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Mr. Trump was rushed off the stage, blood visible around his right ear. The Secret Service said its personnel had killed the shooter. Secret Service agents then rushed Mr. Trump off the stage. Mr. Trump had been showing supporters a chart about the number of border crossings just minutes into his speech when the shots rang out. President Biden, in a nationally televised statement, expressed gratitude that Mr. Trump had been swiftly evacuated and said “There’s no place in America for this kind of violence.” He later spoke to Mr. Trump, according to the White House.
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Read previewA municipal police officer at Donald Trump's rally in Pennsylvania encountered the shooter before the assassination attempt but retreated, according to The Washington Post. Secret Service agents quickly surrounded the president, who later confirmed in a Truth Social post that a bullet struck his ear. A Secret Service sniper fatally shot Crooks. AdvertisementLaw enforcement officials and the Secret Service are facing criticism following the incident. According to the outlet, the roof was less than 164 yards from where Trump stood onstage.
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Read previewA former Secret Service agent said counter-snipers at the Pennsylvania rally where a would-be assassin wounded former President Donald Trump should have had "360-degree coverage" of the event and surrounding buildings. "I don't know how many they had, but they usually always look for 360-degree coverage," former Secret Service agent Anthony Cangelosi told Business Insider. AdvertisementCangelosi said the Secret Service would sometimes use "counter-sniper response units," which are posted on the ground and can quickly move into position if they notice a threat. AdvertisementCangelosi said he expects the Secret Service to amp up security at future events moving forward. "The Secret Service is well aware of the fact that they have to be perfect all of the time," Cangelosi said.
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A man fired “multiple shots” toward the stage during former President Donald J. Trump’s rally in Butler, Pa., on Saturday at around 6:15 p.m., killing one spectator and critically injuring two others, according to the Secret Service. Mr. Trump was rushed off the stage, blood visible around his right ear. An analysis by The New York Times suggested that the gunman had fired eight shots. The Secret Service said its personnel had killed the shooter. identified the man as Thomas Matthew Crooks, 20, of Bethel Park, Pa.
Persons: Donald J, Trump, Mr, Donald Trump, ” Kevin Rojek, Thomas Matthew Crooks Organizations: Secret, Service, Federal Bureau of, Police Department, The New York Times Locations: Butler, Pa, Bethel Park
Seconds after gunfire rang out, Secret Service counter-assault snipers began shooting the suspect who was found on top of a roof. They put it out over their radio to keep an eye on him- and that information was passed to Secret Service as well, according to the source. The Secret Service does not allow any weapons inside the cordoned off areas of any event. In a statement, the Secret Service said the detail had been increased recently. “”There’s an untrue assertion that a member of the former President’s team requested additional security resources and that those were rebuffed,” said Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi.
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2024 Quality of Life Score: 119 out of 325 Points (Top States Grade: D-) Strengths: Crime, Voting Rights, Worker Protections Weaknesses: Air Quality, Reproductive Rights, Health Care9. 2024 Quality of Life Score: 98 out of 325 points (Top States Grade: F) Strength: Air Quality Weaknesses: Voting Rights, Crime, Reproductive Rights6. 2024 Quality of Life Score: 96 out of 325 points (Top States Grade: F) Strengths: Child Care, Air Quality Weaknesses: Crime, Inclusiveness, Health Care5. 2024 Quality of Life Score: 85 out of 325 points (Top States Grade: F) Strength: Air Quality Weaknesses: Reproductive Rights, Health, Worker Protections, Voting Rights3. 2024 Quality of Life Score: 83 out of 325 points (Top States Grade: F) Strength: Child Care Weaknesses: Voting Rights, Inclusiveness, Worker Protections2.
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CNN —Russia has promised to discharge Indian nationals who were “misled” into joining its army to fight in Ukraine, India’s foreign secretary said Tuesday. “The Russian side promised the early discharge of all Indian nationals from the service of the Russian army,” he said. “The trafficked Indian Nationals were trained in combat roles and deployed at front bases in Russia-Ukraine War Zone against their wishes,” the CBI statement said. In neighboring Nepal, lawmakers have called on the Russian authorities to provide figures for its nationals fighting in Ukraine. The Russians position themselves a few hundred meters back as support,” said Suman Tamang, after he returned from Russia.
