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He pours a bottle filled with a mixture of water and olive oil into the pants, and then with a few firm tugs on the waistband and a wiggle of the hips, he’s in. Koca is one of hundreds of wrestlers competing at this year’s Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in northwestern Turkey. The sport is similar to regular wrestling, except here, the competitors are covered head to toe in olive oil. Record breakerThe annual Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival has been running for more than 600 years. Participants are doused in olive oil before taking part.
Persons: Cem Tekkesinoglu, Orhan Ghazi, , Abdullah Basar, ” Basar, , Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Filiz, Ferda Demir, Koca, They’ve, , Hakan Mehmet Sahin, Basar, ‘ I’ve, ’ ”, I’ve, ” Akin, ” Guray Ervin, Tanem Zaman Organizations: CNN, Turkey CNN, Oil Wrestling, Anadolu Agency, Oil, Getty, Olympic, 663rd, “ Wrestling Locations: Edirne, Turkey, Koca, Anadolu, Republic of Turkey
In 2022, Delta Air Lines offered passengers $10,000 cash to take a different flight after overselling a flight from Michigan to Minnesota amid the summer's post-pandemic travel chaos. DOT rules entitle passengers to hundreds of dollars in compensation if they are involuntarily bumped from a flight, under certain terms and conditions. How to lower the odds of getting bumped from a flightThere's nothing you can do to guarantee you won't get bumped from an overbooked flight, as one traveler who said he was bumped off an American Airlines flight learned the hard way. According to the DOT's 2023 consumer air travel data, Allegiant Air, Delta Air Lines, and Hawaiian Airlines involuntarily bumped 0, 3, and 5 people, respectively, over the entire year. On the other end of the spectrum, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines involuntarily bumped over 10,000 passengers each in 2023.
Persons: , Hurricane Beryl, Tayfun, doesn't, Constantine Johnny Organizations: Service, Transportation Security Administration, Business, Airlines, US Department of Transportation, Delta Air Lines, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Passengers, American Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, American Airlines and Frontier Airlines Locations: Texas, Michigan, Minnesota
Read previewRussia's invasion of Ukraine has resulted in a surge in demand, orders, and manufacturing of Western weaponry, including decades-old equipment and even gear that had gone out of production. The result is more orders and manufacturing, even of Western equipment where production had stopped. Its maker, Lockheed Martin, is increasing production as well as its production of the antitank missile system. Russia has also ramped up its wartime production, which could aid it in the future and not just against Ukraine. One solution would have been countries ramping up their orders and production earlier in the war, Di Mizio said.
Persons: , it's, Jan Kallberg, hasn't, Lockheed Martin, Diehl, Timothy Wright, Mark Cancian, Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Klimentyev, Mattias Eken, Cancian, Diego Herrera Carcedo, Giorgio Di Mizio, Kallberg, Di Mizio Organizations: Service, Business, Manufacturing, Center for, Army Cyber Institute, US Army, Air Missile System, High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems, Getty, IRIS, Patriot, International Institute for Strategic Studies, Financial Times, Center for Strategic, International Studies, Russia Western, Military, Sputnik, REUTERS, Ukraine, Russia, RAND Corporation, Anadolu Agency Locations: Ukraine, Russia, West, Norway, Europe, Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast, France, Kremlin, REUTERS Russia
Rare purple pigment found in Bronze Age pottery
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CPA Media Pte Ltd/Alamy Stock PhotoAncient Greeks and the Romans considered Tyrian purple, first developed in the Bronze Age, an elite, royal color. But the recipe for the long-lasting pigment, made using Mediterranean sea snails, disappeared with the fall of the Byzantine Empire. Now, researchers have found the precious pigment within pottery fragments containing 3,600-year-old purple dye from a Bronze Age workshop in Kolonna on the Greek island of Aegina. Life for a vulnerable child in the Stone Age would have been difficult because Neanderthals moved from place to place. Meanwhile, the agency has selected SpaceX to design a vehicle that will drag the space station out of orbit at the end of the decade when it ceases operations and plummets into the ocean.
