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Former Fox News and NBC News host Megyn Kelly will be one of the debate moderators. Photo: Charles Sykes/Associated PressThe next Republican presidential primary debate will give the two-year-old cable-news upstart NewsNation a chance to introduce itself to a wider audience. Launched in 2021 as a fully fledged news network, NewsNation has struggled to make a mark in the crowded cable-news landscape, trailing behind the more established brands despite high-profile hires such as former CNN host Chris Cuomo. Adding to its challenges, the overall audience for cable TV keeps shrinking every year amid cord-cutting.
Persons: Megyn Kelly, Charles Sykes, NewsNation, Chris Cuomo Organizations: Fox News, NBC, Associated, Republican, CNN
Watch: Explosion Destroys House in Arlington During Police SearchAn explosion leveled a house in Arlington, Va., on Monday night, as police attempted to execute a search warrant. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the blast. Photo: Alex Wilson/Associated Press
Persons: Alex Wilson Organizations: Police, Associated Locations: Arlington, Arlington , Va
An explosion leveled a house in Arlington, Va. on Monday night, as police attempted to execute a search warrant. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the blast. Photo: Alex Wilson/Associated PressA home was destroyed by a massive explosion in a Washington, D.C., suburb as police were trying to execute a search warrant in response to reports of a man discharging a flare gun inside. Police visited a house in Arlington, Va., at around 4:45 p.m. ET Monday after receiving calls that a man had discharged a flare gun approximately 30 or 40 times into the surrounding neighborhood, the local police department said in a statement.
Persons: Alex Wilson Organizations: Police, Associated, D.C, . Police Locations: Arlington , Va, Washington
Explosion Destroys Arlington House During Police Search
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An explosion leveled a house in Arlington, Va., on Monday night. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the blast. Photo: Alex Wilson/Associated PressA home was destroyed by a large explosion in a Washington, D.C., suburb as police said they were trying to execute a search warrant in response to a man firing a flare gun into the surrounding neighborhood. Police visited a house in Arlington, Va., at around 4:45 p.m. Their initial investigation indicated a man fired a flare gun about 30 or 40 times from the house, the local police department said in a statement.
Persons: Alex Wilson Organizations: Police, Associated, D.C, . Police Locations: Arlington , Va, Washington
An explosion leveled a house in Arlington, Va., on Monday night. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the blast. Photo: Alex Wilson/Associated PressThe suspect who fired a flare gun from inside his Arlington, Va., duplex home, which later exploded, is presumed to be dead, police said. Arlington County Police Chief Andy Penn said investigators are identifying the remains found at the property in the Washington, D.C., suburbs, and believe them to belong to the suspect, 56-year-old James Yoo .
Persons: Alex Wilson, Andy Penn, James Yoo Organizations: Police, Associated, Arlington County Police, D.C Locations: Arlington , Va, Arlington, Va, Washington
The suit names Justin Wells, Fox News and its parent, Fox Corp., as defendants. Photo: Ted Shaffrey/Associated PressA top producer for Tucker Carlson who is helping build his new media company has been accused of sexually assaulting a former Fox News staffer when they both worked at the network 15 years ago. In a lawsuit, former Fox News staffer Andrew Delancey said Fox News then-producer Justin Wells invited him to come to his apartment before they were to join other people at a nearby bar. The alleged incident took place in late 2008, shortly after Delancey joined the network’s New York office, the suit said.
Persons: Justin Wells, Ted Shaffrey, Tucker Carlson, Andrew Delancey, Delancey Organizations: Fox News, Fox Corp Locations: York
The skyline of Shanghai’s financial and commercial hub. Photo: Wang Xiang/Associated PressChina’s mounting local government debt woes are putting pressure on the country’s credit ratings. Moody’s Investors Service lowered its outlook for China’s credit rating from stable to negative on Tuesday, warning that the financial stresses of some regional and local governments will require Beijing to provide support to them. That could weigh on China’s government finances at a time when its economy is slowing.
Persons: Wang Xiang Organizations: Associated Press, Moody’s, Service Locations: Beijing
Hunter Biden and President Biden in Washington earlier this year. Photo: Andrew Harnik/Associated PressWASHINGTON— Hunter Biden paid his father, Joe Biden, three installments totaling a little more than $4,000 in 2018 from a business account that held funds from his Chinese business dealings, according to documents released by the House Committee on Oversight and Accountability. While House Republicans said the money transfers link President Biden, who wasn’t in office at the time, to his son’s business activity in China, Democrats said they merely showed Hunter Biden reimbursing his father for some payments his father was making on a 2018 Ford F-150 Raptor that Hunter Biden was using.
