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It went far beyond what even the most pessimistic court observers expected; the dissenters, if anything, responded with restraint.) “Nobody’s suggesting that.” (Reality check: That is precisely what Idaho was suggesting, by arguing that federal law doesn’t pre-empt the state ban.) “Some courts have misunderstood the methodology of our recent Second Amendment cases,” the chief justice wrote, explaining why the lower court had been wrong. Behavior like this has a name: gaslighting, a form of psychological manipulation that involves making people doubt their own, accurate perception of reality. For a gun law to be compatible with the Second Amendment, the decision said, the government “must demonstrate that the regulation is consistent with this nation’s historical tradition of firearm regulation.” In other words, if the American founders didn’t pass a specific gun law in the 18th century, then we in the 21st century can’t either.
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CNN —A statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam was vandalized with “Gaza” graffiti, drawing criticism from the city’s mayor. “Officers went to the statue, saw the graffiti and started an investigation,” the spokesperson said. Anne Frank’s diary is often many young people’s first introduction to the horrors of the Holocaust. In 1944, the famous diarist and seven other Jewish people hiding in the Amsterdam secret annex were detained. They had hid for nearly two years in a secret annex above a canal-side warehouse in Amsterdam, before they were deported and Anne died in the Bergen Belsen camp at age 15.
Persons: Anne Frank, Frank, Femke Halsema, , , ” Halsema, Anne Frank’s, people’s, Anne Organizations: CNN, CNN Wednesday, Locations: Amsterdam, Gaza, Bergen
Cardboard stands with the AfD logo lie on the chairs in the Wiesenhalle before the start of the AfD Brandenburg state party conference. Traditionally, young voters are seen as more left-leaning, but the voting data suggests some divergences, with experts pointing to social media and what they describe as online echo chambers. A study published earlier this month showed that over half of those aged 14-29 in Germany use social media to stay updated about news and politics. But Berendsen told CNBC that it is one of the social media platforms where the tunnel-effect can be an issue. An AfD spokesperson confirmed to CNBC that its videos and texts posted on social media are tailored to young people.
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Three faces stare blankly from sepia-toned passport photos, haphazardly pasted onto a card to an unknown recipient. Under their pictures are the handwritten words: “Don’t forget us!”It’s unclear when this card was sent. But its plea has helped shape the permanent collection at the National Holocaust Museum in Amsterdam, which opens to the public next week. “I think it’s a remnant of a long-felt discomfort in the Netherlands with taking ownership of what happened,” said Emile Schrijver, the general director of the National Holocaust Museum. While other museums in the Netherlands cover aspects of the history of the Holocaust — such as the Anne Frank House, or museums that focus on World War II more broadly — the National Holocaust Museum is the first institution devoted to telling the full story of the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands.
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CNN —A leading soccer goalkeeper, who is Black and was subjected to racist abuse during a match in Italy’s top league last month, now finds himself being kicked around like a political football. Maignan received widespread support from the football world and FIFA President Gianni Infantino called for automatic forfeits for teams whose fans have racially abused players. Maignan speaks with referee Fabio Maresca during the match between AC Milan and Udinese. AC Milan players react after Maignan was racially abused by Udinese fans. ‘Simply shameful’The Maignan incident comes 11 years after another AC Milan star – midfielder Kevin-Prince Boateng – made history by walking off the pitch during a friendly match after suffering abuse for 25 minutes.
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CNN —Sexually explicit AI-generated photos of pop superstar Taylor Swift have flooded the internet, and we don’t need to calm down. Now, you can digitally undress her or create your own explicit deepfake starring her. Imagine an immersive environment where a scorned ex invites others to collectively view a sexually explicit deepfake video of the girl who rejected him. They never taped a video, but due to advances in deepfake technology, it’s impossible to distinguish whether it’s real or fake. From a policy perspective, a handful of states have laws against the creation or sharing of these types of sexually explicit deepfakes.
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From the outside, the adobe-style ranch house on the outskirts of Albuquerque appears to be like any other three-bedroom house. But its designers took inspiration from an unusual source. In fact, the person for whom the design is named probably never stepped foot in New Mexico at all. The company also named a home layout after Anne Frank, who hid from Nazis in an annex in the Netherlands before being killed in a concentration camp. The designs appear to have been available for years, but they did not pique interest on social media until this week.
