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In a company tradition, employees at opening warehouses guess their location's first day sales. AdvertisementNovember was a busy month for Costco, with 10 new locations opening up during the month, and seven of those within a ten-day span. A year later I am on the marketing training team and part of my job is traveling to new warehouse openings. This is my first official new warehouse opening and I am so excited to be part of this opening in Newark, California. I love new warehouse openings because there are items that we do not carry all the time, and some warehouse traditions as well.
Persons: , you've, Maggie Perkins, Perkins, Maggie Perkins 🍉, dentities, ure, ince, ostco, ike, alf o Organizations: Service, Costco Locations: Newark , California, rize
She made history as the first trans woman to place in the top 20. I was inspired by Angela Ponce, the first trans woman to compete at Miss Universe. AdvertisementMachete is the first trans woman to place at Miss Universe in its history. Some girls have a year and three months to prepare for Miss Universe, I had three weeks. Marvin RECINOS / AFPMaking it to the top 20 at Miss Universe was an amazing experience.
Persons: Marina Machete, Machete, , Angela Ponce, Angela, I've, Hector Vivas, Miss Portugal, they've, didn't, I'm, Portugal, Marvin RECINOS Organizations: Miss Universe, Miss, Service, Miss Portugal Organization Locations: Miss Portugal, Portugal, Spain, Lisbon, El Salvador
"This was some week for the huddled masses of stocks longing to be free of the bears," he said. He'll also be paying attention when Ollie's Bargain Outlet reports earnings, wondering if consumers have moved on from off-price retailers. With an earnings report from Dollar General , Thursday will tell investors whether the company has been able to "break the anti-dollar store spell," Cramer said. Friday will bring the "great rate arbiter," November's labor report. Cramer said he thinks rates will keep falling if the unemployment rate rises to 4% and there isn't significant wage growth.
Persons: CNBC's Jim Cramer, pinpointing, Cramer, he'll, Campbell, He'll Organizations: homebuilder, Dollar, Broadcom, Lululemon, VMware
[1/6] A visitor stands next to a copy of German philosopher Immanuel Kant's death mask exhibited in the museum located at the Cathedral, also known as the Koenigsberg Cathedral, in Kaliningrad, Russia, November 26, 2023. "The principal mission of libraries is to preserve books," said Ruslan Aksyonkin, an expert at the culture and education centre at Baltic University in the city of Kaliningrad. Even so, modern-day Kaliningrad remains fond of its most famous German resident, despite the abstruseness of his ideas. The city's university bears his name, and Kant's tomb and a small exhibition on the philosopher have pride of place in the restored German cathedral. "But we do have certain items, and they are Kant's works published during his lifetime."
Persons: Immanuel Kant's, Stringer, Ruslan Aksyonkin, Immanuel Kant, Kant, Little, Germany's, Marina Yadova, They're, Felix Light, Kevin Liffey Organizations: REUTERS, Baltic University, Reuters, Thomson Locations: Kaliningrad, Russia, KALININGRAD, Poland, Lithuania, Baltic, Prussian, Koenigsberg, Soviet Union
Many More Voters With Guns
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Journal Editorial Report: The week’s best and worst from Kim Strassel, Allysia Finley and Dan Henninger. Images: AP/Zuma Press Composite: Mark KellyMore than half of American voters say that they or someone in their household owns a gun, according to a poll by NBC News. After progressives drove up firearm ownership with policies that are soft on violent crime, they can’t figure out why their gun-control ideas fail to pass. The share of voters with a firearm in the household is 52%, up from 46% in 2019 and 42% in 2013. This is no surprise, in part because rural areas tilt right, and that’s where hunting is a family event and bears might be prowling the woods.
Persons: Kim Strassel, Allysia Finley, Dan Henninger, Mark Kelly More Organizations: Zuma, NBC News
"There are some pretty horrific mistakes that Henry Kissinger made that have taken the United States a very long time to recover from." Other Democrats have issued similar critiques of Kissinger's legacy in the wake of his death. "I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend. "Count me in as somebody who will not be listening to Henry Kissinger," Sanders added at that debate. "Today, the world Henry Kissinger leaves behind bears his indelible mark," McConnell said on the Senate floor on Thursday.
