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BUENOS AIRES, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Argentines expressed a mixture of ecstasy and trepidation on Monday after libertarian outsider Javier Milei, pledging radical fixes to the economy, swept to power with an election win over Peronist government rival Sergio Massa. "It's a great unknown," said Guillermo Toledo, a 51-year-old university professor in the capital Buenos Aires, who said he did not vote for Milei. Milei's win brought flag-waving crowds on Sunday night out to the Obelisk in downtown Buenos Aires, a traditional rallying point for supporters to cheer election or soccer wins. [1/2]Argentine president-elect Javier Milei's supporters celebrate after Milei wins the runoff presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina November 19, 2023. Milei gives me hope things can change," Bernal said.
Persons: Javier Milei, Sergio Massa, Milei, Donald Trump, Jair, Guillermo Toledo, haven't, Milei's, Leandro Boses, Javier Milei's, Adriano Machado, Massa, Claudio Bernal, Bernal, Julia Eva Saggini, Mauricio Macri, Lucinda Elliott, Candelaria Grimberg, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Peronist, Argentine, REUTERS, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, U.S, Buenos Aires
Massa offers continuity but has been at the helm during the worst economic crisis in two decades. With many voters unconvinced by either, some have characterized the vote as a choice of the "lesser evil": fear of Milei's painful economic medicine or anger at Massa over the economic crisis. "The election will mark a profound rupture in the system of political representation in Argentina," said Julio Burdman, director of the consultancy Observatorio Electoral. "You cannot vote for the current government under these conditions and a blank vote will only favor it. In the first-round vote in October, Massa won 36.7% of the votes compared to some 30% for Milei.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Massa, Julio Burdman, Milei, he's, Matias Kawior, South, Santiago Neria, Patricia Bullrich, Nicolás Misculin, Candelaria Grimberg, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Reuters, Peronist, Massa, International Monetary Fund Locations: Misculin BUENOS AIRES, China, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Buenos Aires
The election sees Peronist Economy Minister Sergio Massa, at the helm for the country's worst economic crisis in two decades, go head-to-head with radical libertarian outsider Javier Milei, the slight pre-election favorite in the polls. "The election will mark a profound rupture in the system of political representation in Argentina," said Julio Burdman, director of the consultancy Observatorio Electoral. Massa, 51, an experienced political wheeler-dealer, has been clawing back votes with tax cuts and campaigns highlighting Milei's radical plans to slash state spending. In the first-round vote in October, Massa won 36.7% of the votes compared to some 30% for Milei. The libertarian has since won public backing from third-place finisher Patricia Bullrich, though it's by no means certain all her votes will shift to him.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Javier Milei, Milei, Massa, Julio Burdman, he's, Matias Kawior, South, Santiago Neria, Patricia Bullrich, Nicolás Misculin, Candelaria Grimberg, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Peronist, Massa, International Monetary Fund, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, China, United States, Brazil, Argentina, Buenos Aires
Luis Robayo/Pool via REUTERS/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Nov 15 (Reuters) - Javier Milei shot to prominence lambasting Argentina's traditional political elite. Now the radical presidential election frontrunner is the mainstream conservatives' best shot at clinging onto power. If Milei loses, it could precipitate the fracturing of the conservative coalition between more right-wing and moderate wings. "There may be some Milei voters who get angry at an alliance with the 'caste', just as there may be Macri voters who get angry at an alliance with Milei," said Fornoni. "We don't know today what power Macri will have, if Macri will end up absorbing Milei or Milei absorbing Macri.
