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To rate each state's infrastructure, we look at roads, bridges, ports and airports. New in 2024, we evaluate so-called site readiness programs set up in many states to link companies with shovel-ready sites. The Economic Development Partnership of Alabama offers one of the more robust site readiness programs in the nation. Roads, bridges, and broadband are also in excellent shape in Tennessee. A respectable 24% of the state's power comes from renewable energy, putting it in the top half of states.
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The nature of illegal lockouts means they are hard to track directly. One of the responding officers calls a sergeant over, who says there's nothing else they can do. While only 14% of lockout calls led to a police report, 86% of calls about shoplifting did. As they walk over, one of the officers tells the other to look up "illegal lockout" on his phone. A 2006 bill that would have defined illegal lockouts for all Illinois residents was defeated.
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CNN —Disease detectives in Chicago say they have been seeing a worrisome trend: Patients complaining of unusual symptoms like vision and eye problems, headaches and hearing loss or dizziness caused by the sexually transmitted infection syphilis. More than two-thirds of these patients (68%) lacked typical syphilis symptoms, like a rash or chancre sore, that might tip doctors off to the infection. Syphilis cases are surging across the US. In 2022, there were more than 207,000 syphilis cases reported, the highest number since the 1950s, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. “There could just be an increase in untreated or inadequately treated patients, which is leading to more severe outcomes of syphilis,” Nham said.
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CHICAGO (AP) — A plane taxiing for departure clipped another aircraft at Chicago O'Hare International Airport on Sunday evening, the Federal Aviation Administration said Monday. No injuries were reported, both planes were of Boeing design, and the FAA says it will investigate the incident. The All Nippon Airways flight was a Boeing 777, and the Delta Airlines aircraft was a Boeing 717. Raymond Bongalon, a customer service representative with All Nippon Airways, said Monday afternoon that the airline could not yet provide any information on what happened. The airline's flight status search said Flight 11 was bound for Tokyo but canceled because of “aircraft inspection.”The Chicago Department of Aviation did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
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Multiple pro-Palestinian billboards were put up in the North African country of Tunisia before Halloween, despite online posts sharing an image that miscaptions one of these billboards as in Chicago, Illinois amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Various social media users have shared these displays naming the location as Tunisia, including one on Oct. 26 that shows the same billboard as in the miscaptioned social media posts. The billboard, camera angle, streetlamp and buildings in the background match the image shared on social media. Humzah Khan, a Fulbright fellow in Tunisia, shared an image of the billboard on X with the caption, “several billboards like this in Tunis. A pro-Palestinian Halloween billboard seen on social media comes from Tunisia, not the city of Chicago in the U.S.
Persons: Hannachi Issam, Mohamed Bouazizi, VI, Humzah Khan, ” Khan, Al Jazeera, Read Organizations: IN CHICAGO, Chicago, Tunis Tribune, Facebook, Carthage International, Tunisian, Chicago Department of Buildings, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Tunisia, Chicago , Illinois, Israel, Chicago, PALESTINE, Tunis, Gaza, Carthage, la Marsa, Menzah, Marsa, Carrefour, Al, U.S
New Covid vaccines from Pfizer , Moderna and Novavax will likely provide protection against the new "Eris" variant, now the dominant strain of the virus in the U.S. The drugmakers designed their updated vaccines to target the omicron subvariant XBB.1.5, which is slowly declining nationwide. Eris accounted for 17.3% of all cases in the U.S. as of earlier this month, according to the latest data from the CDC. The World Health Organization earlier this month designated Eris a "variant of interest," meaning it will be monitored for mutations that could potentially make it more severe. It's also not expected to cause a huge wave of Covid cases like other strains have in previous years.
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Chicago's cycling community has exploded in recent years, and the city plans to add 150 more miles of lanes to accommodate this growth. The new, ambitious Chicago Cycling Strategy from the Chicago Department of Transportation, worth over $17 million, includes expanding Chicago's bike network by designing and implementing 150 miles of low-stress bikeways over the next several years. If you have friends that ride, ride together, if you have family members that are willing to ride, especially older ones, ride with them. Earlier in the pandemic, Chicago launched a program to give away 5,000 bikes to eligible Chicago residents by 2026. Green Corps participants have helped to assemble the bikes in the Bike Chicago program.
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But facing pressure to deliver new shots by the fall, Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax began development on versions of their vaccines targeting XBB.1.5 months before the FDA's decision. That doesn't include Johnson & Johnson , a once-leading Covid vaccine developer. Moderna expects a minimum of $5 billion in revenue from its Covid vaccine, its only available product. The cash-strapped company won U.S. approval for its Covid vaccine under emergency use just last year due to regulatory and manufacturing delays. The company hopes to rake in $1.06 billion to $1.24 billion in sales of its Covid vaccine this year.
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Scott Olson | Getty ImagesThree years and billions of Covid vaccinations into the pandemic, Pfizer and Moderna say their work is far from over. Here's what Moderna and Pfizer say is next for their Covid shots. Annual Covid shotsPfizer and Moderna aim to keep up with a shift in the U.S. toward annual Covid shots rather than frequent booster doses. Miller, who helped lead the development of Moderna's Covid shot in 2020, said the advantages of using mRNA became evident earlier on in the pandemic. 'Next-generation' Covid shotsPfizer's and Moderna's Covid vaccines both deliver robust protection against the virus, but that immunity can start to fade after four to six months.