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How Jewish People Built the American Theater
  + stars: | 2023-11-29 | by ( Jesse Green | )   time to read: +46 min
Let Us Tell You A Story How Jewish people built the American theater as we know it. The theater, which for many Jews was a major way of becoming American in the first place, seems unable to acknowledge that the danger that American Jews face is not just historical, and not just onstage. (Both of Adler’s parents were Yiddish theater stars — her father, Jacob Adler, was a renowned Shylock in 1903.) Embedding their own observation and experience within Stanislavsky’s, along with the best of Yiddish theater and a generous dollop of Freud, they converted the American theater to Judaism. Sara Krulwich/The New York TimesThe Jewish contribution to the creation of the American theater was built on the acknowledgment of a larger humanity alive within each of us, available to some, with natural empathy and rigorous training.
Persons: Glocca, , Lerner, Loewe, , Isidore Hochberg, Burton Lane, né Burton Levy, William Goldman, “ Killybegs, Sammy Davis Jr, Julie Andrews, Connie Francis, Rosemary Clooney, Tommy Dorsey, Davis, , Arthur Miller’s “, joyously, Jason Schmidt, Christine Jones, Miller, I’ve, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Brustein, Neil Simon’s, ” Cynthia Ozick, Sholom, Philip Roth, Simon, Leonard Bernstein, Matt Nadel, Bradley, Bernstein, “ Maestro, Shylock, William Shakespeare’s “, Venice ”, Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe’s, Farah Karim, Cooper, Bard ”, “ Merchant, Tom Stoppard’s, Sara Krulwich, Ansky’s, Stella Adler, Bessie Berger, Clifford Odets’s, Arthur Miller, Elia Kazan, Francis Joseph Bruguière, Billy Rose, Eugene Smith, Roth, Arthur Schnitzler, Juliet Stevenson, Ruth Wolff, Lorraine Hansberry’s, Sidney’s, Alex Edelman’s “, Leo Frank, Bernard B, Frank, Mandy Patinkin, James Lapine, Stephen Sondheim’s, George, Martha Swope, outspokenness, creatives, Oscar Isaac, Sidney, “ Sidney Brustein, Isaac, Stevenson, Robert Icke, Roman Catholic Cooper, Rachel Brosnahan, Maisel, Joan Rivers —, Brosnahan, Sidney Brustein’s, Alec Guinness, Fagin, “ Oliver Twist, I’m, Micaela Diamond, Ben Platt, Lucille, Alfred Uhry, Jason Robert Brown’s, Rivers, Wolff, Robert, Republic ”, isn’t, LEE Strasberg, Konstantin Stanislavsky’s, Fyodor Ivanovich, Strasberg, Israel Strassberg, Zalmon, Srulke, Joseph Stein, Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock’s “, Bette Midler, Jackie Hoffman, Photofest Stanislavsky, Theater’s, Isaac Butler, Stanislavsky, Harold Clurman, George Bernard Shaw, Henrik Ibsen, Clurman, Adler, Jacob Adler, Freud, Rebecca Naomi Jones, Ruthie Rivkin, Jerome Weidman, Harold Rome’s “, John Weidman, disown Strasberg, Sanford Meisner, Bobby Lewis, , Marlon Brando, James Dean, Meisner, Robert Duvall, Lewis, Meryl Streep, Clifford Odets, Jacob Garfinkle, Jules Garfield, Odets, Sam Feinschreiber, Garfield, Ralph Berger, wasn’t, John, Tovah Feldshuh, Golda Meir, William Gibson’s, Aaron Epstein, exigencies, Bessie, Feinschreiber —, loveless, William Fox, Louis B, Mayer, Jack Warner, Marjorie Morningstar ”, Morgenstern, Marjorie, Natalie Wood, Anne Frank ”, Millie Perkins, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Strasberg —, Ibsen, Sholom Aleichem, August Wilson, Daveed Diggs, Thomas Jefferson, Lin, Manuel Miranda’s “ Hamilton ”, Adrian Lester, Emanuel Lehman —, Barbra Streisand, Marmelstein, George Silk, Miller’s, Sophie Okonedo, Elizabeth Proctor, Ben Whishaw, John Proctor, Jan Versweyveld, Don’t, — Bernstein, Stoppard, Schnitzler, Jeanine Tesori, Tony Kushner’s “ Caroline, Sharon D Clarke, Adam Makké, Noah Gellman, Leo, Stoppard —, Hermine, ” Leo Frank, there’s, Matthew Broderick, Eugene Jerome, it’s, Edelman’s, Queens bigots, David Yosef Shimon ben Elazar Reuven