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The UN’s monitoring mission said it was likely that a KH-101 cruise missile launched by Russia struck the children’s hospital. The UN mission’s assessment matches analysis from weapons experts who told CNN that footage of the hospital strike is consistent with a cruise missile rather than a Ukrainian air defense missile. Always.”On Tuesday, Russia’s UN Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia reiterated Moscow’s denial that it had targeted the children’s hospital. “We have not bombed the children’s hospital,” Nebenzia said at a special meeting of the UN Security Council (UNSC) convened following the attack. “If this had been a Russian strike, there would have been nothing left of the building at all.
Persons: CNN —, Danielle Bell, Bell, ” Bell, General Antonio Guterres, Volker Turk, Joe Biden, Biden, Valentyna, Volodymyr Zelensky, , Vassily Nebenzia, ” Nebenzia, Linda Thomas, Greenfield, Putin, SBU, Vasyl Maliuk Organizations: CNN, United, NATO, UN, UN Security Council, UNSC, Kyiv, Ukrainian State Security Service Locations: Russian, United Nations, Russia, Kyiv, Ukrainian, Ukraine, Kyiv’s, Washington, United States
We have discovered the earliest evidence of fresh water and representative evidence for dry land above the sea,” he added. The research indicates that the Earth’s water cycle — when water moves between land, oceans and atmosphere through evaporation and precipitation — was operating at that point in time. The earliest widely agreed upon evidence of life — and fresh water — comes from stromatolites, fossilized microbes that formed mounds in hot springs 3.5 billion years ago, Gamaleldien said. Two zircon crystals showed isotopic evidence of meteoric or fresh water; one was 4 billion years old, while the other was 3.4 billion years old, he said. What’s more, land and fresh water, which likely would have fallen as rain, would have provided the essential ingredients for the origin of life, he said.
Persons: , Hamed Gamaleldien, ” Gamaleldien, Gamaleldien, … landmasses, Hugo Olierook, Hamed, , John Valley, Geochemist Beth Ann Bell, wasn’t, ” Bell Organizations: CNN, Nature, , Curtin University’s School of, Planetary Sciences, Khalifa University, United Arab, Curtin’s School of, geoscience, University of Wisconsin Locations: Australia, United Arab Emirates, Western Australia, Jack, John, Madison
But the College Democrats insist their worries are also rooted in what they see as the Biden campaign’s unwillingness to grasp the scope of how difficult it is becoming to engage young voters. A mixed picturePolling of young voters on the Israel-Hamas War, specifically about its effect on Biden’s campaign, presents a mixed picture. Only 18% of young voters approved of Biden’s handling of the Israel-Hamas war, according to the Harvard/IOP poll. Seth Schuster, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, touted its investment in engaging young voters. It is even hard for young people to talk to other young people about how to do this,” the Democratic strategist said.
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Wendy’s says it won’t use surge pricing
  + stars: | 2024-02-28 | by ( John Towfighi | )   time to read: +5 min
It was never our plan to raise prices when customers are visiting us the most.”But the questions over what to call Wendy’s experiment – surge pricing? Dynamic pricing? Surge pricing refers to dynamic pricing, which is a way for businesses to charge more (or less) based on how many people want their products at any given time. “Surge pricing sent the message to everybody that this is mostly about increasing prices. “After considerable public pushback, Wendy’s is now framing their dynamic pricing strategy as discounts during off-peak times instead of surge pricing during peak times,” she wrote.
