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Read previewI recently planned a vacation with my husband to an all-inclusive resort, something I wasn't completely sold on since I've been sober for the last eight months. Courtesy Terri PetersWhile I'm sober, I don't consider myself an alcoholic or work with a support group or sponsor to maintain my sobriety. I filled my downtime at the resort with activitiesWhile at the resort, Terri Peters tried plenty of activities, including a bracelet-making class. AdvertisementMy trip only solidified my decision to be soberThe trip only solidified Terri Peters' decision to be sober. Visiting an all-inclusive resort as a non-drinker was a great experience for me — something I can't wait to do again.
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I just went on my first alcohol-free vacation and found that I enjoyed myself much more. I started drinking alcohol when I turned 21 and, with the exception of when I traveled during my pregnancies, every vacation I've taken since has involved alcohol. I enjoyed my trip so much more by not numbing out with alcoholTerri Peters enjoyed her alcohol-free vacation. I was way more present with my familyTerri Peters recently took her first vacation since going sober and felt she was more present with her family. According to Kuda, going into an alcohol-free vacation with the mindset that you're going to experience great things is key.
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