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And I think I’m the best qualified to win,” Biden told reporters at the NATO summit. CNN reported Thursday evening that Pelosi and former President Barack Obama have spoken privately about Biden and the future of his campaign. Another deeply painful ordealNo president has undergone a trial by news conference like the one Biden endured. And shortly afterwards, when a reporter asked Biden to weigh in on the qualities of his vice president, he referred to “Vice President Trump” instead of Kamala Harris. Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Democrats need to stop their “fantasy games” and unite to beat Trump.
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CNN —Vermont Sen. Peter Welch on Wednesday became the first Democratic senator to call on President Joe Biden to step aside as the party’s presidential nominee. “I understand why President Biden wants to run. He saved us from Donald Trump once and wants to do it again,” Welch continued. “Vermont loves Joe Biden,” Welch wrote. “President Biden and Vice President Harris received a larger vote percentage here than in any other state.
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But the president’s abject debate performance and defiance in the aftermath have badly weakened his standing in a party already unenthusiastic about his campaign. Any slip ups or confusion would rip off the fragile patch Biden has fixed on the dam of Democratic Party support. Biden needs one of his classic comebacks more than everStill, it’s too early to count Biden out. “We concluded that Joe Biden is old; we found out, and the polling came back that he’s old,” Fetterman told CNN. Many of the CBC’s members are in solid blue districts and may be under less pressure than frontline Democrats who have criticized the president’s debate performance.
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CNN —President Joe Biden and his advisers keep issuing unequivocal declarations that he’s staying in the 2024 race, but Democrats aren’t hearing it. “Speaker Pelosi fully supports whatever President Biden decides to do,” a spokesperson said in a subsequent statement. “Donald Trump is on track, I think, to win this election, and maybe win it by a landslide, and take with him the Senate and the House,” he told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Trump is currently aheadCNN’s Road to 270 assessment of the electoral map shows Trump in position to win the election. “Donald Trump and the Republicans have loved every minute of watching this discussion,” Rep. Debbie Dingell, who represents the battleground state of Michigan, told CNN’s Jessica Dean.
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CNN —A staggering 24 hours that cracked the political foundation of Joe Biden’s reelection bid leave him facing the most high-pressure presidential news conference in modern history on Thursday. The stakes for Biden’s solo appearance at the conclusion of the NATO summit multiplied by the hour as his political position unraveled at a dignity-sapping rate. In another danger sign for Biden’s candidacy, one Democratic strategist told CNN, “Everything is frozen because no one knows what’s going to happen. The deepening crisis gripping the Democratic Party is not simply damaging Biden’s chances of clinging to the nomination. But as Biden’s political standing continues to rapidly deteriorate, the question is becoming how much longer he can insist he’s the only Democrat who can beat Trump.
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CNN —Sen. Michael Bennet on Tuesday became the first Democratic senator to publicly say he doesn’t believe President Joe Biden is capable of winning reelection after his disastrous debate performance last month. Bennet said his voters have “deep concerns” about whether Biden can win and urged the White House to not ignore worries about his viability. Bennet’s comments confirm earlier CNN reporting that Bennet told his colleagues during a private meeting between Senate Democrats Tuesday that he does not think Biden can win. Sherrod Brown and Jon Tester also said Biden would not win during the meeting in the Capitol, according to a source familiar. Another source confirmed that Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer told senators at the meeting they should speak with the White House directly.
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“Now the American people will have to do what the court should have been willing to do and would not: Americans will have to render a judgment about Donald Trump’s behavior,” Biden said. In four minutes, Biden, 81, encapsulated the two increasingly grave and urgent choices facing voters in November. “The American people must decide (whether) Trump’s embrace of violence to preserve his power is acceptable. “THE SUPREME COURT DECISION IS A MUCH MORE POWERFUL ONE THAN SOME HAD EXPECTED IT TO BE. Here’s what she said … ‘In every use of official power, the president is now a king above the law.