Persons: Hunter Biden, Biden, Andrew Harnik, Associated Press WASHINGTON — Hunter Biden, Joe Biden Organizations: Associated Press WASHINGTON, Republicans, Ford Locations: Washington, China
“Each decade since the 1990s has been warmer than the previous one and we see no immediate sign of this trend reversing,” its secretary-general, Petteri Taalas, said. Experts are divided about one of the most important metrics: The rate of warming. University of Pennsylvania climate scientist Michael Mann has argued warming has been steadily increasing since 1990, but isn't speeding up. He warned that such warming is fueling increasingly dangerous extreme weather events, coastal flooding and many other “disastrous” impacts. Glaciers in Papua, Indonesia are likely to disappear altogether within the next decade,” WMO said.
Persons: Petteri Taalas, James Hansen, Michael Mann, ” Mann, Organizations: United Arab Emirates, United Nations, World Meteorological Organization, WMO, NASA, Warming, University of Pennsylvania, ” WMO, AP Locations: DUBAI, United Arab, Dubai, Papua, Indonesia, , Africa, Kenya, Kilimanjaro, Greenland, Antarctica
REFORM, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama police officer is on leave after video circulated on social media showed her appearing to shock a handcuffed and compliant man with a stun gun and telling him to shut up after he cried out in pain. The video shows a white female police officer shocking a Black man after placing him in handcuffs and leaning him against a car. In the 45-second video clip, which went viral, the handcuffed man is not resisting and tells the officer he has a gun on him. She then appears to shock him with the stun gun pressed to his back and tells him to be quiet. "The Reform Police Department is aware of a video circulating involving a citizen’s arrest on December 2, 2023.
Persons: , Micah Washington, Melody Davis, Richard Black, , Dana Elmore, Elmore, ” Jalexis Rice, Washington’s, WVTM, ” Rice, Organizations: Police, Reform Police Department, Alabama, Bureau of, Agency, Reform City Hall, Associated Press, Washington Locations: Ala, An Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Reform, Washington
KHAVDA, India (AP) — Rising from the bare expanse of the large salt desert that separates India from Pakistan is what will likely be the world's largest renewable energy project when completed three years from now. The solar and wind energy project will be so big that it will be visible from space, according to developers of what is called the Khavda renewable energy park, named after the village nearest to the project site. Shifting to renewable energy is a key issue at the ongoing COP28 climate summit. Once completed, it will supply 30 gigawatts of renewable energy annually, enough to power nearly 18 million Indian homes. Given this, Virmani said there is enough land in Kutch for various renewable energy projects.
Persons: , KSRK Verma, Khavda, Verma, “ It’s, Vneet Jaain, Adani, Gautam Adani, Adani Green, ” Ajay Mathur, Mathur, Abi T Vanak, Vanak, Sandip, Virmani, Hirelal Rajde, Organizations: Associated Press, Adani Green Energy Limited, Adani, Adani Group, Hindenburg, Group, International Solar Alliance, Ashoka Trust for Research, Twitter, AP Locations: KHAVDA, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Rann, Kutch, India’s Gujarat, China, United States, Bengal, Ahmedabad, Jaain, U.S, Mundra, Gujarat, Europe, Africa, Bengaluru, Denmark, Khavda
In testimony before a House committee, the university leaders said there was a fine line between protecting free speech and allowing protests, while also combatting antisemitism. “Harvard must provide firm leadership in the fight against antisemitism and hate speech even while preserving room for free expression and dissent. This is difficult work, and I admit that we have not always gotten it right,” said Claudine Gay, of Harvard. In recent weeks, the federal government has opened investigations into several universities — including Penn and Harvard — regarding antisemitism and Islamophobia on campus. Rep. Bobby Scott of Virginia, the committee's ranking Democrat, criticized Republicans for “stoking culture wars” while claiming to be combatting discrimination on campus.
