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The US economy faces a new threat
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‘The labor market may be turning’To be clear, the jobs market is by no means imploding. Powell highlighted these changes, telling lawmakers that recent indicators “send a pretty clear signal that labor market conditions have cooled considerably” from two years. The current risk is that the Fed is injecting inflation-fighting medicine into an economy that no longer needs it. “A balanced labor market with too restrictive rates from the Fed will not remain balanced for long,” Brusuelas said. “Equally as worrisome for the Fed should be the potential for a sharper deterioration in the labor market and economic activity.
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Powell’s balancing actThe S&P 500 is on a six-day winning streak and closed at another record on Tuesday, as investors grow more confident that the Fed could cut interest rates soon. The market rally came after Jay Powell, the Fed chair, made encouraging comments about inflation and the labor market in his first of two days of testimony on Capitol Hill. Lowering rates prematurely could risk reigniting inflation, and doing so too slowly could undermine growth. “We’re very much balancing those two risks, and that’s really the essence of what we’re thinking about these days,” Powell told the Senate Banking Committee on Tuesday. In something of a rarity in recent months, financial services stocks led the way on Tuesday.
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However, central bank officials still want to see more progress before cutting interest rates, he noted. “The most recent inflation readings, however, have shown some modest further progress, and more good data would strengthen our confidence that inflation is moving sustainably toward 2%,” he added. Fed officials expect to cut interest rates just once this year, according to their latest economic projections in June, compared to the three cuts they forecast in March. The annual PCE inflation rate registered at 2.6% in June, down slightly from 2.7% in May. Fed officials and most economists don’t see a recession this year.
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“It’s an intimidation on the part of the China Coast Guard,” Tarriela said during a forum on Saturday, according to a Reuters report. Powell and other analysts say intimidation is one of the main jobs of the CCG-5901, which is larger than any regular coast guard ship in the world (a specialty US Coast Guard icebreaker is bigger) and even outsizes US Navy destroyers. The US Coast Guard, for instance, is part of the US Department of Homeland Security, not the Defense Department, although US Coast Guard vessels can come under US Navy control in certain scenarios. The China Coast Guard is part of the country’s People’s Armed Police, which is under the command of the Central Military Commission. The China Coast Guard “doesn’t want to be outdone thus this monster came along to show who’s got a bigger set of muscles,” Koh said.
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America’s job market remains solid, but it has lost momentum over the past year. The Federal Reserve is watching closely to see if it will continue to hold up or weaken more than expected. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said this week at an economic forum in Portugal that the risk of inflation reaccelerating has come into better balance with the risk of the job market unexpectedly deteriorating. Fed officials indicated in their latest economic projections that they expect to cut interest rates just once this year, which have been at a 23-year high for a year now. It rose to 4.1% in June, according to the Labor Department’s latest tally.
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Officials penciled in just one rate cut this year, according to their latest economic projections, compared to the three they forecast in March. They also expect inflation to be more stubborn this year than they thought in the spring, according to their forecasts. The Fed has kept interest rates at a 23-year high for nearly a year, after kicking off an aggressive rate-hiking campaign in March 2022. Here are key takeaways from the Fed’s latest decision on interest rates. Still-high inflation is continuing to eat into some budgets, pandemic savings are drying up, borrowers continue to pile on more debt and the highest interest rates in nearly a quarter century are squeezing Americans.
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Tuesday’s wholesale inflation data, which jumped to its highest rate in a year, certainly wasn’t a source of comfort. “I wouldn’t call it hot, I would call it sort of mixed,” Powell said Tuesday, referring to the new wholesale inflation data. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell (center) spoke Tuesday at an event hosted by the Foreign Bankers' Association alongside European Central Bank Governing Council member Klaas Knot. Another troubling sign for US central bankers is consumers’ belief that inflation will move higher in the year ahead, according to two surveys Fed officials monitor closely. That can lead to higher prices.
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Traders fear that elevated rates will uphold painfully high borrowing costs for consumers, squeeze corporate profit and weigh down the market. The labor market has stayed strong, consumers have continued spending and stocks have notched repeated record highs. The April jobs report was a welcome sign that the labor market is cooling without cratering. The labor market added just 175,000 positions last month, marking its lowest tally since October 2023 and a sharp cooldown from the upwardly revised 315,000 jobs added in March. First-time applications for unemployment benefits climbed last week to 231,000, the highest level since last August, in another sign that the labor market is cooling.
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New York CNN —Despite overcoming a crisis in 2023, the pain isn’t over for America’s regional banks. Shares of New York Community Bank have tumbled 71%, Bank OZK shares have slid 16% and Webster Financial shares have lost 11%. Regional banks reported wide losses on their profits during the first quarter. PNC projects that its net interest income will fall between 4% to 5% in 2024 from last year. “I’m worried about a handful of [regional banks],” Bair told CNBC on Tuesday.
