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Spotify Wrapped day is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. AdvertisementAh, Spotify Wrapped. Advertisement"Everyone complaining about getting Provo in their spotify wrapped needs to just accept the fact that they have terrible taste in music," said one commentator. "going to college in Davis and waking up seeing everyone bashing it because they got it on their spotify wrapped is so funny," said another X user. Other people theorized that the frequency of college towns being picked was due to the generally lower age range of Spotify users.
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Now the edifice may finally be cracking: The #MeToo movement is picking up pace in the medical profession. Dr. Hadden was an obstetrician-gynecologist who was first arrested when a patient called the police and reported that he had licked her genitals during an exam. Though I was working at the medical center while the accusations unfurled, I wasn’t aware of them until more recently. Even after Dr. Hadden was found guilty, Columbia did not notify all of his patients about his behavior. On Nov. 23, the one-year look-back window closes for past patients to sue Dr. Hadden and the medical center.
Persons: it’s, Darius Paduch, Zhi Alan Cheng, Derrick Todd, Brigham, Cheng, Todd, Dr, Robert Hadden, Hadden, Newman’s, Aja Newman, Newman, Dr . Hadden, HIPAA, . Hadden Organizations: Presbyterian Queens Hospital, Harvard, Women’s, Columbia, New York Locations: New York, NewYork, Columbia, Sinai
The renewed interest in Alzheimer's vaccines follows a promising first attempt more than 20 years ago that was abandoned after 6% of study volunteers developed life-threatening brain inflammation known as meningoencephalitis. Dr. Reisa Sperling, an Alzheimer's researcher at Mass General Brigham in Boston, said she believes vaccines will play an important role as researchers look to prevent Alzheimer's. She is considering vaccines for her next study in asymptomatic people with Alzheimer's proteins in their blood, but not enough to register on brain scans. Alzheimer's vaccines are still in the early stages and will require large, years-long trials to show they work. Generating a strong immune response is critical for such vaccines, which would typically be given to older individuals with weaker immune systems, he said.
Persons: Brian Snyder, Eli Lilly's, Reisa Sperling, Brigham, , ” Sperling, Walter Koroshetz, Mei Mei Hu, Vaxxinity, Hu, Michael Rafii, Rafii, Andrea Pfiefer, Johnson, Prothena, Gene Kinney, Julie Steenhuysen, Caroline Humer, Bill Berkrot Organizations: Alzheimer Research, Brigham, Women's, REUTERS, Rights, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Mass, National Institutes of Health, UB, University of Southern, Johnson, Bristol Myers Squibb, Thomson Locations: Boston , Massachusetts, U.S, Boston, Taiwan, University of Southern California
Nacua’s jersey has been placed in football’s shrine to all things great and good because of the historic beginning to his rookie NFL season. An already high-ceiling group, which included Cooper Kupp – the NFL’s receptions, receiving yards and touchdowns leader in 2021 – was searching for additional explosiveness. It couldn’t be any better,” Nacau told reporters after the Rams’ Week 1 victory in Seattle against the Seahawks. Over the next five weeks of the season, Nacua compiled 326 receiving yards off 25 catches and a touchdown. Nacua has 293 more receiving yards than the next rookie in the league, Jordan Addison.
Persons: , Puka Nacua, Jaylen Waddle, Michael Owens, University of Washington –, Fesi Sitake, , he’s, ” Sitake, Nacau, Sitake, ” –, Jaren Hall –, Minnesota Vikings – Nacua, Nacua, ” Nacua, Tyler Ingham, Puka, wasn’t, , Cooper Kupp, Kupp, Sean McVay, ” Nacau, Earl Cooper, Odell Beckham Jr, Gary A, Vasquez, McVay, McVay effusively, it’s, ” McVay, Eric Yarber, Cooper, Atwell, Jefferson, Matthew, Stafford, Justin Casterline, Hallie Aiono, LeBron James, Jordan Addison, Harry, “ It’s, Organizations: CNN, Super Bowl, NFL, Pro Football Hall of Fame, Los Angeles Rams, Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, SoFi, Brigham Young University, BYU, University of Washington, CNN Sport, Clydesdale, Minnesota Vikings, Cougars, Boise State, Boise State Broncos, , Kupp, Seahawks, USA, Sports, Reuters Rams, San Francisco 49ers, , that’s, Indianapolis Colts, Nacua, Colts, Dallas Mavericks Locations: Canton , Ohio, Utah, Nacua, Clydesdale, Scotland, Eastern Washington, Seattle
Stoffels owns this land, but leases it to Lightsource BP, a major solar energy developer that's 50% owned by British oil major BP. An emerging industry called agrivoltaics combines solar energy production with agricultural activities such as sheep grazing, beekeeping and crop growing. Today, the U.S. has about five gigawatts of agrivoltaic projects, encompassing more than 35,000 acres across over 30 different states. Shell is also involved in the space through its 44% stake in solar developer Silicon Ranch. While most solar developers opt to lease land, Silicon Ranch buys it outright, often purchasing degraded farmland that's no longer in production.
