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CNN —The ascension of Vice President Kamala Harris to become the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in less than 48 hours is an unprecedented occurrence in American politics. Only four people in US history have won a presidential election as a sitting vice president. Back then, the vice president was the runner-up in the presidential election. In 1861, Vice President John Breckinridge oversaw the counting of electoral votes that made Abraham Lincoln president, at a time when Southern states seceded from the country rather than accept Lincoln’s 1860 victory. Vice President Richard Nixon narrowly lost the 1960 election to John F. Kennedy and oversaw the counting of electoral votes in 1961.
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Opinion | Joe Biden, My Friend and an American Hero
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It was only six weeks ago, on the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, and President Biden had just finished his remarks at the American cemetery atop Omaha Beach. And Mr. Biden has done just that. To be clear: Mr. Biden is my friend, and it has been a privilege to help him when I can. Here is the story I believe history will tell of Joe Biden. With American democracy in an hour of maximum danger in Donald Trump’s presidency, Mr. Biden stepped in the breach.
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CNN —A US Navy fighter pilot has become the first American woman to score a victory in air-to-air combat, the service has revealed. The first air-to-air victory by a female pilot comes 30 years after Lt. Kara Hultgreen became the first carrier-based female fighter pilot in the Navy, flying the F-14 Tomcat off the USS Abraham Lincoln that year. US Navy fighter pilot Kara Hultgreen poses with a Grumman F-14 Tomcat, in an undated photo. AP/FileThe Eisenhower-led carrier strike group returned to US bases on July 14 after a nine-month deployment, an exceptionally lengthy deployment for a carrier. “We proved over and over again that the flexibility a carrier strike group brings to the fight is unmatched,” Hoch said.
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The legal proceedings are themselves on trial, on hold or in the process of being dismissed. More strikingly, the case Mr. Trump would have made for himself in his acceptance speech as a witness, a martyr to serial partisan persecution, has suddenly been transcended. It was shoved aside by the would-be assassin’s bullet, which came within an inch of its target, drawing blood but not brain. The scene instantly recalled worse American tragedies — the assassinations of John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the Rev. Never Trumpers have frequently accused Mr. Trump of lacking courage — sometimes because he has never faced death on the battlefield.
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Known for his comedic timing, the "Bob Newhart Show" and "Newhart" star was one of the funniest men of the 20th century. Breaking through into comedy in the '50sYoung Bob Newhart initially didn't consider comedy a career. Over the next 11 years, he released seven more albums, including "Bob Newhart Faces Bob Newart" (1964) and "Best of Bob Newhart" (1971). Bob Newhart during the first season of "The Bob Newhart Show," performing one of his popular telephone jokes. "The Bob Newhart Show" and "Newhart"Newhart on "The Bob Newhart Show."
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The uproar over the Trump assassination attempt may pause the intraparty rebellion against Biden for now, especially as he assumes his role as the leader of a nation in sudden crisis. In a nation that was already deeply divided, the core vote for both Trump and Biden was probably locked in. There can be no justification for an assassination attempt on a candidate — an assault on democracy. Many Republican politicians issued calls for calm and an easing of political rhetoric after the shooting — as did Democrats. And Johnson accompanied his calls for calm by implying that Democrats — in advancing their arguments against Trump — had somehow abetted the assassination attempt.
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The Civil War was over, and Black men were legally allowed to vote and helped Republicans win in 1870. Two years later, Louisiana Democrats were determined to take back the state by preventing Black men from voting through intimidation and voter suppression. On Easter Sunday morning, White supremacists stormed the building and went on a killing spree, brutally murdering some 150 Black men. Another disputed election, more political violenceAs for the gubernatorial election dispute in 1872, it happened again in 1876. And while violence should never be the answer, it has occurred more than any of us would want to admit.
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Blake Masters and Abe Hamadeh are in the midst of a nasty primary for a House seat in Arizona. Sen. JD Vance, a potential Trump VP pick, has endorsed Masters. AdvertisementAs Donald Trump prepares to announce his vice presidential nominee at the Republican National Convention next week, the former president seems to have found a potential favorite: Sen. JD Vance of Ohio. "It looks good," Trump said of Vance's signature beard on Fox News radio on Wednesday morning. According to various media reports, Vance, Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, and Gov.
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In this gilded echo chamber, Mr. Trump enjoys unwavering devotion — and collects the staggering price of admission. During the 2014-15 season — the last before Mr. Trump officially entered politics — The Times counted 52 fund-raiser events at Mar-a-Lago. More than two dozen midterm candidates had already held fund-raisers on the property when Mr. Trump made that statement. But that changed when Letitia James, the New York attorney general, sued Mr. Trump for exaggerating the value of his properties. And, unlike when Mr. Trump was president, “he was there a lot,” Mr. Rustmann said.