Persons: Sen, Bernie Sanders, Henry Kissinger, Hillary Clinton's, Kissinger, I've, Sanders, , Greg Casar, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Chris Murphy of, Murphy, they've, General Augusto Pinochet, Pinochet, Jim McGovern, @RepMcGovern, Gerry Connolly, Vietnam –, Hillary Clinton, Mike Pompeo, AzyRrHhH6i — Bernie Sanders, George W, Bush, Mitch McConnell, McConnell Organizations: Service, Democratic, Texas, National Security, State, Republican, Chris Murphy of Connecticut, Massachusetts, House Foreign Affairs, Locations: China, Soviet Union, Latin America, Southeast Asia, United States, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Vietnam, Argentina, East Timor, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Virginia, Iran, @GerryConnolly, Vermont, Khmer Rouge, @BernieSanders
IBM, which decades ago helped lead the shift from defined benefit plans to defined contribution plans, recently told U.S. employees it will be scrapping its 401(k) match in favor of funding what it calls a "retirement benefit account." Starting next year, IBM will no longer provide a 5% match and a 1% automatic contribution into an employee's 401(k). IBM says the change adds a stable and predictable benefit to employees and helps diversity their retirement portfolios. "Under the plan, IBM bears 100 percent of the risk and must be prepared to pay the benefit at time of employee separation," IBM said in a statement. "Other companies may not have structure to pull off this type of change," said Craig Copeland, director of wealth benefits research at the Employee Benefit Research Institute.
Persons: Craig Copeland Organizations: IBM, Treasury, Finance, Research Institute Locations: New York
The Chinese internet lamented the death of Henry Kissinger death on Wednesday. Just four hours after his death was announced, topics on Kissinger hit a whopping 660 million combined view count on Weibo, China's version of Twitter. "Old friends are dying, like leaves in the wind," wrote one Weibo user in a top comment, referencing a line attributed to the ancient Chinese warlord Cao Cao. Chinese leader Xi Jinping even called him an "old friend of the Chinese people" when Kissinger visited China in July. AdvertisementWith his death, and that of Berkshire Hathaway's Charlie Munger, "an era in the United States has ended," wrote one Weibo user in a heavily upvoted comment.
Persons: Henry Kissinger, Kissinger, , Cao Cao, Guan Yu, Cao Cao's, Xi Jinping, Charlie Munger, Kissinger —, Munger, that's, Richard Nixon Organizations: Service, Weibo, Twitter, Sino, Business Locations: Weibo, China, American, Washington, Beijing, Berkshire, United States
For These TV Procedurals, the Formula Still Works
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Waves slap gently against the shore along the southeast coast of Australia, the morning sun glittering on the horizon. This is the opening scene of a recent episode of “NCIS: Sydney,” the fifth series in the long-running crime procedural franchise, which premiered on CBS earlier this month. “There’s definitely a template that I’ve managed to extract from watching hundreds of hours of the show, a kind of typical ‘NCIS’ structure,” Morgan O’Neill, the creator and showrunner of “NCIS: Sydney,” said in a video interview. “That’s the overall architecture of the show, and it’s always going to be that.”“It still works,” O’Neill added. Through it all, one constant has been the popularity of procedural franchises like “NCIS” and “Law & Order,” which have thrived as purveyors of familiar predictability.
Persons: It’s, , “ There’s, ” Morgan O’Neill, , it’s, ” O’Neill, ain’t Organizations: Sydney, CBS, Locations: Australia
___The Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers haven't let last season's postseason disappointment become a hangover in 2023. Both teams head into Sunday's rematch of last season's NFC title game with a chance to turn those recent failures into success. The Eagles are the fourth team in NFL history to win at least 10 of their first 11 games in back-to-back seasons. The Eagles and 49ers are currently the top two seeds in the NFC, setting the stage for a rare possible NFC title game rematch. It has happened five times in the AFC, including last season when the Chiefs hosted the Bengals for a second straight season.