Persons: Amanda Stoffels, munch, Stoffels, Lightsource, Jordan Macknick, Macknick, Lee, Tom Koranek, Becca Jones, Albertus, Katie Brigham Lightsource, Reagan Farr, Farr, Exxon haven't Organizations: Elm, BP, Lightsource, Lead, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, U.S, U.S . Department, Energy's Solar Energy Technologies Office, Shell, Silicon Ranch, Ranch, Power, Chevron, Exxon Locations: Dallas , Texas, United States, Elm, Ellis County , Texas, Lightsource, U.S, Briar, Navarro County , Texas, agrivoltaics
AI bots, on the other hand, will do whatever you tell them to, practically for free. So researchers are starting to use chatbots as fake people from whom they can extract data about real people. In July 2020, Facebook introduced a walled-off simulation of itself, populated with millions of AI bots, to study online toxicity. His team created hundreds of personas for its Twitter bots — telling each one things like "you are a male, middle-income, evangelical Protestant who loves Republicans, Donald Trump, the NRA, and Christian fundamentalists." Scientists create experiments to be simpler than reality, to offer explanatory power uncomplicated by the messiness of real life.
Persons: chatbots, Donald Trump, Petter Törnberg, Törnberg, Emma, Terry Crews, mindlessly, we've, LLMs, Lisa Argyle, Joon, he's, Smallville's café, messier, it's, sims, Adam Rogers Organizations: ABC News, CNN, New York Times, Twitter, Institute, Logic, University of Amsterdam, Columbia University, Facebook, NRA, American, Election, Democratic, Chamber Twitter, Brigham Young University, Stanford University Locations: Alabama
Arm's big break came in 1993, when Apple launched its early handheld Newton device on the Arm610 processor. Arm's big break came in 1993 when Apple released its handheld Newton device on the Arm610 processor. Apple moved to its own Arm-based processors in Mac computers in 2020, breaking away from the Intel x86 processors that had powered them for 15 years. Qualcomm is another major customer making its latest PC processors using Arm, although that relationship is strained. This simplification is also making Arm the choice for non-chip companies like Apple, Amazon, Google and Microsoft designing their own custom silicon.
Persons: Haas, Richard Grisenthwaite, I've, Grisenthwaite, Japan's SoftBank, Grace Hopper Superchip, Grace Hopper, they're, Cash, SoftBank, Softbank, Rene Haas, CNBC's Katie Tarasov, Katie Brigham Arm, It's, Daniel Newman, Newman, O'Donnell, Apple, Nuvia, Arm's Grisenthwaite, They've, " O'Donnell, Max Thurlow Organizations: Apple, Acorn Computers, Texas, Nokia, Nvidia, Google, Samsung, Qualcomm, Futurum, Intel, Amazon, AMD, Cruise, Microsoft, Arm Holdings Locations: Cambridge, NXP, U.S, Arizona , California, North Carolina, Texas, Norway, Sweden, France, India, San Jose , California, IoT, England, China
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWhy Apple, Amazon and Qualcomm base their chips on Arm, helping it become the year's biggest IPOArm beat expectations in its first post-IPO earnings report Wednesday. Its low-power chip architecture is in nearly every smartphone, replaced Intel's x86 processors in Apple's Mac computers, and is the basis for Qualcomm's PC processors, and Amazon's data center chips. CNBC went to Arm in Cambridge, England, to find out how it became the year's biggest IPO despite 20% of revenue coming from China, struggling smartphone sales, and a failed $40 billion acquisition attempt by Nvidia.