Persons: Jesus Christ, Down, paleoanthropologist Mercedes Conde, Valverde, ” Conde, Trent Sugg, Tracy Dyson, NASA’s OSIRIS, REx, China’s, NASA’s, Mars, Emin Yogurtcuoglu, , — Wood, Ashley Strickland, Katie Hunt Organizations: CNN, CPA Media, University of Alcalá, NASA, Collins Aerospace, Boeing, SpaceX, Anadolu Agency, Getty, CNN Space, Science Locations: Byzantine Empire, Kolonna, Aegina, Spain, , Iceland, Rainier, Washington, Kyrenia
CNN —After 800 years of calm, volcanoes have awakened in the Reykjanes Peninsula of Iceland — about 56 kilometers (35 miles) south of the nation’s capital, Reykjavik. While there is no risk of a global calamity happening, researchers are now warning that new scientific evidence suggests the eruptions originating from the Reykjanes Peninsula could continue for years or even decades. But people staying there, with the possibility of a very rapid onset of volcanic activity, I don’t think that’s recommended. “The Reykjanes peninsula is exactly on this plate boundary,” he added, “and it seems that we are now witnessing the earliest part of a major eruption episode. Icelandic geoscientists and international collaborators are tracking the frequency and intensity of seismic activity and ground deformation in real time.
Persons: that’s, , Valentin Troll, John Moore, Hugh Tuffen, , Emin Yogurtcuoglu, volcanologist Einat Lev, Lamont, Lev, Jessica Johnson, ” Johnson, Tuffen Organizations: CNN, Iceland —, Uppsala University, Terra Nova, Lancaster University, Keflavík, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Columbia University, University of East Locations: Reykjanes, Iceland, Reykjavik, Grindavík, Sweden, volcanology, United Kingdom, Iceland Iceland, Kentucky, Fagradalsfjall, New York, University of East Anglia
Sri Lanka's President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced a debt restructuring deal with countries including India, France, Japan and China in a televised address to the nation Wednesday. Sri Lanka President Media Division / Handout | Anadolu Agency | Getty ImagesSri Lanka's President Ranil Wickremesinghe announced a debt restructuring deal with countries including India, France, Japan and China in a televised address to the nation Wednesday. Furthermore, Sri Lanka will be able to repay all the loans on concessional terms, with an extended period until 2043. By 2022, Sri Lanka had to repay about $6 billion in foreign debt every year, amounting to about 9.2% of gross domestic product. The agreement would enable Sri Lanka to maintain debt payments at less than 4.5% of GDP between 2027 and 2032.
Persons: Ranil Wickremesinghe, Sri Lanka, Wickremesinghe Organizations: Sri, Sri Lanka President Media, Anadolu Agency, Getty, International Monetary Fund, China's Exim Bank Locations: India, France, Japan, China, Sri Lanka, Paris, Beijing, Sri Lankans
In today's big story, we're looking at how AI could completely upend venture capitalism amid a wider shakeup for the industry . The generative AI boom was a welcome change for a venture industry looking for a new trend to back (and hopefully profit from). Some of the adjustments aren't novel to the VC industry. ACME Capital; Getty Images, Chelsea Jia Feng/BIThe VC industry might be doomed with or without AI. AdvertisementScott Stanford, a cofounder and partner at early-stage VC firm ACME Capital, told BI's Blake Dodge that half of today's VC firms will shutter in the next decade .
