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CNN —Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris for the Democratic nomination for president during a news conference in Washington on Tuesday. “Kamala Harris and her candidacy has excited and energized the House Democratic Caucus, the Democratic Party and the nation,” he said. One source told CNN that Schumer and Jeffries, both of New York, have spoken to Harris. However, Schumer and Jeffries did not immediately endorse Harris, at first stating that they “look forward to meeting in person with Vice President Harris shortly as we collectively work to unify the Democratic Party and the country.”Many of Harris’ potential challengers, such as Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, endorsed the vice president, giving her a clear path to the nomination.
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“It’s the Harris-Biden ticket,” GOP Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas told CNN. “The unique problem with picking her is she can’t run away from any of that,” GOP Rep. Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota told CNN. Vice President Harris has dedicated her career to making life better for working people – while Trump only cares about himself. That’s the contrast the American people will see over the next 106 days.”In Pennsylvania, the GOP campaign arm is focusing on Harris’ previous statements as a presidential candidate in 2019 about banning fracking. “The thing about this race is that both Harris and Trump have held office,” Johnson, the House speaker, told CNN.
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Energized Democrats quickly consolidate around Harris
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Democratic congressional leaders had remained quiet so far — but there were signs that could soon change. Massachusetts Rep. Katherine Clark and California Rep. Pete Aguilar, the second- and third-ranking House Democrats, endorsed Harris on Monday morning. The Clintons, in a statement Sunday, endorsed Harris; Obama did not, deferring to the party’s process. In those phone calls, Harris made clear that while she was grateful for Biden’s endorsement, she planned to earn the Democratic nomination in her own right. Longtime Democratic operative Donna Brazile said that she was in the process of gathering delegates to support Harris.
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Following Biden's endorsement, the president's reelection campaign committee rebranded itself to "Harris for President," handing her the keys to a $91 million war chest. Beyond seeking to upstage the first female vice president, other ambitious Democrats would have to raise their national profile in a way Harris does not. AdvertisementThe prospect of Harris' nomination is far from a political panacea for nervous Democrats. As leader of his party, Biden pushed the DNC to rubber stamp his plan to shake up the primary calendar. If the virtual vote moves forward, ambitious Democrats will face an even tighter window to organize opposition to Harris' nomination.
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The historic endorsement came after Biden announced Sunday that he is dropping out of the race following weeks of disarray within the Democratic Party. My very first decision as the party nominee in 2020 was to pick Kamala Harris as my Vice President. Despite the president’s backing, it remains unclear whether Harris will become the nominee, or what process the Democratic Party would take to select an alternative. Dmitri Mehlhorn, a Democratic political strategist advising several big-money backers, released a statement Sunday following Biden’s withdrawal supporting Harris. After she dropped out, Harris became a prominent surrogate for Biden before being named his vice presidential pick in August 2020.
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Read previewWithin minutes of Joe Biden dropping out, the wheels were already in motion in both the Democratic and Republican parties. All of it centered on one person: Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden's endorsed heir apparent. The Trump campaign released a statement on Sunday criticizing Biden and Harris as Trump himself focused on mocking Biden. "Kamala Harris is just as much of joke as Biden is," the Trump campaign's statement said. AdvertisementBefore Biden's bombshell announcement, people familiar with the Trump campaign told The Guardian that Trump and his team wanted Biden to remain the nominee.
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But if that suddenly changes, two dozen leading Democratic politicians and operatives told CNN, they can’t realistically see this ending any other way. Still, it’s an idea some Harris backers support, doubting that anyone serious would challenge her, as much chest puffing as there is behind the scenes. Multiple Democratic members of Congress who have called for Biden to go declined on Friday when asked by CNN if they were ready to say they want Harris to be the nominee. “I do believe it has to be the vice president. Biden’s hand would matterFew can conceive of Biden stepping aside and not tapping his running mate to take over.
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CNN —Sheila Jackson Lee, a longtime Democratic congresswoman from Texas who was an outspoken advocate for Black Americans for decades, has died. Jackson Lee announced in June that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Brett Coomer/Houston Chronicle via Getty ImagesDuring her congressional tenure, Jackson Lee was an outspoken advocate for progressive interests and Black Americans. “Congresswoman Jackson Lee was a patriot and a fighter to the very end. She will be deeply missed by all who knew her,” Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Steven Horsford and members of the Congressional Black Caucus said in a statement following her death.
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Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, a Democrat from Texas who was a leading voice for racial justice and progressive causes during the three decades she served in the House, died on Friday. She was 74. Her death was announced in a statement from her family. She said in June that she had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. “By God’s grace, I will be back at full strength soon,” she told constituents.
