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Crooks lived in the Pittsburgh suburb of Bethel Park, about an hour’s drive south of the Trump rally where law enforcement officials say he fired at the former president. Crooks graduated from Bethel Park High School in 2022, according to a local media report and a video of the school’s graduation ceremony. Law enforcement descended on Crooks’ family home on a quiet street in Bethel Park on Saturday night. Explosive material was found in his residence, as well as in his car, law enforcement officials familiar with the investigation told CNN. Bethel Park is a predominantly white suburb that is wealthier than the surrounding Pittsburgh metro area.
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CNN —For years, Airbnb has known some of its hosts have used hidden cameras to secretly spy on guests, invading their most private and intimate moments. A CNN investigation found the use of hidden cameras is a persistent problem in the industry. The Airbnb representative testified that the company generated 35,000 customer support tickets about surveillance devices in the preceding decade. An Airbnb spokesperson told CNN that a single report could create multiple tickets. Airbnb makes “every effort” to support police investigations of hidden cameras, the company told CNN in a written statement.
Persons: Airbnb, ” Airbnb, “ I’ve, , Kim van Sparrentak, Organizations: CNN, European Union, EU Locations: United States
Why the Fed is stressed about presidential elections
  + stars: | 2024-07-10 | by ( Nicole Goodkind | )   time to read: +9 min
New York CNN —Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell sent investors mixed messages on Tuesday during his semiannual testimony to Congress. Powell is stressed about the election: Powell was asked by multiple senators about White House politics, which he dodged. While the Fed head noted that policy decisions are data dependent, “elevated inflation is not the only risk we face,” he said. The September Fed meeting will be “live”: Powell noted multiple times that every Fed policy decision is made “live” using the latest available economic data – in other words, decisions aren’t made in advance. About 75% of investors think the Fed will cut rates, and about 25% think they’ll remain the same.
Persons: Jerome Powell, Powell, , Donald Trump, reappoint Powell, , Joseph Brusuelas, Trump, Gregory Daco, Chris Larkin, Morgan Stanley, Larkin, don’t, aren’t, David Rubenstein, he’ll, Airbnb, Isabelle Chapman, Majlie, Puy Kamp, Audrey Ash, Chris Isidore . Organizations: CNN Business, Bell, New York CNN — Federal, White, , Reserve, RSM, Federal Reserve, US Consumer, Treasury, Fed, Economics, Washington DC, Jackson, CNN, Boeing, Alaska Airlines Locations: New York, Powell, Washington, Alaska
A CNN investigation found that Airbnb consistently fails to protect its guests despite knowing hidden cameras are a persistent concern within its industry. Video Ad Feedback A woman describes the moment she realized her Airbnb host had placed a hidden camera in her room. And, while hotels can be held legally responsible for guests harmed on their property, Airbnb frequently is not. In January, CNN began reaching out to former Airbnb employees to ask about hidden camera concerns within the industry. “Less than a month for every victim,” said Wyzynajtys, the guest who found Allee’s hidden camera.
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Video footage shows the young man in a white hoodie, identified as Edan On, striking at the barrier around the pro-Palestinian encampment. From Social MediaOn, a local high school senior, was captured on video striking a pro-Palestinian protester with a pole. A pro-Palestinian demonstrator is beaten by counterprotesters attacking a pro-Palestinian encampment set up at UCLA's campus. Etienne Laurent/AFP/Getty ImagesA counterprotester, identified by CNN as Malachi Marlan-Librett, pushes a pro-Palestinian protester in the barrier of the UCLA encampment. Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times/Getty ImagesMarlan-Librett is seen throwing the bottom of a broom at a pro-Palestinian protester.
Persons: counterprotesters, UCLA –, , “ Edan, Sharon, Edan, William Gude, “ We’re, counterprotesters calmy, , , Chaim Seidler, Feller, Hillel, On’s, wasn’t, Malachi Marlan, Etienne Laurent, Wally Skalij, Librett, Dolores Quintana, Quintana, ” Dolores Quintana, Tom Bibiyan, Bibiyan, Trump, William Gude Tom Bibiyan, William Gude “, Angie Givant, she’d, Narek Palyan, Palyan, Catherine Hamilton, Hamilton, UCLA’s, Boosinger, ” Dylan Kupsh, ” Kupsh, Kupsh, Audrey Ash, Isabelle Chapman, Scott Glover, Curt Devine Organizations: CNN, UCLA, Fox, Facebook, Israel, Social, Social Media, Los Angeles Police Department, Patrol, UCLA Police Department, Bruins, LA, Key, Beverly Hills High School, Israel Defense Forces, UC Santa Cruz, Getty, Los Angeles Times, , Los Angeles Valley College, USC, Green Party, ucla, , Student, ” Thistle, Thistle Locations: Gaza, Israel, California, Angeles, UCLA's, Los, Los Angeles
Orleck and Tamari are among at least 50 professors arrested at campus protests across the country, according to a CNN review of police records, court filings, and news reports. (Since April 18, more than 2,400 students have been arrested amid protests on more than 50 campuses.) Officials from several universities where professors were arrested in connection with recent protests declined to comment on individual cases. All the professors, Blair said, were “expecting to get arrested.” Though Blair himself was not arrested, at least four other UCLA professors were that day. “I want to say some of my colleagues, particularly at Emory and Washington University, were treated much more brutally.