Persons: , VCs zentilia, Jenny Chang, Rodriguez, Insider's Ben Bergman, Ben, Long, Scott Stanford, Chelsea Jia Feng, BI's Blake Dodge, Hany Nada, Jared Siskin, Bobby Jain's, Jonathan Barton, Jain, Rebecca Zisser, OpenAI, Apple, Elif, Jeff Bezos, Robert Winnett, Will Lewis, Dan DeFrancesco, Jordan Parker Erb, Hallam Bullock, Annie Smith, Grace Lett, Amanda Yen Organizations: Service, Business, ACME, Getty, ACME Capital, Stanford, BI, Madison, Conservancy, Jain, EV, Ford, European, Regulators, Anadolu Agency, Getty Images, Washington, Harvard, Leagues Locations: today's, Wall, Saudi, Saudi Arabia, Europe, Brazil, Southeast Asia, London, American, Paris, New York, Chicago
Chinese carmakers accounted for 88% of the EV market in Brazil and 70% in Thailand in Q1, according to ABI Research figures. The EV markets in many of these countries are small now, but they're growing rapidly. This is because Chinese automakers are known for their ability to build electric cars for less than their foreign competitors. Australian Senator and shadow cyber-security minister James Paterson said earlier this year that Chinese EVs pose a growing cybersecurity risk. "India is still a little wary of the Chinese market," said Dylan Khoo, an analyst at ABI Research.
Persons: , BYD, Joe Biden, Bill Russo, Susan Walsh Sam Fiorani, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, São Paulo, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Marcel Martin, Katherine Tai, Elon Musk, SONNY TUMBELAKA, They're, Automobility, Tesla, John Keeble, James Paterson, Fiorani, Indranil Aditya, Dylan Khoo, Warren Buffett, Xpeng, William Li, HECTOR RETAMAL, America's, Russo, WuYuan Organizations: Service, Detroit, EV, Business, Research, Ford, Toyota, Volkswagen, EU, AP, AutoForecast Solutions, Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association, Great Wall Motors, Anadolu Agency, Getty, International Council, Clean Transportation, Chery, Total, China Passenger Car Association, Reuters, Honda, Mitsubishi, International Energy Agency, Federal, of Automotive Industries, SAIC, AutoForecast, BYD, SAIC Motors, India's, ABI Research, Union Locations: Camaçari, Brazilian, Bahia, Brazil, Mexico, Southeast Asia, Europe, Thailand, China, Shanghai, EU, São, Johannesburg, South Africa, Southeast Asia Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Indonesia's West Java, Philippines, Australia, Hangzhou, Queensland, India India, India, Europe Europe, Hungary, France, Spain, Portugal, South Korea
CNBC Daily Open: Nasdaq record, $25 trillion Tesla?
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CNBC Daily Open brings investors up to speed on everything they need to know, no matter where they are. Nasdaq recordThe Nasdaq Composite hit its fifth consecutive record close, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average saw slight declines. Consumer sentiment dropped in June, but hopes for cooling inflation boosted the S&P 500 and Nasdaq by 1.6% and 3.2% respectively for the week. Caterpillar and Boeing dragged down the Dow, while Carnival and Norwegian Cruise Line were the biggest laggards on the S&P 500. Tempus AI debutTempus AI, an AI-driven health-care diagnostics company, rose as much as 15% in its Nasdaq stock market debut.
Persons: Elon Musk, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Fatih Aktas, Pavan Davuluri, Eric Lefkofsky, Adobe, Shantanu Narayen, Pope Francis Organizations: Turkish, United Nations, UN, Anadolu Agency, Getty, CNBC, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, Caterpillar, Boeing, Dow, Cruise Line, Microsoft, Windows, Google, China, Seven, JPMorgan Locations: New York, United States, Carnival, Russia
Read previewIf there is one place Ukraine is winning in the war against Russia, it's Crimea, experts say. Ukrainians have since referred to the Black Sea peninsula as "occupied Crimea," and Zelenskyy has continually stated that any peace agreement must see it returned to Ukraine. Meanwhile, Ukraine, which lost its traditional naval fleet during the annexation of Crimea, has targeted Russia's Black Sea fleet with great success using sea drones. Ukraine even claimed to have sunk the Black Sea Fleet's flagship, the Moskva. "Crimea allows for power projection over the rest of the Black Sea.