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This source said the sentiment only grew Friday when Lofgren, Pelosi’s longtime close lieutenant, released her letter urging Biden to step aside. CNN has reached out to Pelosi’s camp and the Biden campaign for comment on this reporting. And Biden campaign chair Jen O’Malley Dillon went on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Friday morning to say Biden was “absolutely” in the race. “Joe Biden is more committed than ever to beat Donald Trump.”Instead, there was a stream of new statements from House Democrats. A Democratic lawmaker told CNN that House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries and his team are not discouraging members from continuing to speak out against Biden’s candidacy.
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President Biden will intensify efforts on Tuesday to court Black and Latino voters, using a two-day swing through the crucial battleground state of Nevada to try to return to the campaign that might have been. As he resumes politicking after a pause following the assassination attempt on former President Donald J. Trump this weekend, the president plans to focus on core issues like the economy and lowering housing costs, an attempt to reset the conversation after an extraordinary three weeks that has also included a dismal debate performance and calls from panicked Democrats to withdraw from the race. The trip will also provide Mr. Biden an opportunity to try to draw attention away from Republicans, who polls show are making gains with Black and Hispanic voters and are holding their national convention in Wisconsin this week, as he sells his vision for a second term. On Tuesday, Mr. Biden is set to speak at the annual convention for the N.A.A.C.P., be interviewed by Black Entertainment Television and participate in an economic summit with Representative Steven Horsford of Nevada, the chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus. On Wednesday, he will speak before UnidosUS, a Hispanic civil rights and advocacy group.
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Biden became the first Democrat to win Georgia since 1992, when he defeated Trump by less than 12,000 votes. A Washington Post/ABC News/Ipsos poll released this week found 47% of Black voters said Biden should continue his campaign, compared to 49% who said he should cede the nomination to someone else. A recent Pew Research Center survey found that among Biden supporters, 58% of Black supporters said both Biden and Trump ought to be replaced, compared with 84% of Asian supporters, 74% of White supporters and 67% of Hispanic supporters. Support among Black voters has long been the make or break point for Democratic politicians. In 2008, Black voters helped Barack Obama win the Democratic nomination and their high voter turnout helped him carry states like Ohio and North Carolina.
Persons: Alanna Morris, Joe Biden “, Donald Trump, hasn’t, Biden’s, , Biden, North Carolina – aren’t, Kamala Harris, ” Jarita Burdette, , Joe Biden, , Michelle Mitchell, ” Jayla, Koriyan, Black, Trump, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Jim Clyburn, Clyburn, ” Clyburn, NBC’s, ” “ He’s, Rhonda Briggins, Harris, Briggins, “ I’m, Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Morris, Stacey Abrams, ” Morris, Robyn Gipson, Kamala, Joe, ’ ” Gipson, “ It’s, ” George Mitchell Organizations: CNN, Trump, , Democratic, Democrat, Georgia, Georgia –, North Carolina –, Biden, Democratic Party, Black Atlanta, Washington Post, ABC, New York Times, Siena College, Pew Research Center, Democratic Rep, Congressional Black Caucus, Michigan Gov, wouldn’t, Atlanta Locations: Atlanta, , Georgia, Michigan , Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada , Arizona, North Carolina, Peach State, , Ohio, South Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, America, California
"The consensus is that President Biden's our nominee," Khanna said. One day they're like, '100 percent, he's in.' Now, Democrats in Congress — by suggesting that Biden hasn't made his decision after all — sure look like they're returning the favor. After a lull at the beginning of this week, the calls for Biden to step aside from Democratic lawmakers are growing once more. "House Democrats are engaged in conversations with House Democrats at this moment in time.
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One by one, Democratic members of Congress began to stream out of the Democratic National Committee's headquarters on Tuesday morning. House Democrats had convened to discuss Biden's future. The number of Democratic lawmakers publicly calling for Biden to withdraw remains in the single digits. Rep. Summer Lee wears headphones as she departs House Democrats' meeting at the DNC on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, hours after House Democrats' DNC meeting, Rep. Mikie Sherill of New Jersey became the seventh to call for Biden to step down.
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CNN —A staggering 24 hours that cracked the political foundation of Joe Biden’s reelection bid leave him facing the most high-pressure presidential news conference in modern history on Thursday. The stakes for Biden’s solo appearance at the conclusion of the NATO summit multiplied by the hour as his political position unraveled at a dignity-sapping rate. In another danger sign for Biden’s candidacy, one Democratic strategist told CNN, “Everything is frozen because no one knows what’s going to happen. The deepening crisis gripping the Democratic Party is not simply damaging Biden’s chances of clinging to the nomination. But as Biden’s political standing continues to rapidly deteriorate, the question is becoming how much longer he can insist he’s the only Democrat who can beat Trump.