Persons: San Francisco 49ers haven't, San Francisco, Tom Brady, Matt Canada, Randy Fichtner, ___ Organizations: NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, NFC, Philadelphia, Kansas, Bills, Vikings, Dolphins, Super Bowl, Dallas, Miami, Patriots, Eagles, Colts, Bears, Niners, Rams, Raiders, 49ers, AFC, Chiefs, Bengals, NFC South, Jacksonville, Tampa, New England Patriots, Indianapolis, New York Giants, Super, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo, Chargers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati, Steelers, Cleveland, Pittsburgh Locations: Kansas City, San, Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Washington, New England, Germany, Buffalo, Pittsburgh
Britain bids farewell to its only giant pandas after 12 years
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Zookeepers have spent the last few weeks making sure the two pandas, Yang Guang and Tian Tian, are used to crates in preparation for their long journey, expected at some point in early December. [1/4]Yang Guang, one of the giant pandas at Edinburgh Zoo, eats bamboo stalks in its enclosure, in Edinburgh, Britain, November 29, 2023. REUTERS/Lesley Martin Acquire Licensing Rights"Yang Guang and Tian Tian have had an incredible impact by inspiring millions of people to care about nature," he said in a statement. The return of the Edinburgh bears to China comes as a number of giant pandas have also headed home from the U.S., part of a fading legacy in which giant pandas served as animal ambassadors. That began in 1972, when the government of China presented two giant pandas as gifts to the U.S. after President Richard Nixon's historic Cold War visit to the communist country.
Persons: Zookeepers, Yang Guang, Tian Tian, David Field, Lesley Martin, Richard Nixon's, Washington's, Sarah Young, Jan Harvey Organizations: Edinburgh Zoo, Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, China Wildlife Conservation Association, REUTERS, Edinburgh, Thomson Locations: China, Edinburgh, Britain, U.S, Memphis, San Diego
"It's beginning to look a lot like 'VIX-mas,'" Jonathan Krinsky, chief market technician at BTIG, wrote in a note Sunday. Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey on Monday wrote that a low VIX is historically a bad sign for markets entering a new year. .VIX 5Y mountain CBOE Market Volatility Index, 5 years "We think 2024 will be a 'trader's market,' not a buy-and-hold situation," Harvey wrote. "But we ultimately think, you know, beyond that, it's poised to go lower just given the low volatility cycle that's been in place." The question is whether we are entering a new period of low volatility as the norm starting in 2024.
Persons: Jonathan Krinsky, BTIG's Krinsky, Wells Fargo's Chris Harvey, Harvey, SPX, Will Tamplin, Tamplin, it's, Oppenheimer's Ari Wald, Wald, " Wald, Krinsky Organizations: Apple, Microsoft, Nvidia Locations: U.S
WASHINGTON (AP) — As record numbers of migrants surge at the southern U.S. border, many seeking asylum, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has told Congress the country's “broken” immigration system is in need of a top-to-bottom update. It comes as Mayorkas, the face of the administration’s immigration policy, bears down the threat of impeachment proceedings from House Republicans over what they view as failed border policies. “We’re at a point for three years we’ve been saying, ‘When are we going to secure the country? On Wednesday, House Speaker Mike Johnson told GOP senators behind closed doors that he needs real border security changes as part of Biden's broader war funding package. During recent hearings, Mayorkas told Congress the administration is working to manage the situation, even as Congress has failed to update the immigration system for decades.
Persons: Alejandro Mayorkas, Biden, “ We’re, , Republican Sen, James Lankford of, , we’ve, Vladimir Putin's, Vanessa Cárdenas, Biden's, Thom Tillis, Mike Johnson, Chuck Schumer, Johnson, Mitch McConnell, ” “, ‘ We’re, ’ ” Schumer, they’ve, Donald Trump, Mayorkas, Sen, Alex Padilla, Dick Durbin of, Elliot Spagat, Seung Min Kim Organizations: WASHINGTON, Homeland, Republicans, House Republicans, Republican, Democrats, Eisenhower, Cato Institute, Congress, Defense Department, GOP, Associated Press, COVID, Capitol, Dick Durbin of Illinois, Press Locations: U.S, Ukraine, Israel, James Lankford of Oklahoma, Congress, North Carolina, Alex Padilla of California, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras
Not surprisingly, Wall Street tends to be a bullish group. Wall Street has a terrible track record All of this gets investor juices flowing. Wall Street strategists collectively have a terrible track record. As a result, you might be tempted to think you should pay no attention to Wall Street, or anybody else. If nothing else, the predictions of Wall Street strategists are a good starting point for all of us to think about the near future.