Persons: CNN —, Wendy’s, , Juan Castillo, Castillo, Chuck Bell, Uber, Mario Tama, ” Bell, ” Castillo, Jonathan Maze, ” Maze, Lindsay Owens, Organizations: CNN, University of Pennsylvania, , Consumer, Los Angeles International Airport, Ticketmaster Locations: Los Angeles , California
UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Russia’s intense missile and drone attacks across Ukraine in recent weeks sharply increased civilian casualties in December with over 100 killed and nearly 500 injured, the United Nations said in a new report Tuesday. The United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said there was a 26.5% increase in civilian casualties last month – from 468 in November to 592 in December. With some reports still pending verification, it said, the increase was likely higher. “These attacks sow death and destruction on Ukraine’s civilians who have endured profound losses from Russia’s full-scale invasion for almost two years now,” Bell said. Political Cartoons View All 253 ImagesThe U.N. monitoring mission said the highest number of casualties occurred during attacks on Dec. 29 and Jan. 2 amid plummeting winter temperatures.
Persons: Danielle Bell, ” Bell, , Edem Wosornu Organizations: UNITED NATIONS, United Nations, United Nations Human Rights, Civilian, . Security Locations: Ukraine, Russian, Pokrovsk, Rivne, Russia, Moscow
TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — Kalen DeBoer stood at a lectern, only a few feet from Nick Saban, and enthusiastically embraced the chance to both replace and learn from his larger-than-life predecessor. All that makes it easier to be the guy who replaces the guy who brought six national championships to Tuscaloosa in 17 years. A huge photo of Saban and players hoisting a national championship trophy hung on the wall behind DeBoer as he talked to reporters. DeBoer spoke with Saban on the phone Friday morning and called him again the next morning. Still, he wiped away tears while talking about leaving his Washington players who made it to the brink of a national title.
Persons: Kalen DeBoer, Nick Saban, Saban, , , ” DeBoer, Denny, Terry, Stuart R, Bell, ” Bell, DeBoer, ” DeBoers, Dezz Ricks, Isaiah Bonds, Greg Byrne's, Byrne, Nicole, you’d, ” Byrne Organizations: , Bryant, Tide, University, Alabama, ESPN, Associated, NAIA, Sioux, Fresno State, Huskies, Washington, Southeastern Conference, College Football Playoff, DeBoer, LSU, AP Locations: TUSCALOOSA, Ala, Washington, Tuscaloosa, DeBoer, South Dakota, alma, Alabama
CNN —Mary Ellen Mark couldn’t forget Falkland Road. Despite being harassed and intimidated, legendary photographer Mary Ellen Mark spent 10 years trying to take photos on Falkland Road. Mary Ellen Mark A young woman and her customer photographed by Mary Ellen Mark. Mary Ellen Mark Falkland Road's infamous cages, where sex workers were displayed to passersby and potential customers. Mary Ellen Mark A young woman and a child seen reflected in a mirror.
Persons: Mary Ellen Mark, Mary Ellen Mark couldn’t, , Falkland, ” Meredith Lue, Lue, didn’t, Mark, “ Saroja, , Mary Ellen Mark Friends, , ” Lue, she’s, Asha, Mumtaz, Usha, Mary Ellen Mark Late, Mary Ellen Mark Falkland, wouldn’t, Champa, Martin Bell, ” Mark, Mary Ellen Mark Hidden, ” Bell, Mark’s, ’ ” Lue, Ward, They’re, they’ve, It’s, ” Mary Ellen Mark Organizations: CNN, New York Times, Mary Ellen Mark Foundation, GEO, Olympia, Mental Institution, Ward, Times, Locations: Mumbai, Bombay ”, Bombay, , Falkland, , Mumbai's, South India, America, Berlin, Germany, India, Seattle, Oregon
George Brown, a founding member and drummer of the group Kool & the Gang, who played on funk, disco and pop hits that featured prominently in movies and have been sampled numerous times, died on Thursday in Long Beach, Calif. His death, at a hospital, was confirmed in a statement by the band’s publicist, who said the cause was cancer. Mr. Brown had said publicly that he had lung cancer. Mr. Brown, known as Funky, was a key contributor to several of the band’s biggest hits, including “Ladies Night,” “Jungle Boogie” and the party anthem “Celebration.”In a July interview with NPR, he described Kool & the Gang as “the sound of happiness.”In 1964, Mr. Brown linked up with Ricky Westfield and the brothers Ronald Khalis Bell and Robert “Kool” Bell, as well as other friends — Spike Mickens, Dennis “Dee Tee” Thomas and Charles Smith — to form a band that would combine jazz, funk, disco and R&B and create some of the most memorable pop songs of their era.