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That’s why Fed Chair Powell conveyed on Tuesday the central bank won’t be cutting interest rates any time soon. How would the US economy handle more months of painstakingly high interest rates? Investors are banking on cutsWhen Fed officials initially penciled in three rate cuts at the end of last year, markets hit new highs. But the longer the Fed leaves interest rates higher means more pain could be inflicted on households and businesses, said Goldstein. But not everyone thinks cracks in the economy will widen if the Fed doesn’t cut rates this year.
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Bruch is one of the largest individual FTX creditors and has been tapped by the US Department of Justice to serve as one of nine on the FTX Creditors’ Committee, where he is working to recoup the funds lost by customers. DOJ-appointed creditor committees ordinarily consist of people and companies who hold the seven largest unsecured claims against the debtor (in this case, FTX), according to the agency. Before the Bell spoke with Bruch about Sam Bankman-Fried, FTX, MyPrize and the future of crypto. I feel for all of the creditors and am doing everything I can to help recoup what was taken from us. I’ve worked at some of the largest crypto trading desks in the world and then also started trading my own book of capital and grew to become one of the largest individual crypto traders.
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Some economists interpreted that as a sign that the Fed is now more tolerant of higher inflation. Powell pushed back on the perception that the central bank has grown more comfortable with inflation being higher for longer than expected in his post-meeting news conference. and my sense coming out of this month’s meeting was that Fed Chair Powell wants to get this easing cycle going sooner rather than later. What’s allowing the Fed to be patient or more tolerant of higher inflation? They’re willing to essentially look through some of the bumpiness in the inflation data at the beginning of the year.
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But the Fed is prepared to ignore Wall Street’s hope for a rate cut in June if it feels the economy isn’t ready yet. That’s the message Fed Chair Jerome Powell delivered on Friday. Powell wasn’t fretting about it though, saying that it was “pretty much in line with our expectations.”Why wait to cut then? “This is an economy that doesn’t feel like it’s suffering from the current level of rates,” Powell said. Like Powell, several Fed officials have conveyed they’re more concerned about cutting too soon than prolonging the status quo.
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America’s economy remains remarkably solid, despite the high interest rates. The Fed dramatically cut interest rates in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic to help shore up an economy dealing with high unemployment, prompting mortgage rates to also drop in tandem. Those homeowners who locked in an affordable 3% mortgage rate, for instance, aren’t likely to trade it for anything higher. Fed officials reflected in their latest economic projections from December that they expect to cut interest rates three times this year, which would also lower mortgage rates. That all means that Americans have been well equipped to deal with the effects of high interest rates.
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Fed officials have said they will begin to cut rates whenever they have “gained enough confidence” that inflation is under control. The Bank of Japan announces its latest interest rate decision. The Reserve Bank of Australia announces its latest interest rate decision. The Federal Reserve announces its latest interest rate decision and releases a fresh set of economic projections, followed by a news conference featuring Chair Jerome Powell. The Bank of England announces its latest interest rate decision.
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Washington CNN —Americans are in the throes of the worst housing affordability crisis in decades. If inflation keeps coming down, mortgage rates will come down as well. The first is a $10,000 refundable credit for middle-class homebuyers – essentially an interest rate buy-down. So, when inflation is too high, the only thing the Fed can do is jack up interest rates to slow demand. “We’ll still have the underlying housing shortage and and it’s going to be causing upward pressure on housing prices,” he said.
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New York CNN —Wall Street was taken aback by the US labor market’s resilience in January. Another unexpectedly hot report could shake things up again. The January jobs report showed that the US economy added a stunning 353,000 jobs that month and the unemployment rate stayed at 3.7%. The new EU regulations force sweeping changes on some of the world’s most widely used tech products, including Apple’s app store, Google search and messaging platforms, including Meta’s WhatsApp. The broad obligations apply only to the EU, which could leave tech users in the United States and other markets looking longingly at some of the features Big Tech is rolling out in response to the European directive.
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TOKYO (AP) — Asian shares were trading mixed Thursday, after Wall Street recovered some losses from the day before. Japan's benchmark Nikkei 225 momentarily reached a record high in early trading but slipped later to finish at 39,598.71, down 1.2%. “The positive handover from Wall Street, alongside lower Treasury yields and a weaker U.S. dollar, may offer some relief as Fed Chair’s testimony failed to drive much hawkish deviation from his usual script,” said Yeap Jun Rong, market analyst at IG. As always, Wall Street scrutinized each of Powell's words for hints about when the Federal Reserve could begin cutting its main interest rate, which is at its highest level since 2001. “We want to see a little more data so we can become more confident.”Traders have already shelved earlier expectations for a cut in March, and they’re now eyeing June as the likeliest beginning.
