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In the days since Judge Aileen Cannon issued her inexplicable 93-page dismissal of the classified-documents case against Donald Trump, I’ve been coming back to something JD Vance said on a podcast in 2021. Mr. Vance, the Ohio senator and now Mr. Trump’s running mate, predicted on the podcast that the former president, who had been recently disgraced by his insurrectionary attempt to overturn the 2020 election, would nevertheless run again in 2024. Should Mr. Trump win, Mr. Vance said, he had some advice: “Fire every single midlevel bureaucrat, every civil servant in the administrative state, replace them with our people.” And if the courts ruled against him? No problem, Mr. Vance said: Just blow them off. “We are in a late republican period,” he added, alluding to weakness in the ancient Roman Republic.
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It was also Trump's first speech since he named Sen. JD Vance of Ohio as his running mate. As Trump's speech continued, the UAW fired back, calling him a "scab and a billionaire." — UAW (@UAW) July 19, 20247. Displaying it again roughly an hour into his speech, Trump described it as "the chart that saved my life." It was the longest presidential nomination acceptance speech in recorded historyAt 92 minutes, Trump's speech on Thursday night appeared to be the longest ever delivered by a major party's presidential nominee.
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And there was great, great sorrow. They’re going to be OK. They’re going to be doing very well. Now he’s going to get on the plane in a little while and he’s going to go back home to his wife. Great, great student at Yale. So many — just so many heroes, so many great, great people.
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It also was the capstone of her highly scrutinized handling of the historic Trump case, in which she was known to drag out the pretrial proceedings, entertain long-shot legal theories offered by the former president and issue cumbersome orders that flummoxed lawyers on both sides of the case. Well before Monday’s ruling, outside cheerleaders of the special counsel, including many Trump critics, were calling on Smith to seek Cannon’s removal from the case. None of Thomas’ eight colleagues signed on to his solo concurring opinion, as Smith noted in court filings last week arguing to Cannon that the concurrence should not bear on the classified documents case. The way she has managed her docket has kept the case at a snail’s pace, playing into Trump’s strategy of delay. Or it has happened when the judge has “repeatedly” refused to comply with the appeals court’s instructions on a particular issue in a case, he said.
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A separate special counsel, David Weiss, has been investigating Hunter Biden since 2018 and brought the separate gun and tax indictments against him last year. In fact, Hunter Biden tried but failed to get the gun and tax cases thrown out based on similar arguments. Reviving those arguments, Hunter Biden cited momentum from Trump-appointee Cannon and conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Ironically, while Hunter Biden champions their rulings, many of his father’s allies have condemned them. At his gun trial, Hunter Biden was found guilty of buying and possessing a gun while abusing illegal drugs.
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Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, walks upon arrival at Fort Lesley J. McNair in Washington, DC, on July 1, 2024. The motions follow the ruling Monday by Florida federal court Judge Aileen Cannon tossing out Smith's prosecution of Trump over his retention of classified documents after leaving the White House. Cannon ruled that Smith's appointment as special counsel violated the Appointments Clause of the U.S. Constitution. He is awaiting trial in Los Angeles federal court on federal tax crime charges, which Biden's lawyers likewise are asking a judge there to toss out. That ruling related to Smith's pending prosecution of Trump in Washington, D.C., federal court for crimes associated with Trump's attempt to reverse his loss to President Biden in the 2020 election.
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CNN —Special counsel Jack Smith said Wednesday that he is appealing a judge’s decision to throw out the indictment against Donald Trump concerning his handling of classified documents. This means the shock ruling would be reviewed by judges from the 11th US Circuit Court of Appeals based in Atlanta. Cannon in her ruling on Monday had said that Smith’s appointment as special counsel was unconstitutional, warranting the dismissal of the case against Trump. Her decision was at odds with the rulings of judges across the country that rejected attacks on the legality of special counsel appointments. Absent a move to speed the appeal in the Trump documents case, it will likely take several months for the appeal to play out in the Atlanta-based appeals court.
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Special counsel Jack Smith on Wednesday filed a notice appealing the stunning decision earlier this week by Florida court federal Judge Aileen Cannon that dismissed the criminal classified documents case against former President Donald Trump. Smith's appeal, which was expected, will be heard in the 11th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta, which reviews cases arising from Florida federal courts. Peter Carr, a spokesman for Smith, said Wednesday, "We have no comment beyond the filing itself at this time." The Democrat-led Justice Department should drop these politically motivated, election interference efforts against President Trump immediately." The appeal is likely to end up at the U.S. Supreme Court, regardless of how the 11th Circuit appeals court rules.
