger, Alamy Kissinger, Le Duc Tho, Tho, Wally McNamee, Corbis, Zhou Enlai, Leonid Brezhnev, Dirck Halstead, Gerald Ford, Nancy, pats, King David Hotel, David Hume Kennerly, Kirk Douglas, David, Elizabeth, Mikki Ansin, Diana Walker, Peter Southwock, Princess Diana, Colin Powell, Barbara Walters, Diana, David McNew, George W, Bush, Charles Dharapak, Christian Wulff, Stephan Schraps, Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, John Kerry, Chip Somodevilla, US Sen, John McCain, Tom Williams, Ash Carter, Yin Bogu, Cui Tiankai, Zhang Chaoqun, Donald Trump, Jim Watson, Andrew Harnik, Maximilian, Daniel Vogl, Xi Jinping, Nixon’s, Reagan, ” Kissinger, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, , CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, , Lincoln, Bernie Sanders, Count, ” Sanders, Clinton, “ I’ve, Zakaria Organizations: CNN, Kissinger Associates, Bettmann, Getty, Harvard University, Harvard's Center for International Affairs, National Security Council, US Arms Control, Disarmament Agency, State Department, Camera, State, Chief, Everett, Inc, Paris Peace Accords, MPI, NATO, Soviet Communist Party, Hulton, King, Times Newspapers, Concord Academy, Senate Energy, Richard, US Diplomacy Center, US, Armed Services, Nixon Library, Museum, Capitol, Science, Arts, New York’s, Nazis, United States Army, Jewish, Pentagon, CBS News, Richard Nixon Presidential Library, Republican Party Locations: Nazi Germany, Connecticut, Washington , DC, Fürth, Germany, United States, Paris, Beijing, ITAR, Washington ,, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Jerusalem, Massachusetts, Boston, New York, Yorba Linda , California, Berlin, Xinhua, AFP, Bavarian, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Chile, Soviet, Saigon, Laos, New, Furth, Nazi, Soviet Union, South Vietnam, North Vietnam, Fuerth
Some two decades after leaving the White House, Rosalynn Carter reflected on the criticism she generated for expanding the role of a first lady. “The first lady role has changed,” she observed. Mrs. Carter pushed the boundaries that had constrained most of her predecessors. Nancy Reagan recalled in her memoir a “chill in her manner” when Mrs. Carter showed her around the White House following the 1980 election when Ronald Reagan defeated Mr. Carter. Dr. Biden “isn’t an activist first lady” in the way that Mrs. Carter was, said Mr. LaRosa, the former aide to the current first lady.
Persons: Rosalynn Carter, , , Carter, Anita B, McBride, Laura Bush, , Mrs, Eleanor Roosevelt, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Jimmy Carter, “ Rosalynn, David, Anwar el, Sadat of, Menachem Begin, Camp David, Michael LaRosa, Jill Biden, “ Eleanor, Lady Bird Johnson, Betty Ford, Stanly Godbold, Bird, Dawn Porter, Julia Sweig, Lyndon, Melanne Verveer, Clinton’s, Verveer, ” Michelle Obama, “ I’ll, . Cook, Nancy Reagan, Ronald Reagan, Mr, Barbara Bush, Nancy, Bush, Biden, Dr, . Biden, Biden “ isn’t, LaRosa, “ Hillary, ” Ms Organizations: White, Israel, Camp, Getty, Hulu, Associated Press, White House Locations: Plains , Ga, Israel, Egypt, Sadat of Egypt, Georgia, Washington, Northern Virginia
In May, the Carter Center said Rosalynn Carter had dementia. The motorcade will stop for a wreath-laying ceremony at Rosalynn Carter’s alma mater, Georgia Southwestern State University, before making its way to Atlanta. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter poses for a portrait in New York in 2011. Alice S. Hall/NBCUniversal/Getty Images) Rosalynn gets a kiss from her husband after they were awarded Presidential Medals of Freedom in 1999. “Thank you all for joining us in celebrating what a treasure she was, not only to us, but to all humanity.”The Carter Center said in lieu of flowers, donations be made to the Carter Center Mental Health Program or the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers.