Persons: George Brown, Brown, . Brown, , Ricky Westfield, Ronald Khalis Bell, Robert “ Kool ” Bell, — Spike Mickens, Dennis “ Dee Tee ” Thomas, Charles Smith — Organizations: NPR, Mr Locations: Long Beach, Calif
NEW YORK (AP) — George “Funky” Brown, the co-founder and longtime drummer of Kool & The Gang who helped write such hits as “Too Hot,” “Ladies Night,” “Joanna” and the party favorite “Celebration,” died Thursday in Los Angeles at age 74. Brown died after a battle with cancer, according to a statement released by Universal Music. He had retired earlier in the year, nearly 60 years after the band began, and revealed that he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. In 2023, Brown produced the band's latest album, “People Just Wanna Have Fun,” and released his memoir “Too Hot: Kool & The Gang & Me.”Political Cartoons View All 1253 ImagesHe is survived by his wife, Hanh Brown, and his five children. In lieu of flowers, his family has asked that donations can be made in his honor to the Lung Cancer Society of America.
Persons: — George “ Funky ” Brown, , Joanna ”, Brown, Robert “ Kool ” Bell, Ronald Bell, Charles Smith, Hanh Brown Organizations: Kool, The, Universal Music, Lung Cancer Society of America Locations: Los Angeles
CNN —George Brown, a drummer and songwriter who co-founded the band Kool & the Gang, died on Thursday. The news was confirmed to CNN via email from Kool & the Gang’s publicist Jerry Digney. After taking on various other monikers, including The New Dimensions, The Soul Town Band and Kool & the Flames, they landed on Kool & The Gang, officially launching in 1969. Until he retired in August of this year, Brown toured with Kool & the Gang as part of one of the longest-running R&B groups in history. Brown is survived by his wife Hanh Brown and five sons.
Persons: CNN — George Brown, Jerry Digney, Brown, Ricky Westfield, Ronald Bell, Robert “ Kool ” Bell, Spike Mickens, Dennis Thomas, Charles Smith –, , Janet Jackson, Hanh Brown Organizations: CNN, Kool, Town, Flames, The, BET, New, New Jersey Hall of Fame, Songwriters Hall of Fame, Boys Locations: Los Angeles, New Jersey, Cypress Hill
JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska (AP) — Santa Claus’ sleigh took on new responsibilities in rural Alaska this week when delivering gifts to an Alaska Native village. Santa’s ride, an Alaska Army National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, was shuttling Santa, Mrs. Claus, volunteer elves and gifts in shifts Wednesday to provide the children of Tuluksak some Christmas cheer. The flights originated about 35 miles (56 kilometers) southwest, from the hub community of Bethel, the guard said in a release. The Alaska National Guard for decades has delivered gifts, supplies and sometimes Christmas itself to tiny rural communities dotting the nation’s largest and largely roadless state. The guard stepped up, taking donated gifts and supplies to the village.