Persons: , Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Vladimir Putin, Olga Khvostunova, ", Zelenskyy, Elina Beketova, Russia's, VASILY MAXIMOV, Maria Snegovaya, Beketova, Putin, Dmitry Pletenchuk, OLGA MALTSEVA, Catherine the Great, Snegovaya, Alexei Volkov, DVIDS Frederik Mertens, Ukraine's, Budanov Organizations: Service, Business, Eurasia, Foreign Policy Research, Federal Assembly, NATO, Centre for, Fleet, Getty, Center for Strategic, Studies ', Eurasia Program, Black, Ukraine, Security, Anadolu Agency, Directorate of Intelligence, Guardian, UK Ministry of Defence, MoD, Getty Images, National Union of Hospitality Industries, Reuters, Wing Public Affairs, Hague, Strategic Studies Locations: Ukraine, Russia, it's Crimea, Crimea, Sevastopol, Moskva, AFP, Studies ' Europe, Kerch, Ukraine's, Ukrainian, Rostov, Crimean, Russian, Saki
This week, a judge signed off on Do Kwon and his bankrupt Terraform Labs settling with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for $4.5 billion. This comes after a jury unanimously found Kwon and his company liable for securities fraud following less than two hours of deliberation. But investors piled in anyway, giving luna and UST a combined market value of almost $40 billion at one point. Terraform and Kwon fought our efforts to investigate – taking a fight over investigative subpoenas all the way to the Supreme Court. They are Caroline Ellison, the Alameda Research CEO who at one time dated Bankman-Fried; FTX engineering chief Nishad Singh; and Gary Wang, the co-founder and chief technology officer of FTX.
Persons: Kwon, Woohae Cho, Sam Bankman, Changpeng Zhao, Luna, atoning, Alex Mashinsky, Wall, Stevo Vasiljevic, Reuters Kwon, He's, Satoshi Nakamoto, Elon Musk, Mike Novogratz, Gary Gensler, , Fried, Fatih Aktas, Lewis Kaplan, Kaplan, Bankman, convicting, Prosecutors, Ryan Salame, Caroline Ellison, Nishad Singh, Gary Wang, FTX, Jason Redmond, Zhao, Richard Jones, , Binance, Justin Sullivan Organizations: Terraform Labs, Bloomberg, Getty, U.S, Forbes, Arrows Capital, Voyager, U.S . Securities, Exchange Commission, Labs, U.S . Justice Department, Futures Trading Commission, Treasury Department, bitcoin, BlackRock, Fidelity, Reuters, terraUSD, UST, Traders, Twitter, SEC, Supreme, Anadolu Agency, Alameda Research, ., Republicans, Bankman, AFP, of Prisons, District, Bank, DOJ, CFTC, Treasury, Binance, New, Commercial Bank Locations: U.S, Balkans, Podgorica, Montenegro, Singapore, Dubai, Serbia, Balkan, South Korea, United States, lockstep, New York, Manhattan, Seattle, Lompoc , California, Binance
Opinion: The fanatical Hamas leader who calls the shots
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CNN —In February, the Israeli Defense Forces released a grainy video showing the back of a man they identified as Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ leader in Gaza. Since the video didn’t show Sinwar’s face, there was no independent confirmation that the shadowy figure was indeed the Hamas leader. Former Israeli dentist Yuval Bitton, who treated Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar in an Israeli prison, speaks during an interview in his house in Kibbutz Shoval, Israel, February 5, 2024. While he was in prison, Sinwar admitted that he had killed several Palestinians who he believed were collaborating with the Israelis. While he was in prison, Sinwar became the leader of his fellow Hamas inmates, according to The Washington Post.