Persons: Lori Calvasina, America's Savita Subramanian, Morgan Stanley's Michael Wilson, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Jeff Sommer, Sommer, Morgan Housel, I'm Organizations: Deutsche Bank, BMO Capital Markets, RBC Capital Markets, Bank, America's, Wall Street, of America, Barclays, UBS, Wealth, Wells, Wells Fargo Securities, Street, New York Times, Yardeni Research, Federal Reserve, Wall Locations: Wells Fargo, Russia, Ukraine, Israel
Fish and Wildlife Service follows more than two decades of disputes over the risks of climate change, and threats to the long-term survival of the elusive species. They also said habitat loss due to climate change — combined with other problems such as increased development such as houses and roads — will likely harm wolverine populations. Environmentalists have argued in multiple lawsuits against the Fish and Wildlife Service that wolverines face localized extinction from climate change, habitat fragmentation and low genetic diversity. The wildlife service received a petition to protect wolverines in 2000 and the agency recommended protections in 2010. Wolverine trapping was once legal in states including Montana.
Persons: Biden, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Matt Rosendale, it's, , , Timothy Preso, who's, I’m, , We’ll, Matt Bishop, there's, Obama Organizations: wolverine, wolverines, Wolverines, U.S . Fish, Wildlife Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, and Wildlife Service, Western Environmental Law Center, Trump Locations: Mont, U.S, Rocky, Alaska, Florida, Montana, Sierra Nevada, Montana , Wyoming , Idaho, Washington, California , Utah, Colorado, Oregon, Idaho, Canada
"Inflation rates are moving along pretty much like I thought," Fed Governor Christopher Waller, a hawkish and influential voice at the central bank, told the American Enterprise Institute think tank on Tuesday. If the decline in inflation continues "for several more months ... three months, four months, five months ... we could start lowering the policy rate just because inflation is lower," he said. Additional Fed rate increases remain a possibility if upcoming data includes an unexpected resurgence of price pressures, he said. But even Bowman, who like Waller is among the Fed's most hawkish officials, stopped short of outright calling for a further increase in the policy rate. New inflation data will be released on Thursday, and policymakers will also have a fresh monthly jobs report and other data in hand before they gather next month.
Persons: Christopher Waller, Bond, Waller's, Jerome Powell, Michelle Bowman, Bowman, Waller, Austan Goolsbee, Howard Schneider, Ann Saphir, Lindsay Dunsmuir, Andrea Ricci, Paul Simao Organizations: Federal Reserve, American Enterprise Institute, Fed, Spelman College, Utah Bankers Association, Chicago Fed, Conference Board, Thomson Locations: U.S, Atlanta, Salt Lake City
Don't listen to the bears: The incredible rally in stocks this month isn't over yet. The Dow and S & P 500 are on track to finish November — ending with Thursday's close — 7% and 8.4% higher, respectively. .SPX ALL mountain Long term look at the S & P 500 index We don't see any reason to curb our enthusiasm for stocks heading into the final month of 2023. With nearly all S & P 500 companies reporting results as of Nov. 17 (the last update from FactSet), 82% beat estimates on earnings while 62% beat on sales. The S & P 500 is bumping up against the highs of the year last reached in July, and the S & P Oscillator came into the week very overbought, a factor prompting us to book some profits and raise some cash.