Persons: , Claus, Colton Bell, David Berg, ” Bell Organizations: ELMENDORF, Alaska Army National Guard UH, Hawk, Helicopter, Alaska National Guard Locations: RICHARDSON , Alaska, Santa, Alaska, Bethel, Tuluksak, Napaskiak, Anchorage, St, Mary’s
Christopher Bell was set to represent JGR in the championship four, but rumors were flying that the entire organization might pull out of the race. Coy Gibbs, the vice chairman of the organization, son of team owner Joe Gibbs and Ty's father, had been found dead in his hotel room that morning and the team was in chaos. Joey Logano won the race and his second title, while Bell finished a distant 10th in the race and third in the championship standings. Stevens felt once the race began the team was able to focus on trying to win the title. If you have a weak part of your race team, the playoffs will find it.”___AP auto racing:
Persons: Joe Gibbs, Gibbs, Ty Gibbs, Christopher Bell, Coy Gibbs, Ty's, , Adam Stevens, Stevens, Kyle Busch, Bell, Joey Logano, , ” Bell, you've, ” Stevens, Ryan Blaney, William Byron, Kyle Larson, Larson, Blaney, Byron, J.D, Coy, Heather, Busch, we’ve, ” Gibbs Organizations: Phoenix Raceway, JGR, Bell, Toyota Locations: AVONDALE, Ariz, prepping
AVONDALE, Ariz. (AP) — The oddsmakers named Kyle Larson the favorite to win the NASCAR championship, but half the field believe the person with the best chance to celebrate Sunday will be a spectator at Phoenix Raceway. “I told Erin, ‘You’ve have the best percentage to be happy after the race, a 50% shot to be happy,” Blaney said Thursday at Phoenix Raceway. Larson and Christopher Bell, longtime rivals in dirt track racing, have settled any past beefs and Byron and Blaney are already referring to each other as family. He was the final driver to qualify last Sunday at Martinsville Speedway, then had to scramble to book his trip out West in time for NASCAR championship obligations. But I just need to win and bring a championship back.”___AP auto racing:
Persons: Kyle Larson, Erin Blaney, It's, Ryan Blaney, William Byron, Blaney, , , Erin, ‘ You’ve, ” Blaney, William, he's, Larson, Christopher Bell, Byron, Bell, Kyle, Chris, it's, NASCAR Hall of Famer Dale Earnhardt Jr, They're, ” Earnhardt, ” Byron, Dale Jarrett, He's, Jeff Gordon, ” LARSON, “ Cooper, Katelyn, ” BLANEY, PRIDE Blaney, Dave, Dale, Lou, Joe Gibbs Racing, Martin Truex Jr, Denny Hamlin, ” Bell Organizations: NASCAR, Phoenix Raceway, NBC, NASCAR Hall of Famer, WILLIE, Martinsville Speedway, American Airlines, PRIDE, Outlaws Locations: AVONDALE, Ariz, Phoenix, North Carolina, Charlotte, Ohio
CNN —Traditional medical imaging – used to diagnose, monitor or treat certain medical conditions – has long struggled to get clear pictures of patients with dark skin, according to experts. Researchers say they have found a way to improve medical imaging, a process through which physicians can observe the inside of the body, regardless of skin tone. They found that a distortion of the photoacoustic signal that makes the imaging more difficult to read, called clutter, increased with darkness of skin. The applications of photoacoustic technology vary, but with the researchers’ new developments, it may help diagnose health issues more accurately and equitably. We know there’s no basis in the human genome for racial sub-speciation.”This study isn’t the first to find skin color biases in medical technology.
Persons: , Muyinatu Bell, it’s, ” Bell, Theo Pavan, , ” Pavan, , Guilherme Fernandes, Camara Jones, ” Jones, Bell Organizations: CNN, Ultrasonics Systems, JHU, University of São Paulo, American Public Health Association Locations: Brazil
CNN —Mark Margolis, a veteran actor known for his performances on “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul,” has died, his son, actor and Knitting Factory Entertainment CEO Morgan Margolis, told CNN in a statement. Margolis received an Emmy nomination in 2012 for portraying Hector “Tio” Salamanca in “Breaking Bad.” Tio, a fan-favorite character, was a former cartel enforcer who communicated using a brass bell attached to his wheelchair. The fact that he didn’t have any words was not an issue for me,” Margolis told Time in 2013 of the role. Insecure is probably the word.”Margolis joked about being known for his “Breaking Bad” bell-ringing skills when he was hired to be in a commercial for an Apple watch app. Later on Friday, Cranston posted a tribute to Margolis on Instagram, writing, “Mark Margolis was a really good actor and a lovely human being.