Organizations: Amazon, Qualcomm, CNBC, Nvidia Locations: Cambridge, England, China
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWhat it's really like to ride in Cruise and Waymo robotaxis on San Francisco streetsSelf-driving cars without safety drivers behind the wheel have flooded San Francisco streets. In August, General Motors-owned Cruise and Alphabet's Waymo were granted permission to expand operations, allowing people to hail a driverless car like they do for an Uber. But the launch has been plagued by problems. CNBC's Deirdre Bosa tested out both company's robotaxis and spoke with city officials and Cruise CEO, Kyle Vogt, to see how the launch is going for the city and what's next.
Persons: Alphabet's Waymo, CNBC's Deirdre Bosa, robotaxis, Kyle Vogt Organizations: General Motors, Cruise Locations: Cruise, San Francisco, what's
Doctors across the country say it’s rare that migrants receive medical screenings or anything beyond care for medical emergencies when they arrive at the U.S.-Mexico border, and there’s no overarching national system to track the care, either. You have these little islands of shelter,” said Deliana Garcia, of the nonprofit Migrant Clinicians Network, which supported more than 1,000 migrants in need of medical care in the first 10 months of this year. The challenges of careMigrants face a lack of access to steady medical care in the U.S., as well as healthy food and stable housing. Some avoid asking for help entirely out of fear of a large bill or longstanding distrust of the medical system. The shelter system in Massachusetts is so full that the governor brought in the National Guard in August to assist.
Persons: Julio Figuera, he’d, Figuera, , Deliana Garcia, , anyone’s, Craig Williams, Cook, we’ve, Steve Federico, they’re, Federico, ” Federico, Jon Ewing, Ewing, Doctors, they’ve, Garcia, Ted Long, Stephanie Lee, who'd, Lee, ” Lee, Fiona Danaher, Danaher, Brigham, Sophia Tareen, Jesse Bedayn, Shastri, Robert Wood Johnson Organizations: International, Network, Border Patrol, Associated Press, Denver, New York City Health, Denver Health, New York, Penn State, National Institutes of Health, National Guard, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AP Locations: Cook County, Chicago, Venezuela, United States, U.S, Mexico, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, New York City, Denver, Massachusetts, Milwaukee
During an interview for an engineering job at a Utah tech company, Trina Limpert was told she was a "risky hire." Insider spoke to 22 women who previously or currently work at Utah tech companies told Insider. Silicon Slopes, named for Utah's world-class ski slopes, is headquarters for tech companies like Ancestry, Domo, Entrata, Pluralsight, Qualtrics, and hosts outposts for others like Adobe and a Meta data-center. Many women — both Mormon and not — described their Utah tech companies as a Mormon boys' clubs. Ancestry, one of Utah's most established tech companies, hired former Facebook executive Deborah Liu as CEO in 2021.
Persons: Trina Limpert, Limpert, she's, she'd, Claudia Geist, It's, of Jesus Christ, Robyn Cohen, Michelle Kuo, Kuo, They're, , Robbyn Scribner, Mike Pence, they're, Scribner, Susan Madsen, there's, harasser, I've, John Richards, Richards, " Richards, Emily Perkins, that's, Deborah Liu, Liu, Heather Friedland, Ashlee Davis, who've, we're, " Madsen Organizations: Computing Technology Industry Association, Tech, University of Utah, Google, Microsoft, Meta, Adobe, Brigham Young University, of Jesus, US Chamber of Commerce, American Community Survey, Salt Lake City Tribune, Utah State University, Ignition Ventures, NASDAQ Locations: Utah, Silicon Slopes, Silicon Valley, California, Washington, New York , Utah, Utah's, New York, JumpSearch, Silicon, Southern California, Salt Lake, There's, Seattle, Glassdoor, @rosaliechan
That has allowed forests to become four to seven times more densely wooded than they once were, Safford said. Fire scientists advocate more deliberate burning at low-to-moderate severity to clear vegetation that makes forests susceptible to big fires. Susan Britting, executive director of one of the groups, Sierra Forest Legacy, acknowledged any cutting triggers skepticism because loggers historically took the largest, most marketable trees. But she said thinning trees up to a certain diameter is acceptable, though she prefers prescribed burning. Homeowners are anxious prescribed fires will jump perimeters and destroy houses.