Persons: Peter Bergen, , Osama bin Laden, CNN —, Yahya Sinwar, It’s, Sinwar, Ali Jadallah, Joe Biden, hasn’t, ” Sinwar, Yuval Bitton, Amir Cohen, Bitton, Peter Bergen Sinwar, Biden, Antony Blinken, , Gilad Shalit Organizations: New, Arizona State University, Apple, Spotify, CNN, Israeli Defense Forces, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Hamas, Wall Street, New York Times, Reuters, Israel Hayom, The Washington Post, Sinwar, Israel, Gaza Health Ministry Locations: New America, Gaza, Israel, Gaza City, East, Kibbutz Shoval, Israeli
Beirut, Lebanon CNN —The fate of the 120 remaining hostages in Gaza is crucial to any deal to end the protracted and bloody conflict between Israel and Hamas. But a senior Hamas official has told CNN that “no one has an idea” how many of them are alive, and that any deal to release them must include guarantees of a permanent ceasefire and the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza. People walk among debris, aftermath of Israeli strikes at the area, where Israeli hostages were rescued on Saturday, in Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, on Sunday, June 9. Hamas' Gaza chief Yahya Sinwar attends a meeting with members of Palestinian groups in Gaza City on April 13, 2022. Israel believes that more than 70 hostages of the more than 100 who are still held in Gaza to be alive.
Persons: Osama Hamdan, Yahya Sinwar, Antony Blinken, Sinwar, Hamdan, Joe Biden, Blinken, ” Blinken, Abed Khaled, , Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Netanyahu “, Jack Guez, ” Sinwar, Ali Jadallah, Netanyahu, , Organizations: Lebanon CNN, Hamas, CNN, NBC, , Wednesday, United Nations Security, Reuters, White, Israel Defense Forces, European Union, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Israel, Wall, IDF Locations: Beirut, Lebanon, Gaza, Israel, Lebanese, Doha, Israeli, Jerusalem, AFP, United Kingdom, Hamas, Gaza City, American
Read previewBird flu is flying wild, and it has many infectious disease experts more worried now than ever. The H5N1 avian influenza virus has killed tens of millions of birds across the planet and more than 40,000 sea lions and seals. Most people seem to have very little chance, if any, of catching H5N1 avian influenza right now. Jim Vondruska/ReutersBut infectious disease experts are increasingly concerned that the H5N1 virus could make a sustained jump into humans and start spreading among us. This virus is a leading candidate for the next pandemic, and four developments in the past month have experts worried.
Persons: , Jim Vondruska, That's, Dr, Monica Gandhi, Bird, WHO —, Christopher Dye, Dye, David L, Ryan, Gandhi, Tayfun, Rick Bright, Cynthia Goldsmith, Jackie Katz, Richard Webby, Jude, Talita, Lima Freitas, Amanda Perobelli, Marko Geber, Terry Chea, they've Organizations: Service, CDC, Business, Global Medicine, University of California, Health Organization, WHO, University of Oxford, Boston Globe, Getty, US Department of Agriculture, Anadolu Agency, The Telegraph, Biomedical, Research, Development Authority, AP, Centre, Studies, Reference Laboratory, World Organization for Animal Health, Vaccines, University of Pennsylvania Locations: Luz, Monee , Illinois, San Francisco, Australia, Kolkata, India, New Mexico, New York, St, Michigan, Campinas, Brazil
Read previewPalestinian Islamic Jihad released two videos this week showing Russian-Israeli hostage Alexander Troufanov, an Amazon cloud engineer. PIJ, a militant group that operates in Gaza alongside Hamas, released the first video on Tuesday. It would also include an exchange of Palestinian prisoners for Israeli hostages, a "surge" of humanitarian aid, and a reconstruction plan for Gaza. Around 1,200 people were killed in Israel during Hamas' October 7 attacks, with roughly another 240 taken hostage in Gaza. PIJ is the second-largest armed group in Gaza after HamasMembers of Al-Quds Brigades, an armed wing of Palestinian Islamic Jihad.