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Donald Trump’s potential vice president picks
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CNN —Former President Donald Trump has been busy in recent weeks. Doug Burgum speaks during a campaign event with former President Donald Trump, in Laconia, New Hampshire, in January. Vance, shakes hands with former President Donald Trump during a rally hosted by the former president at the Delaware County Fairgrounds in Delaware, Ohio. He is also close with Donald Trump Jr.Vance, a former venture capitalist, veteran and author, is among the candidates who received vice-presidential vetting materials from the Trump campaign. Rep. Byron Donalds speaks before former President Donald Trump at the “People's Convention” of Turning Point Action on June 15, 2024, in Detroit.
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Former Vice President Mike Pence at the US Capitol on May 16, 2024. This despite history suggesting that, at some point in their potential mandate, a possible President Trump might ask them to so something that tests their consciences, the law or the Constitution. The attractiveness of the vice presidential nomination may reflect Trump’s magnetism and the heady euphoria of being a key player in the “Make America Great Again” movement. He has also made clear to Trump that he wouldn’t have adopted Pence’s interpretation of the constitutional limits on vice presidential powers. Burgum has taken a classic route of parlaying an unsuccessful presidential campaign into a spot in the vice presidential derby.
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CNN —Former President Donald Trump completed his pre-sentencing interview with the New York City Department of Probation on Monday after his hush money trial conviction last month, a source familiar with the proceedings told CNN. “Earlier today, President Trump completed a routine interview with [the] New York Probation Office. Trump answered all questions in the virtual interview and was described as polite, respectful and accommodating to the probation officers, according to a New York City official familiar with the interview. The probation department did not rule out the possibility of a follow-up meeting, the source added. In a pre-sentencing interview, a defendant is typically asked about their conviction and other basic background information such as their employment and criminal history.
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“Today’s verdict does not change the fact that the American people face a simple reality,” said campaign communications director Michael Tyler. Convicted felon or not, Trump will be the Republican nominee for president,” Tyler said. Supporters hold placards and flags following the announcement of the verdict in Trump's criminal trial. Or, the guilty verdict could play into Biden’s campaign theme that his predecessor is too corrupt and extreme to serve as president again. In another age, a guilty verdict would have immediately ended Trump’s campaign.
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Trump found guilty in hush money trial
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CNN —A Manhattan jury found Donald Trump guilty of all 34 charges of falsifying business records Thursday, an unprecedented and historic verdict that makes Trump the first former president in American history to be convicted of a felony. And if he defeats President Joe Biden in November, he will be the first sitting president in history to be a convicted felon. The verdict in the hush money trial was announced after jurors deliberated for nearly 12 hours over two days. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg speaks to the media after a jury found former President Donald Trump guilty on 34 felony counts of falsifying business records, on Thursday, May 30, in New York. “There’s only one way to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office: At the ballot box,” Biden wrote on X, linking to a fundraising page.
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“The two incidents you cite do not meet the conditions for recusal,” Alito wrote in a letter distributed by the Supreme Court. Supreme Court justices rarely get into a back-and-forth with lawmakers and many members of the court do not explain their reasons for recusing – or not. Video Ad Feedback See how GOP lawmakers reacted to Judge Alito's flag controversy 01:24 - Source: CNNThe Supreme Court is weighing major cases tied to the 2020 election and the attack on the US Capitol. From Google“I had no involvement in the decision to fly that flag,” Alito wrote. Justice Alito also told Fox News the neighbor used the term “c*nt” at one point during the exchanges.
Persons: Samuel Alito, ” Alito, Alito, recusing, Alito's, Donald Trump’s, Jack Smith’s, , , Martha, Ann Alito, Samuel Alito's, Illinois Sen, Dick Durbin, ” Durbin, , ” Sen, Sheldon Whitehouse, Clarence Thomas ’, , Sen, Richard Blumenthal, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, John Roberts, Thomas, Hank Johnson, Alito’s, ” Johnson, Trump, Justice Alito, “ Alito, SCOTUS, Roe, Wade, CNN’s Piper Hudspeth Blackburn, Kate Sullivan, Jack Forrest, Morgan Rimmer, Tierney Sneed, Holmes Lybrand Organizations: CNN, Supreme, Trump, US Supreme, Google, , recusal, Democratic, Illinois Democrat, Rhode Island Democrat, Connecticut Democrat, Georgia Democrat, United States Supreme, New York Times, Fox News, Times, Republicans Locations: Alexandria, Virginia, New Jersey, Long Beach, Illinois, Connecticut, Georgia, House
CNN —The Senate will vote Thursday on a border security bill that is dividing the Democratic caucus and failed earlier this year, exposing rifts within the party even as they try to shift the narrative on border security. Sources say those talks included reviving the stalled border security measure that initially failed after former President Donald Trump told GOP lawmakers to knock it down. “I will not vote for the bill coming to the Senate floor this week because it includes several provisions that will violate Americans’ shared values. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer acknowledged over the weekend that not every Democrat may vote for the bill in a letter to colleagues. They think we’re nuts.”But Republican Sen. James Lankford, a key negotiator on the border bill, said he’ll vote against the measure Thursday.