Persons: Rosalynn, Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter, , Andy Huggins, David Goldman, , Mike Stewart, Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala Harris, Nikki Kahn, Horace Cort, Mikki Ansin, Jason, Amy, Jeff, Jack, Dan Farrell, Jimmy, Barbara Walters, Richard Howard, Suzanne Vlamis, Diana Walker, Joan Mondale, Walter Mondale, Muriel Humphrey, Hubert Humphrey, Ruth Carter Stapleton, Jimmy Carter's, Wally McNamee, Corbis, Carter, Ronald Reagan, Ron Galella, Bromberger Hoover, Jay Leno, Alice S, Tami Chappell, Charlie Neibergall, Laura Rauch, Carolyn Kaster, Sebastian Scheiner, Barack Obama's, Bill Clark, John Bazemore, Amy Davis, Saul Loeb, Errol, Jimmy's, Branden Camp, Caroline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, David McNew, Matt McClain, Adam Schultz, The New York Times Adam Schultz, White, Erin Schaff, Michael S, Williamson, CNN’s Jaide Timm, Garcia, Eva McKend Organizations: CNN, Carter Center, White House, Atlanta ., Secret, Georgia Southwestern State University, Rosalynn Carter, Health, Human Sciences, Carter, Jimmy Carter Presidential, Glenn Memorial United Methodist Church, Emory University, Maranatha Baptist Church, Washington Post, Atlanta, NY, Hulton, Disney, Bettmann, Mental Health, Mental Health Systems, Harlem Globetrotters, Getty, Democratic National Convention, Toronto, Presidential, Humanity, Baltimore Sun, Tribune, Service, Capitol, Aging, NBA, The New York Times Locations: Plains , Georgia, Atlanta, Georgia, Plains, Americus, alma mater, Plains ., New York, Brazil, Dubuque , Iowa, Waterloo , Iowa, San Francisco, Ashkelon, Israel, Baltimore, Annapolis , Maryland, Americus , Georgia, Rosalynn
Climate change has been described as a ticking time bomb, the threats of which extend beyond ecosystems and biodiversity to big financial impacts on households and the U.S. economy. Here's what to know, according to Rumbach and David Pogue, host of the podcast "Unsung Science" and author of "How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos." Both experts were interviewed by CNBC during a recent discussion about climate change and its impact on personal finance. "Over time, each incremental increase in climate change is going to up the economic cost bit by bit," Rumbach said. But there are also steps they can take to prepare for the worsening effects of climate change.
Persons: Andrew Merry, Andrew Rumbach, David Pogue, Tim Wright, Rumbach, Pogue, There's, Justin Paget, Digitalvision Organizations: CNBC's, Finance, White, Urban Institute, CNBC, Bloomberg Creative, Bloomberg, Census, Getty, Starbucks, Urban Locations: U.S, Florida, Louisiana, New Orleans
Chris Pizzello/Reed Hoffmann/APIf you are one of those people who is weary of the Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce relationship coverage, first of all you are not alone and secondly sorry, not sorry. When it comes to Swift and Kelce, it’s a coming together of two of America’s favorite obsessions – pop culture and sports. It wasn’t until this week that we actually heard from Kelce about Swift as his girlfriend, in the form of a new interview. “I’ve never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them,” Kelce said of Swift in a recent WSJ Magazine profile. Insert the “Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate” Swift lyric here, as I am fully aware that some people are going to take issue with the next portion of what we are discussing here.