Persons: , Narendra Modi “, Vladimir Putin, Vinay Mohan Kwatra, Putin, Bimala Rai Paudyal, Kwatra, , ” Kwatra, Imran Mohammad, Asfan Mohammed, Asfan, ” Imran, Suman Tamang, Ramchandra Khadka, ” Khadka Organizations: CNN, Indian, Indian Ministry, Russian, Kremlin, India’s, Bureau of Investigation, Indian Nationals, CBI Locations: Russia, Ukraine, Russian, Moscow, New Delhi, South Asia, Nepal, India, Indian, Hyderabad, Bakhmut –
CNN —After going missing for more than 50 years, a firearm dating back to the Revolutionary War has been recovered and donated to a Philadelphia museum, the FBI says. “This historic weapon from the American Revolution was taken and hidden from generations of Americans. The artifact was among several Revolutionary War-era items taken during a string of thefts that occurred in the 1960s and 1970s in the area of Valley Forge Park. However, 10 of the items looted from Valley Forge Park and other locations, including the recently returned musket, remained lost. The company donated it to the Museum of the American Revolution, signing over the deed at the July 1 ceremony,” according to a release.
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CNN —The government of China now possesses something that no other humans have ever encountered — rocks and soil from the far side of the moon. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson told CNN he’s “pleased to hear CNSA intends to share” the materials collected by the Chang’e-6 lunar probe last month. NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, shown here during a pre-launch news conference on Boeing's first crewed spacecraft, the Boeing Starliner, on May 3, said he's "pleased" China intends to share the lunar far side samples. China opened those samples to international scientists for the first time last August, and Nelson has given NASA-funded researchers the green light to apply for access. TheUS government has not landed a robotic spacecraft on the moon since 1968, but NASA is currently funding the development of lunar landers by private companies through its Commercial Lunar Payload Services, or CLPS program.
Persons: , Liu Yunfeng, Bill Nelson, CNN he’s “, CNSA, ” Nelson, he's, Miguel J, Rodriguez Carrillo, Bian Zhigang, Nelson, Artemis, Joel Kowsky, Artemis III, Odie Organizations: CNN, NASA, China National Space Administration, Boeing, AFP, Getty, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Apollo, Soviet, Soviet Union —, , Beijing, Orion, Kennedy Space Center, NASA NASA, SpaceX, Payload Services, Astrobotic Technologies Locations: China, United States, Beijing, Soviet Union, Nelson, Florida
President Volodymyr Zelensky of Ukraine removed one of his top generals from his post on Monday amid public criticism that the commander’s decisions had led to excessive casualties. The dismissal of the general, Yurii Sodol, as commander of the Joint Forces of the Armed Forces, was a clear indication that the discord that had rankled the army since Mr. Zelensky replaced his commanding general, Valery Zaluzhny, with Gen. Oleksandr Syrsky in February, continued to threaten military cohesion. Mr. Zelensky announced that he was replacing General Sodol with Brig. Gen. Andrii Hnatov. General Sodol was appointed by General Syrsky as part of a broader shake-up in February, and Mr. Zelensky did not say why he had dismissed the commander or what position he would now hold.
Persons: Volodymyr Zelensky, Yurii, Zelensky, Valery Zaluzhny, Oleksandr Syrsky, Sodol, Andrii Hnatov, General Sodol, General Syrsky, Bohdan Krotevych, Ukrainian National Guard — Organizations: Joint Forces of, Armed Forces, Azov, Ukrainian National Guard, State Bureau of Locations: Ukraine, Brig, Gen
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering an award for information about two wildfires in southern New Mexico that left two people dead, prompted the evacuation of thousands and scorched more than 24,000 acres. The agency is offering up to $10,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the “person or persons responsible for starting the fires” near the village of Ruidoso, N.M, the agency said in a statement. asked for the public’s help in identifying what sparked the blazes. Margot Cravens, a spokeswoman for the F.B.I.’s field office in Albuquerque, declined to comment on Sunday evening but confirmed that the agency was assisting with the investigation. The South Fork and Salt fires began on June 17 amid sweltering temperatures and were still burning on Sunday evening.