Persons: Donald Trump, , , ” Sen, Cory Booker, Booker, Chuck Schumer, Sen, Alex Padilla, “ It’s, ” Padilla, Virginia Democratic Sen, Mark Warner, , Republican Sen, Lisa Murkowski, ” Murkowski, James Lankford, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Tom Suozzi, Murphy, Schumer, ” Robyn Barnard, ” Barnard, We’ve, Brian Schatz, Maine Sen, Angus King, CNN’s Sam Fossum Organizations: CNN, Democratic, White, New, New Jersey Democrat, Republicans, GOP, Senate, Virginia Democratic, Republican, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins Tuesday, Democrats, Democratic Rep, of, Human, , Democrat Locations: Ukraine, New Jersey, Virginia, Alaska, New, Hawaii, Maine
Washington CNN —Top Republicans are already rushing to buy into a new 2024 election fraud narrative sown by ex-President Donald Trump in their zeal to appease their party’s presumptive nominee. The new Republican trend of casting doubt on the integrity of the 2024 election in advance was exhibited by Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday in an interview with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins. Despite Trump’s claims of voting irregularities, multiple courts, including the US Supreme Court, rejected the former president’s claims he was cheated out of power. The positioning looks a lot like laying the groundwork for a challenge to the fairness of the 2024 election if Trump loses in November. The idea that the 2024 election may not be free and fair was also raised recently by Ohio Sen. J.D.
Persons: Donald Trump, Sen, Ted Cruz, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Trump’s, William Barr, Cruz, Collins, ‘ Will, ” Cruz, , Trump, Biden, I’m, Mike Pence, I’ll, ” Trump, it’s, Georgia —, Nikki Haley, , Florida Sen, Marco Rubio, , Al Gore, Ohio Sen, J.D, Vance, CNN’s Dana, Dana, ” Vance Organizations: Washington CNN —, Republicans, Republican, Trump, US, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Biden, South Carolina Gov, Republican Party, Democratic, Democrats, Supreme, Ohio, Union Locations: Trump’s, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Trump The Texas, Florida, “ State
Before losing her home state’s primary to Trump earlier this year, Haley lashed out at Republicans who backed Trump despite privately despairing over him. They’re just too afraid to say it out loud.”Now Haley is saying out loud she’s voting for Trump. Haley seeks to preserve her futureThere is every sign that Haley wants to run again for president once Trump finally leaves the stage. Trump has made no effort to appeal to Haley voters during the march to the nomination despite his dire need to court suburban voters. “Rightly or wrongly, chaos follows (Trump),” Haley complained at almost every event.
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“I think that’s actually a ridiculous question,” replied Cruz when asked by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on “The Source” whether he will accept the results of the 2024 election regardless of who wins. Cruz, who objected to Arizona’s election results on January 6, 2021, then went on in his interview with Collins to suggest, baselessly, that the 2020 election was rife with fraud. “So my question for you again, free and fair election, will you accept the results regardless of who wins?” Collins asked. “If the Democrats win, I will accept the result, but I’m not going to ignore fraud regardless of what happens,” Cruz responded. Trump said earlier this month that he would only accept the 2024 election results “if everything’s honest.” Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York and Sen. J.D.