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"The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert has thoughts on the bad Biden debate. "I think that Biden debated as well as Abraham Lincoln, if you dug him up right now," he joked. It was a shame that "Biden's shakiness allowed Trump to get away with 90 minutes of lies, racism and weird golf brags," Colbert added. download the app Email address Sign up By clicking “Sign Up”, you accept our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy . AdvertisementIn a monologue laden with wisecracks, "The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert gave his take on President Joe Biden's abysmal debate performance.
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Johnson and Truman left under pressure, handed the White House over to the other partyComparisons between Biden and any of these presidents are not perfect. Both Johnson and Truman then won the White House in their own right. Humphrey would go on to lose the White House to Richard Nixon, but Democrats kept control of the House and the Senate. Democrats lost control of the White House and the Senate in 1860, and Lincoln became the first Republican president. Reforming the civil service was a major issue of the day, and it played into Hayes’ decision, according to his letter accepting the Republican nomination in 1876.
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When luxury giant LVMH shelled out $15.8 billion for storied jewelry company Tiffany in 2021, it faced outsize expectations. On the luxury resale site The RealReal, Tiffany is the most-searched jewelry brand of 2024 so far. Meanwhile at Tiffany, LVMH is using a team of Cartier veterans. Growing pains have tarnished TiffanyBut reviving a luxury brand isn't easy, and investors have been murmuring that Tiffany's turnaround hasn't met expectations. "When you go into a Tiffany store, you're going to expect to have that amazing experience in customer service."
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The plan was bold, but ultimately doomed. But the stolen train, called “the General,” ran out of fuel 18 miles from Chattanooga, according to a U.S. Army account of the heist, which became known as the Great Locomotive Chase. The Union soldiers and civilians who took part in the mission fled, but all were captured after less than two weeks on the run. Most were sent to prisoner of war camps. In 1863, six survivors of the raid were the first American soldiers awarded the Medal of Honor, the nation’s highest decoration for valor in combat, which had been authorized by President Abraham Lincoln the year before.
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Kate Bedingfield served as White House communications director in the Biden administration and was the deputy campaign manager on Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign. That contentious exchange during the 2020 debate put Biden on the defensive. A President Trump might make their decisions about retirement that much easier. David Urban, a CNN political commentator, served as an adviser to then-President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. On Thursday, President Biden needs to do it again.
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A return to the roots of presidential debates
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CNN —CNN’s presidential debate will feel like something new for most Americans, but it is actually a return to the roots of presidential debates. J. David Ake/AFP/Getty Images Monica Moorehead, a presidential candidate from the Workers World Party, disrupts a presidential debate in Washington, DC, in 1996. Gerald Herbert/AP Barack Obama, right, and John McCain shake hands at the start of a presidential debate in 2008. Joseph Kaczmarek/AP Obama hugs his wife, Michelle, as Romney kisses his wife, Ann, after their third presidential debate in 2012. Ultimately, the commission was formed to create a nonpartisan framework for presidential debates – something that has been exported to other countries.
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I talked to Samuel Freedman, a Columbia Journalism School professor, about his recent book about Humphrey and the 1948 Democratic convention in Philadelphia. The book’s title, “Into the Bright Sunshine,” is taken from a line in Humphrey’s rousing speech on civil rights. In 1968, the Democratic Party was operating under old rules in which primary voters actually had relatively little direct effect on delegates. When Strom Thurmond and the Dixiecrats bolted from the Democratic Party in 1948, that’s the beginning of the vast majority of the White South becoming Republicans, stepping away from the Democratic Party. Show me a major Republican politician in the MAGA movement who is a fervent supporter of civil rights legislation.
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What’s open and closed on Juneteenth 2024
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Here’s what’s open and closed on Juneteenth 2024. TD Bank, which has remained open in previous years, will also be closed Wednesday. Schools and government agenciesFederal offices will be closed on Juneteenth. In 2023, at least 28 states recognized Juneteenth as a public holiday for which state workers received a paid day off, according to a Pew Research analysis. RetailersMost major retailers and grocery stores will be open on Juneteenth.
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“He was the one with the super predators,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Biden. A New York Times/Siena College poll of battleground states in May showed 23 percent of Black voters supporting Mr. Trump, a record level. In Detroit, Mr. Trump highlighted the funding bill that he signed for Black higher education institutions, which Congress passed. At the church, Mr. Trump stuck to the themes that have animated his outreach to Black voters. He again tried to seize on pessimism over the economy by blaming Mr. Biden for inflation and high rents.