Persons: … Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce, Chris Pizzello, Reed Hoffmann, Taylor Swift, Travis, Swift, it’s, “ I’ve, ” Kelce, “ I’m, , That’s, Skip Bayless, Kelce, she’s, Viki, Kim, ” “, Busta, Sergione, he’s, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, aren’t, Young, Chris Brown, Burna, , Can’t, … Kenan Thompson, Dex, Fabrizio Guido, Jensen, Emily Hinkler, Elizabeth Hinkler, Mindy, Kel Mitchell, Ed, Kamaia Fairburn, Mia, Vanessa Clifton, Kenan Thompson, Good, Dexter Reed, Thompson, Mitchell, It’s defintely Organizations: CNN, NPR, New York Jets, JS Pictures, “ Guardian, Kodak, Nickelodeon, Paramount Locations: Hollywood, Korea
NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . OpenAI, the hottest startup in the world thanks to its chatbot ChatGPT, fired Altman on Friday afternoon. AdvertisementBut according to reports over the weekend, OpenAI investors were scrambling to reinstate Altman before today's opening bell. Advertisement"The board no longer has confidence in his ability to continue leading OpenAI," the post went on to say.
Persons: , Michaels, Sam Altman's, Sam Richard A, Sam Altman, OpenAI, Altman, Greg Brockman, Satya Nadella, It's, Mira Murati, Emmett Shear, Ilya Sutskever, Alistair Barr, Altman wasn't, Alistair, Larry Fink, Fink, Arnd Wiegmann, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, Lee Munson, there's, Andy Jassy, Anna Kim, Joe Biden, Harry Truman, Robert F, Kennedy, Dan DeFrancesco, Naga Siu, Hallam Bullock, Lisa Ryan Organizations: Service, Hobby, OpenAI, Microsoft, Altman, BlackRock, Reuters, Berkshire, Wealth, Web, Associated, Turkey, Getty, Wars Locations: OpenAI, BlackRock, Turkey, New York City, San Diego, London, New York
Richard Levine | Corbis News | Getty ImagesFor decades, it was nearly impossible for student loan borrowers to walk away from their debt in bankruptcy court. Congress has set a high bar for discharging student loan debt in bankruptcy. Under the new process, student loan borrowers complete a form to assist the government in evaluating their discharge request. "It makes it easier for student loan borrowers to qualify for bankruptcy discharge by clearly setting out the policy," said higher education expert Mark Kantrowitz. Federal student loan borrowers have several ways to reduce their debt burden, including payment plans with $0 monthly payments and economic hardship and unemployment deferments.
Persons: Richard Levine, That's, Biden, , Mark Kantrowitz, Kantrowitz Organizations: United State Bankruptcy Court Southern District of NY, Corbis, U.S . Department of Justice, U.S . Department of Education, American Bar Association, Consumer, Federal
(Photo by Joan Cros Garcia/Corbis via Getty Images)Mastercard is doubling down on its efforts to detect and prevent fraud that's routed through cryptocurrency exchanges. The company told CNBC exclusively that it's partnered with Feedzai, a regulatory technology platform that aims to combat money laundering and financial scams online using artificial intelligence. "This will increase fraud detection by protecting unwary consumers, but will also detect potential money laundering activity and mule accounts," Feedzai CEO and co-founder Nuno Sebastio told CNBC. An estimated 40% of scam transactions exit directly from a bank account to a crypto exchange today, according to Feedzai data. Feedzai says its software can identify and block suspicious transactions in a matter of nanoseconds — but also recognize transactions that are legitimate.
Persons: Joan Cros Garcia, Corbis, it's, Feedzai, Mastercard's, Nuno Sebastio, Sebastio Organizations: MasterCard, Mobile, Congress, Getty Images, Mastercard, CNBC, Feedzai Locations: BARCELONA, SPAIN, Barcelona, Spain, Coimbra, Portugal, San Mateo , California, Silicon Valley
Microsoft's (MSFT) bold move to hire ousted OpenAI CEO Sam Altman after days of chaos will help the software and cloud giant widen its lead in artificial intelligence. Greg Brockman, another OpenAI co-founder as well as its president and chairman, also departed and joined Altman to lead a new AI effort at Microsoft. OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is a key AI partner of Microsoft, which has invested billions of dollars in the startup. "A lot of people could be poached" from OpenAI, Jim speculated. Reception for Copilot, a generative AI tool for Microsoft 365 productivity apps, has also been very positive as well.