Persons: , , Claudine Gay, ” Gay, Liz Magill, Sally Kornbluth, ” Magill, Virginia Foxx, Bobby Scott of Virginia, Scott Organizations: WASHINGTON, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, “ Harvard, Penn, MIT, The Education Department, Education, Workforce, intersectionality, ” Rep, Republicans, Education Department, Civil, , Associated Press, Carnegie Corporation of New, AP Locations: Israel, North Carolina, Carnegie Corporation of New York
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court is taking up a case Tuesday over a Washington couple's $15,000 tax bill that is widely seen as a test of a never-enacted tax on wealth. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesThe Moores paid $15,000 in taxes based on Charles Moore’s investment in an Indian company. They argue that the tax violates the 16th Amendment, which allows the federal government to impose an income tax on Americans. “The Moore case could make it impossible to close those loopholes,” Wyden said. Public documents show that Charles Moore's involvement with the company, including serving as a director for five years, is far more extensive than court filings indicate.
Persons: Charles, Kathleen Moore, Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, , Moores, Charles Moore’s, Moore, Democratic Sen, Ron Wyden, , ” Wyden, Charles Moore's, Samuel Alito, David Rivkin, Alito, Rivkin, Fatima Hussein Organizations: WASHINGTON, Washington, Wisconsin Republican, Republican, U.S . Chamber of Commerce, Democratic, Oregon, Moores, ___ Associated Locations: Redmond , Washington, Indian, ___
LIMA, Peru (AP) — Peru’s constitutional court ordered an immediate humanitarian release Tuesday for imprisoned former President Alberto Fujimori, 85, who was serving a 25-year sentence in connection with the death squad slayings of 25 Peruvians in the 1990s. The court ruled in favor of a 2017 pardon that had granted the former leader a release on humanitarian grounds but that later was annulled. In a resolution seen by The Associated Press, the court told the state prisons agency to immediately release Fujimori “on the same day.”Fujimori was sentenced in 2009 to 25 years in prison on charges of human rights abuses. Political Cartoons View All 1283 ImagesThe constitutional court previously had ordered a lower court in the southern city of Ica to release Fujimori, but that court declined to do so, arguing in ruling last Friday that it lacked the authority. It returned the matter instead to the constitutional court.
Persons: , Alberto Fujimori, Fujimori “, ” Fujimori, Pablo Kuczynski, Fujimori Organizations: Associated Press, Inter, American, of Human Rights Locations: LIMA, Peru, Ica, America, Caribbean
Released Tuesday, it finds the average international math score fell by the equivalent of three-quarters of a year of learning. Reading scores fell by the equivalent of half a year. Reading scores fell by 10 points. A national study in the U.S. last year found math scores fell by more than ever, with reading scores dropping to 1992 levels. It was joined in the upper echelons by other East Asian countries including Japan and China.
Persons: , Peggy Carr, , didn’t, Jordan, Miguel Cardona, Joe Biden’s Organizations: WASHINGTON, , Program, Organisation for Economic Co, OECD, Reading, National Center for Education Statistics, U.S . Education Department, Associated Press, Carnegie Corporation of New, AP Locations: United States, Germany, Iceland, Netherlands, U.S, Belgium, Finland, Canada, France, Sweden, Brazil, Ireland, Singapore, Japan, China, Estonia, Albania, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Carnegie Corporation of New York
Gen. Warren Wells was removed from the job on Friday by Army Secretary Christine Wormuth, just hours after she was given the email. Members of Congress have been frustrated for years with the military's prosecution of sexual assault cases and they pushed to remove commanders from the decision-making process on the cases. According to officials, the woman, now a civilian, then went to the defense advisory committee that was set up to make recommendations on the sexual assault prosecution overhaul and submitted additional records. Officials said the email from Wells to his staff was among the documents she provided to the committee. Wormuth received copies of the documents on Friday and after seeing the email fired Wells later that day.
Persons: Warren Wells, Christine Wormuth, Wells, , Wells ’, Randee Farrell, Wormuth, , Farrell Organizations: WASHINGTON, Army, Associated Press, Pentagon, Defense Department Locations: Gen, Japan, Kansas
KHAN YOUNIS, Gaza Strip (AP) — Israel intensified its bombardment in and around Gaza's second largest city early Tuesday, as ambulances and private cars came racing into a local hospital carrying people wounded in a bloody new phase of the war in Gaza. At the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, ambulances brought dozens of wounded people in throughout the night. “My children, since 10 p.m., are still under the rubble.”Satellite photos taken Sunday showed tanks and troops massing outside Khan Younis, the latest target of the offensive, which was home to more than 400,000 people before the war. Constant bombardment on the edge of Khan Younis lit up the sky over the town Monday evening. The area that Israel ordered evacuated covers about a fifth of Khan Younis.
