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Li Lu, the "Chinese Warren Buffett," penned a tribute to his late mentor Charlie Munger. Li earned Munger's acclaim after he nearly quintupled Munger's $88 million investment in his fund. AdvertisementA hedge fund manager the late Charlie Munger once called the "Chinese Warren Buffett" has penned a glowing tribute to his mentor and friend, likening Munger to "an enlightened sage." Li penned a tribute to his late mentor in a Facebook post published on Friday. AdvertisementThe feelings between Li and Munger appear to be mutual, with Munger once saying that Li would become one of Berkshire Hathaway's top investment chiefs.
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Avoiding mistakes in business and life comes down a few simple things, according to billionaire investor Charlie Munger, who died last week at age 99: good financial habits, integrity and "avoiding toxic people and toxic activities." Munger shared the advice during a Q&A session at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholders meeting in May. As for avoiding toxic people, look out for those "who are trying to fool you or lie to you or aren't reliable in meeting their commitments," Munger said. At the shareholders meeting in May, Buffett shared his own thoughts on the topic. To him, most major mistakes in life can be avoided by simply being a good person who acts with integrity.
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FactSet data shows that 70% of the 43 analysts covering Snowflake have buy or overweight ratings on the stock. Year-to-date shares in the biotechnology and life sciences equipment manufacturer are down nearly 4%, but Ghosh remains positive. Schneider Electric Elsewhere, French energy management company Schneider Electric is on the radar of Steven Glass, managing director and investment analyst at Pella Funds. "We're very bullish, although it's not as cheap as it used to be on Schneider Electric. Year-to-date, shares in Schneider Electric are up around 28%.
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The US Department of Energy released an analysis estimating how much lithium is under the Salton Sea. Salton Sea has the potential to produce an estimated 375 million lithium batteries for electric vehicles — more than the total number of vehicles currently on US roads, according to the analysis commissioned by the Department of Energy. It's the most comprehensive analysis to date quantifying the domestic lithium resources in California's Salton Sea region. AdvertisementIf the Salton Sea lithium can be extracted, it could give the US the ability to produce domestically sourced lithium, ending the nation's dependence on rival countries for a supply of the metal. AdvertisementThe state of California is also leaning into the development of lithium extraction in the Salton Sea.
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Charlie Munger's close friend and confidant, Li Lu, recently penned a tribute to the late investor. AdvertisementA close friend and confidant of Charlie Munger recently published a tribute to the legendary investor who died last week, highlighting the values and principles that made him unique. Li Lu, the only person other than Warren Buffett who Munger trusted to invest his personal fortune, penned a eulogy titled "Remembering my teacher Charlie Munger" on Facebook. Li has roughly quintupled the sum since then, making it little surprise that Munger — Buffett's right-hand man and Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman — has dubbed him the "Chinese Warren Buffett." "Charlie Munger answered those questions through his long exemplary life."
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The world also said goodbye to former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who died Nov. 29. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesAnother political figure who died this year was former U.S. first lady Rosalynn Carter, who died Nov. 19. Among the entertainers who left the world this year was singer Tina Turner, who died May 24. Here is a roll call of some influential figures who died in 2023 (cause of death cited for younger people, if available):___JANUARY___Fred White, 67. A Hall of Fame forward who helped the Chicago Blackhawks win the 1961 Stanley Cup Final.
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Greg Abel, vice chairman of Berkshire's non-insurance operations, became known as Buffett's heir apparent in 2021 after Munger inadvertently made the revelation . Ajit Jain, Berkshire's vice chairman of insurance operations, had been a top contender for the top job, but Buffett recently revealed that Jain "never wanted to run Berkshire." "All [Munger's passing] does is add to the conversation that what happens when Buffett's gone because this brings it home. Berkshire analysts believe the event won't notably alter Berkshire's transition plans. James Shanahan, Edward Jones' Berkshire analyst, also said he remains confident in the leadership of Berkshire following Munger's passing.
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Charlie Munger, who died at age 99 last week, attributed his success and longevity at least partially to a single piece of advice: "Avoid crazy at all costs." That's what he told CNBC's Becky Quick last month, in an interview meant to air on his 100th birthday in January. When pressed for his keys to a long and successful life, Munger at first demurred, saying "I don't know the secret." Just avoid it, avoid it, avoid it." "My partner Charlie says there is only three ways a smart person can go broke: liquor, ladies and leverage," Buffett told CNBC's "Squawk Box" in 2018.