Persons: Javier Milei, Luis Robayo, Sergio Massa, Milei, Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich, Donald Trump, Shila Vilker, Trespuntozero, Mariel Fornoni, GAMBLE, Massa, Pope Francis, Milei's, Macri, it's, Ezequiel Salinas, Fornoni, Lucila Sigal, Nicolás Misculin, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad, University of Buenos, Law School, Peronist, Management, Bullrich, Reuters, Milei, Thomson Locations: University of Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, China, Candelaria
Argentina's main political force for decades, the ruling Peronists only months ago looked down and out. It has a new front-man, Sergio Massa, who is in a tight race to win Sunday's presidential election run-off with anti-establishment outsider Javier Milei. "If Massa wins, he will build a different leadership. PERONISM: LEFT OR RIGHT? "If Massa wins, he will have to betray CFK (Kirchner): in Peronism there is no room for two commanders," said political analyst Andres Malamud.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Agustin Marcarian, Long, Juan Peron, Evita, Javier Milei, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Kirchner, Alberto Fernandez, Massa, Santiago Cafiero, Fernandez, he's, Milei, Ignacio Avalos, Julia Saggini, CFK, Andres Malamud, Nicolas Misculin, Candelaria Grimberg, Lucila Sigal, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: CGT, of Labor, REUTERS, Voters, Peronist, Economy, Argentine, Reuters, Massa, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, BUENOS AIRES, Bolivia, Cuba, United States, Peronism
[1/5] People dressed as Spider-Man point at each other at a Spider-Man cosplayers' gathering, organised in an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of people dressed as Spider-Man, in Buenos Aires, Argentina October 29, 2023. Argentine influencer Uki Deane organized the gathering via Instagram, aiming to outdo an event in June in Malaysia where 685 people dressed as Spider-Man. The organizers asked participants to provide signatures and have their photo taken as documentation to provide to the record-keeping group. The superhero look-alikes dressed as the character created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko clapped and sang with good cheer during the sunny afternoon. Juan Menchon, a 25-year-old soccer coach, said he felt empowered by the Spider-Man outfit.
Persons: Cristina Sille, Uki Deane, Deane, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko clapped, Juan Menchon, Matias, Candelaria Grinberg, Lucila Sigal, Beth Solomon, Jamie Freed Organizations: REUTERS, Marvel, Guinness World Records, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Malaysia, Argentine
[1/2] Argentina's presidential candidate Sergio Massa gestures during a press conference a day after the first round of Argentina's presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina October 23, 2023. Local media reported similar though more informal campaigns in some hospitals, and the energy secretary warned the price of subsidized gas could double. 'CHAINSAWING' THE WELFARE STATE? "At the other end of the chainsaw he totes at rallies are the pocketbooks of millions of Argentines," he added. Additional reporting by Candelaria Grimberg and Lucinda Elliott; Editing by Adam Jourdan and Aurora EllisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Cristina Sille, Sergio Massa's, Javier Milei, Massa, Milei, Amparo Anzaldi, Benjamin Gedan, Wilson, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Ana Monclus, meanwhile, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Candelaria Grimberg, Lucinda Elliott, Adam Jourdan, Aurora Ellis Organizations: REUTERS, Argentine Economy, Peronist, Massa, Local, International Monetary Fund, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Argentine
Argentine presidential candidate Javier Milei of La Libertad Avanza party reacts during the closing event of his electoral campaign ahead of the presidential election, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, October 18, 2023. The result, according to the cloning company, was at least four "grandchildren": Murray, Milton, Robert and Lucas, who are named for Milei's economist idols including Milton Friedman. After Conan's death, Milei sent the dog's DNA sample to animal cloning firm PerPETuate, which has written publicly about cloning Milei's dogs on its company website. Through a medium, Milei's original dog, he alleges, gave him the mission of becoming Argentina's president, which he could - against the odds - pull off today or next month. As Milei's political profile has soared, his dogs have become a point of criticism.
Persons: Javier Milei, Matias Baglietto, Milei's, Conan, confidants, Murray, Milton, Robert, Lucas, Milton Friedman, Milei, Juan Luis Gonzalez, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Gonzalez, Opponent Massa, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Candelaria Grimberg, Andrea Ricci Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad, REUTERS, Argentina, Economy, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES
"He is the change that Argentina needs," said 28-year-old Milei voter Ayrton Ortiz at a recent rally in Buenos Aires province in support of the candidate. Those working with his campaign say it is his authenticity that has made him so successful, especially with two-fifths of the population in poverty and looking for a new voice. "You can like him or not, but he is himself," said Fernando Cerimedo, a political consultant who works on Milei's campaign. Many Milei voters say they are willing to take the risk. At the end of the month, you see how they count pennies and cry," said Milei voter Valentina Brites, 18.