Persons: ” Hugh Safford, Davis, John Muir, What’s, Safford, “ We're, , Brandon Collins, Chad Hanson, there's, Hanson, Christy Brigham, ” John Muir, Jeffrey, “ John Muir, ” Safford, gesturing, , it's, Weeks, Susan Britting, ” Britting, John Muir Project's Hanson, Safford —, that's, what’s Organizations: University of California, Eldorado National, Sierra, U.S ., American Geophysical Union, John Muir Project, Earth Island Institute, Sequoia, National Parks, National Park Service, U.S . Forest Service, Service, Forest Service, Infrastructure Law, Sierra Forest Locations: Calif, Lake, Eldorado, Sierra Nevada, U.S, California, . California, Yosemite, Sequoia, Canyon, , Berkeley, Lake Tahoe, Safford, New, Sierra
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailWhy burying power lines for wildfire prevention is effective but so costlyBurying power lines is an expensive but sure-fire way to practically eliminate the risk of utility-caused wildfires, which have devastated towns across California. PG&E, the nation's largest utility, has been found liable for numerous wildfires in the state, and has a plan to underground 10,000 miles of distribution lines in fire-prone areas. But this plan would cost tens of billions of dollars and would be paid for by customers, causing some to advocate for cheaper, alternate options.
Locations: California
Five years ago, PG&E's equipment sparked the deadly Camp Fire, which destroyed the town of Paradise, California, and killed 85 people. But just a year later, in the same county, PG&E's equipment started another catastrophic fire, prompting the utility to announce its extensive undergrounding plan. The utility has undergrounded 350 miles of power lines so far this year, and more than 600 miles since 2021. While Martin says moving power lines underground reduces ignition risk by 98%, it comes at a steep cost. The bill would be footed by PG&E's customers, who already face some of the highest rates in the nation.
Persons: Jamie Martin, Martin, Katy Morsony, Morsony, Daniel Kirschen, Kirschen Organizations: Pacific Gas and, undergrounding, California Public Utilities Commission, Reform, University of Washington Locations: California, Maui, Paradise , California
Top Colleges by Size in the Western U.S.
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Claremont McKenna College is No. 9 among all schools in the country in the WSJ/College Pulse rankings. Photo: Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times via Getty ImagesClaremont McKenna College is the top small school in the western U.S., according to the WSJ/College Pulse 2024 Best Colleges in the U.S. ranking. Stanford University is the top midsize school in the West, and Brigham Young University if the region’s top large college. Claremont McKenna, ranked 9th among all colleges in the country, is followed in the ranking of small Western schools by the California Institute of Technology, 18th overall, and Pomona College, 49th.
Persons: Myung J, Chun, Claremont McKenna Organizations: Claremont McKenna College, WSJ, Los Angeles Times, Getty, Stanford University, Brigham Young University, Claremont, California Institute of Technology, Pomona College Locations: U.S
By comparison, a group of people who also dieted and exercised, but then received dummy shots, lost weight initially but then regained some, researchers reported Sunday in the journal Nature Medicine. Participants in both groups lost about 7% of their body weight, or almost 17 pounds (8 kilograms), during the diet-and-exercise phase. Those who received the drug went on to lose an additional 18.4% of initial body weight, or about 44 pounds (20 kilograms) more, on average. Nearly 29% of those taking the drug lost at least a quarter of their body weight, compared with just over 1% of those taking placebo. Side effects including nausea, diarrhea and constipation were reported more frequently in people taking the drug than those taking the placebo.
Persons: Mounjaro, , Thomas Wadden, Eli Lilly, it's, Caroline Apovian, wasn't, tirzepatide, , Lilly Organizations: Nature, University, Pennsylvania, Brigham, Women's, Novo Nordisk, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Science, Educational Media Group, AP Locations: U.S,
Shawn Tsao, 34, co-founded food delivery app Caviar in 2012 with four of his college classmates and fraternity brothers from the University of California, Berkeley. Before Caviar, Tsao and his co-founders created on Munch On Me, a daily deals app for food. In the ensuing weeks, they decided to switch to an on-demand food delivery app — a novel concept at the time. In 2014, Jack Dorsey's payments company Square — now known as Block — acquired Caviar in an all-stock deal worth more than $100 million, according to Tsao. Five years later, rival food delivery company DoorDash purchased Caviar from Square in a deal worth $410 million.