Alexander Halevi Edelman, Woody Allen, Joshua Harmon’s, — George Gershwin, Jerome Kern, Richard Rodgers, Porgy, Bess ”, Barns, Alex Edelman, Paula Vogel, Harvey Fierstein, Jordan Taylor Fuller, — that’s, Wendell Pierce, Friedman, Jacobs, Hirschfeld, Gershwin, Rodgers, PAULA VOGEL, BRANDON URANOWITZ, DAVID CROMER, MICAELA DIAMOND, TONY KUSHNER, Diamond, Monica Rich Kosann, Marco Bicego, JESSE EISENBERG, MATTHEW BRODERICK, AMY HERZOG, LESLIE RODRIGUEZ KRITZER, JOEL GREY, Herzog, Michael Kors, Kritzer, Marco, HARVEY FIERSTEIN, LIEV SCHREIBER, ETHAN SLATER, IDINA MENZEL, TINA LANDAU Organizations: Broadway, Broadway’s Lyceum, , of Venice, New York Times, Defamation League, New York Public Library, Performing, Vandamm, Billy, Billy Rose Theatre Division, Performing Arts, New, Jacobs, Empire State, Nazi, Goyim Defense, The New York Public Library, Roman Catholic, New York City, Street, Moscow Art, Group, Hollywood, Disney, Everett, The New York Times, Philadelphia, Brit, Times Locations: Poland, American, kilts, E.Y, Harburg, Kilkerry, Kildare, Philadelphia, New York, Polish, Massachusetts, Vichy, Biloxi, Venice, Malta, of, , Germany, playgoers, Sweden, England, United States, Pittsburgh, Nazi, Brustein’s, Greenwich, Georgia, Gutenberg, , Atlanta, Republic, New, Konstantin Stanislavsky’s Moscow, Russian, America, Moscow, Stanislavsky’s, Clurman, Eastern Europe, Czech, Austrian, Auschwitz, Heini, Southern, Brighton, Rivers, French Republic, “ Brigadoon
Voters choices could be critical to the country's immigration and climate change policies, and its relations with European Union partners. A poll published on the eve of the election showed anti-Islam firebrand Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) tied for the lead with the conservative People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) of outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte, followed closely by a joint Labour/Green ticket. Justice Minister Dilan Yesilgoz, a Turkish immigrant tough on immigration, who took over from Rutte at the helm of VVD, is hoping to become the country's first woman prime minister. [1/10]Dutch far-right politician and leader of the PVV party, Geert Wilders votes during the Dutch parliamentary elections, in The Hague, Netherlands November 22, 2023. "I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and we have Wilders as a prime minister.
Persons: Geert Wilders, Mark Rutte, It's, Wilders, Anne Frank, Van, Dilan Yesilgoz, Maria Tolman, Pieter Schilperoort, Yves Herman Acquire, Hungary's Victor Orban, Ria van der, That's, Arie van der, Pieter Omtzigt, We've, we'd, Rutte, Johnny Cotton, Toby Sterling, Bart Meijer, Stephanie van den Berg, Charlotte van Campenhout, Ingrid Melander, Toby Chopra, Angus MacSwan Organizations: European Union, Freedom Party, People's Party for Freedom and Democracy, Labour, Green, Others, REUTERS, Amsterdam, Christian Democrats, NOS, Thomson Locations: AMSTERDAM, Netherlands, Van Gogh, Amsterdam, Turkish, Rutte, Yesilgoz, The Hague, Ukraine
Actor told TikTok bosses that the platform was creating the "biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis." AdvertisementIn a recent video call between Jewish celebrities and TikTok executives, actor and campaigner Sacha Baron Cohen accused the popular video app of "creating the biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis," reported The New York Times. The accusation comes amid growing concerns about TikTok's role in fostering an alleged surge of antisemitic abuse on its platform and wider social media. AdvertisementBaron Cohen told TikTok executives, "shame on you," for allegedly promoting hate through the content circulated on the app. Presser acknowledged the validity of Baron Cohen's concerns, admitting that social media companies, including TikTok, must combat hate content more.
