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To many, he was considered the human face of generative AI. Those worries over generative AI came to a head with the surprise ousting of Altman, who was also OpenAI's cofounder. “Does the future then belong to the machines?”Sutskever reportedly felt Altman was pushing OpenAI’s software too quickly into users’ hands, potentially compromising safety. The fate of OpenAI is viewed by many technologists as critical to the development of AI. He advocated on social media in September for a "slowing down" of AI development.
Persons: Sam Altman, Altman, Ilya Sutskever, , , Connor Leahy, Sutskever, OpenAI, Biden, Emmett Shear, Greg Bensinger, Kenneth Li, Matthew Lewis Organizations: FRANCISCO, Microsoft, European Union, Thomson Locations: OpenAI, San Francisco
The chosen location for the two-day conference has a special association with the man considered by many to be the father of modern computer science, Alan Turing. Before 1938, Bletchley Park was a mansion in the Buckinghamshire countryside built for a politician during the Victorian era. "What Alan Turing predicted many decades ago is now coming to fruition," she said, referring to his research into machine learning. "What happened at Bletchley Park eighty years ago opened the door to the new information age," Donelan said. Since then, men and women cautioned or convicted under historical homosexuality legislation were pardoned under what is known as the "Alan Turing law."
Persons: It's, Alan Turing, , Elon Musk, Sam Altman, Kamala Harris, Rishi Sunak, Goldman Sachs, who's, Turing, Michelle Donelan, Connor Leahy, Hollie Adams, Lorenz, Donelan Organizations: Bletchley, Service, AI, Guardian, Google, University of Manchester, Trust, Getty, National Museum of Computing Locations: England, London, Bletchley, Buckinghamshire, Poland
While investors have poured billions into AI startups, concern about AI's capabilities has grown. People don't all have the same value systems, so AI alignment can look different depending on where the AI is operated and deployed. Investors poured $29 billion into AI startups in the first six months of 2023. Aligned AI. The drive to fund AI safetyAI researchers are also vigilant about where the funds for AI safety and alignment come from.
Persons: ChatGPT, Stuart Armstrong, Rebecca Gorman, , Gorman, OpenAI's Sam Altman, Demis Hassabis, Bill Gates, Connor Leahy, Leahy, it's, Sam Bankman, Ian Hogarth, Hogarth Organizations: Oxford University, Investors, Alameda Research, FTX Locations: London
"Currently, we don't have a solution for steering or controlling a potentially superintelligent AI, and preventing it from going rogue." Superintelligent AI - systems more intelligent than humans - could arrive this decade, the blog post's authors predicted. The team's goal is to create a "human-level" AI alignment researcher, and then scale it through vast amounts of compute power. OpenAI says that means they will train AI systems using human feedback, train AI systems to assistant human evaluation, and then finally train AI systems to actually do the alignment research. AI safety advocate Connor Leahy said the plan was fundamentally flawed because the initial human-level AI could run amok and wreak havoc before it could be compelled to solve AI safety problems.
Persons: OpenAI, Ilya Sutskever, Jan Leike, Connor Leahy, Anna Tong, Kenneth Li, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Microsoft, Reuters, Thomson Locations: San Francisco
How Could A.I. Destroy Humanity?
  + stars: | 2023-06-10 | by ( Cade Metz | )   time to read: +1 min
“Hypothetical is such a polite way of phrasing what I think of the existential risk talk,” said Oren Etzioni, the founding chief executive of the Allen Institute for AI, a research lab in Seattle. Are there signs A.I. But researchers are transforming chatbots like ChatGPT into systems that can take actions based on the text they generate. In theory, this is a way for AutoGPT to do almost anything online — retrieve information, use applications, create new applications, even improve itself. “People are actively trying to build systems that self-improve,” said Connor Leahy, the founder of Conjecture, a company that says it wants to align A.I.
Persons: , Oren Etzioni, Connor Leahy Organizations: Allen Institute, AI Locations: Seattle, AutoGPT
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