Persons: Mark Margolis, Saul, , Morgan Margolis, Margolis, Hector “ Tio ”, ” Tio, Tio, ” Margolis, , Ventura, Oz, Darren Aronofsky, Stella Adler, , ’ ” Margolis, Vulture, Quasimodo, It’s, Saul ”, Jonathan Banks, Jacqueline, Cranston, Instagram, “ Mark Margolis, ” Cranston, ” Aronofsky Organizations: CNN, Knitting Factory Entertainment, Mount Sinai, Apple Locations: New York City, Hector “ Tio ” Salamanca, , New Mexico, New York
Park playing against Brazil in the 2003 Women's World Cup. The striker is now set to star for South Korea at the 2023 Women's World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. “Personally, I want to keep her like a flower in a greenhouse until the World Cup,” Bell said in April, hinting at a possible World Cup call-up for the 36-year-old striker this summer that has now been confirmed. ‘I scored a goal in the World Cup!’ I want this to be an opportunity where I can make this come true,” she said of her World Cup hopes. The 16-year-old was born in the US and, according to Reuters, is the first player of mixed heritage to be selected for a Korean World Cup squad.
Persons: , , , Al Messerschmidt, Jeon, Park, Lee Jin, ” Jeon, Colin Bell, Bell, Kim Jung, ” Bell, , Casey Phair Organizations: CNN, CNN Sport, Changdeok Girls, Seoul Football Association, South, Brazil, Young, – Seoul, Amazones, Korean, Human Rights, Seoul Sport, Korea Women’s Football Federation, Seoul City Amazones, WK League, Rossiyanska, Devils, Zambia, , Korea Football Federation, Columbia Locations: , Swedish, South Korean, France, Norway, Korean, Seoul, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Russian, Canada
London CNN —The political unrest that’s engulfed Pakistan since former Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested earlier this week will complicate efforts to secure a financial lifeline from the International Monetary Fund and exacerbate the country’s economic crisis. Pakistan’s economic meltdownThe political tumult in Pakistan comes as the country grapples with a dire economic outlook. The government has been working with the International Monetary Fund to resume a financing program that’s been stalled since November and expires in June. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said in a televised address Friday that the country’s economic problems stem from his predecessor. In February, the ratings agency said about 50% of government revenue will need to go to debt interest payments “for the next few years,” compounding economic woes and fanning political discontent.
More than 50,000 tech workers were let go from their jobs in November, according to data collected by the website “Given the tech layoffs and lower hiring by the big-tech companies, folks are looking for smaller tech companies to join,” said Christopher Fong, founder of, a network for ex-Google employees. In the absence of the stability that the largest tech companies once offered, workers are looking to startups and midsize companies that offer greater flexibility and, in some case, the opportunity to have a bigger impact. “I tried not to think a lot about tech layoffs when interviewing," Bell said. Lauren Illovsky, talent partner for Alphabet's CapitalG venture firm said “hiring has gotten a little easier" for the group's portfolio companies.
The UK government has promised to overhaul the youth gender care system, after it was deemed inadequate by England’s regulator of health and social care. They described a deeply flawed system that is now hobbled by a toxic political climate around gender care. The letter said a decision would be made at some point from early 2022 on whether the child “is likely to meet the access criteria” for gender care. The family has received no NHS gender care or mental health support since the referral, she said. These recommended supporting “identity exploration” and mental health treatment as the first steps to ensure that any psychological issues are addressed.
One person is dead and four are missing after fast-moving waters from heavy rain hit a homeless encampment in Southern California on Tuesday, officials said. Officials believe all of the individuals were living in a homeless encampment near an area that feeds into a basin, Bell said. Bell said officials pieced together the higher number of overall victims based on information provided by witnesses. Officials have not released the identities of the missing victims and deceased person, Bell said. Recovery efforts are ongoing for the four missing victims, Bell said.
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