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Thousands of Trump supporters in Milwaukee on Monday night hailed their leader, elevating him from MAGA superhero to saint-like status. For Trump’s millions of American fans, Monday night was a validation of their faith in God and the ex-president and the righteousness of his mission. A list of Black Republican and female Republican lawmakers gave speeches, offering a somewhat misleading perception that the GOP has a deep and diverse bench. One GOP source said speechwriters at the convention had thrown out all their pre-written material for the week’s top speakers and started again. The ex-president has a new chance at politics and life in the wake of his assassination attempt.
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CNN —A federal judge’s decision to toss out Donald Trump’s classified documents criminal case means the former president can now talk to his co-defendants and potential witnesses about what happened at Mar-a-Lago without facing consequences. That means Trump, his co-defendants and potential witnesses against them are no longer barred from discussing the case among each other. De Oliveira remains the property manager at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida. Such conditions are the norm in the federal district where the criminal case was brought. De Oliveira was “elated” Cannon dismissed the criminal case against him and the former president, his attorney John Irving told CNN.
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To the Editor:Re “Judge Voids Case About Documents That Trump Held” (front page, July 16):It is rare that I read a news article that I describe as breathtaking, but Judge Aileen Cannon’s dismissal of Donald Trump’s classified documents case falls into this rare category. I may have been naïve in my belief that in the U.S. justice system, judges were in place to decide cases based on evidence and arguments before the court. The ruling highlights that individual judges are no longer arbiters but rather extensions of political parties. Steve ReichShort Hills, N.J.To the Editor:The timing of Judge Aileen Cannon’s dismissal of the classified documents case — right before the Republican convention — is so cynical and political. She must have been writing her 93-page opinion for a while, but she released it with impeccable timing to give Donald Trump a victory going into the opening of the convention.
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Judge Aileen Cannon had been on the federal bench for little more than a year when a senior judge offered to preside over one of her first criminal trials in her isolated south Florida courthouse. “It’s very lonely,” Senior Judge Paul C. Huck told CNN of Fort Pierce, a small fishing and citrus community on the edge of the Southern District of Florida where Cannon is the only federal judge. They also said Cannon’s lack of trial experience, both as a lawyer and a judge, is apparent. In her seven years as a Justice Department attorney, Cannon participated on the trial teams of just four criminal cases. And on the bench, she’s only presided over a handful of criminal trials — and Huck took over one of them.
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On Monday, Trump got another victory, at least for now: Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the federal government's classified documents case against him. July 13: Surviving an assassination attemptAt a rally in Butler, Pennsylvania on Saturday, Trump narrowly avoided an attempt on his life. AdvertisementBut there's also no denying the political advantage that the attempted assassination gives Trump. Trump was escorted off-stage as Evan Vucci snapped his now-famous photo of the former president after an assassination attempt. Judge Aileen Cannon dismissed the federal government's classified documents case against Trump, ruling that the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith was unconstitutional.
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Judge Aileen Cannon’s decision to throw out serious national-security criminal charges in the classified documents case against Donald Trump is legally unsupported, ignores decades of precedent and is deeply dangerous. Her decision is quite unlikely to survive the tests of time, or even the appeal Mr. Smith’s office said he intends to make. But it will further delay a case that has moved so slowly under her direction that it was already virtually certain it would never go to a jury before Election Day. Judge Cannon asserts that no law of Congress authorizes the special counsel. The special counsel regulations were drafted under specific congressional laws authorizing them.
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The bombshell ruling by Judge Aileen Cannon in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida — who was appointed to that position by Trump — ruling comes two days after a would-be assassin narrowly missed killing Trump during a campaign rally in western Pennsylvania. A federal judge in Florida on Monday dismissed the criminal classified documents case against former President Donald Trump and two co-defendants, ruling that the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith as prosecutor for the case violated the appointments clause of the U.S. Constitution. The ruling is just the latest in a series of controversial rulings and decisions by Cannon that have been seen as favoring Trump. Trump still faces three other pending criminal prosecutions, all of which he had referenced in his Truth Social post. It is not clear yet how that ruling will affect the election case against him.
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She said Smith was unconstitutionally appointed as special counsel and that the funding of his office also violated the law. “It’s not just that this is an extreme argument about the Appointments Clause of the Constitution, it’s that it’s one that exactly one Supreme Court justice has endorsed and lots of precedent refutes,” said Steve Vladeck, a CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor at Georgetown University of Law. And Cannon’s opinion left open the possibility that the charges could be revived if brought by the Justice Department in a way not reliant on the current special counsel infrastructure. In other special counsel cases, defendants have not even bothered to bring the long-shot claims. The special counsel office has not yet weighed in on Cannon’s decision.