Persons: , Alexander Troufanov, Troufanov's, Troufanov, Alexsander, Sasha, Trufanov, Nir, Irena Tati, Yelena, Sapir Cohen, PIJ, Al, Berl Lazar, Vladimir Putin, Putin, Alexander Trufanov, Joe Biden, Ashraf Amra Organizations: Service, Jihad, Business, Haaretz, Annapurna Labs, Amazon, Amazon Web Services, TASS, Al, Quds Brigades, Anadolu Agency, Getty, of National Intelligence Locations: Gaza, Jerusalem, Alexsander, Israel, The, Al Jazeera, Qatar, PIJ, Quds, Palestinian
The center, a division of the National Weather Service, issued a modern geomagnetic storm watch, known as a G2, for Friday and Saturday. Unlike the G5, or extreme geomagnetic storm, that occurred on May 10, moderate storm watches are not uncommon, according to the center. But the aurora-causing solar flares and coronal mass ejections currently spewing from the sun are a result of the same sunspots that triggered solar activity in May, according to Dr. Ryan French, solar physicist at the National Solar Observatory in Boulder, Colorado. “The frequency of things is decreasing, but you only need one to cause a large geomagnetic storm. The solar storm on May 10 was the most successfully mitigated space weather storm in history, Dahl said.
Persons: Ryan French, Lokman Vural, “ It’s, , Shawn Dahl, Dahl, ” Dahl, , That’s, there’s Organizations: CNN, United, National Oceanic, Prediction, National Weather Service, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Solar Dynamics, auroras, , European Space Agency Locations: United States, Midwest, New York, Idaho, Boulder , Colorado, Rochester , New York, Sweden, South Africa
Donald Trump, who is running for president again in the 2024 election, is now a convicted criminal. Former president Donald Trump speaks at a rally. In August 2022, FBI agents executed a search warrant on Trump's Mar-a-Lago home, prompting a furious reaction from Trump and his allies. The search appeared to be over material that Trump brought back to Florida after leaving the White House, spurring a federal investigation linked to the Presidential Records Act. In June 2023, Justice Department prosecutors charged Trump with 37 criminal counts, alleging he withheld classified records from the government after leaving office and attempted to obstruct their return.
Persons: Donald Trump, Sergio Flores, Joe Biden's, Trump Organizations: Anadolu Agency, Getty, Trump, New, FBI, Trump's, White, Presidential, Justice Department, Representatives, Capitol, Department of, White House, The New York Times Locations: Florida, Mar, Palm Beach, New York, American, United States, Texas
Memorial Day weekend, the traditional launching pad of the summer travel season, is shaping up to set a scorching pace. United is expecting the biggest Memorial Day and summer travel season in the airline’s 98-year history, according to Andrew Nocella, United’s executive vice president and chief commercial officer. Air traffic controller shortageThe air traffic control tower at Los Angeles International Airport is a busy place. The United States is still short thousands of air traffic control personnel. Markus Mainka/imageBROKER/ShutterstockDespite a surge in hiring last year, air traffic control stations nationwide are still about 3,000 controllers short, according to new FAA numbers.
Persons: it’s, Andrew Nocella, Markus Mainka, Scott Keyes, , ” Keyes, Tayfun, Bob Thomas, haven’t, Elijah Nouvelage, Keyes, , Antonio Masiello, he’s, Angela Fritz Organizations: CNN, Federal Aviation Administration, Transportation Security Administration, TSA, American Airlines and United Airlines, Airlines for America, Airlines, America, Air, Los Angeles International, FAA, CNN Travel, San Francisco International, Anadolu Agency, Embry ‑ Riddle Aeronautical University, Aircraft, Travelers, Hartsfield, Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Getty Locations: United States, New York City, Florida, New York, Miami, Chicago, Atlantic, AFP, Rome, Europe, Mexico, Australia, Paris, Iceland, Dublin, CNN’s
Konya: Turkey’s ancient city of whirling dervishes
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Konya, Turkey CNN —When most people think of Turkey bucket list destinations, a few obvious ones spring to mind - Istanbul, Turquoise Coast hotspots like Bodrum or the otherworldly landscapes of Cappadocia. As well as being a renowned Islamic scholar, Rumi launched the Mevlevi Order of the Whirling Dervishes. And while they can be seen in various locations across Turkey, Konya is the beating heart of their activities. Abdullah Çetín, a photographer based in Konya, says the city and region’s history is also what puts it on the map. Murat Oner Tas/Anadolu Agency/Getty ImagesKonya is also a jumping off point for Lake Tuz, a large hypersaline lake that lies about two hours’ drive northeast of the city.