Persons: Margot Cravens Organizations: Federal Bureau of Investigation, Mescalero Apache, U.S . Forest Service Locations: New Mexico, Ruidoso, Albuquerque, U.S
In this sluggish real estate market, it might seem like a dream — that is, if you're actually looking to sell. In 2023, the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Internet Crime Complaint Center saw more than 880,000 complaints about internet scams totaling $12.5 billion in losses. AdvertisementReal estate scams are an especially popular internet crime. In Caldwell's case, too, a scammer told prospective buyers to contact "Mandi" in Las Vegas and send $245 to the seller's mother. Advertisement"I'm kind of stuck here," Bertram told the Kansas City Star.
Persons: , Lauren Bertram, we're, Bertram, Burns, McDonnell, Jordan Pandy, Galen Caldwell, It's Organizations: Service, Kansas City, Business, Kansas City Star, Mandi, Federal Bureau of, FBI, BEC, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Seattle, CBS News Locations: Las Vegas, Mandi
“It was never our intent that the publication of the 2000 Mules film and book would harm Mr. Andrews,” Salem said in a Friday statement. In the aftermath of the 2020 election, Trump’s media allies promoted false claims that the election had been stolen by then-candidate Joe Biden. Those election lies, however, have led to legal consequences for outlets that promoted the claims, with right-wing media companies facing a slew of costly lawsuits stemming from their coverage of the 2020 election. Last month, the pro-Trump network One America News settled a lawsuit brought by voting technology company Smartmatic over the outlet’s promotion of lies about the 2020 election. And last year, Fox News settled a historic $787 million defamation lawsuit filed by election company Dominion Voting Systems.
Persons: CNN —, Mark Andrews, , Dinesh D’Souza, Andrews, Donald Trump, Mr, ” Salem, , Salem, Charlie Kirk, Sebastian Gorka, D’Souza, Joe Biden Organizations: CNN, CNN — Salem Media Group, Protect Democracy, Trump, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Republican Party, News, Fox News, Voting Systems Locations: Georgia, Salem, Salem . Salem
Federal Bureau of Investigation Director Christopher Wray said it is "likely the world's largest botnet ever." The botnet hacked into over 19 million IP addresses in nearly 200 countries, the DOJ announcement said. In particular, the botnet targeted Covid relief programs and filed an estimated 560,000 false unemployment insurance claims, stealing $5.9 billion. The DOJ partnered with the FBI and other law enforcement agencies internationally to dismantle the botnet and arrest Wang. The charges come as U.S. law enforcement agencies try to update protocols to keep up with more sophisticated cybersecurity threats.
Persons: Wang, Christopher Wray, S, Axelrod, they're, Wray Organizations: US Department of Justice, Department of Justice, DOJ, Federal Bureau of, FBI, Export Enforcement, U.S . Department of Commerce's, of Industry, Security, Treasury Department, Treasury, Code, Tulip Biz, Company, Lily Suites Company Locations: Washington , DC, U.S, China
The House select committee on China has asked the Justice Department and F.B.I. to investigate reports that Chinese authorities covered up positive doping tests for nearly half the swim team it sent to the last Olympic Games and that the global antidoping regulator failed to take action. “This scandal raises serious legal, ethical and competitive concerns and may constitute a broader state-sponsored strategy by the People’s Republic of China (P.R.C.) to unfairly compete at the Olympic Games in ways Russia has previously done,” the panel’s chairman, Representative John Moolenaar, Republican of Michigan, and its senior Democrat, Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi of Illinois, said in a letter to Attorney General Merrick B. Garland and the F.B.I. The letter could put additional political pressure on the Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Investigation to ratchet up scrutiny of China’s athletic program and the organization responsible for policing the use of banned performance enhancers, the World Anti-Doping Agency, just two months before the 2024 Summer Games in Paris.
Persons: John Moolenaar, Raja Krishnamoorthi, General Merrick B, Garland, Christopher A, Wray Organizations: Justice Department, Olympic Games, Olympic, Republican, Federal Bureau of, Doping Agency Locations: China, Russia, People’s Republic of China, Michigan, Illinois, Paris
CNBC's Inside India newsletter: A disconnected stock market
  + stars: | 2024-05-10 | by ( Ganesh Rao | )   time to read: +5 min
CNBCThis report is from this week's CNBC's "Inside India" newsletter which brings you timely, insightful news and market commentary on the emerging powerhouse and the big businesses behind its meteoric rise. For local investors, Indian stocks would have underperformed the U.S. benchmark by more than 45 percentage points since Buffett's 2008 bet. It appears that India's near 8% GDP growth isn't transforming into stock market returns. But that has also meant significant competition for the incumbents, many of which are listed on the stock market. This year has also been particularly unlucky for Indian stock market investors thanks to the uncertainty added by politics.