Persons: Sam Altman, OpenAI, Altman, Greg Brockman, I've, Jim Cramer, Jim, Brockman, Satya Nadella, Emmett Shear, Nadella, Jim Cramer's, Gary Hershorn Organizations: Microsoft, NBC, OpenAI, CNBC, NEW, Corbis, Getty Locations: OpenAI, NY, New York City
Former U.S. First Lady Rosalynn Carter poses for a portrait in New York City, New York, on Friday, September 23, 2011. Jimmy Carter, Democratic presidential candidate, and his wife, Rosalynn, share a moment aboard his campaign plane on Oct 24th, 1976. Rosalynn Carter during Habitat for Humanity - 2005 Jimmy Carter Work Project - Day 2 at Benton Harbor in Benton Harbor, Michigan, United States. A portrait of President Jimmy Carter and his extended family. Left to right: Judy (Mrs. Jack Carter); Jason James Carter; Jack (John William Carter); Annette (Mrs. Jeff Carter); Jeff (Donnel Jeffrey Carter); first lady Rosalynn Carter; daughter Amy Lynn Carter; President Carter; daughter-in law Caron Griffin Carter holding James Earl Carter IV; and son Chip (James Earl Carter III).
Persons: Lady Rosalynn Carter, Carter, Nikki Kahn, Rosalynn Carter, Jimmy Carter, Biden, Trump, Bess Truman, Harry Truman, Truman, Jimmy, Rosalynn, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith, Allethea Murray Smith, Wilburn Edgar Smith, Rosalynn's, Norfolk , Virginia — Jimmy's, John William, James Earl III, Donnel Jeffrey, Amy Lynn —, , Jimmy's, Judy, Jack Carter, Jason James Carter, Jack, John William Carter, Annette, Jeff Carter, Jeff, Donnel Jeffrey Carter, Amy Lynn Carter, President Carter, Caron Griffin Carter, James Earl Carter IV, Chip, James Earl Carter III Organizations: U.S, RAND, First, Initiative, Washington, Getty, Washington Post, The Washington Post, Carter, White, NBC News, Democratic, Bettmann, Carter Center, Humanity, Georgia Southwestern College, U.S . Naval Academy, Habitat, Wireimage, Historical Association, Georgia, U.S . News Locations: New York City , New York, Washington, Georgia, Latin America, Israel, Ukraine, Colorado, Plains, Plains , Georgia, Benton Harbor, Benton Harbor , Michigan, United States, Norfolk , Virginia, Virginia, Hawaii, Connecticut, U.S
Rosalynn Carter passed away peacefully with family by her side at her home in Plains, Georgia, the center said in a statement. It was likely that Eleanor Rosalynn Smith would cross paths with Jimmy Carter in their small hometown of Plains, Georgia. Former first lady Rosalynn Carter poses for a portrait in New York in 2011. Atlanta Journal-Constitution/AP Jimmy Carter, then a Georgia state senator, hugs his wife at his campaign headquarters in Atlanta in 1966. The Carter CenterRosalynn and Jimmy Carter had four children, 12 grandchildren and several great-grandchildren.