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CNN —President Joe Biden and his advisers keep issuing unequivocal declarations that he’s staying in the 2024 race, but Democrats aren’t hearing it. “Speaker Pelosi fully supports whatever President Biden decides to do,” a spokesperson said in a subsequent statement. “Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide, and take with him the Senate and the House,” he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Trump is currently aheadCNN’s Road to 270 assessment of the electoral map shows Trump in position to win the election. “Donald Trump and the Republicans have loved every minute of watching this discussion,” Rep. Debbie Dingell, who represents the battleground state of Michigan, told CNN’s Jessica Dean.
Persons: Joe Biden, , Nancy Pelosi, , Biden, Pelosi, Vermont Sen, Peter Welch, , Colorado Sen, Michael Bennet, “ Donald Trump, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Adam Smith, ” Smith, Trump, CNN’s Wolf, Ritchie Torres —, Biden —, Clooney, George Clooney, cohosted, “ Joe Biden, ” Clooney, He’s, Rob Reiner, Michael Douglas, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, doesn’t, Lester Holt, ’ Bennet, Sens, Sherrod Brown, Jon Tester, ” Bennet, Donald Trump, CNN’s, Ronald Brownstein, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Harry Enten, CNN’s Jim Acosta, Hakeem Jeffries, Annie Grayer, Manu Raju, Jeffries, Debbie Dingell, CNN’s Jessica Dean Organizations: CNN, Democratic, Democrat, New York Rep, Congressional Black Caucus, The New York Times, Democrats, Trump, Biden, Hollywood, Democratic National Convention, NATO, NBC, Colorado Democrat, Senate, Republicans, White, House Democratic Caucus, Locations: Vermont, Washington, Los Angeles, California, Chicago, Russia, New York City, Georgia , Michigan, Nevada, Michigan
But the president’s abject debate performance and defiance in the aftermath have badly weakened his standing in a party already unenthusiastic about his campaign. Any slip ups or confusion would rip off the fragile patch Biden has fixed on the dam of Democratic Party support. Biden needs one of his classic comebacks more than everStill, it’s too early to count Biden out. “We concluded that Joe Biden is old; we found out, and the polling came back that he’s old,” Fetterman told CNN. Many of the CBC’s members are in solid blue districts and may be under less pressure than frontline Democrats who have criticized the president’s debate performance.
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President Biden’s increasingly emphatic declarations that he will not exit the presidential race are delivering an unmistakable message to potential wayward Democrats: Any criticisms going forward damage the party’s chances against Donald J. Trump. For days, Mr. Biden has said he will remain his party’s nominee after his poor debate short of an intervention from “the Lord Almighty.” On Monday, he put that assertion into action. It began with an open letter to congressional Democrats saying he was definitely running. “I am not going anywhere,” Mr. Biden told the donors. The moves amounted to a show of defiance that the Biden operation hoped would earn him some deference, as uneasy Democratic lawmakers trickled back to Capitol Hill after a holiday break.
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Read previewOn Sunday, President Joe Biden once again found himself in Philadelphia, a city that has played a crucial role in his political life. AdvertisementOn Sunday, Rep. Joyce Beatty of Ohio told CNN's Eva McKend that Democratic lawmakers shouldn't turn against Biden. A huge "what if" for Biden is if a high-ranking Black lawmaker calls on him to exit the race. But will it help him with Black voters in the coming weeks and months? That November, Biden won 92% of the Black vote, compared to Trump's 8% support, according to the Pew Research Center.
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The turmoil surrounding Biden’s future is creating a grim mood inside the White House, CNN’s MJ Lee reported. • If that happens, would senior party leaders be willing to go to the president and argue that his position is unsustainable? There is an almost surreal quality to the frenzied political debate as Biden digs in. There would be no guarantee that a new standard-bearer would do better than Biden, who has already beaten Trump once. Black Democratic voters helped to rescue Biden’s primary campaign in 2020 and to put him in the White House.