Persons: Republican Sen, Ted Cruz, , , Cruz, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, ‘ Will, ” Cruz, Collins, ” Collins, I’m, Donald Trump, Trump, Elise Stefanik, Sen, J.D, Vance of Ohio, South Carolina Republican Sen, Tim Scott, Samuel Alito, Clarence Thomas, We’re, Sam Alito, Martha, Ann Alito, Alito Organizations: CNN, Republican, Republicans, Trump, South Carolina Republican, Senate Locations: New York
Citing photographs and interviews with neighbors, the Times reports that the “Appeal to Heaven” flag was seen on display at his property last summer. It’s the second revelation in as many weeks about a controversial display outside Alito’s property. Like the inverted US flag, the Appeal to Heaven flag – also known as the Pine Tree flag – was seen during the attack on the Capitol. House Speaker Mike Johnson faced blowback for displaying the same flag outside his office last year before assuming the leadership post. An "Appeal to Heaven" flag is seen outside Speaker Mike Johnson's personal office in the Cannon House Office Buiding on Wednesday, May 22.
Persons: Samuel Alito’s, Donald Trump, , Alito, Shay Horse, , Mike Johnson, Johnson, , George Washington’s, I’ve, ” Johnson, Mike, Trump, Texas Sen, Ted Cruz, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Jim Jordan, Judge Thomas –, Judge Kavanaugh, ” Jordan, CNN’s Manu Raju, CNN’s Piper Hudspeth Blackburn, Morgan Rimmer, Manu Raju Organizations: CNN, Capitol, New York Times, Times, Trump, Capitol ., Cannon, Texas, Locations: New Jersey, Virginia, Washington , DC
Opinion: Why Biden’s eager to debate Trump
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CNN —President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have both accepted an invitation from CNN to debate on June 27, nearly four years since they last clashed onstage. As you said: anywhere, anytime, any place.” Trump later told CNN’s Kaitlan Collins he also accepted. One of the biggest changes that took place in campaigns was who determined the structure. Join us on Twitter and FacebookNext month, President Biden will have an opportunity to demonstrate that concerns about his age are misplaced. Former President Trump will have a chance to prove that he has some kind of compelling vision for the country beyond his desire to take down his opponents and the establishment.
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This is the moment Trump changed American politics
  + stars: | 2024-05-04 | by ( Zachary B. Wolf | )   time to read: +7 min
CNN —Being elected president shortly after surviving the publication of the leaked “Access Hollywood” tape in 2016 is the moment in which Donald Trump defied political gravity. The ‘Access Hollywood’ tape reexaminedTrump’s 2016 victory in the Electoral College seems only more improbable in the retelling. It is worth revisiting the earthquake the “Access Hollywood” tape set off in the 2016 campaign. Return of the tapeNow, the “Access Hollywood” tape is back. Video Ad Feedback Trump asked if he stands by comments from 'Access Hollywood' tape.
Persons: CNN —, Donald Trump, Trump, Hope Hicks, Hicks, , , crassly, Billy Bush, Bush, Sen, Mike Lee of, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, Reince Priebus, Christie, Steve Bannon, Melania, ” Trump, , Bill Clinton, WAZiGoQqMQ — Donald J, Hillary Clinton, James Comey’s, Clinton, Comey, Anthony Weiner, Michael Cohen, Stormy Daniels, Cohen, Daniels, Maggie Haberman, Jonathan Martin, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, ’ ”, Collins, Feedback Trump, Bannon, Charlie Rose, Rose, Jean Carroll Organizations: CNN, Republican, Electoral, Washington Post, Republicans, Trump, New, New Jersey Gov, Republican National, Twitter, Democratic, The New York Times, CBS Locations: New York, Mike Lee of Utah, New Jersey
More than half, 55%, of all Americans say they see Trump’s presidency as a success, while 44% see it as a failure. Four years ago, he was able to assail Trump’s time in office from his position as a challenger. Biden won all three in 2020 after Trump won them in 2016 in his victory over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. In the poll, 92% of Republicans view Trump’s time in office a success, while just 73% of Democrats say Biden’s has been a success. And while 85% of Democrats polled say they back Biden, 91% of Republicans say they support Trump.