Persons: Warren Buffett, it's, Jonathan Pines, Federated Hermes, Rajeev Agrawal, Agrawal, Narendra Modi's, Kevin Carter, Buffett, Carter, Modi, Narendra Modi, Amit Shah, Virat Kohli, Rajat Patidar Organizations: Berkshire, CNBC, BSE, Federated, DoorDarshi Advisors, Narendra Modi's BJP, India, Ecommerce, One97 Communications, Ujjivan Financial, BJP, Russia, Indian, Ukraine, India's Central Bureau of Investigation, Indian Premier League, Wednesday, Royal Challengers Bengaluru Locations: Omaha , Nebraska, Omaha, BSE India, India, United States, Gandhinagar Lok Sabha, Russia, Mumbai, Punjab Kings
Hacker Aleksanteri 'Julius' Kivimäki was sentenced to over six years in prison. He was found guilty of hacking a therapy company to steal notes and blackmail thousands of patients. AdvertisementA Finnish hacker has been sentenced to six years and three months in prison after he was found guilty of stealing confidential therapy notes to blackmail thousands of patients. According to BBC News, Kivimäki demanded a ransom of more than 400,000 euros, or $426,818, from the therapy company in 2020. A trove of confidential information then surfaced on the dark web, including patients' personal details, Social Security numbers, and sensitive therapist and doctor notes from sessions.
Persons: Hacker Aleksanteri, Julius, Kivimäki, , Aleksanteri Organizations: Service, Western Uusimaa, BBC News, Associated Press, AP, BBC, National Bureau of Investigation, Health Technology, Informatics, US Department of Health, Human Services Locations: Nordic, France, Finland, bitcoin, Brunswick
Port-au-Prince, Haiti CNN —Vitel’homme Innocent’s picture on the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted” list of fugitives suggests a crazed man – eyes wide and wild, teeth bared. But the man on the gold sofa preferred to talk about a brighter future – one that he claims Haiti’s gangs are prepared to usher in. Abandoned cars on the road between the US Embassy and the Kraze Baryé stronghold in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on April 28, 2024. Kraze Baryé employs around 100 men and women, according to Innocent’s lieutenant and cousin, the bleach-blond Dezod Augustin, 34. But Haiti’s gangs maintain they deserve a seat at the negotiating table.
Persons: Haiti CNN —, Innocent, Evelio Contreras, , ” Innocent, de, , Kraze Baryé, , Viv Ansanm, Ariel Henry, Henry, Kraze, “ It’s, ’ Marie, Lucie Bonhomme Opont, Pierre, Louis Opont, territoire perdue, Opont, , Jimmy Chérizier, Robin Hood, Sanjou, Dezod Augustin, Gedeon Jean, Prince, Baryé, Delmas, Antony Blinken, Haiti Dennis Hankins, Rick Barton, Haiti’s, CNN Jean, Henry’s, Jean, CNN’s Rachel Clarke Organizations: Haiti CNN, CNN, Haiti’s, Prince, de Mars, United Nations, Haitian National Police, , Kenya, Haiti’s National Police, CARICOM, US Embassy, Security, , Washington, US, UN, Fund, Federal Bureau of, State Department Locations: Prince, Haiti, Tabarre, Haiti’s, Port, balaclavas, Haitian Creole, Haitian, Nairobi, , Canada, United States, Kraze Baryé, American, France, Kenya, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Barbados, Benin, Chad, Jamaica, it’s, Atlanta
Their bodies were discovered days later in some woods off a rural road in Telfair County, and their SUV was found submerged in a nearby lake. He is accused of killing the couple in Telfair County, Georgia. The suspect had the “last known communications” with Bud Runion, then-Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson said at the time. “The entire communication he had with Mr. Runion was deceptive,” Telfair County Sheriff Chris Steverson said at the time. Telfair County deputies launched air and water searches for the couple, and contacted land owners in the area to ask if they’d seen anything suspicious.