Persons: TikTok, Baron Cohen, Hitler, , Sacha Baron Cohen, Dustin Moskovitz, Elon Musk, Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Anne Frank, Amy Schumer, Grace, Debra Messing, Adam Presser, Seth Melnick, Presser, Baron Cohen's, Osama bin Laden's, Jamie McCarthy, Osama bin, hashtag, Nikki Haley, Osama Bin Organizations: Service, New York Times, IBM, Golden Globes, TikTok, Will, Carnegie Hall, Guardian Locations: New York City, China
Social media’s antisemitism problemThe rise in antisemitism since the outbreak of war in the Middle East has ignited a clash between Wall Street donors and universities, and divided some workplaces. Now, the pressure is building on social media platforms, particularly Elon Musk’s X and TikTok, with advertisers, celebrities and influencers pulling spending and confronting executives about the proliferation of hate speech. He posted to X his support for white nationalist conspiracy theories that Jewish communities were spreading hatred. Yaccarino was brought in to win back advertisers after Musk bought Twitter last year and culled many content moderators. More than a dozen Jewish celebrities and creators, including the actors Sacha Baron Cohen, Debra Messing and Amy Schumer, confronted TikTok executives this week.
Persons: Elon Musk’s, Adolf Hitler, Musk, X’s, Linda Yaccarino, Yaccarino, “ Linda, ” Martin Sorrell, DealBook, TikTok, Sacha Baron Cohen, Debra Messing, Amy Schumer, “ Hitler, Anne Frank ”, Cohen, , Osama bin, bin Laden, , Alex Haurek, George Santos, Biden, Xi Jinping, Doug McMillon, Walmart’s, , ” Brian Cornell, Organizations: IBM, Media, America, Nazi Party, Apple, Oracle, Defamation League, Twitter, S4 Capital, House, Big, General Motors, Hyundai, Republican, Justice Department, Business, APEC, West Texas Intermediate, Consumers, Depot, Walmart Locations: TikTok, New York, Hong Kong, China, San Francisco, Beijing, Washington, U.S
HENRICO, Va. (AP) — Susanna Gibson lost her Virginia legislative race this month, but she may not be done with politics. But that is my plan.”Gibson said she had no idea the videos existed until they were brought to her attention by reporters. “What is newsworthy is abortion rights are on the line in Virginia,” she said. She won a competitive June primary and centered her message to voters on protecting abortion rights as the state's Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, pledged to enact stricter limits. Abortion rights groups and a leading LGBTQ+ advocacy group continued to support her campaign.
Persons: — Susanna Gibson, Gibson, I’m, ” Gibson, , Daniel Watkins, , ” Ken Nunnenkamp, Roe, Wade, Glenn Youngkin, , loitered, Louise Lucas, Gibson's, Han Jones, David Owen, Terry McAuliffe, Watkins, she's, Virginia’s, Mary Anne Franks, Franks, Matthew Barakat Organizations: Associated Press, Republican Party of Virginia, University of Virginia, Columbia University, Republican, Democratic Party, Virginia, District, Democratic, FBI, George Washington University Law School Locations: HENRICO, Va, Virginia, Henrico
More than a dozen Jewish TikTok creators and celebrities confronted TikTok executives and other employees in a private meeting on Wednesday night, urging them to do more to address a surge of antisemitism and harassment on the popular video service. It was led by Adam Presser, TikTok’s head of operations, and Seth Melnick, its global head of user operations. The executives said they wanted to know more about what the creators were experiencing to improve the app, according to a recording of the meeting obtained by The New York Times. “What is happening at TikTok is it is creating the biggest antisemitic movement since the Nazis,” Mr. Cohen, who does not appear to have an official TikTok account, said early in the call. He criticized violent imagery and disinformation on the platform, telling Mr. Presser, “Shame on you,” and claiming that TikTok could “flip a switch” to fix antisemitism on its platform.
Persons: Sacha Baron Cohen, Debra Messing, Amy Schumer, Adam Presser, TikTok’s, Seth Melnick, “ Hitler, Anne Frank ”, ” Mr, Cohen, Presser Organizations: The New York Times Locations: TikTok
Conservative organization Moms for Liberty faced major setbacks in state and school board elections. Candidates endorsed by the organization suffered widespread defeats, this week. With over 130 endorsed candidates nationwide, most faced losses, some with single-digit support. New Jersey saw only four out of 19 endorsed candidates winning. In April, a Florida school banned an adaptation of Anne Frank's Holocaust diary because Moms for Liberty deemed it "sexually explicit."