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Would anybody like to see him as vice president?” Trump asked the crowd. Trump’s attempts to court Black voters come as polls show that Black men are more open to supporting the Republican nominee in this year’s election than they have historically been. Trump won roughly 1 in 10 Black voters nationally in 2020, according to multiple estimates, including 12% in CNN’s exit poll. He’s the king of the ‘super predators,’” Trump said during the roundtable discussion. “President Trump is not your typical politician,” Carson said.
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When historians and political scientists rank presidents from best to worst, Donald Trump invariably comes out at the bottom. This year, to give one example, the 2024 Presidential Greatness Project released the results of a survey of 154 current and former members of the Presidents and Executive Politics Section of the American Political Science Association. The highest ranked included no surprises: on a scale of 0 to 100, Abraham Lincoln (95.03), Franklin Delano Roosevelt (90.83), George Washington (90.32), Teddy Roosevelt (78.58) and Thomas Jefferson (77.53). Dead last: Donald Trump (10.92), substantially below James Buchanan (16.71), Andrew Johnson (21.56), Franklin Pierce (24.6) and William Henry Harrison (26.01).
Persons: Donald Trump, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, George Washington, Teddy Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson, James Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison Organizations: American Political Science Association
Arizona lawmakers voted on Wednesday to repeal an abortion ban that first became law when Abraham Lincoln was president and a half-century before women won the right to vote. A bill to repeal the law passed 16-14 in the Republican-controlled State Senate with the support of every Democratic senator and two Republicans who broke with anti-abortion conservatives in their own party. The vote was the culmination of a fevered effort to repeal the law that has made abortion a central focus of Arizona’s politics. The issue has galvanized Democratic voters and energized a campaign to put an abortion-rights ballot measure before Arizona voters in November. On the right, it created a rift between anti-abortion activists who want to keep the law in place and Republican politicians who worry about the political backlash that could be prompted by support of a near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.
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Arizona Voted to Repeal Its Abortion Ban
  + stars: | 2024-05-01 | by ( Matthew Cullen | )   time to read: +1 min
Arizona lawmakers today repealed an abortion ban that first became law in 1864, when Abraham Lincoln was president and a half-century before women won the right to vote. The repeal narrowly passed the Republican-controlled State Senate with the support of all 14 Democratic senators and two Republicans. Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, is widely expected to sign it, after which abortion policy in the state would revert to a 2022 law that restricted the procedure after 15 weeks of pregnancy. Democrats sought to use the ban to energize voters in Arizona, a battleground state. On the right, the issue created a rift between anti-abortion activists who wanted to keep the law in place and Republicans who worried about the potential backlash of a near-total ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.
Persons: Abraham Lincoln, Katie Hobbs, Roe, Wade Organizations: Republican, Senate, Democratic, Gov, Democrat Locations: Arizona
Arizona lawmakers voted on Wednesday to repeal an abortion ban that first became law when Abraham Lincoln was president and a half-century before women won the right to vote. A bill to repeal the law passed, 16-14, in the Republican-controlled State Senate with the support of every Democratic senator and two Republicans who broke with anti-abortion conservatives in their own party. The vote was the culmination of a fevered effort to repeal the law that has made abortion a central focus of Arizona’s politics. The issue has galvanized Democratic voters and energized a campaign to put an abortion-rights ballot measure before Arizona voters in November. On the right, it created a rift between anti-abortion activists who want to keep the law in place and Republican politicians who worry about the political backlash that could be prompted by support of a near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest.
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Not surprisingly, the report about Noem killing the dog has led to a furor in the media and on the internet. That, however, apparently was not how Noem viewed Cricket, writing in the book that she “hated” the rambunctious puppy. That, Noem wrote, was the last straw. Of course, President Joe Biden also has a pet dog — although Commander has not been the best-behaved dog at times. The book is filled with many honest stories of my life, good and bad days, challenges, painful decisions, and lessons learned,” Noem wrote.
Persons: Dean Obeidallah, , Harry Truman, Kristi Noem, ” Dean Obeidallah, ” Dean Obeidallah CNN Noem, Donald Trump’s, , stoutly, ” Noem, preorder, Noem, , “ Kennedy, Trump, Trump’s, Ivana, ” “ Donald, Chappy, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Fido, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, He’s Organizations: CNN, GOP South Dakota Gov, Cricket, ” Dean Obeidallah CNN, Guardian, South, Pew, , GOP, Cricket —, White Locations: Washington, South Dakota
Twelve news organizations on Sunday urged presumptive presidential nominees Joe Biden and Donald Trump to agree to debates, saying they were a "rich tradition" that have been part of every general election campaign since 1976. Asked on March 8 whether he would commit to a debate with Trump, Biden said, "it depends on his behavior." The Republican National Committee voted in 2022 to no longer participate in forums sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates. The Trump campaign has not indicated it would adhere to that, but did have some conditions. There was no immediate response from the Trump campaign.
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