Persons: Orleck, whiplash, Steve Tamari, Louis, Tamari, , Caroline Fohlin’s, Fohlin, Gregory Pflugfelder, Isaac Kamola, Alex Kent, , Kamola, “ There’s, Gregory Fenves, Fenves, Emory, Carol Folt, Andrew Guzman, Minouche Shafik, Joseph Howley, Graeme Blair, Blair, , ” Orleck, she’d “, they’re, Sian Leah Beilock, WMUR, ” Tamari, Mo, Christine Tannous, Andrew Martin, hasn’t, ‘ Don’t, “ Don’t, ” Michael Allen, ” Allen, Allen, I’m, St . Louis, Michael Allen “, Chancellor Martin, Bikrum Gill, Gill, ” Gill, it’s Organizations: CNN, Dartmouth College, Washington University, Palestinian, Emory University, Columbia University, New York Times, American Association of University, ’ Center, Defense, Faculty of Columbia University, Getty, Emory, University of Southern, USC, Columbia, UCLA, Justice, Green, Hanover Police Department, Police, Louis Post, AP Protesters, Boeing Company, Israel Defense Forces, University, Desirée, Virginia Tech Locations: New Hampshire, St, Palestinian American, Atlanta, New York, Columbia’s, Palestine, Gaza, Los, Los Angeles, Dartmouth, Emory, Palestinian, American, Louis , Missouri, Missouri, Illinois, Louis, Washington, Israel, St .
The lies and taunts, which Musk engaged with on social media, turned his life upside down, Brody said. Brody filed a defamation lawsuit last month against Musk, the owner of X, formerly known as Twitter. Online conspiracy theorists soon jumped into the fray. Somehow, someone on social media had found a photo of Brody online and decided he looked like one of the people involved in the clash. The suit alleges that in August after Musk was made aware through his lawyers about Brody’s case for defamation, Musk refused to delete his tweets.
Persons: Ben Brody, Elon Musk, Brody, Musk, , Alex Jones, Mark Bankston, who’ve, , CNN “, ‘ You’re, “ You’re, , ” Brody, , ” Musk, ’ ” Brody, wouldn’t, Alex Jones Bankston, Sandy Hook, Bankston, Jones, Musk’s, Ben, “ Musk, Paul Pelosi, Nancy Pelosi, “ It’s, I’m, It’s Organizations: CNN, Nazi, Twitter, Sandy, Elementary, University of California Locations: California, Nazi, United States, Riverside , California, Portland , Oregon, Riverside, Oregon, Travis County , Texas
Cheap, second-hand, and purloined weapons comprised Hamas’ deadly makeshift arsenal that fueled a devastating, multi-pronged attack on Israel over the weekend. CNN analyzed dozens of photos and videos of Hamas militants during the surprise assault to identify the weapons used to kill at least 1,200 people in Israel. In previous battles with Israel, Hamas was known to have fired rockets made of old water pipes, the researcher noted. BulldozersPhoto-illustration: CNN/Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa/ReutersSeveral experts who spoke to CNN emphasized the ad hoc nature of the Hamas attack. In some videos, Hamas militants can be seen driving Israel Defense Forces (IDF) vehicles and using Israeli weapons that were likely taken during the initial fighting.
Persons: presumedly, , Mike Lyons, Lyons, , Oren Ziv, ” Lyons, John Spencer, toted, Stephen Biddle, “ It’s, they’re, Spencer, Saddam Hussein, “ They’re, Din, ” Ali Baraka, Frank McKenzie, Jack Guez, David Benson, ” Benson, Biddle, ” Spencer, Paragliders, Sean Elliott, ” Elliott, , Mohammed Fayq Abu Mostafa, Organizations: CNN, US State Department, US, Urban Warfare, Modern, Institute, ” AK, toted AK, Columbia University, Hamas ’ Telegram, AK, ” Rockets, Telegram Hamas, Israel’s, , Hamas, Hamas National Relations, US Central Command, Nova, Industry & Regulatory, Experimental Aircraft Association, Israel Defense Forces Locations: Israel, Iran, Gaza, Egypt, Soviet, West, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, British, Jihad, Lebanon, Russia, Kalashnikovs, Sderot, Kfar Aza, Beit Lahia, Palestinian, Spain
But now these witnesses, along with some committee staff, are frustrated, saying the committee failed to adequately hold major social media companies to account for the role they played in the worst attack on the Capitol in 200 years. They also said the final report outlines structural issues across social media and society that need to be studied further. Jeremy Moorhead/CNNDisagreement about social media companies’ role in the Jan. 6 attack comes as 2023 looks to be a pivotal year for Silicon Valley firms in Washington, DC. “Indeed, the lack of an official Committee report chapter or appendix dedicated exclusively to these matters does not mean our investigation exonerated social media companies for their failure to confront violent rhetoric,” they wrote. “History has taught us what happens when political speech on social media companies is allowed to fester unchecked.”
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