Persons: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, he’s, William Barr, Trump, CNN he’d, Ron DeSantis, Biden, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, , Israel, Mike Johnson, Benjamin Netanyahu, underscoring, Hillary Clinton, South Carolina Republican Sen, Lindsey Graham, CNN’s Dana, Nikki Haley, Biden’s, CNN’s Kristen Holmes, Kit Maher, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Trump . Barr, Trump’s, Chris Sununu, Haley, , Georgia —, ” Biden, He’s, Colin Jost, , ” Jost, Washington Hilton Organizations: CNN, GOP, Republican Party, Florida Gov, Trump’s, Democratic, Columbia University, National Guard, Israel, DeSantis, CBS, Biden, Trump, Trump ., South Carolina Republican, South Carolina Gov, New, New Hampshire Gov, , White, Republican, Washington Locations: New York, Gaza, Manhattan, Rafah, Michigan , Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, “ State, New Hampshire, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Israel, American
New York CNN —It took Donald Trump less than 24 hours to test the boundaries of Judge Juan Merchan’s gag order in his New York criminal trial. Inside the courtroom, Trump has been admonished and threatened with removal for being disruptive. Outside the courtroom, Trump has repeatedly railed against the charges he faces in front of cameras and attacked all of those involved on social media. Engoron issued a gag order on commentary about court staff that covered his clerk, fining Trump twice for breaking it. In the federal classified documents case, Trump has appeared several times before Judge Aileen Cannon, whom he appointed.
Persons: Donald Trump, Juan Merchan’s, Merchan, Trump, , , Karen Friedman Agnifilo, He’s, , they’re, Reggie Walton, CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, Judge Arthur Engoron, Letitia James, Engoron, fining Trump, slogged, he’d, Judge Lewis Kaplan, Jean Carroll, Kaplan, Elie Honig, ” Trump, Stormy Daniels, Daniels, Allen Weisselberg, Agnifilo, ” Agnifilo, ” ‘, Tanya Chutkan, ” Chutkan, he’s, Trump’s “, ” Merchan, Honig, CNN Trump, Aileen Cannon, Scott McAfee, Carroll, ” Kaplan, defaming Carroll, CNN’s Lauren Del Valle, Katelyn Polantz, Zachary Cohen Organizations: New, New York CNN, Trump –, CNN, Trump, Trump Organization, Georgia Locations: New York, Manhattan, Fulton County
In some ways, this is classic behavior from Trump and follows multiple previous social media threats to judges, political opponents and anyone who angers him. Trump’s attacks on the judiciary play into the foundation of his political career — that he’s a rebel outsider tearing down a political system his supporters believe disdains them. In itself, the tape is an affront to the legal system and the judiciary. If the principle were applied to its full extent, it could destroy the nonpartisan legal system. In his “State of the Union” interview Sunday, Lawler, an up-and-coming New York Republican, demonstrated how Trump’s rhetoric overshadows his party.
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CNN —A sitting federal judge on Thursday harshly criticized Donald Trump’s attacks on the judge overseeing the former president’s criminal case tied to alleged hush money payments, telling CNN that such statements threaten the viability of the American legal system. US District Judge Reggie Walton spoke with CNN’s Kaitlan Collins on “The Source” in the wake of Trump’s attacks on Judge Juan Merchan, which helped prompt the New York judge to issue a gag order on the former president earlier this week. It is unusual for federal judges to speak publicly, especially about specific political or legal situations. Trump criticized Merchan, his daughter and one of Bragg’s prosecutors in the hours before Merchan issued his gag order. Walton, who has been a senior judge of the federal trial level court in Washington, DC, since 2001, told CNN he is speaking out against threats on judges because he is concerned.
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That was happening at the same time, Butler says, that federal investigators were visiting Trump to discuss returning the classified material in the former president’s possession. ‘Hi, Brian.’ ‘Hi Mr. Trump,’ or ‘President Trump.’ And then he went in and talked to them, but I had no clue who those people were.”‘We’re all dirty. Prosecutors allege that De Oliveira lied to the FBI about whether he knew of the boxes of documents at Mar-a-Lago. Less than 30 minutes later, Butler recalled, De Oliveira received a call from Trump, who told him he would get an attorney. “You know, even the voicemail by the attorney that called me, you know, he says, “I’m representing former President Trump.’ Well, that does me no good.
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