Persons: , it’s, Celaleddin Rumi, Rumi, Maulana, , Kerem Polat, Adem Altan, Polat, , ” Polat, Abdullah Çetín, Çetín, Murat Oner Tas, Fahri Tunç, Tunç, , , ” Tunç, he’s Organizations: CNN, Turkey CNN, Getty, , Mevlana Museum, Anadolu Agency Locations: Konya, Turkey, Istanbul, Turquoise, – Konya, Adem, AFP, Sultanate of Rum, Balkh, Afghanistan, Mecca, Medina, Anatolia, mycan, Sille, Gevale, Rumi, Konya “, Lake Tuz, Salt, Tuz
Read previewUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said earlier this week that Ukraine's forces had reported no shortages of artillery shells for the first time since Russia launched its full-scale invasion in February 2022, the Kyiv Independent reported. "For the first time during the war, none of the brigades complained that there were no artillery shells," Zelenskyy said on May 16. Diego Herrera Carcedo/Anadolu Agency via Getty ImagesUkraine's armed forces have faced severe artillery shortages in recent months, partly due to a US military aid package being stalled in Congress. Despite this, Russian artillery will likely outmatch Ukraine's for most of 2024, officials and analysts told Foreign Policy. He added that he expected Ukrainian forces would "hold the line" near Kharkiv City.
Persons: , Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Zelenskyy, milblogger Stanislav Osman, Diego Herrera Carcedo, Rustem Umerov, Petr Pavel, Vladimir Putin, Christopher Cavoli Organizations: Service, Kyiv Independent, Business, Kyiv Post, Army, Anadolu Agency, Getty, EU, BBC News, Policy, CNN, for Locations: Russia, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ukraine's, Ukraine, Ukrainian, Donetsk Oblast, Avdiivka, Donetsk, Czech Republic, Russian, Kharkiv City
US F-16s will have a big impact in helping Ukraine reclaim Crimea, an analyst told BI. AdvertisementThe delivery of US-made F-16s could play a crucial role in Ukraine's attempts to take back occupied Crimea, a defense expert told Business Insider. In the latest blow on Monday, Ukraine used an exploding naval drone to destroy a Russian military speedboat in Crimea. Explosion causes fire at the Kerch bridge in the Kerch Strait, Crimea on October 08, 2022. There are signs that these attacks are forcing Russia to rethink its use of the peninsula and the Kerch bridge.
Persons: , Ukraine's, Frederik Mertens, Mertens, Putin, Vera Katkova, Molfar Organizations: Service, Hague, Strategic Studies, Kharkiv, US, The New York Times, Army Tactical Missile Systems, Sea, Russian Defense Ministry Press Service, AP, Fleet, Anadolu Agency, Getty Locations: Ukraine, Crimea, Denmark, Norway, Belgium, France, Romania, Kerch, Ukraine's, Russian, Russia, The, Sevastopol
The reporting included a video obtained by CNN captured by a Marine’s GoPro camera that had not been seen publicly in full before. Much of the controversy about the Pentagon’s two investigations into the attack has focused on gunfire in the aftermath of the blast. “Lastly, why do journalists have this video footage and the Department does not? The recent discovery of new video released by CNN directly contradicts and exposes outright lies from our recent briefing last month from CENTCOM officials,” the Gold Star families said in a statement they sent to CNN. Haroon Sabawoon/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images/FileThe evidence also suggests the Pentagon may have more video footage than it has acknowledged in public.