Persons: Joe Biden’s, Biden, Donald Trump, Hakeem Jeffries, Sen, Mark Warner, , Connecticut Sen, Chris Murphy, , ” Biden, Trump, CNN’s MJ Lee, Biden –, Kamala Harris –, laud, Joe Biden, ” Murphy, Dana Bash, Adam Schiff, Murphy, Schiff, lacerated Trump, Jeffries, Chuck Schumer, “ I’m, It’s, Joyce Beatty, “ shouldn’t, CNN’s Ebony Davis, Eva McKend, he’s, CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, Lyndon Johnson, Gerry Connolly, CNN’s Pamela Brown, Joe Biden didn’t, ” Connolly, Josh Shapiro, Pennsylvania Sen, John Fetterman, Bob Casey Organizations: CNN, Democrats, White House, Virginia Democrat, Sunday, Union, Democratic, ABC News, West Wing, Democratic Party Among, Biden, , Press, California Democrat, Capitol, ABC, Congressional Black Caucus, Ohio, CBC, NATO, Airy, of God, Black Democratic, Pennsylvania Gov, Pennsylvania, Trump, Republican National Convention, Democratic National Convention Locations: Connecticut, “ State, Pennsylvania, Trump, Atlanta, California, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Harrisburg , Pennsylvania, Washington, Virginia, Harrisburg, , Michigan, Ukraine, Milwaukee
The House Democrats who said Biden should drop out of the 2024 race were Reps. Adam Smith of Washington, Jerry Nadler of New York, Mark Takano of California and Joe Morelle of New York. Some House Democrats in battleground districts are weighing whether to distance themselves from Biden. "President Biden is a good man & I appreciate his lifetime of service," she wrote in a post to X. During the interview, Biden dismissed the calls for him to step aside and said only the "Lord Almighty" could get him to reconsider his presidential bid. "Look, I mean, if the Lord Almighty came down and said, 'Joe, get out of the race,' I'll get out of the race," Biden said during the interview.
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CNN —Amid the ongoing fallout from Joe Biden’s debate performance, talk in many top Democratic circles has already moved to who Kamala Harris’ running mate would be. A more open race, these top Democrats hope, would be for Harris’ running mate, with a focus on leading Democratic governors. “President Biden is our nominee, Vice President Harris is our running mate, and we will win this November,” he said. The anti-Trump coalition cannot afford to discount the strengths of the nominated Democratic running mate and current vice president. Harris’ answer: She’d turn around and say to him, “Why are you being so weird?”As vice president, Harris has tended to be known more for her word salads than sharp elbows like that.
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CNN —US Rep. Donald Payne Jr., a New Jersey Democrat, has died, Speaker Mike Johnson announced on Wednesday. “We are saddened to be informed of the passing today of congressman Donald M. Payne, Jr.,” Johnson said in a post on X. His father, Donald Milford Payne, was the first Black congressman to represent the state and served in the seat from 1989 until his death in 2012. Donald Payne Jr. was involved with a number of health-related caucuses and helped introduce related legislation in Congress, including serving as a co-chair of the Congressional Colorectal Cancer Caucus, Congressional Men’s Health Caucus and the Congressional Peripheral Artery Disease Caucus. “The Congressional Black Caucus has been very clear to President Trump that African-American communities have a lot to lose under his administration,” Payne said in a press release at the time.
Persons: Donald Payne Jr, Mike Johnson, , Donald M, Payne , Jr, ” Johnson, Phil Murphy, Donald Payne , Jr, ” Payne, Payne, Donald Milford Payne, Donald Trump, Trump, Murphy, Mike Gallagher, Johnson, Ethan Cohen, Kristin Wilson Organizations: CNN, New, New Jersey Democrat, . New Jersey Democratic Gov, New Jersey’s, Cancer Caucus, Congressional, Health Caucus, Disease, Congressional Black Caucus, Caucus, House Transportation, Infrastructure Committee, Democratic, Gov, Wisconsin Republican, House, Republicans Locations: New Jersey, .
Rep. Donald Payne Jr. dies at age 65
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Rep. Donald Payne Jr., D-N.J., has died at the age of 65 after several weeks of being hospitalized following a "cardiac episode" in early April. "Deeply saddened by the passing of Congressman Donald Payne Jr., a good friend, highly effective public servant and compassionate leader. Payne succeeded his father, Rep. Donald M. Payne, who also died in office. Payne Jr., was a member of the Congressional Black Caucus and served on the House Homeland Security and Transportation and Infrastructure Committees. The special primary election must be held between 70 and 76 days after the governor's proclamation, and the special general election must be held between 64 and 70 days after the primary election.
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Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge speaks during the daily press briefing at the White House on March 18, 2021 in Washington, DC. WASHINGTON — Marcia Fudge, who has served as the secretary of Housing and Urban Development since March 2021, is leaving the Biden administration, the White House said Monday. The White House said that after she departs, Deputy Secretary Adrianne Todman will serve as acting secretary. Fudge is only the second Cabinet secretary to leave the administration during Biden's first term as president. Before working in the Biden administration, Fudge represented an Ohio Congressional District in the House from 2008 to 2021, serving at one point as chairwoman of the Congressional Black Caucus.
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