Persons: KHAN YOUNIS, — Israel, Khan Younis, , , Jake Sullivan, Mohammed Aghaalkurdi, ___ Magdy, Jon Gambrell Organizations: U.S, Nasser, United Nations, Israel, Health Ministry, White House, The Associated Press, Aid, PalTel, Communications, Associated Press Locations: Gaza, Gaza's, Israel, Khan, United, Gaza City, Egypt, Palestinian, Shijaiya, Cairo, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, israel
The poll found that 55% of Black respondents said they feel like they must be very careful about their appearance to be treated fairly at medical visits. That’s similar to the rate for Hispanic and Alaska Native patients – and nearly double the rate for white patients. Nearly 30% of Black respondents prepare to be insulted, also about double the rate for white patients. Asians and Hispanics were three times more likely to say they’ve been treated badly in a health care setting because of their race than white respondents and Black respondents were 6 times more likely. “The consequences in health care are really striking and very frightening, honestly, to understand what people need to do to be taken seriously, to be seen as a whole person,” she said.
Persons: KFF, Christine Wright, Wright, she’s, , you’re, , Drew Altman, Allison Bryant, Bryant, ” Bryant, Luna Roldán, te, they’ve, Mary Conlon, Robert Wood Johnson Organizations: Associated Press, Massachusetts General Hospital, Latina, Indians, Alaska Natives, Associated Press Health, Science Department, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, AP Locations: Alaska, U.S, Massachusetts, Lake Worth , Florida
LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood’s actors have voted to ratify the deal with studios that ended their strike after nearly four months, leaders announced Tuesday. The approval of the three-year contract from the members of the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists was no certainty, with some prominent members voicing dissent on the deal for which the union leaders bargained. But the outcome is a major relief for SAG-AFTRA leaders and an entertainment industry that is attempting to return to normal after months of labor strife. Political Cartoons View All 1283 ImagesThose leaders had freed actors to return to work, declaring the strike over as soon as the tentative deal was struck Nov. 8. “It is purposefully vague and demands union members to release their autonomy....
Persons: , Fran Drescher, Justine Bateman, Matthew Modine, stoked, , ” Modine, Drescher, Jessica Chastain, Colman Domingo, “ Rustin, , ” Domingo, John Carucci Organizations: ANGELES, Screen, American Federation of Television, Radio, SAG, Hollywood, Alliance, Television Producers, Associated, AP, Associated Press Locations: New York
The Ms. Foundation published research last week advocating for more financial support for women and gender nonconforming people of color leading nonprofits on the frontlines of social justices issues. “At this moment, when women and women’s bodies and gender nonconforming folks are being attacked on a daily basis, are they willing to move 10% to us?” Teresa Younger, Ms. Foundation’s president and CEO, said of other foundations. The Ms. Foundation found that many frontline organizations, like Power Rising, work across issue areas, often in tandem with other groups and in response to unfolding events. The organization advises foundations to build on trust-based giving, to support self-guided capacity building for these organizations, and to diminish grantmaking tied to specific issue areas. ___Associated Press coverage of philanthropy and nonprofits receives support through the AP’s collaboration with The Conversation US, with funding from Lilly Endowment Inc.
Persons: Alex Soros, George Soros, Trump, ” Alex Soros, Shawnda Chapman, , ” Teresa Younger, it’s, Laleh Ispahani, Ketanji Brown Jackson, Leah D, Daughtry, grantmaking, Ispahani, Mark Malloch, Brown Organizations: Open Society, Society, Ms, Foundation for Women, OSF, National Women's Law, Alliance for Youth, U.S, Supreme, Foundation, Associated, Lilly Endowment Inc, AP Locations: U.S
Former President Donald Trump's civil business fraud trial turned Tuesday to one of the topics that has vexed him most — the value of his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, Florida. A Palm Beach luxury real estate broker played a glimmering video of the historic estate and testified that he'd value it at over $1 billion as of 2021. Political Cartoons View All 1277 ImagesMar-a-Lago also is a key element of the current New York civil case and Trump's vehement frustration with it. The attorney general, a Democrat, maintains that Trump should have valued Mar-a-Lago the same way the county does, based on its club income. “Anybody who buys it … would just step into the shoes of President Trump,” defense attorney Christopher Kise said.