Persons: Shawn Tsao, Munch, Jack, Tsao Organizations: University of California Locations: Berkeley
These are some of the activities that can be found at menopause retreats, a wellness trend carving a new niche in the tourism industry. Menopause retreats are tailored to help women navigate the different stages of perimenopause and menopause, and the array of symptoms that come with them — from hot flashes and night sweats to achy joints. Wellness retreats aren't new, of course, but ever since the pandemic, more resorts are promoting menopause-focused vacations — and more women are signing up for them. So instead of just going on a spa retreat, people started going on very specific purpose-driven retreats," Lisa Starr, a spa business consultant at Wynne Business Consulting and Education told CNBC Travel. Do menopause retreats help?
Persons: Lisa Starr, Emily, Starr, Combe, Heather Hirsch Mahesh Natarajan, Heather Hirsch, Hirsch, Boston's Brigham Organizations: Consumers, Wynne Business Consulting, Education, CNBC Travel, Global Wellness, Covid, Getty, CNBC, Women's Hospital Locations: Bath, England, Combe Grove's, Maldives, India, midlife, Boston's, Mumbai
September 23 - In their chase for the National League's top wild-card spot, the Philadelphia Phillies will go for their fourth straight win when they host the New York Mets on Saturday. "We need every win we can get," Bohm said in a postgame interview on Apple TV+. Realmuto hit a three-run homer for Philadelphia, while Kyle Schwarber and Bohm each added two hits and an RBI. After dropping the first two games of the four-game series, the Mets are hoping to bounce back on Saturday. He went 0-5 with a 5.19 ERA in seven games (six starts) for the Cleveland Guardians earlier this year.
Persons: Seranthony Dominguez, Pete Alonso, Alec Bohm, Bohm, Brett Baty, Craig Kimbrel, Realmuto, Kyle Schwarber, Zack Wheeler, Wheeler, You've, Baty, Francisco Lindor, Alonso, Brandon Nimmo, Rafael Ortega, Nimmo's, Buck Showalter, He's, Showalter, Jose Quintana, Quintana, Quintana didn't, hasn't, Peyton Battenfield, Jeff Brigham, Brigham Organizations: National, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Phillies, Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, Apple, Philadelphia, Atlanta Braves, New, Cincinnati Reds, Triple, Cleveland Guardians, Thomson Locations: New York, He's, Philadelphia, Syracuse, Battenfield
Respiratory illness season is coming up, and that’s going to be a huge issue,” said David Margraf, a pharmaceutical research scientist with the University of Minnesota’s Resilient Drug Supply Project. During a drug shortage, allocation helps ensure that no single buyer can claim all the available supply. Khazanchi and his colleague Dr. Ryan Brewster recently studied the clinical effects of last winter’s amoxicillin shortage. “Drug shortages will likely continue to increase if the pricing dynamics in the marketplace are not addressed,” Sandoz said in a statement. “The companies refuse to tell us what’s going on,” said Erin Fox, who tracks drug shortages at the University of Utah.
Persons: , earaches, , David Margraf, Selena Ko, Erin Hooley, pediatricians, Rohan Khazanchi, Khazanchi, Ryan Brewster, Amoxicillin, ” Khazanchi, “ It’s, ” Sandoz, Erin Fox, Laura Bray, They’re, ” Margraf, ” Bray, Dr, Sanjay Gupta, , Matt Christian Organizations: CNN, Food, University of, Project, Rush University Medical Center, Chicago Tribune, TNS, Getty, FDA, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Novartis, University of Utah, Angels, CNN Health, US Department of Agriculture, Pharmacopeia’s Medicines Locations: Chicago, Boston
But extracting these metals via deep-sea mining has become a lightning rod for global controversy, as many fear the potential ecological disruptions it could cause in a part of our planet that remains largely unexplored. The Metals Company has announced that it's planning to submit its application next summer and begin exploitation in 2025, leaving many concerned about the potential implications. "What I am absolutely convinced of is that we can slow down or maybe even stop the growth in rainforest nickel," Barron said. Deep-sea mining avoids the emissions associated with blasting, as well as sulfidic tailings, a waste material that can contaminate groundwater. Great unknownsA few years ago, the World Wildlife Fund released a business statement calling for a moratorium on deep-sea mining.