Persons: , Nathan Gibson, Ron DeSantis, Anne Frank's, Ohioans Organizations: Liberty, Service, Washington Post, Ohio, Gov, Republican Party, Senate Locations: Iowa, Minnesota, Washington, . New Jersey, Virginia, Florida
A proposal in a small German town to rename a public day care center that is currently named after Anne Frank has become the center of a fraught national debate in the country about antisemitism. Germany has long engaged in palpable national soul searching about the responsibility to remember the past given the country’s own history, including specifically about Anne Frank herself. According to the report in the Volksstimme, the impetus to change the name had come from parents and day care employees, with the new name thought to be more child friendly. The story of Anne Frank was difficult for children to understand and “parents with a migrant background would often not know what to make of the name,” the newspaper reported, citing school authorities. The director of the school was quoted as saying the school wanted a name “without political background.”
Persons: Anne Frank, Anne Frank’s, Frank, Locations: Tangerhütte, Berlin, Saxony, Anhalt, Germany, Israel, Gaza, Amsterdam, Bergen
Gottheimer criticized UPenn for including Waters and Hill as festival speakers in a letter posted the day after the University released its statement. “Situating those individual Palestinians and our allies in league with actual antisemites is wholly irresponsible and dangerous.”At the festival, speakers acknowledged the allegations of antisemitism and denied them. It said they were notified 48 hours before the event Waters wished to show up in person, but that would have required additional security unavailable at short notice. ‘Felt like home’Planning the Palestine Writes Literature Festival took endless hours, according to Abulhawa. Susan Abulhawa, a Palestinian-American writer and human rights activist, speaks at a 2014 Palestine Festival of Literature event at Qasr al Qassem on June 4, 2014 in Beit Wazan, near Nablus, West Bank.
Persons: Liz Magill, Magill, Penn, Roger Waters, Pink Floyd, Rogers, , Anne Frank, , Waters, Andreas Arnold, demagogue, ” Waters, Tala, Fahmawi, Josh Gottheimer, Marc Lamont Hill, Gottheimer, UPenn, ” Hill, Hill, Susan Abulhawa, Amer Zahr, Abulhawa, Ronald Lauder, Marc Rowan, Rowan, Scott Bok, ” Abulhawa, Dalia Al, Ahmad, Palestine — Ibrahim Nasrallah, Elias Khoury, Mahmoud Shukair, Habayeb, Salman Abu Sitta, Mahmoud Darwish, it’s, ” Dalia Al, Viet Thanh Nguyen, Pulitzer, Gary Younge, Nguyen, Younge, Israel, Bernard Schwartz, 92NY, ” Nguyen, , Rob Stothard, ” UPenn, David Magerman, Cliff Asness, Lauder, Dick Wolf, Jon Huntsman, Elizabeth Magill, John Jackson , Jr, ” Rowan, Ed Rendell Organizations: New, New York CNN, The University, Ivy League, CNN, Defamation League, ADL Philadelphia, Jewish Federation of Greater, Pink, US State Department, ADL, Democratic New Jersey Rep, University, Apollo Global Management, ” CNN, The Daily, UN, Assembly, Jewish Chronicle, New York, New York City Jewish, New York Times, Palestine, Palestinian, Facebook, West Bank, Student, Daily Pennsylvanian, Penn, Twitter, Venture, Law, Renaissance Technologies, University of Pennsylvania, CNBC Locations: New York, UPenn, Philadelphia, Israel, Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia, Magill, Germany, Nazi, Frankfurt, “ Palestine, Palestine, The, Europe, Canada, British, New, New York City, Palestinian, American, Qasr, Qassem, Beit Wazan, Nablus, West
A longtime anti-vaxxer, Kennedy continues to promote conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. testifies during a public hearing about vaccine-related bills in 2015. In 2005, he wrote an article published on Salon claiming that the mercury-based thimerosal compound in vaccines causes autism. Kennedy founded the anti-vaccine group Children's Health Defense, originally named the World Mercury Project, in 2011. "COVID-19 is targeted to attack Caucasians and Black people," he said.