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As Charlie Munger's admirers around the globe mourn the loss of one of the most influential investors ever, a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation has spread — for his unparalleled business acumen as well as his uniquely sharp tongue. Munger, Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman who died Tuesday one month shy of his 100th birthday, left a mark on generations of investors in a host of ways thanks to a long and fruitful life. First and foremost, Munger's investment philosophy rubbed off on none other than Warren Buffett, giving rise to the sprawling conglomerate worth almost $800 billion that Berkshire is today. Munger long emphasized the importance of recognizing a good business before it's widely seen as such, and he did so many times in his storied career. Munger was also a loyal supporter of Costco Wholesale Corp ., calling it one of the best investments of his life.
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Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett walks through the exhibit hall as shareholders gather to hear from the billionaire investor at Berkshire Hathaway Inc's annual shareholder meeting in Omaha, Nebraska, U.S., May 4, 2019. Berkshire owns 80% of Pilot, having paid the Haslams $2.76 billion for a 38.6% stake in 2017 and $8.2 billion for another 41.4% in January. The Haslams sued Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire in October, accusing it of seeking a "windfall" by adopting "pushdown" accounting for Pilot. Berkshire countersued on Nov. 28, saying Jimmy Haslam tried to bribe Pilot executives with millions of dollars to inflate earnings in 2023 at the expense of future years. According to court papers, the Haslams believe the 20% Pilot stake was worth $3.2 billion before Berkshire's accounting change, an amount Berkshire disputes.
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Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett, with hand raised, in 2006. Munger persuaded Buffett to focus on buying ‘wonderful businesses at fair prices.’ Photo: David Silverman/Getty ImagesIf you want to invest like Charlie Munger , you’re late to the party. The investor’s genius in spotting what’s become known as the “quality factor”—buying good companies—made a ton of money for him and business partner Warren Buffett . Nearly 50 years on, it might not be such a great time to copy his strategy. For those who missed the late Munger’s brilliance, he’s the one who persuaded the billionaire Buffett to shift Berkshire Hathaway ’s focus from “cigar butt” value stocks—bad companies that no one else wants, and so are cheap—to buying “wonderful businesses at fair prices.”
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For Charlie Munger, living in a relatively modest house wasn't an accident — it was a conscious choice. Munger, the billionaire investor and longtime business partner to Warren Buffett, died on Tuesday at the age of 99. "[Buffett and I] are both smart enough to have watched our friends who got rich build these really fancy houses," Munger said. "[Buffett and I] both considered bigger and better houses," Munger said. Get CNBC's free Warren Buffett Guide to Investing, which distills the billionaire's No.
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The damages award could be tripled under U.S. antitrust law to more than $53 million. The same jury on Nov. 21 found the egg producers liable for the alleged antitrust conspiracy after a more than five-week trial. The damages award was limited to alleged overpayments during a four-year window in the mid-2000s. The jury's liability decision held Cal-Maine accountable with other defendants, including trade associations United Egg Producers and United States Egg Marketers. The case is Kraft Foods Global Inc v. United Egg Producers Inc, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, No.
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Executives don't need to worry about Irrational misrepresenting their company, and participation can open them up to potential inclusion in products such as an ETF, van Adelsberg said. In total, the ETF recently held nearly 150 equities and is benchmarked to the CIBC Human Capital Index. Still, the team noted some challenges in building broader awareness of what human capital is or why it matters. "In this market, what we're seeing is that those companies who have strong human capital ratings are outperforming," van Adelsberg said. "The role that human capital plays in driving future equity performance isn't going down.
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“The great wealth transfer is gaining significant momentum as many billionaire entrepreneurs age,” Benjamin Cavalli, who oversees strategic clients in the global wealth management unit at UBS, told reporters. Their combined wealth rose 9% to $12 trillion, before taking inflation into account. Arnault is the world’s third-richest man, with a net worth of $167 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Risks and opportunity for UBSThe “staggering” transfer of wealth to younger generations presents a huge opportunity for UBS, but also poses considerable risks, according to Cavalli. Heirs lean more toward impact investing — that is, socially or environmentally beneficial investing — over “classic grant-giving philanthropy,” Cavalli said.