(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)The Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday authorized an additional dose of Pfizer and Moderna 's Covid-19 vaccines targeting the omicron variant for seniors and people with weak immune systems. People with weak immune systems can receive another omicron shot at least two months after their last dose and receive additional shots at the discretion of their doctor. Children 6 months through 5 years of age who are unvaccinated can now receive the full two-dose series of Moderna's omicron vaccine. The FDA first authorized the omicron BA.5 shots last August, but that subvariant has long since been displaced by a version of omicron called XBB.1.5. In June, the agency will likely update the variant that the Covid vaccines target, ahead of the fall respiratory virus season.
Illustration by Gene KimAs weed becomes legal in more states, how and if travelers can bring their stash on board remains up in the air. Traveling between states where marijuana is legal in both the origin and destination may sound straight-forward, but with overlapping jurisdictions and hard-to-enforce guidelines, it gets complicated. Under federal law, the possession and sale of marijuana is illegal. Despite President Joe Biden's recent pardons for anyone convicted of a federal crime for simple possession and his directive to review how marijuana is scheduled under federal law, marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I substance. And even though airports are locally owned and operated, air travel still falls under federal law.
"At this time, we do not believe the cause is related to the FAA outage experienced earlier today." Share this -Link copiedNearly half of Southwest flights delayed just weeks after mass cancellations Nearly half of Southwest Airlines flights were delayed as of about 11:15 a.m. Share this -Link copiedMore than 540 Delta flights delayed, 14 canceled More than 540 Delta flights were delayed as of 9:13 a.m. ET, the airline had three flights canceled and 208 flights delayed, amounting to 21% of its overall flights, according to FlightAware. Alaska Airlines had 11 flights canceled and 149 flights delayed, also amounting to 21% of its overall flights, FlightAware noted as of 8:53 a.m.
“All primary and secondary schools in Uganda are directed to close by November 25th, 2022 for third term holidays as a measure to contain Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) in the country,” Museveni said in a statement. Major US cities get Ebola plans in placeThe CDC estimates that 20% of travelers from Uganda will arrive without a cell phone or US-based phone number. “CDPH continues to work with our hospitals to screen patients for travel history and be alert for symptoms of Ebola virus disease or, more likely, malaria or circulating respiratory viruses. ‘We need to be prepared’The Ebola virus is transmissible – but not as transmissible as some other infectious diseases, like Covid-19. “If we do see any cases in the United States, the hope is that they will be identified quickly before there is further spread,” Barouch said.
Omicron subvariants resistant to key antibody treatments will soon make up a majority of new Covid infections in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Many people with moderate or severely compromised immune systems take an antibody cocktail called Evusheld to protect them from severe disease. This leaves people with compromised immune systems increasingly vulnerable as these subvariants become dominant. White House Covid response coordinator Dr. Ashish Jha has blamed Congress for failing to pass additional funding for the nation's pandemic response. President Joe Biden last month altered people with compromised immune systems that they face a special threat from Covid this winter.
The recently authorized booster vaccine protects against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and the more recent omicron variants, BA.4 and BA.5. But there's a new batch of so-called "Scrabble" variants circulating globally. But experts still expect the shots to ramp up your immunity against all Covid variants, to some degree. The Scrabble variants are descendants of omicronThe new variants are descendants of omicron, which is a promising initial sign for the boosters. That can "restore a level of immunity and patch up the holes that some of these new Scrabble variants have found," she explains.
The recently authorized booster vaccine protects against the original SARS-CoV-2 virus and the more recent omicron variants, BA.4 and BA.5. The Food and Drug Administration said two studies this week showing that the new omicron boosters weren't that much better than the old shots were too small to come to any real conclusions. The antibody responses were slightly higher with the omicron boosters, though the studies concluded the difference wasn't significant. The studies are of public interest because there's very limited human data on how the omicron BA.5 boosters perform right now. The FDA also looked at data directly on the BA.5 shots that came from animal studies.
CNN —Six people who tested positive for monkeypox – two in New York City, two in Chicago, one in Nevada and one in Maryland – have died, local health departments have confirmed. The two Chicagoans who died after testing positive for monkeypox had multiple other health conditions, including weakened immune systems, according to the Chicago Department of Health (CDPH). A person with monkeypox in Houston died in August, but officials have not determined whether the virus caused the death. In late September, Ohio reported its first death of a person with monkeypox but noted that “the individual also had other health conditions.”It can be difficult to determine if someone has died of monkeypox. There were 27,884 probable or confirmed monkeypox cases reported in the US as of Friday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Un bărbat a trăit trei luni în aeroportul din Chicago de teama Covid-19Un bărbat a fost descoperit că a trăit într-o zonă securizată din aeroportul internaţional din Chicago timp de trei luni, iar el a spus poliţiei că i-a fost prea frică de Covid-19 să se întoarcă acasă, în Los Angeles, relatează The Guardian. Aditya Singh, în vârstă de 36 de ani, a fost arestat în weekend şi acuzat că a pătruns într-o zonă restricţionată a unui aeroport şi furt, a scris Chicago Tribune. După aproximativ trei luni, sâmbătă după-amiază, Singh a fost abordat de doi angajaţi ai United Airlines care i-au cerut documente de identificare. Hagerty a spus că Singh a găsit legitimaţia în aeroport şi că „se temea din cauza Covid-19 să plece acasă”. A fost precizat că incidentul va fi anchetat în continuare, nefiind clar cum a fost posibil ca timp de trei luni bărbatul - „care nu reprezintă un risc pentru securitate” - să nu fie remarcat în aeroport.
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