Persons: Kennedy, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Carl D, Anne Frank Organizations: Walsh, Portland Portland Press, Getty, Salon, Health Defense, Mercury, Facebook, New York Times, New York Post Locations: Hitler's Germany, Switzerland, New York City
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. In a report by the New York Post titled "RFK Jr. says COVID was 'ethnically targeted' to spare Jews," video appears to show Kennedy speaking at a dinner in Manhattan. In a discussion on bioweapons and "ethnically targeted microbes," Kennedy claimed that "Covid-19 attacks certain races disproportionately." An overwhelming portion of American Jews are Ashkenazi Jews, who are descended from Jews who lived in Central and Eastern Europe. I have never, ever suggested that the COVID-19 virus was targeted to spare Jews," Kennedy wrote on Twitter.
Persons: Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Faulkner, Covid, RFK, COVID, Kennedy, Anne Frank Organizations: Fox News Channel Studios, Democratic, New York, NBC News, Twitter Locations: New York City, Manhattan, Central, Eastern Europe
U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris speaks during the Broadband Event at the White House in Washington, D.C., June 26, 2023. "It is a false choice to suggest that we either can advance innovation, or we protect consumers," Harris said. "We should not dampen or in any way slow down innovation that can improve the condition of people's lives," Harris said. The meeting Wednesday includes groups that advocate on behalf of specific populations or on digital rights issues. Harris said the group would discuss transparency in AI, so the public can understand what is going into these systems and how they make decisions.
Persons: Kamala Harris, Harris, Alexandra Reeve Givens, Technology Harlan Yu, Janet Murguia, UnidosUS Jo Ann Jenkins, Lisa Rice, Liz Shuler, Mary Anne Franks, Wiley, Sneha Revanur, Susan Henderson, Chuck Schumer, Sam Altman Organizations: White, Washington , D.C, White House, for Democracy, Technology, Fair Housing, AFL, Cyber Civil, Conference, Civil, Rights Education, Defense, Microsoft, Google Locations: Washington ,, U.S
‘Bill Russell: Legend’ (Netflix) and ‘The Luckiest Guy in the World’ (ESPN)Bill Russell in 'Bill Russell: Legend.' ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ (Amazon’s Prime Video)Riley Keough as Daisy Jones in "Daisy Jones & the Six." ‘The Night Agent’ (Netflix) and ‘Hijack’ (Apple TV+)Luciane Buchanan as Rose Larkin, Gabriel Basso as Peter Sutherland in episode 'The Night Agent.' ‘Beef’ (Netflix)Steven Yeun and Ali Wong in the Netflix series "Beef." ‘A Small Light’ (NatGeo/Disney+)Margot Frank, played by Ashley Brooke, and Miep Gies, played by Bel Powley in 'A Small Light.'
Persons: ” “ Barry, , Maisel, Ted Lasso ”, It’s, Bella Ramsey, Storm Reid, Liane Hentscher, Pedro Pascal, Jason Segel, Harrison Ford, ‘ Bill Russell, Guy, Bill Russell, Bill Walton’s, Wilt Chamberlain, “ Goliath, Stephen Curry, ‘ Daisy Jones, Riley Keough, Daisy Jones, Fleetwood, Elvis Presley’s, Dominique Fishback, Donald Glover, Janine Nabers, Dominique Fishback’s, , Luciane Buchanan, Rose Larkin, Gabriel Basso, Peter Sutherland, Idris Elba, Steven Yeun, Ali Wong, Margot Frank, Ashley Brooke, Miep Gies, Bel Powley, Dusan Martincek, Anne Frank’s, Gies, Liev Schreiber, Otto Frank Organizations: CNN, Writers Guild of America, HBO, Netflix, ESPN, Celtics, NBA, Showtime, Apple, Fleetwood Mac, FBI, Geographic, Disney Locations: Atlanta, London
Not long after Hannah Pick-Goslar’s family relocated from Berlin to Amsterdam in 1933, her mother made a friend at the grocery store — a fellow Jewish refugee from Nazi Germany who was accompanied by a dark-eyed girl around Pick-Goslar’s age. “Anne had trouble whistling, so sometimes she’d just hum the tune,” according to Pick-Goslar’s best-selling memoir, “My Friend Anne Frank,” written with Dina Kraft and published on June 6, six days before what would have been the diarist’s 94th birthday. The teenagers last saw each other from opposite sides of a barbed-wire fence at Bergen-Belsen in 1945. “As she began to fade, I wrote of her life,” Kraft explains in an afterword to their book, which is based on hundreds of hours of interviews conducted in person and via Zoom. Hannah being Hannah — the nurse and caregiver and concerned person that she was for her whole life — kept checking up on me, texting, ‘Are you OK?’”