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The Chinese internet lamented the death of Henry Kissinger death on Wednesday. Just four hours after his death was announced, topics on Kissinger hit a whopping 660 million combined view count on Weibo, China's version of Twitter. "Old friends are dying, like leaves in the wind," wrote one Weibo user in a top comment, referencing a line attributed to the ancient Chinese warlord Cao Cao. Chinese leader Xi Jinping even called him an "old friend of the Chinese people" when Kissinger visited China in July. AdvertisementWith his death, and that of Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger, "an era in the United States has ended," wrote one Weibo user in a heavily upvoted comment.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCharlie Munger on making money in today's market: 'It's so much harder you can't believe it'In this CNBC Special Report CNBC's Becky Quick sits down with investing legend Charlie Munger in his last ever interview with CNBC as he looks back at his childhood, the growth of Berkshire Hathaway, his enduring legacy and much more.
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Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCharlie Munger: I had a 'much better mind than other people had, and I recognized that quite early'In this CNBC Special Report CNBC's Becky Quick sits down with investing legend Charlie Munger in his last ever interview with CNBC as he looks back at his childhood, the growth of Berkshire Hathaway, his enduring legacy and much more.
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Munger, Berkshire Hathaway's vice chairman who died Tuesday just a month shy of his 100th birthday, stressed that he and Buffett almost never used this common Wall Street practice, because they always put their shareholders first. "Losing three quarters of the money would've been a big letdown." Munger said he and Buffett had been "very cautious" in handling their shareholders' money over the years. Berkshire shareholders tend to be long-term investors like all the conglomerate's top executives, often treating their stock like a savings account. We would've used more leverage," Munger said in the CNBC special.
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Munger, a billionaire investor and vice chairman of Buffett’s investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, died Tuesday morning at 99 years old. (Berkshire Hathaway shares, which didn’t have different classes then, ended 1977 at $138 a share.) Projections of Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. chairman and chief executive officer, and Charles Munger, vice chairman of Berkshire Hathaway. Berkshire outperformed the S&P 500 during 31 of the 46 years Munger was at the company, according to Bespoke. The Christmas Price Index, now in its 40th year, is a tongue-in-cheek take on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Price Index and is meant to highlight market changes over time while educating consumers about the economy.
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Charlie Munger: 'I am a lover of the progress of civilization'
  + stars: | 2023-11-30 | by ( )   time to read: 1 min
Share Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailCharlie Munger: 'I am a lover of the progress of civilization'In this CNBC Special Report CNBC's Becky Quick sits down with investing legend Charlie Munger in his last ever interview with CNBC as he looks back at his childhood, the growth of Berkshire Hathaway, his enduring legacy and much more.
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Charlie Munger didn't manage to help pull off one final deal with his lifelong partner Warren Buffett, but he remained hopeful that Berkshire Hathaway , with nearly $160 billion cash, will find its elephant one day. Not very many," Munger said in CNBC's special "Charlie Munger: A Life of Wit and Wisdom," which aired Thursday. The Omaha-based conglomerate held a record level of cash — $157.2 billion — at the end of September. Squeeze new lemonsMunger, Berkshire's late vice chairman, said such a mammoth deal may have to be done by the next generation of leaders at the conglomerate. "There are worse situations than drowning in cash, and sitting, sitting, sitting.
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Private-asset binge exposes insurance to new risks
  + stars: | 2023-11-30 | by ( John Foley | )   time to read: +7 min
The concept is not new: Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa.N) has used its insurance premiums to help fund everything from railways to cowboy-boot makers. The prospect of insurance companies buying risky loans or private equity investments has raised eyebrows. Many private credit assets, for example, rely on so-called private letter ratings based on confidential data. Given the private nature of private credit, it’s hard to see from the outside how big these risks are, or where they lurk. Besides, even if the share of life insurance assets that are mis-rated or undercapitalized is tiny, smaller insurers could carry more concentrated risk.
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(AP) — An attorney for the billionaire Haslam family called bribery allegations leveled by Warren Buffett's company a “wild invention” Thursday. The Haslam family — which includes Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam and former Tennessee governor Bill Haslam — accused Berkshire last month of trying to understate Pilot’s earnings this year by changing its accounting practices. A senior executive who had been promised a bonus revealed that to the current Pilot CEO, according to Berkshire. Haslam’s side promises have forced the company to investigate and interrogate many of the key employees it relies on today to operate the company,” Lavoie said. In addition to Pilot, Berkshire owns an eclectic assortment of other businesses including Geico insurance, BNSF railroad and several major utilities along with a number of smaller manufacturing and retail businesses.
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What Warren Buffett Said About Charlie Munger
  + stars: | 2023-11-29 | by ( Nicole Friedman | )   time to read: 1 min
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