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She wrote the Special Counsel failed to brief her on other remedies beyond dismissal. "Startlingly, the Special Counsel submitted nothing" during a "lengthy hearing," Cannon wrote. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementJudge Aileen Cannon didn't just throw out the criminal charges alleging Donald Trump mishandled classified documents — she also suggested Special Counsel Jack Smith didn't take her seriously enough. The legality of special counsels has been debated for years, and Cannon wrote Monday that Congress needs to bestow such legal powers.
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There may be a path for Smith to revive the case, Cannon noted in her ruling, and Smith can appeal the decision. Cannon left open a potential pathway in her ruling for the classified documents case to be revived. (He is being prosecuted by a separate special counsel, David Weiss.) And during the Trump-Russia investigation, multiple Trump allies similarly attempted to derail special counsel Robert Mueller’s work. Former Attorney General Edwin Meese and Citizens United argued the same, writing that Smith’s appointment “severely undermines” the constitutional order.
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CNN —A federal judge on Monday dismissed the classified documents case against Donald Trump, a shock ruling that clears away one of the major legal challenges facing the former president. In a 93-page ruling, District Judge Aileen Cannon said the appointment of special counsel Jack Smith violated the Constitution. She did not rule on whether Trump’s alleged mishandling of classified documents was proper or not. Even though a trial before the presidential election was considered highly unlikely, many legal experts had viewed the classified documents case as the strongest one of the four cases that were pending against the former president. Smith had charged Trump last year with taking classified documents from the White House and resisting the government’s attempts to retrieve the materials.
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US District Judge Aileen Cannon — who was appointed to the bench by Trump while he was president — ruled Monday that the appointment of Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith, who is overseeing the prosecution, was unconstitutional. The legality of Justice Department special counsels has been the subject of some debate over the past two decades. Since then, the US Attorney General has appointed special counsels with less authority while relying on internal Justice Department regulations. AdvertisementDefense lawyers in special counsel investigations have routinely argued the appointment of these newer special counsels is unconstitutional. His lawyers had signaled that, on appeal, they would challenge the legality of appointing a special counsel in the first place.
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“I totally transformed the federal judiciary,” Trump boasted at a summit hosted by the right-wing Moms for Liberty group last summer. “Many presidents never get the opportunity to appoint a Supreme Court justice. But as Trump drives toward a potential second term, one thing is clear: He’s just getting started. (Project 2025 is the policy playbook crafted by the conservative Heritage Foundation for a potential second Trump term.) That intent for vengeance could set the bar for nominations and administration lawyers alike in a second Trump term.
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CNN —Special counsel Jack Smith told the judge in the classified documents case in Florida that Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ criticism of his appointment should have no bearing on the criminal case against former President Donald Trump. In a brief filing Friday, Smith said that Thomas’ writing in the presidential immunity case – in a concurrence that no other justice joined – isn’t binding on US District Judge Aileen Cannon. In a filing last week, Trump’s lawyers brought to Cannon’s attention both the Supreme Court’s immunity ruling and the concurrence that Thomas wrote in that dispute. In response on Friday, Smith said that he agreed with Trump that both sides should file more briefing on how the high court’s immunity ruling affects the documents case. Cannon has not signaled yet how she’ll weigh the Supreme Court’s new ruling in the case before her.
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The combination of recent Supreme Court rulings on presidential power with the Democratic Party’s nomination crisis in the wake of Joe Biden’s disastrous debate performance has significantly improved Donald Trump’s prospects — not only his odds of once again becoming president, but also of enacting a sweeping authoritarian agenda. Trump’s debt to the six-member conservative majority on the Supreme Court is twofold. First, their delay. By waiting until the last day of the court’s term to issue their decision on Trump’s immunity claims, the justices effectively prevented prosecution of federal criminal charges against him before the election. “By shielding Donald Trump from standing trial before a jury in two of his felony cases,” Michael Podhorzer, a former political director of the AFL-CIO, writes in a post on his Substack, Tipping the Scales, “Trump’s three appointments to the Supreme Court, along with the even more MAGA Justices Alito and Thomas and Judge Aileen Cannon, have already irreparably interfered in the 2024 election.”Second, the substance of the July 1 ruling in Trump v. United States has convinced Trump and his allies that they will face few legal obstacles if they pursue a radical reconstruction of government — a “second American Revolution,” in the words of one loyalist — if Trump regains the White House on Nov. 5.
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It could help former President Donald Trump's hush-money conviction survive the US Supreme Court immunity opinion. Trump's lawyers are about to file what's known as a 330.30 motion to set aside the verdict. The Supreme Court presidential immunity opinion bars official-act evidence. US Supreme Court/BITrump's lawyers now say there were at least four times that the judge improperly let Manhattan prosecutors show official-act evidence to the jury. Trump's hush-money conviction appeal will take years and could even lead back to the US Supreme Court.
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