Persons: Hannah Pick, confidantes, “ Anne, , Anne Frank, , Dina Kraft, Frank, she’d, Anne ”, ” Kraft, Kraft, Hannah, Hannah —, Locations: Berlin, Amsterdam, Nazi Germany, Bergen, Belsen, Pick, Goslar, Switzerland, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem
In her first interview since her husband announced his candidacy, Ms. Hines initially appeared at ease. She has done hundreds of interviews throughout her career, and as a seasoned improv actress, is known to be quick on her feet and sharply funny. In some ways, answering questions from a stranger is just another form of: “Yes, and.” With improv, “it’s challenging because you don’t know what’s coming next. You don’t know what the audience is going to shout out,” she said. (Instagram reinstated Mr. Kennedy’s personal account earlier this month, because of his candidacy.)
Persons: Hines, , , Instagram, Anne Frank, “ S.S.R.I.s, Kennedy, Suzanne Todd, Alec Baldwin Organizations: Children’s Health Defense, 5G, The Times Locations: Los Angeles, Washington, Hitler’s Germany, Switzerland
New York CNN —Instagram announced Sunday it had lifted its ban on Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the anti-vaccine activist who has launched a presidential bid, two years after it shut down Kennedy’s account for breaking its rules related to Covid-19. “As he is now an active candidate for president of the United States, we have restored access to Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s, Instagram account,” Andy Stone, a spokesperson for Instagram’s parent company Meta said in a statement. Kennedy, who has a long history of spreading vaccine misinformation, was banned from Instagram in February 2021. A company spokesperson at the time said Instagram had removed his account for “repeatedly sharing debunked claims about the coronavirus or vaccines.”While Kennedy’s Instagram account was banned, his Facebook account remained active. Kennedy was a leading anti-vaccination voice during the Covid-19 pandemic, using his social media platforms to sow doubt and misinformation about the shots.
Persons: New York CNN — Instagram, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Kennedy, Jr, Andy Stone, Meta, Instagram, , Cheryl Hines, Kennedy’s, Anne Frank, Hines, , Jack Dorsey, tweeting, “ Robert F, ” Dorsey, Elon Musk, Stone Organizations: New, New York CNN, Instagram, Meta, The Washington Post, YouTube, Trump, DeSantis, Democratic, CNN Locations: New York, United States, Nazi Germany, Silicon Valley
Twitter's co-founder Jack Dorsey has endorsed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for president. Dorsey tweeted that Kennedy "can and will" beat both Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis in the 2024 race. One Twitter user posted a comment asking whether Dorsey was endorsing Kennedy, or "just predicting." Kennedy, the nephew of former President John F. Kennedy, filed his statement of candidacy on April 4, officially challenging President Joe Biden for the Democratic candidate nomination. Representatives of Kennedy and Dorsey did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment sent outside regular business hours.
Persons: Twitter's, Jack Dorsey, Robert F, Kennedy Jr, Dorsey, Kennedy, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Anthony Fauci, , Harris Faulkner, John F, Joe Biden, Kennedy's, Anne Frank, Kerry Kennedy, Bobby, Insider's Alia Shoaib, Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, PayPal's, Musk, Thiel, DeSantis Organizations: Service, Florida Gov, Fox News, Trump, DeSantis, Democratic, Center, Children's Health Defense, Facebook, National Institute of Allergy Locations: COVID, Washington, Hitler's Germany, Switzerland
"It's just putting things into context - how we're here, how did we arrive here today," McQueen told Reuters. Filmed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the documentary includes the street protests that erupted against the government's infection prevention measures and the celebrations afterward. Critics have described "Occupied City" as monumental, moving and as ranking among the great World War Two-themed films. The director's upcoming feature film, "Blitz," stars Saoirse Ronan and is also set during the World War Two. The Blitz in London was "very different to how we think it was," McQueen told Reuters, adding: "I'm hoping to show you."
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