Persons: CNN — Rosalynn Carter, Rosalynn Carter, “ Rosalynn, Jimmy Carter, , , Ronald Reagan, Rosalynn, Jill Biden, ” Jimmy Carter, Jason, Amy, Dan Farrell, Carter, ” Jill Biden, Joe Biden, “ They’re, George W, Bush, Laura Bush, She’s, Jill Stuckey, Carters, Bill Clinton, Jake Tapper, CNN’s, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith, ” Rosalynn, Ruth, Jimmy, Jimmy wasn’t, John William, “ Jack ”, James Earl, Chip ”, Donnel Jeffrey, “ Jeff ”, Amy Lynn, Stuart Eizenstat, Donald Trump, Melania, ” Trump, Plains Carter, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Nixon’s, Mary Matise, Eleanor Roosevelt, Steven Hochman, Mrs, ” Hochman, ’ ”, Michelle Obama, ” Michelle Obama, , Georgia’s, Nikki Kahn, Horace Cort, Mikki Ansin, Jeff, Jack, Barbara Walters, Richard Howard, Suzanne Vlamis, Diana Walker, Joan Mondale, Walter Mondale, Muriel Humphrey, Hubert Humphrey, Ruth Carter Stapleton, Jimmy Carter's, Wally McNamee, Corbis, Ron Galella, Bromberger Hoover, Jay Leno, Alice S, Tami Chappell, Charlie Neibergall, Laura Rauch, Carolyn Kaster, Sebastian Scheiner, Barack Obama's, Bill Clark, John Bazemore, Amy Davis, Saul Loeb, Errol, Jimmy's, Branden Camp, Caroline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Reagan, David McNew, Matt McClain, Adam Schultz, The New York Times Adam Schultz, White, Erin Schaff, Michael S, Williamson, Theodore Roosevelt’s, , Jimmy ’, Welfare Joe Califano, Jerry Rafshoon, Carter’s, Joe Califano, Massachusetts Sen, Ted Kennedy, Rafshoon, Camp David, David, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ” Brzezinski, Harry, Bess Truman, Lady Rosalynn Carter, Kate Andersen Brower, CNN’s Stephen Collinson, Sam Fossum, Gabe Cohen Organizations: CNN, Carter, House, The Carter, Naval, Americana, NY, White, Maranatha Baptist Church, Sunday, Carter Institute for Caregiving, Georgia Southwestern State University, Southern Baptists, Naval Academy, Georgia, Atlanta, Brigade, Jimmy, Mental Health, Washington Post, Hulton, Disney, Bettmann, Mental Health Systems, Harlem Globetrotters, Getty, White House, Democratic National Convention, Toronto, Presidential, Humanity, Baltimore Sun, Tribune, Service, Capitol, Aging, NBA, The New York Times, Department of Justice, Health, Education, Welfare, Democratic, American, Human, Camp, Habitat, U.S Locations: Plains , Georgia, Israel, Egypt, Iran, Atlanta, Norfolk, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea, Guinea, mater, Georgia, Plains, , Hawaii, New London , Connecticut, Schenectady , New York, Washington, Iowa, Florida, Americus , Georgia, New York, Brazil, Dubuque , Iowa, Waterloo , Iowa, San Francisco, Ashkelon, Baltimore, Annapolis , Maryland, Rosalynn, North Carolina, White, Central, South America, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Maryland, Tehran, United States
Federal Takeover Sought for Rikers Island
  + stars: | 2023-11-18 | by ( Corinne Ramey | Erin Ailworth | )   time to read: 1 min
Rikers Island houses thousands of defendants awaiting trial in New York City in addition to convicted inmates serving short sentences. Photo: Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty ImagesManhattan’s top federal prosecutor and lawyers for people detained at Rikers Island asked a judge to take the rare step of ordering a federal takeover of the troubled New York jail complex, saying city officials could no longer manage a facility dominated by brutal conditions. The formal request comes after years of litigation over safety at Rikers Island, which houses thousands of defendants awaiting trial in addition to convicted inmates serving short sentences. The lawyers also asked that a judge find New York City in contempt for violating prior court orders requiring improved conditions at its jails.