Persons: Javier Milei, Agustin Marcarian, Juan Luis Gonzalez, Gonzalez, Milei, Donald Trump, Beppe Grillo, Ayrton Ortiz, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, MURRAY, MILTON, ROBERT AND LUCAS Milei, Karina, Conan, Murray, Milton, Robert, Lucas, Milton Friedman, Eduardo Eurnekian, Fernando Cerimedo, Fernando Morra, Valentina Brites, Javier, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Eliana Raszewksi, Lucinda Elliott, Adam Jourdan, Daniel Wallis Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad Avanza, REUTERS, American, Peronist, Forces, Libertad Avanza, Reuters, Thomson Locations: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Argentine, Candelaria
REUTERS/Cristina Sille Acquire Licensing RightsBUENOS AIRES, Oct 4 (Reuters) - Argentina's presidential election race is putting abortion access and women's rights in the spotlight, sparking fierce debate in a country that has been a pioneer in expanding reproductive rights in Latin America. The election frontrunner, economist Javier Milei, opposes abortion and wants to hold a referendum on whether the 2020 legalization of abortion before the 14th week of pregnancy should be repealed. He also wants to shut the ministry of women, gender and diversity, which he has called a type of "affirmative action" that is degrading towards women. She would leave abortion laws unchanged, though also close the women's ministry. Repealing the abortion law is not on their agenda, because "Argentina already had that debate," she told Reuters.
Persons: Javier Milei, Cristina Sille, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Myriam Bregman, Eugenia Rolon, influencer, Nelly Borquez, Karina, Victoria Villarruel, Javier doesn't, Valentina Brites, Ayelen, Milei, Massa, Silvia Lospennato, Bullrich, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Candelaria Grimberg, Lucinda Elliott, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad, REUTERS, Reuters, Milei, Taquion Research, PRO, Thomson Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Latin America, American
Joaquin Salvador Lavado, known as "Quino", launched the comic six decades ago, initially as a failed covert advertising campaign for electrical appliances. Mafalda, however, evolved into something else, questioning everything from nuclear power to overpopulation and capitalism to dictatorship, with kindness and a razor wit disguised as childish ingenuity. "Quino built the story with very human characters through the eyes of children, who say terrible barbarities with no filter," series director Lorena Munoz told Reuters. The two-hour docuseries, "Rereading: Mafalda", will reexamine the series through a feminist lens and its historical context, especially its criticism of the 1960s military dictatorship of Juan Carlos Ongania. Work on the series was paused during the pandemic but was nominated ahead of its commercial release for best documentary at this year's Canneseries Festival.
Persons: Joaquin Salvador Lavado, Quino, Lorena Munoz, Juan Carlos Ongania, Susanita, Munoz, Candelaria Grimberg, Sarah Morland, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Reuters, Libertad, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Argentine, Felipe, Manolito, Buenos Aires, Japan
"Social media is the new way of doing politics," said Eugenia Rolon, an 21-year-old influencer who describes herself as anti-feminist and fighter of a "cultural battle" against progressive ideas. Cerimedo said social media support for Milei was organic, and played down previous comments he made to local media that he had used AI-powered trolls. "Many people said Javier was going to do poorly because what happened on social media was my trolls," Cerimedo said. Agustin Romo, 27, a legislative candidate for Buenos Aires province with Milei's Libertad Avanza party, informally coordinates the social media team. "These are people who are contributing their grain of sand where they can, so that Argentina changes and Javier Milei becomes president," Romo said.
Persons: Javier Milei, Karina Milei, Agustin Marcarian, Elon Musk, Eugenia Rolon, Donald Trump, Jair, Milei, That's, Sergio Massa, Patricia Bullrich, Tucker Carlson, Bolsonaro, Diego Corbalan, Bullrich, Jeremias Madrazo, Madrazo, Massa, Inaki Gutierrez, Argentine, Fernando Cerimedo, Cerimedo, Javier, Carlson, Musk, overspending, Agustin Romo, Romo, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Adam Jourdan, Rosalba O'Brien Organizations: Argentine, La Libertad, REUTERS, Elon, YouTube, Reuters, Peronist, Buenos, Milei's Libertad, Thomson Locations: La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina, BUENOS AIRES, Massa, Milei's Libertad Avanza, Candelaria
"I am thinking of leaving my vote blank," said Micaela Panzera, a 22-year-old employee of a food company in Buenos Aires. We have seen warning signs of this in the provincial elections held up to now," said political analyst Carlos Fara. Pollsters see the combined Together for Change opposition candidates just ahead of the ruling Peronist bloc, with Milei pulling close to 20%. In the 2019 primary the polls were proved badly wrong. Reporting by Nicolás Misculin; Additional reporting by Candelaria Grimberg; Editing by Adam Jourdan and Jonathan OatisOur Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Persons: Horacio Larreta, Sergio Massa, Micaela Panzera, Patricia Bullrich, Javier Milei, Goldman Sachs, Carlos Fara, Nicolás Misculin, Candelaria Grimberg, Adam Jourdan, Jonathan Oatis Organizations: Peronist, International Monetary Fund, Buenos Aires, Reuters Graphics Reuters, Change, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, Buenos Aires
Pollsters, however, said voter apathy could mean big shifts late in the race, with many people still undecided. The primary election will give the clearest indication yet of what the October general election result is likely to be. "I still don't know who I'm going to vote for and I think we're all in the same position. "I'm going to vote because I don't want to pay the fine, but I still don't know who. Despite voting being obligatory by law, voter turnout is also expected to be down and could affect the result.