Persons: Jessica Battle, Gerard Barron, we're, Barron, Andrew Miller Organizations: Clarion, United Nations, International, Authority, ISA, Metals Company, Mining, The Metals Company, Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, Metals, World Wildlife, Google, Samsung, BMW, Volkswagen, Volvo, Renault, WWF, CCZ, National Oceanic, Atmospheric Administration Locations: Indonesia, Congolese, U.S, Texas
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailThe global controversy around deep sea miningThere are billions of tons and billions of dollars worth of critical minerals in the deep sea. However, the debate over whether or not to extract them has become a global controversy, due to potential ecological disruptions and the lack of international regulations governing this type of mining. One corporation, The Metals Company, is forging ahead and planning to begin extraction by 2025, leaving many concerned that this timeline is too aggressive considering the absence of global governance.
Organizations: The Metals Company
CNN —If you enjoy walking for exercise, there’s a simple way to maximize your efforts — change your walk into a ruck. Rucking is walking with weight on your back, and it’s an increasingly popular form of exercise. One small September 2019 study showed 10 weeks of weighted walking and resistance training improved physical performance in men while significantly reducing their rate of perceived exertion. A person burns 30% to 45% more calories with weighted walking than when strolling sans backpack, Smith said. How to ruckWhile rucking is simple — walking with a backpack — there are several things to keep in mind before you grab your pack and head outside.
Persons: , Stew Smith, What’s, Smith, Mark Stephenson, Brigham, it’s, ” Stephenson, don’t, you’re, “ Don’t, ” Smith, ” It’s, that’s, rucking, “ It’s, , ” Melanie Radzicki McManus Organizations: CNN, US Navy, US Naval Academy, US Army, Center for Sports Performance, Mass, Locations: Annapolis , Maryland, Foxborough , Massachusetts
[1/43] Sep 14, 2023; New York City, New York, USA; New York Mets pitcher Kodai Senga (34) and catcher Francisco Alvarez (4) walk in from the bullpen prior to the game against the Arizona Diamondbacks at Citi Field. Mandatory Credit: Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports Acquire Licensing RightsSeptember 14 - Kodai Senga combined with two relievers on a four-hitter Thursday afternoon as the host New York Mets damaged the Arizona Diamondbacks' wild-card hopes with an 11-1 win. Jeff McNeil (home run), Brandon Nimmo (double) and DJ Stewart (single) all had two-RBI hits for the Mets (68-78), who won the last three games of the four-game series. The loss Thursday cost the Diamondbacks (76-72) a chance to regain sole possession of the third and final National League wild-card spot. Kelly set down the first six Mets in order before walking the first three batters of the third.
Persons: Kodai Senga, Francisco Alvarez, Gregory Fisher, Kodai, Jeff McNeil, Brandon Nimmo, DJ Stewart, Pete Alonso, Jonathan Arauz, Merrill Kelly, Emmanuel Rivera, Ketel Marte, Tommy Pham, Senga, Christian Walker, Phil Bickford, Jake McCarthy, Jeff Brigham, Kelly, Nimmo, Walker, Francisco Lindor, Alonso, Stewart, Lindor, McNeil, Arauz Organizations: New York Mets, Arizona Diamondbacks, Citi Field, USA, Mets, Diamondbacks, National League, Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, Senga, Thomson Locations: New York City , New York, USA, Arizona, grounders
The updated shots are part of a push by public health officials to align the next COVID vaccines more closely with the actual circulating variant of the virus, similar to the way annual flu shots are designed. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Monday authorized updated COVID vaccines made by Pfizer (PFE.N) and its German partner BioNTech SE (22UAy.DE) as well as by Moderna (MRNA.O). CDC Director Mandy Cohen is expected to approve the recommendations issued by the advisers, allowing Americans to get the updated vaccines. The first COVID vaccines in 2020 were monovalent, or single-target vaccines, aimed at the original strain of the virus. They were followed by bivalent COVID vaccine booster shots that targeted both the original and the Omicron strains.
Persons: Emily Elconin, BioNTech, Caitlin Rivers, Mandy Cohen, Rivers, bivalent, Daniel Kuritzkes, Eris, Kuritzkes, Novavax, Bhanvi, Julie Steenhuysen, Will Dunham, Caroline Humer Organizations: REUTERS, U.S . Centers for Disease Control, Prevention, U.S . Food, Drug Administration, Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, CDC, Omicron, Brigham, Women's Hospital, Vaccine, EG, Thomson Locations: Waterford , Michigan, U.S, United States, Baltimore, Europe, Asia, Boston, Moderna, Bengaluru, Chicago
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