Persons: Elrey, Bud ” Runion, Runion, Ronnie “ Jay ” Adrian Towns, Ronnie Adrian, Jay, Kent D, Johnson, Bud Runion, Chris Steverson, Tim Vaughn, Towns, , they’d, Mark Walker, Jason Hoffman, Bud, David Goldman, ” Walker, , I’m, “ Bud, Ronnie Towns, , ain’t Organizations: CNN, Ford, Craigslist, GMC, US Army, Towns, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Authorities, Atlanta, AP Locations: Vietnam, Georgia, McRae, Atlanta, Telfair County, Towns ’, Towns, Telfair County , Georgia, Telfair, Oconee, ” Telfair, Marietta , Georgia, Marietta, Goergia
The Justice Department said on Tuesday it would pay $138.7 million to resolve 139 claims by young women, including many top female gymnasts, of abuse by the former U.S.A. Gymnastics doctor Lawrence G. Nassar. The far-reaching settlement, which had been expected, stems from the failure of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials to promptly investigate credible claims that Mr. Nassar had sexually assaulted more than 150 women and girls under the guise of examinations and treatment. It likely marks the end of a yearslong effort by the gymnasts — including the Olympic gold medalists Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney and Aly Raisman — to achieve a measure of justice and public recognition that the institutions entrusted to protect young female athletes failed to protect them. While lawyers for the young women hailed the settlement, they cast the government’s monetary compensation for its early reluctance to fully investigate Mr. Nassar as a case of too little, too late.
Persons: Lawrence G, Nassar, Mr, Simone Biles, McKayla Maroney, Aly Raisman — Organizations: Gymnastics, Federal Bureau of
Atlanta CNN —Baltimore filed a legal claim on Monday against the owner and manager of the ship that crashed into the Francis Scott Key Bridge last month, causing it to collapse. The Dali, a 213-million-pound ship carrying cargo containers, is owned by Grace Ocean Private Limited and managed by Synergy Marine PTE LTD. As this matter is now the subject of active litigation, we will reserve further comment for the appropriate judicial forum,” the Baltimore City Law Office told CNN. Earlier this month, Grace Ocean and Synergy Marine filed a petition in federal court asking for a $43.6 million limit on potential liability payouts. In its Monday court filings, Baltimore asked the court to deny the companies’ petition to limit liability.
Persons: Francis Scott Key, Dali, Grace Ocean, Darrell Wilson, Grace, — CNN’s Gabe Cohen Organizations: Atlanta CNN, Baltimore, Grace Ocean Private Limited, Synergy Marine PTE LTD, Baltimore’s, City Council, CNN, Baltimore City Law Office, Synergy, Grace Ocean, Federal Bureau of Investigation, US Coast Guard Locations: Baltimore
Investigators say they were deliberately killed by Adams, Cullum and the Twomblys. Bottom row: Tad Cullum and Tifany Machel Adams Oklahoma State Bureau of InvestigationAt about that time, Adams did an online search for how to get someone out of their house. Adams told officers she had called Butler to check if she was coming for the usual Saturday visit. She said Butler told her that something had come up and she could not make it. And she said her mother told her the two couples were involved in the killings.
Persons: CNN — Tifany Machel Adams, Veronica Butler, Adams, Tad Cullum, Cole, Cora Twombly, Butler, Adams ’, Jilian Kelley, Tifany Machel Adams, Charles Laughlin, Laughlin, Kelley, Cullum, anvils, Cole Twombly, Wrangler Rickman, Rickman, Veronica Butler Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation Kelley, Cheryl Brune, Brune, Melissa, Joey Padilla, KWCH, Matt Boley, , , Hugoton, Heath Kelley, boyfriend Cullum, , KFDA, sobs, Butler’s, “ She’s, ” Junia Butler, Veronica’s Organizations: CNN, Tifany Machel Adams Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Veronica Butler Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Oklahoma State, , Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, Kansas, Chevrolet, Christian, Christian Post, Courthouse, KFDA Locations: Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma’s, Kansas, Hugoton , Kansas, Tifany Machel Adams Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Hugoton, Veronica Butler Oklahoma, Texas County, Colorado, El Paso, Nebraska, Texas County , Oklahoma
“I saw holes on the back of his shoulder, his ribs right down till his lower back,” Imran told CNN. “He was going to work as a taxi driver or delivery boy in Russia – that process was on,” Imran said. Meanwhile, India, which has no law preventing its citizens from serving in a foreign state’s military, has acknowledged that a number of its nationals have been fighting for Russia in Ukraine. In early March, India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) said it had busted major human trafficking networks that were duping men into Russian military jobs, with 35 such cases identified. Asfran Mohammed, right, and his brother Imran are pictured with Asran's children before Asfran left for Russia.
