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Sam Altman was reinstated late Tuesday as OpenAI’s chief executive, the company said, successfully reversing his ouster by the company’s board last week after a campaign waged by his allies, employees and investors. The board of directors will be overhauled, jettisoning several members who had opposed Mr. Altman. Adam D’Angelo, the chief executive of Quora, will be the only holdover. “We have reached an agreement in principle for Sam to return to OpenAI as CEO with a new initial board of Bret Taylor (Chair), Larry Summers, and Adam D’Angelo,” OpenAI said in a post to X. “We are collaborating to figure out the details.
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Microsoft announced Monday that it has hired Sam Altman and another architect of ChatGPT maker OpenAI after they unexpectedly departed the company days earlier in a corporate shakeup that shocked the artificial intelligence world. Microsoft Chairman and CEO Satya Nadella tweeted that the U.S. tech giant is committed to its partnership with OpenAI, whose chatbot kicked off the generative AI craze by producing human-like text, images, video and music. Microsoft invested billions of dollars in the startup and helped provide the computing power to run its AI systems. “We’re extremely excited to share the news that Sam Altman and Greg Brockman, together with colleagues, will be joining Microsoft to lead a new advanced AI research team,” Nadella said. The Associated Press and OpenAI have a licensing and technology agreement allowing OpenAI access to part of the AP’s text archives.
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CNN —OpenAI said recent outages of its viral ChatGPT chatbot could be caused by targeted attacks on its servers. Users on Wednesday were unable to access all of OpenAI’s tools and services and received a message that the platform was at capacity. The outage comes three days after OpenAI hosted its first developer conference, held in San Francisco. CEO Sam Altman said 2 million developers now use the platform, and about 90% of Fortune 500 companies are using the tools internally. At the event, the company unveiled a series of artificial intelligence tool updates, including the ability for developers to create custom versions of ChatGPT.
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CNN —Microsoft on Tuesday announced a more secure version of its AI-powered Bing specifically for businesses and designed to assure professionals they can safely share potentially sensitive information with a chatbot. With Bing Chat Enterprise, the user’s chat data will not be saved, sent to Microsoft’s servers or used to train the AI models, according to the company. Microsoft also said Tuesday that it will add visual searches to its existing AI-powered Bing Chat tool. Bing Chat Enterprise will be free for all of its 160 million Microsoft 365 subscribers starting on Tuesday, if a company’s IT department manually turns on the tool. Microsoft, which uses OpenAI's technology to power its Bing chat, said workers can now have "complete confidence" their data "won't be leaked" outside of the company.
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OpenAI didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman addresses a speech during a meeting, at the Station F in Paris on May 26, 2023. As the nation’s top consumer protection watchdog, the FTC is empowered to prosecute privacy abuses, untruthful marketing, and other harms. FTC Chair Lina Khan has argued that the agency’s existing congressional mandate provides ample authority for the FTC to prosecute abusive uses of AI. Some critics of OpenAI previously filed a complaint to the FTC claiming that algorithmic bias, privacy concerns and ChatGPT’s tendency to hallucinate may violate US consumer protection law.
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And just last week, regulators in Italy issued a temporary ban on ChatGPT in the country, citing privacy concerns after OpenAI disclosed the breach. Google and Microsoft have since rolled out AI tools as well, which work the same way and are powered by large language models that are trained on vast troves of online data. When users input information into these tools, McCreary said, “You don’t know how it’s then going to be used.” That raises particularly high concerns for companies. The privacy policy states it may provide personal information to third parties without further notice to the user, unless required by law. “We also have guardrails in place designed to prevent Bard from including personally identifiable information in its responses,” Google said.
Washington CNN —An AI policy think tank wants the US government to investigate OpenAI and its wildly popular GPT artificial intelligence product, claiming that algorithmic bias, privacy concerns and the technology’s tendency to produce sometimes inaccurate results may violate federal consumer protection law. “We believe that the FTC should look closely at OpenAI and GPT-4,” said Marc Rotenberg, CAIDP’s president and a longtime consumer protection advocate on technology issues. Microsoft and Google have both begun to integrate that same type of AI into their search products, with Microsoft’s Bing running on the GPT technology itself. In industry parlance, these types of mistakes are known as “AI hallucinations” — and they should be considered legally enforceable violations, CAIDP argued in its complaint. The complaint acknowledges that OpenAI has been upfront about many of the limitations of its algorithms.
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