Persons: Sergio Massa, Kristalina Georgieva, Evelyn Hockstein, Javier Milei, Pablo Vairo, Facundo Nejamkis, Horacio Larreta, Patricia Bullrich, Cristian Guardo, Maximiliano Herrera, Karina, Nicolas Misculin, Juan Bustamante, Adam Jourdan, Diane Craft Organizations: Monetary Fund, IMF, REUTERS, Peronist coalition's, Economy, Peronist, Reuters, Primaries, pollster Opina, Milei, Reuters Graphics Reuters, la Patria, Thomson Locations: Washington , U.S, BUENOS AIRES, Argentina, Buenos Aires, pollster, pollster Opina Argentina, Peronist, Candelaria
After Argentina's 1976 military coup, about 30,000 people including about 500 children and babies were killed or disappeared, almost all of them civilians. Mothers and grandmothers of the victims, the Abuelas of Plaza de Mayo, rose to prominence advocating for answers about their loved ones. The group, which has located 132 grandchildren, thanked the initiative but noted that DNA testing remains the "only infallible" identification method. Barros said he had always aimed to support Abuelas' mission, using AI as a way for younger generations to examine past atrocities. But "it does not replace the DNA samples or any of the Abuelas methods" such as investigating possible illegal adoptions and collecting DNA samples, he noted.
Persons: Santiago Barros, Marta Bugnone, Jorge Ayastuy, Argentina's, Read, Barros, Esteban Herrera, Abuelas, Herrera, Candelaria Grimberg, Lucila Sigal, Kylie Madry, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Richard Chang Organizations: Thomson Locations: Argentine, BUENOS AIRES, Instagram, Plaza de Mayo
Argentines tighten wallets to fight spiraling inflation
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BUENOS AIRES, July 13 (Reuters) - Argentines are tightening their wallets to make end meets as the South American country battles inflation which could surpass 140% on an annual basis this year, hunting for the cheapest prices on basic goods to shield their income. Inflation in the 12 months through June hit 115.6%, official data showed on Thursday. While Argentines are on track this year to keep up their high steak consumption, higher prices are taking a bite out of their selections. Analysts forecast that annual inflation could close this year at 142.4% compared to 94.8% last year, according to a central bank poll, steadily cutting away at consumers' purchasing power in Latin America's third-largest economy. The country is seeking adjustments as rising inflation, a weakening peso and a historic drought hamper exports and financial reserves.
Persons: INDEC, Gabriel Segovia, Sergio Massa, Annabella Paez, Horacio Soria, Sarah Morland, Susan Heavey, Diane Craft Organizations: Economy, Analysts, International Monetary Fund, Reuters, IMF, Thomson Locations: BUENOS AIRES, American, Buenos Aires, Argentine, Candelaria
SALLIQUELO, Argentina, July 9 (Reuters) - Argentina inaugurated on Sunday the first stage of a gas pipeline that will carry natural gas from the Vaca Muerta formation in western Argentina to Santa Fe province by way of Buenos Aires province, an essential work to reverse the country's significant energy deficit. It has the second unconventional gas reserves worldwide and the fourth in oil. The completion of the first stage of the gas pipeline, which starts in Neuquen province and reaches Buenos Aires province, adds 11 million cubic meters of gas per day. This will double when the compression plants are installed in Tratayen, in Neuquen province, and in Salliquelo, in Buenos Aires province. "We are no longer going to import gas in ships because we are going to use the gas from our subsoil."
Persons: Vaca Muerta, Sergio Massa, " Massa, Agustin Gerez, Candelaria Grimberg, Eliana Raszewski, Anna, Catherine Brigida, Diane Craft Organizations: Energia Argentina, Thomson Locations: SALLIQUELO, Argentina, Vaca, Santa Fe, Buenos Aires, Belgium, Patagonia, Neuquen province, Tratayen, Salliquelo, San Jeronimo
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