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Unprotected at the margins of the rental market
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Cecilia Reyes | )   time to read: +31 min
Officers interviewed two motel residents who called 911; they said they did not want to leave their homes. Alyssa Pointer for Business InsiderIn Georgia, an eviction requires a court order, but the law doesn't explicitly make lockouts illegal. In this case, an officer classified the incident as a "crime against property" — a crime committed by the residents themselves. In unincorporated Clark County, where the property is located, operating a short-term rental without a license is illegal. Matthew Main is an attorney who has represented residents in similarly precarious housing situations in New York City, where state law also grants residents tenants' rights after 30 days.
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The way pigeons problem solve is very similar to AI, researchers say. Researchers found that this method helps pigeons perform certain types of tasks even better than humans. Researchers performed the same tests using AI and found the AI also learned to decrease its amount of mistakes. According to Turner, pigeons use associative learning, which connects two things, such as dogs understanding that they will receive a treat when they sit. "But the learning principles that guide the behaviors of these AI machines are pretty similar to what pigeons use," Turner said.
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While live-in landlords are far from a novel concept, the pandemic-era fever around passive income and real-estate investing has sparked a rise in the popularity of house hacking. While Turner's initial strategy emphasized small multifamily buildings, some house hackers applied the concept to single-family homes. In 2019, he published a book called "The House Hacking Strategy: How to Use Your Home to Achieve Financial Freedom." And I think house hacking is one obvious way to eliminate, or at least drastically reduce, what likely is your largest expense." "Yeah, it's called 'house hacking," the owner and roommate, also played by Jarman, who has 4 million followers, replies.
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He's still bullish on real-estate investing as a strategy to build wealth. But he's taking a buy-and-hold approach right now, and not taking out risky loans. It's hard to imagine anyone who hails the virtues of real-estate investing more than Brandon Turner. He again sang the praises of real-estate investing as a method for building generational wealth, and brushed off calls for a housing market crash that have grown louder since last year. But that's not to say Turner is particularly bullish on every investing approach right now.
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The MMA fighter Michael Chandler, pictured with his wife, Brie Willett, bought a $16 million property from Matt Onofrio in 2021. Then, in November 2022, federal prosecutors indicted Onofrio on charges involving three deals he'd arranged in Minnesota the year before. The federal complaint doesn't involve the property Onofrio sold to Chandler. Unbeknownst to Hermann, Onofrio had already tied up the warehouse in contract for $4.75 million. "Matt was finding a deal for $4 million and selling it for $5 million," Stageberg said.
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Settle in and enjoy some of our best reads from the past week, including stories about wealthy parents buying homes for their adult children, Lululemon's new sneakers, and Raleigh's red-hot housing market. Jessie Casson/Getty ImagesThere's a new trend in the housing market: Wealthy parents are taking out cheap loans they don't need so they can buy homes for their adult children. Lexie Alford23-year-old Lexie Alford recently broke a Guinness World Record by becoming the youngest person to travel to every country in the world. Traveling by boat, plane, and train, Alford told us about her experiences as a solo female traveler crossing the globe. Even as the rest of the housing market shows early signs of cooling, Raleigh has stayed hot, in part because of the area's emergence as a tech hub.
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