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Near Second Thomas Shoal, South China Sea CNN —As dawn slowly broke on the horizon, a large fleet of Chinese vessels came into view from the deck of a Philippine Coast Guard ship as it entered the contested waters of the South China Sea. Filipino soldiers on the dilapidated Sierra Madre ship, anchored near the Second Thomas Shoal in the South China Sea, on May 11, 2015. The US military also maintains a regular presence in the South China Sea, with aircraft overflights, so-called “freedom of navigation” operations, and patrols and exercises with allies and partners to assert that the South China Sea is an international waterway. The Philippine Coast Guard said it counted five China Coast Guard vessels and 18 boats belonging to Beijing’s “maritime militia." Rebecca Wright/CNNTarriela, the Coast Guard spokesperson, said a China Coast Guard vessel had come within 20 yards (60 feet) of the Cabra.
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Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell stuck to his script that it is not yet time to begin cutting interest rates on Wednesday in the first of two appearances this week on Capitol Hill. The Fed has taken interest levels to their highest in decades in a battle to bring inflation down to the central bank’s 2% annual target. “The labor market remains relatively tight, but supply and demand conditions have continued to come into better balance,” Powell said. Job vacancies have declined, and nominal wage growth has been easing.”Powell and other Fed officials have repeatedly said they will judge whether to begin lowering interest rates on the state of incoming economic data. In his testimony, Powell did acknowledge that interest rates are “likely” at their peak for this economic cycle.
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(AP) — A divided Missouri Supreme Court upheld voting districts drawn for the state Senate on Wednesday, rejecting a legal challenge that claimed mapmakers should have placed a greater emphasis on keeping communities intact. The high court's 5-2 decision means the districts, first used in the 2022 elections, will remain in place both for this year's elections and ensuing ones. While a Republican Senate committee supported the Senate map enacted in 2022 by a panel of appeals court judges, a GOP House committee sided with Democratic-aligned voters suing for the districts to be overturned. The third prioritizes “contiguous” and “compact” districts, and the fourth requires communities to be kept whole in districts if possible under the equal population guidelines. The Supreme Court said a trial judge correctly decided that the constitution makes “compact” districts a higher priority than keeping communities intact.
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And while the economy usually comes out on top as the issue for most voters, there are doubts over whether even a good economy is enough for Joe Biden to win a second term. Certainly, the improving economy – and most importantly an inflation rate that is trending back to the Federal Reserve’s desired 2% annual target – should be an asset for Biden. “Obviously perceptions of Biden and Trump are largely baked in and have been for a long time” says Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist Institute for Public Opinion. “We’re playing at the margins at best.”For Democrats, running on a good economy will present its own challenges. The wing nuts have disproportionate power.”Ramamurti still believes that Biden should emphasize the economy, saying, “I’m of the view that good news is good news.
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WASHINGTON (AP) — From Wall Street traders to car dealers to home buyers, Americans are eager for the Federal Reserve to start cutting interest rates and lightening the heavy burden on borrowers. Why, with inflation nearly conquered and interest rates at a 22-year high, isn't now the time to cut? High rates could also compound the struggles of banks that are saddled with bad commercial real estate loans, which would be harder to refinance at higher rates. “We need the government to address the interest rates ... and understand that they’ve accomplished their goal of lowering inflation," Kelleher said. If so, that might not just delay the Fed's rate cuts, but result in fewer of them.
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“I will never forget it,” Yellen told lawmakers during a hearing before the House Financial Services Committee, referring to the weekend after Silicon Valley Bank failed. Although the bank crisis subsided after federal regulators launched emergency programs, some regional banks have come under renewed pressure in recent days. Yellen said bank regulators are “quite focused” on this problem, including by working with banks to manage risks, build up reserves to cover losses, adjust dividend policies and maintain liquidity. “It’s critically important that the US be on a fiscally sustainable path,” Yellen told lawmakers during the hearing. “We are doing better” than the rest of the world, Yellen told lawmakers Tuesday.
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Before the Bell spoke to Joe Mazola, director of Schwab Trader Education, about the growing importance of retail investors in markets, where Main Street is investing and why people are still enamored with Elon Musk. Why is it so important to single out retail investors and track where they’re putting their money? Is there a big difference between what retail investors and institutional investors are doing right now? That means the Fed is due to cut rates in 2024, which officials themselves projected in December. We just want some more confidence before we take that very important step of beginning to cut interest rates,” he told “60 Minutes” correspondent Scott Pelley.
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