Persons: Donald Trump's, Trump, , Lawrence Moens, Jack Smith, Lago, Letitia James ’, Judge Arthur Engoron, Jeffrey McConney, James, John Shubin, , Shubin, Christopher Kise Organizations: Republican, Mar, Trump, National Trust for Historic Preservation, National Trust, Democrat, Associated Press Locations: Lago, Palm Beach , Florida, Florida, New York, York, Beach, Miami, Palm Beach
After saying he had not met with Ohtani, Counsell was asked whether anyone in the Cubs front office had. Counsell replied: “I have not.”Japanese pitcher Yoshinobu Yamamoto, another prized free agent, could be sought by the New York Yankees and Mets, who set payroll records this year in their third season under owner Steve Cohen. The Mets' projected final 2023 payroll is about $346 million and their luxury tax roughly $102 million. Political Cartoons View All 1283 Images“I don’t know if anybody can compete with Steve Cohen,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said. He's had a lot of success and built an empire which has allowed him to do things like the Mets.
Persons: — Dave Roberts, Shohei, Roberts, Bob Fosse, Ross Atkins, I’m, Craig Counsell, Ohtani, Counsell, , Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Steve Cohen, , Brian Cashman, He's, ” Cashman, Juan Soto, Preller, Mike Shildt, Cashman, Alex Verdugo, Greg Weissert, Chris Devenski, Erick Fedde, he’s, Yamamoto, AP Sports Writers Teresa Walker, Jay Cohen, ___ Organizations: Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto, ” New Chicago Cubs, Cubs, New York Yankees, Mets, ” Yankees, Padres, New Padres, Soto, Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Tampa, NC Dinos, Chicago White Sox, Associated Press, Cleveland, MLB, Dodger, Dodgers, Orix Buffaloes, Lotte Marines, AP Sports Writers Locations: Tenn, , San Diego, Miami, South Korea, Japan
“It is appalling.”Israel has said it is investigating several cases of sexual assault and rape from the Hamas attack on Israel. Some recently released hostages have shared testimonies of sexual violence and abuse during their time in Gaza. He referenced his work on the issue as a lawmaker as he spoke out against the allegations of sexual violence by Hamas. “The world can’t just look away at what’s going on,” Biden told donors. He added, “It’s on all of us — government, international organizations, civil society and businesses — to forcefully condemn the sexual violence of Hamas terrorists without equivocation.
Persons: Joe Biden, equivocation, Biden, , , ” Biden, ” Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu's, Netanyahu, , you’ve, Israel, Hillary Clinton, Sen, Kirsten Gillibrand, Sheryl Sandberg, Karine Jean, Pierre, ” Jean, Pramila, ” Jayapal, Seung Min Kim, Aamer Madhani, Melanie Lidman Organizations: BOSTON, Hamas, United Nations, New, White, California Democrat, CNN, Associated Press Locations: Israel, Boston, Gaza, New York, California, Washington, Jerusalem
NEW YORK (AP) — The highly-anticipated trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI arrived a little early after a copy was leaked online. In an early Tuesday brief, Raymond James analysts said that they originally expected Grand Theft Auto VI to arrive in the 2024 holiday season. "It is simply a shift rather than a reduction in expectations.”The first Grand Theft Auto hit store shelves back in 1997. Grand Theft Auto VI will arrive more than a decade after Grand Theft Auto V's 2013 release. Stifel researchers pointed to “exceptionally strong” buzz and pent-up demand following the Grand Theft Auto VI teaser — pointing to the tens of millions of views collected within hours.
Persons: Lucia, Raymond James &, Raymond James, hasn't, Organizations: Rockstar Games, Rockstar, Twitter, Software Inc, Associated, Auto, City, Raymond James & Associates, VI, PlayStation Locations: New York, Miami
BERLIN (AP) — A German man accused of forming an armed group to oppose government measures against the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 has been arrested in Portugal, German prosecutors said Tuesday. The 39-year-old man, whose name wasn't released, most recently lived in Bavaria and was charged in June, prosecutors in Koblenz said. He is accused, along with two others, of forming a criminal organization and an armed group named “Paladin” in early 2021, which prosecutors said aimed to act against coronavirus measures. The suspect's whereabouts had been unknown since at least June and he was arrested in Portugal last month, prosecutors said. He is now in pre-extradition custody in Portugal, but it's not yet clear whether and when he will be transferred to Germany.
Persons: Organizations: BERLIN, Associated Press Locations: Portugal, Bavaria, Koblenz, Germany
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