Persons: Andrew Lichtenstein Organizations: New Locations: New York City, York, Rikers
BARCELONA, SPAIN - MARCH 01: A view of the MasterCard company logo on their stand during the Mobile World Congress on March 1, 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. (Photo by Joan Cros Garcia/Corbis via Getty Images)SINGAPORE — There isn't enough justification for the widespread use of central bank digital currencies right now, which makes broad adoption of such assets "difficult," Ashok Venkateswaran, Mastercard 's blockchain and digital assets lead for Asia-Pacific, told CNBC. A retail CBDC, which is the digital form of fiat currency issued by a central bank, caters to individuals and businesses, facilitating everyday transactions. This is different from a wholesale CBDC which is used exclusively by central banks, commercial banks and other financial institutions to settle large-value interbank transactions. But a lot of the central banks nowadays have gotten very innovative because they are working very closely with private companies like ours, to create that ecosystem," said the Asia-Pacific lead.
Persons: Joan Cros Garcia, Corbis, Ashok Venkateswaran, Venkateswaran, Kong's Organizations: MasterCard, Mobile, Congress, Getty Images, Mastercard, CNBC, Singapore FinTech, Monetary Fund, Atlantic Council, Hong Locations: BARCELONA, SPAIN, Barcelona, Spain, SINGAPORE, Asia, Pacific, Singapore, U.S, Hong Kong
Why Ending the Occupation and Peace with Israel is Still the Palestinian National Goal.” The views expressed in this commentary are his own. Hamas’ unwavering commitment to armed struggle and violence allowed the Israeli right to paint the entire Palestinian national movement as hopelessly extreme. He reportedly said that this was part of Israel’s strategy — to isolate the Palestinians in Gaza from the Palestinians in the West Bank. But the old, infirm and chain-smoking politician, who at least has time and again proven his unwavering rejection of violence as a Palestinian national strategy, represents exactly this trend among Palestinians. The Biden administration appears to understand the challenge in theory, but how much they can or will do to implement such a revised policy towards the Palestinian political scene is uncertain at best.
Persons: Hussein Ibish, Read, Shimon Peres, Yitzhak Rabin, Bill Clinton, Yasser Arafat, DAVID AKE, Ariel Sharon, Benjamin Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, Fatah, Netanyahu, Hussein, Abbas, Christy Bowe, Israel’s, Yasser Arafat’s, it’s, It’s, Biden, Israel —, Abbas — Organizations: Gulf States Institute, CNN, West Bank, Fatah, Palestinian Authority, Palestine Liberation Organization, PLO, Hamas, Palestinian, Muslim, White, AFP, Getty, UN, Israel, White House, ImageCatcher Locations: Washington, Israel, Gaza, Oslo Accords, AFP, Oslo, Israeli, Palestinian, Jerusalem, Middle, Abbas
When Ruthless Cultural Elitism Is Exactly the Job
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Talk When Ruthless Cultural Elitism Is Exactly the JobI wonder if any of the many literary greats represented by Andrew Wylie ever considered using his story. I don’t think that’s ever happened. I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. Do you think that’s a phony attitude? Is there some defense of cultural elitism that you want to make?
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But it's very difficult to change a species' scientific name, and that can lead to regrets. The list of species named for celebrities is lengthy and includes everything from flies (Beyoncé) to lichen (Oprah Winfrey) to lizards (Lionel Messi). An eponym is a scientific species name based on a person, either real or fictional. AdvertisementAdvertisementUniversity of Oxford biologist Katie Blake and her co-authors found that species with celebrity names had almost three times as many page views on Wikipedia as non-famously monikered control species. AdvertisementAdvertisementSome examples include Adolf Hitler, Cecil Rhodes, and George Hibbert, all of whom have species named after them.
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Everyone is going bankrupt
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NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . WeWork, the real-estate company that cosplayed as a tech startup, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week. AdvertisementAdvertisementBut one Wall Street veteran believes WeWork will be the first of many companies to succumb to a similar fate. 3 things in marketsANGELA WEISS / Getty ContributorCan the stock market keep this momentum going?
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NEW LOOK Sign up to get the inside scoop on today’s biggest stories in markets, tech, and business — delivered daily. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . In today's big story, we're ranking how different generations are doing in the current economy. After watching their parents and predecessors (millennials) struggle with finances, Gen Z is taking matters into their own hands. A May survey found more than half of Gen Z respondents had already started investing.
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