Persons: Defense Lloyd Austin, Austin “, , , Mike Waltz, Darrell Issa, Tim Burchett, Brian Mast, Rich McCormick, Keith Self, Cory Mills, Chris Smith –, Sayed Ahmadi, Ahmadi, , ” James Adams, Hamid, Jared Schmitz, Humberto Sanchez, Taylor Hoover, Nicole Gee, Kareem Nikoui, Hunter Lopez, Rylee McCollum –, Biden, Erik Kurilla, CENTCOM, I’m, Haroon Sabawoon, Rob Lodewick, ” Lodewick Organizations: CNN —, Defense, CNN, Pentagon, House Foreign Affairs, Command, Marines, House Foreign Affairs Committee, Department, Gold Star, Department of Defense, Biden Administration, , Anadolu Agency, Getty, Army, DoD, Service Locations: Kabul, Afghanistan, US
Read previewRussia has all but stopped transporting military equipment via a strategic Crimean bridge, Ukrainian analysts say, based on satellite imagery. In an examination of Maxar satellite images by open-source intelligence agency Molfar, analysts said that between February and mid-April, they saw no Russian freight trains carrying military equipment on the Kerch Bridge. It also said it saw no trains carrying military equipment on the bridge between May and September 2023. Built in 2018 following President Vladimir Putin's annexation of Crimea, the bridge is considered an illegal construction by Ukraine. AdvertisementA potent symbolAn explosion causes fire at the Kerch bridge in the Kerch Strait, Crimea on October 08, 2022.
Persons: , Molfar, Vasyl Malyuk, Vladimir Putin's, Kyrylo Budanov, Artem Starosiek, Vera Katkova, Starosiek, Putin, Oleksii Neizhpapa, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Inna Sovsun, Sovsun, Artem Organizations: Service, Business, Ukraine's Security Service, The Telegraph, Anadolu Agency, Getty Locations: Russia, Kerch, Ukraine, Crimea, Russia's Rostov, Ukrainian
In Asia, investors await the Reserve Bank of Australia decision on rates as the bank concludes its two-day monetary policy meeting. Economists polled by Reuters expect the RBA to hold its benchmark lending rate at 4.35% for its fourth meeting in a row. Australia's S&P/ASX 200 inched up 0.23% ahead of the decision, on course to gain for a fourth straight day. South Korea's Kospi popped 1.6% as trading resumed after a public holiday, while the small-cap Kosdaq rose 1.08%. Japan's Nikkei 225 also resumed trading after a holiday to rise 0.96%, while the broad-based Topix gained 0.61%.
Persons: Australia's Organizations: Opera, Vivid, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Federal, Reserve Bank of Australia, Reuters, Nikkei Locations: Sydney, Australia, Asia, Pacific
5 things to know before the stock market Monday, May 6
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Feeling optimisticStock futures were higher Monday after ending last week on a positive note in light of a weaker-than-expected jobs report. Last week, the Dow and Nasdaq rose 1.1% and 1.4%, respectively, while the S&P 500 added 0.5%. Buffett's back, all rightWarren Buffett speaks during the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholders Meeting in Omaha, Nebraska on May 4, 2024. During the meeting, Buffett also fielded questions from shareholders, opined on the future of artificial intelligence and praised Fed Chair Jerome Powell for his work steering the economy. Final verdictCombination showing Former FTX CEO, Sam Bankman-Fried (L) and Zhao Changpeng (R), founder and chief executive officer of Binance.
Persons: Joseph Prezioso, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, Buffett, Greg Abel, Jerome Powell, Sam Bankman, Zhao Changpeng, Mike Segar, Benjamin Girette, Changpeng Zhao, Zhao, Justin Sullivan Organizations: Dow, Nasdaq, Traders, Federal Reserve, Disney, Anadolu Agency, Getty, Berkshire, CNBC, Oracle, Berkshire Hathaway's, Paramount, Reuters, Bloomberg Locations: Omaha , Nebraska, Omaha, San Rafael , California
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