Persons: Thursday's, Let's, Locker, bullish, Jim Cramer's, Jim Cramer, Jim, Brendan Mcdermid Organizations: Dow, Stock Traders, Federal Reserve, Energy, Meta, Adobe Analytics, Mastercard, Adobe, Shoppers, TJX Companies, PCE, Jim Cramer's Charitable, CNBC, New York Stock Exchange Locations: Santa, New York City, U.S
NBC drew an all-time record 28.5 million viewers this year during its broadcast of the 97th annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, up 6% from last year, Variety reported Friday. Despite the trend, more than two-thirds of the parade audience, about 22.3 million viewers, tuned in via traditional TV, according to Variety. The game captured 41.8 million viewers based on Nielson data, peaking at nearly 44.3 million viewers. Fox's Packers-Lions matchup grabbed 33.7 million viewers per Nielson, the most watched Thanksgiving Day game ever for the 12:30 p.m. The game was also NBC Sports' most-streamed primetime NFL Thanksgiving game ever, with viewership led by its platform Peacock, NBC Sports said Friday.
Persons: Nielson, Amazon, Patrick, Kevin Krim, Krim Organizations: NBC, Variety, CBS, Dallas Cowboys, Washington, Nielson, year's Cowboys, Giants, Paramount, Fox's Packers, Lions, Fox, NBC Sports, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks, Bears, Packers, NFL, New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Black, Fox Sports, EDO Inc
CNN —For the first time, a transatlantic flight operated by a commercial airline will be powered by 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) — a type of plane fuel that bears the promise of a much lower climate impact than traditional ones. The flight is the latest in a series of recent tests involving 100% SAF. Days earlier, business jet maker Gulfstream completed what it billed as the world’s first transatlantic flight using 100% SAF. Large twin-engine jets have performed flights using 100% SAF on both engines before, but these flights involved military aircraft. “One flight on 100% alternative fuel isn’t going to change the fact that 99.9% of aviation fuel is fossil fuel and there’s no great option for feedstock (raw materials) that can be scaled up sustainably,” she says.
Persons: Virgin Atlantic, Cat Hewitt, Hewitt, we’re, there’s, Giuseppe Cacace, Graham Hutchings, , , ” Matteo Mirolo, ” Hewitt Organizations: CNN, Aviation Fuel, New York’s JFK, Virgin Atlantic, Boeing, Virgin, SAF, UK Civil Aviation Authority, Emirates, Airbus, Gulfstream, International Air Transport Association, Aviation Environment Federation, An, An Emirates Airbus, Getty, Royal Society, European Federation for Transport Locations: London Heathrow, New York’s, An Emirates, AFP
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailSo much of the market is about the Magnificent 7, yet so few people own them, says Jim Cramer'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer looks at what Magnificent Seven bears have got wrong so far.
Persons: Jim Cramer
In this videoShare Share Article via Facebook Share Article via Twitter Share Article via LinkedIn Share Article via EmailI wish negativity around the Magnificent Seven would stop, says Jim Cramer'Mad Money' host Jim Cramer looks at what Magnificent Seven bears have got wrong so far.
Persons: Jim Cramer
(AP) — Charlie Munger, who helped Warren Buffett build Berkshire Hathaway into an investment powerhouse, has died at a California hospital. Berkshire Hathaway said in a statement that Munger’s family told the company that he died Tuesday morning at the hospital just over a month before his 100th birthday. “Berkshire Hathaway could not have been built to its present status without Charlie’s inspiration, wisdom and participation,” Buffett said in a statement. Munger and Buffett began buying Berkshire Hathaway shares in 1962 for $7 and $8 per share, and they took control of the New England textile mill in 1965. He also gave a significant portion of his Berkshire stock to his eight children after his wife died in 2010.
