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CNN —Russia has promised to discharge Indian nationals who were “misled” into joining its army to fight in Ukraine, India’s foreign secretary said Tuesday. “The Russian side promised the early discharge of all Indian nationals from the service of the Russian army,” he said. “The trafficked Indian Nationals were trained in combat roles and deployed at front bases in Russia-Ukraine War Zone against their wishes,” the CBI statement said. In neighboring Nepal, lawmakers have called on the Russian authorities to provide figures for its nationals fighting in Ukraine. The Russians position themselves a few hundred meters back as support,” said Suman Tamang, after he returned from Russia.
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“The Russian government must have the data of how many foreign fighters have joined the Russian army and how many Nepalis are fighting for Russia,” she said. The Russian foreign ministry has not responded to CNN’s questions about the number of Nepalis recruited by the Russian army and how many of them have died so far. She thought her husband, Shukra Tamang – a retired Nepali army soldier fighting for Russia – was the person calling. A photo shows Shukra Tamang, a retired Nepali army soldier, training in Russia. Bonuses paidNepali men who want to join the Russian army first travel to Russia on a tourist visa.
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A presidential spokesman denied the report but a source familiar with the matter said an announcement was expected within days. Commander-in-Chief of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valerii Zaluzhnyi. Valentyn Ogirenko/Reuters/FileA senior army spokesman with responsibility for the same region drew attention to another Ukrainian deficit opposite Russia, in comments on Ukrainian television – namely, a lack of ammunition. Where previously, Russian forces had been firing 60,000 rounds a day along the entire front line, the number currently was about half that, he said. “We are in deep defense mode and are holding back the enemy.
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CNN —US Secretary of State Antony Blinken arrived in Kyiv Wednesday on what is his third trip to the Ukrainian capital since the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion in February 2022. Blinken’s first stop on Wednesday was at a military cemetery, where he laid a wreath in honor of Ukraine’s fallen soldiers. Blinken said he was again “struck by the extraordinary bravery and resilience of the Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian forces, Ukraine’s leadership.”“We’ve seen good progress in the counteroffensive, which is very heartening. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba (left) greets US Secretary of State Antony Blinken (right) in Kyiv on Wednesday. His second trip was in September last year as Ukraine’s first big counteroffensive was underway in the Kharkiv region.
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But the Russian military may have panicked at seeing mercenaries advance on Moscow and sent help. Wagner forces drove tanks into Rostov-on-Don on June 24, 2023. Firstly, there must have been a radical impact on Russian military morale. Might an earthquake on the battlefield inadvertently rally Moscow’s elite around him, to stave of an existential defeat for Russia as a nation in Ukraine? Moscow’s mistakes have been so plentiful over the past months, at some point Ukraine will likely seize the initiative.
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"Essentially this poses a real serious challenge to Putin's leadership in the sense that he has to act," Galeotti added. Galeotti said the alleged actions, which Prigozhin has denied, pose a threat to Putin's leadership. The report of Prigozhin's offer came after months of escalating feuds between the Wagner leader and Russia's military brass. "If he could have delivered Bakhmut while the Russian military was looking assailed elsewhere — in part precisely because of the information that he provided, but still — he would've looked particularly useful to the boss," he said. Despite rising tensions between Prigozhin's and Russia's traditional military leadership, Putin has yet to publicly intervene.
Ukrainian soldiers, pictured in Bakhmut on Friday, fire a cannon near the eastern city, where a fierce battle for control against Russian forces rages. Prigozhin made the offer to Ukraine’s military intelligence directorate, known as HUR, in January, the Post alleged. It quoted one leaked document as stating that Prigozhin met HUR officers in an unspecified country in Africa. “Therefore, I simply could not meet with anyone there physically.”In his message, Prigozhin asked rhetorically, “Who is behind this? Kyiv also said it was operating “effective counterattacks” in the Bakhmut area, matching remarks by Prigozhin that Kyiv had recaptured some territory.
Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine CNN —Ukraine’s much-anticipated counteroffensive appears imminent – and the way each side is preparing speaks volumes about their readiness. Kyiv’s front lines are abuzz with vehicle movement and artillery strikes, with regular explosions hitting vital Russian targets in occupied areas. Its defense minister has said preparations are “coming to an end” and President Volodymyr Zelensky has assured a counteroffensive “will happen,” while demurring on any exact start date. Muhammed Enes Yildirim/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesThe “Butcher of Mariupol,” as Mizintsev is known, surely had enough failings over Russia’s disastrous war to merit his firing. By removing key ministers in the moments before its army faces Ukraine’s counter-assault, Moscow sends a message of disarray.
It will also be recorded in history as a battle that exposed more than anywhere the meat-grinder approach of Russian fighting. Taking Bakhmut would be the first Russian gain since it captured (and later lost) the key southern Ukrainian city of Kherson in November. That Ukrainian forces have demonstrated such endurance in the battle for Bakhmut should come as little surprise. Like the current battle for Bakhmut, it too became emblematic of Ukraine’s tenaciousness to defend itself against Russia’s aggression – particularly considering the Ukrainian Armed Forces were far less prepared and equipped. “The battle for Bakhmut in winter-spring 2023 will surely enter the history books as the bloodiest battle in Europe since World War II,” said Masliychuk.
Bakhmut has been facing the relentless firepower of a frustrated Russian army for months. There was blood everywhere.”Vyacheslav Tarasov, a 48-year-old builder, lost his right arm after shelling in Bakhmut. Peter Rudden/CNNSurgeon Yuri Mishasty treats civilians injured in nearby Bakhmut every day. Jo Shelley/CNNAs the Russian army intensifies its campaign to take Bakhmut, the shelling comes ever nearer to Kostiantynivka, 25 kilometres (about 15 miles) to the west. Since the beginning of the month, the town has been hit almost every day, the hospital director says.
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