Persons: New Delhi CNN —, Asfan Mohammed, he’d, Imran Mohammad, Vladimir Putin’s, , ” Imran, Imran, , Asfan, Putin, Allen, He’d, Asfran, Mohammed Imran, Inna Varenytsia, Bimala Rai Paudyal, I’d, who’d, Asfran Mohammed, Mohammed Imran “, I’ve Organizations: New, New Delhi CNN, CNN, Russian, , United Arab Emirates, Reuters Foreign, Kremlin, Indian Ministry, External Affairs, India’s, Bureau of Investigation, Indian Nationals, CBI, Asfan, Indian, Indian Embassy Locations: New Delhi, India, Russia, Russian, Ukraine, Hyderabad, , Australia, Moscow, Ukrainian, Kreminna, South Asia, Nepal
Thirty-seven suspects were arrested, and more than 70 locations were searched in the UK and across the world between Sunday and Wednesday, the Metropolitan Police said in a statement. LabHost had obtained 480,000 bank card numbers, 64,000 pin numbers, as well as more than 1 million passwords used for websites and other online services, it said. In a separate statement, Europol said four people linked to the running of LabHost, including the developer of the service, had been arrested. At least 40,000 phishing domains, with about 10,000 users worldwide, had been uncovered by the investigation into LabHost, Europol said. “With a monthly fee averaging $249, LabHost would offer a range of illicit services which were customizable and could be deployed with a few clicks,” it said.
Persons: LabHost, Met, Europol Organizations: London CNN —, Metropolitan Police, European, Europol, US Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Locations: United Kingdom, Australia, Finland, LabHost
At Vinco, Farnsworth employed several of the same tactics that he had at MoviePass and at his earlier ventures. "Ted took these press releases and really treated them like they were works of art for him," Matt Argall, a former advisor to Farnsworth, told BI. Hudson Bay has not been served the lawsuit as of the publication of this story. "Hudson Bay's investment in Vinco Ventures was a standard, fixed price convertible loan of which millions remain unpaid," Hudson Bay told BI in a statement. "If served, Hudson Bay will seek to have these baseless, factually flawed and frivolous claims, which have been repeatedly dismissed in other proceedings against other parties, dismissed expeditiously."
Persons: MoviePass, Ted Farnsworth, Maria Bartiromo, he'd, Farnsworth, Jaeson Ma, Ted Farnsworth playbook, Ted, Barnum, John Fichthorn, I've, Shadwrick Vick, Rudy, Vick, Roderick Vanderbilt, who's, hocking, La Toya Jackson, Helios, Matheson, Brian Quinn, Farnsworth's, Michael Hartstein, Vinco, Matt Argall, Mitch Lowe, Reuters Farnsworth, David, Goliath, TikTok, We're, Argall, Elton John, Jamie McCarthy, Lomotif, Lil Nas X, Snoop Dogg, Grimes, Zash, Allan Stern, Get2it, Stern, Robert N, Scola Jr, Scola, he's, , Lowe, Getty, Dave Kotinsky, Stringer Vinco, expeditiously, Farnsworth —, Vanderbilt, Jesse Law, Katherine Long Organizations: Fox Business, Hollywood, Business, Zash Global Media, Entertainment, Vinco Ventures, Fox, Hudson Bay, BI, Helios, Matheson, Matheson Analytics, Boston College Law School, Palladium Capital Group, Vinco, BHP Capital, Armistice, CVI Investments, National Enquirer, Reuters, AMC Theatres, AMC, Gemini Valuation, Hudson, Eightco Holdings, Elton John AIDS Foundation, 91st, EDC, Tampa Marriott, SEC, Publishing, National Examiner, Globe, The New York Times, Southern, Southern District of, Bloomberg, Bay, Vanderbilt, Federal Bureau of Investigation Locations: Hudson, Vinco, Zash, Hudson Bay, China, Syracuse , New York, Lomotif, Syracuse, West Hollywood , California, Vegas, Tampa, Argall, Boston, India, The, Miami, MoviePass, Southern District, Southern District of Florida, New York
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