Persons: Charlie Munger, Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, ” Buffett, Munger, Buffett, “ Charlie, Buffett’s, Ben Graham, ” Munger, ” Edward Jones, Jim Shanahan, Cathy Seifert, ” Seifert, didn’t, Charles T, See’s Candy, it’s, , Investor Whitney Tilson, Tilson, you’ve, ” Tilson, hadn’t, Josh Funk Organizations: Daily Journal Corp, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Columbia University, Berkshire Hathaway, BNSF, Apple, CFRA, Buffett, Buffalo News, Wesco, Investor, University of Michigan, Army Air Corps, Harvard University, Harvard, Westlake, Stanford University Law School, Huntington Library, Samaritan Hospital, Westlake School, Costco Wholesale Corp Locations: OMAHA, Neb, Berkshire, California, New England, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Munger, Omaha , Nebraska, Omaha, Southern California, ,
REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo Acquire Licensing RightsLONDON, Nov 28 (Reuters) - Investors are increasingly pessimistic about the outlook for crude oil prices as doubts grow OPEC+ will cut production enough to offset rising non-OPEC output and a deteriorating economic outlook. But many professional money managers are more optimistic about refined fuel prices, especially U.S. gasoline and diesel, expecting low inventories will ensure prices remain stronger than crude. By contrast, the position in fuels was 114 million barrels (51st percentile), with substantial positions in U.S. gasoline (64 million barrels) and U.S. diesel (33 million barrels). The surplus had swelled from +60 bcf (+2% or +0.23 standard deviations) at the start of October despite very low prices. Related columns:- U.S. crude oil bears risk reversal from crowded trade (November 20, 2023)- U.S. gasoline stocks add to crude oil turbulence (November 17, 2023)- U.S. oil prices slide as stocks accumulate at Cushing (November 16, 2023)- Oil traders turn bearish, daring OPEC⁺ to cut again (November 14, 2023)John Kemp is a Reuters market analyst.
Persons: Leonhard Foeger, Brent, Henry, John Kemp, Mark Potter Organizations: REUTERS, ICE, U.S ., Funds, Henry Hub, Thomson, Reuters Locations: Vienna, Austria, OPEC, NYMEX, Saudi Arabia, Louisiana, Cushing
COVID), and active funds are hugging their benchmarks," Subramanian wrote in a note about her 2024 outlook. "We're bullish not because we expect the Fed to cut, but because of what the Fed has accomplished," Subramanian wrote. BMO Capital MarketsBofA analysts are calling for slower inflation, better profit margins, and improved efficiency, Subramanian wrote. BMO is less optimistic about energy stocks since they've lagged behind oil prices in the last year. Consumer discretionary is a strong bet if interest rate hikes are over and consumers keep spending, Subramanian wrote.
Persons: Brian Belski, Belski, Savita Subramanian, Subramanian, Bank of America BMO's Belski, he's, boomers, BofA Organizations: Bank of America, BMO Capital Markets, Business, BMO, Federal Reserve, " Bank of, Energy, BMO isn't Locations: Ukraine, Israel
Cairo Santos made a 30-yard field goal with 10 seconds left, his fourth of the night after a miss on the opening drive, and the Bears had four interceptions of Joshua Dobbs in a defense-dominated 12-10 victory over the Minnesota Vikings on Monday. Moore for 36 yards put the ball at the 13 with 55 seconds left to set up the winning kick. The Bears (4-8) stopped a 12-game NFC North losing streak, including six in a row against the Vikings (6-6). Dobbs threw the go-ahead score to T.J. Hockenson with 5:54 left, but the Vikings stalled out again after that at the worst possible time. That set up the first field goal by Santos, who missed a 48-yard try on the first drive.
Persons: Cairo Santos, Joshua Dobbs, , , Justin Fields, Moore, , Justin Jefferson, Greg Joseph, Dobbs, Josh Metellus jarred, Anthony Barr, Ryan Wright, Jaylon Johnson, Jaquan, Edwards, Kyler Gordon, ” Dobbs, I’m, Danielle Hunter –, Sheldon, Gordon, Eddie Jackson, “ We’ve, Kirk Cousins, Fields, Brian Flores, Flores, Cole Kmet, Santos, Yannick Ngakoue, Akayleb Evans, Mekhi Blackmon, ___ Organizations: Chicago Bears, Cairo, Bears, Minnesota Vikings, NFC North, Vikings, Chicago, Minnesota, NFL, “ Defense, ” Bears, ESPN, Las Vegas Locations: MINNEAPOLIS, Detroit, T.J, Chicago, Minnesota, Las
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