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He pours a bottle filled with a mixture of water and olive oil into the pants, and then with a few firm tugs on the waistband and a wiggle of the hips, he’s in. Koca is one of hundreds of wrestlers competing at this year’s Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in northwestern Turkey. The sport is similar to regular wrestling, except here, the competitors are covered head to toe in olive oil. Record breakerThe annual Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival has been running for more than 600 years. Participants are doused in olive oil before taking part.
Persons: Cem Tekkesinoglu, Orhan Ghazi, , Abdullah Basar, ” Basar, , Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, Filiz, Ferda Demir, Koca, They’ve, , Hakan Mehmet Sahin, Basar, ‘ I’ve, ’ ”, I’ve, ” Akin, ” Guray Ervin, Tanem Zaman Organizations: CNN, Turkey CNN, Oil Wrestling, Anadolu Agency, Oil, Getty, Olympic, 663rd, “ Wrestling Locations: Edirne, Turkey, Koca, Anadolu, Republic of Turkey
John Chambers grew up in West Virginia and went on to run what was once the world’s most valuable company, the computer networking firm Cisco Systems Inc. Now he is trying to help economically lagging West Virginia by making it a “start-up state” akin to Israel, which has been called the start-up nation. I interviewed Chambers recently about his hopes and the magnitude of the challenge. Chambers was born in 1949 while his parents were in medical school at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. He grew up mostly in Charleston, W.Va., and earned a bachelor’s degree and a law degree from West Virginia University. Chambers became a salesperson for IBM, then for Wang Laboratories, before joining Cisco in 1990, six years after the company was founded in Silicon Valley.
Persons: John Chambers, Chambers, Organizations: Cisco Systems Inc, Case Western Reserve University, West Virginia University, Mountain, IBM, Wang Laboratories, Cisco, JC2 Ventures, John, John Chambers College of Business Locations: West Virginia, Israel, Cleveland, Charleston, W.Va, Mountain State, Ravenswood, , Silicon Valley, mater
An Epic Pilgrimage Across Three Great Religions
  + stars: | 2023-11-09 | by ( Aatish Taseer | )   time to read: +111 min
Before there was tourism, there was pilgrimage: a trip of endurance, hardship and ecstasy in celebration of one’s faith. On an epic pilgrimage of his own, one writer ventures into the heart of three great religions in Bolivia, Mongolia and Iraq. The Imam Hussein shrine in Karbala the day after Ashura. “They’re poor, but they come thousands of kilometers for the love of Imam Hussein.” PILGRIMAGE WAS A great equalizer. “Labaik ya Hussein,” came the solemn chorus of surrounding voices.
Persons: Eduardo Quintela Gonzáles, ” Quintela, JAN, , , Quintela, Victor, Edith Turner, Chaucer, ferne, sondry londes, Vaishno Devi, Lyra Skinner, Lyra, Victoria Preston’s, , Prophet Muhammad, Virgin Mary, Bath, Naipaul, Augustus, Ryan, garret, Virgin, Monica Machicao, Nicholas Casey, ” Monica, Casey, Evo Morales, sloughing, Columbus, Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, Monica, glitzy cholets, Peru —, Viracocha, it’s, Pablo Quisbert, Leandro Chitarroni, Eichmann, Father Chitarroni, Father Chitarroni’s, Conquistadores ”, Fernando Cervantes, Bernabé Cobo, Quisbert, Edgar Quispe, Tatiana Huayhua, Francisco Tito Yupanqui, Mary, Yupanqui’s, su, Yupanqui, Chitarroni, she’s, Friar Abelino Yeguaori, Friar Yeguaori, Friar Yeguaori’s, Irene, Juana, hajji, Waka, Aracely Alcón, Santiago, Alcón, , don’t, ” Alcón, Tito Yupanqui, Uma Marka, Pachamama, haggard, Amaru Fiorilo Barrios, he’d, ” Fiorilo, Fiorilo, who’d, Valeria Alcón, Laureano Jose Quisbert, Elena Ticona Flores, Eduardo Quintela’s, Ensamble, pang, padre, consolations, Sincrético, El, Rodrigo Paz Pereira, Axel, amauta, strode, La, Aatish Taseer, Saint Helena —, Constantine I, La Paz, Orgilbaatar Tsolmon, Orgil, Genghis Khan, Edward Gibbon, ” Orgil, Araniko’s, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan’s, Kubla Khan, Coleridge, Kublai, Stalin, sybarite, Khamar, Dalai Lama, Lama, Christopher Kaplonski, ger, I’d, banshtai tsai, Prim, Egi, Munkhdul, Gandantegchinlen, Haidav, herder, “ Um sain, boltugai, Danzanravjaa, Zanabazar’s, Erdene, Mandakhtsog Monkhbaatar, Monkhbaatar’s, Dalai Lamas, prostrated, He’d, Zuu, she’d, Santiago de, L.K, Advani, Emperor Babur, Ram, kar sevaks, Ayodhya, Narendra Modi, Munkhbaatar Batchuluun, Henry Wallace, Franklin D, Potemkin, Munkhbaatar, Gerelmaa, Giimaa, She’d, Eduardo Quintela, Aracely, Santiago’s, Joseph Brodsky’s, Muhammad’s, Hussein, William Keo, ” Khuder, pillion, Labaik, Hussein ”, O Hussein, hearkened, Prophet, Ali —, Ali, Yazid, Imam, crackling, chickpeas, Imam Ali, Imam Hussein, Saddam Hussein, Tusi, Qasim, Imam Hussein’s, Khuder, “ Will, Najaf, prestes, — I, Yasir Yaseen, Ashura, Ali Akbar, Abbas, Ali Asghar, “ We’re, Francisco Goya’s, Hussein’s, Groom, Joseph, ” Wissam, Turfi, Saddam —, Arbaeen, Saddam, “ Imam Hussein, WE, Muhammad, Barnaby Rogerson, Prophet Muhammad ”, ” Ali, Muhammad — Muhammad, formlessness, Muqtada al, Abrams, chiding, Abu Musab Al, Zarqawi, Al Qaeda, William, “ They’re, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, flagellants, ruddy, stylishly, Hussein — shahid —, Farman Ahsan, Syed Salman Raza —, Saddam’s, ” Raza, William “, Ali Zayn al, Abidin, Labaik ya Hussein, thrall —, Lloyd, Susanne Rudolph — Organizations: CITY LA, LA, LA PAZ, Virgin, Crusaders, Dolorosa, Sun, The New York Times, Bolivian, Spain, La, Cordillera, Universidad Mayor de, Catholic, Good, La Paz, Dominican, Pakistan, Caesars, Nissan, Coke, Communists, Communism, ardor, Communist, Hyundai, flails, sacra, Apache, Mahdi Army, Al, ISIS, Karachi —, Princeton Locations: Bolivia, Mongolia, Iraq, Aatish Taseer Bolivia Mongolia Iraq, CITY LA PAZ, BOLIVIA, NAJAF, IRAQ, ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA, LA PAZ, La Paz, Bolivian, Copacabana, Lake Titicaca, New York, Christian, British, sondry, India, Delhi, Varanasi, Europe, American, Mecca, Arabia, Long, Vino Tinto, Chile, Peru, Monica, Plurinational State, Bolivia —, Americas, Spain, Columbian, Aztec Mexico, Inca Peru, Calvary Hill, Virgen del Cerro, South America, Puerto Rico, Huatajata, , Argentine, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, Mexican, revelry, Spanish, , morena, La, “ India, multilayered, Potosí, Argentina, Warisata, Scotch, Santiago de Compostela, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Nations, El Alto, Buenos Aires, Bombay, Tibet, Bolivia’s, Yamuna Rivers, United States, Buddhist Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolian, Istanbul, Asia, Islam, China, Beijing, Dadu, Erdene Zuu, Soviet, Gobi, Los Angeles, gers, Qing China, Karnataka, Töv Province, Karakorum, Khamar, Erdene, Ukraine, Korea, Golden, Bayankhongor, Lhasa, Dalai, Inner Mongolia, Mongol, Nalaikh, Santiago, Santiago de Compostela and Canterbury, Bulgan Province, Somnath, Gujarat, Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, ger, East German, Uvs Province, Pakistani, Indian, Tennessee, Najaf, Baghdad, Khuder, , abayas, KARBALA, Kufa, Medina, Saudi Arabia, Karbala, Imam Ali, Bab, Kuwaiti, Bohras, South Asia, Tajikistan, Zaydis, Yemen, Alawites, Anatolia, Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Azerbaijan, Sadr, U.S, Jordanian, Al Qaeda, Mesopotamia, Al, Multan, Pakistan, Punjab, Pakistan’s, Islamabad, Lahore, Kuwait, Karachi, Doha, Qatar
CNN —The US government aims to restore sweeping regulations for high-speed internet providers, such as AT&T, Comcast and Verizon, reviving “net neutrality” rules for the broadband industry – and an ongoing debate about the internet’s future. The rules would ban internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking or slowing down access to websites and online content, the people told CNN. A net neutrality reduxNet neutrality rules are more necessary than ever, Rosenworcel is expected to say in her speech, after millions of Americans discovered the vital importance of reliable internet access during the Covid-19 pandemic. The draft rules are substantially similar to the rules the FCC passed in 2015, the people said. Among Pai’s first acts as agency chief was to propose a rollback of the earlier net neutrality rules.
Persons: Jessica Rosenworcel, Trump, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, Rosenworcel’s, Anna Gomez, Donald Trump, Ajit Pai, Pai, George W, Bush, forbearing Organizations: CNN, Comcast, Verizon, Federal Communications Commission, Bloomberg, National Press Club, FCC, Obama, Republican, Senate, European Union, Communications, White Locations: Washington
David Minkin, an attorney for Maui County, told Reuters that only a small portion, if any, of its land was involved in the blaze. Wildfire victims have struggled over the years to hold landowners liable, even for fires ignited on their property. Rick Linkert, a California attorney who specializes in defending wildfire cases, said it may not be easy for Wells' legal team to show negligence. They would have to demonstrate there was an accepted standard for managing grasslands and that the landowners ignored it, he said. Maui County has filed its own lawsuit against Hawaiian Electric, which it blames for the fire.
Persons: Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Kevin Lamarque, Harold Wells, Rebecca Rans, Wells, Bishop, David Minkin, Rans, Jim Bickerton, Bickerton, Rick Linkert, Linkert, Pauahi Paki, Kamehameha, Tom Hals, Amy Stevens, Noeleen Walder, Josie Kao Organizations: REUTERS, Rights, Kamehameha Schools, Reuters, Honolulu Star, U.S . Forest Service, Hawaiian Electric, Thomson Locations: Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii, U.S, Rights WILMINGTON , Delaware, Harold Wells of Arizona, Maui County, Wailuku, Guinea, California, Hawaiian, Wilmington , Delaware
That rivalry has only increased in recent months, as Mr. Zuckerberg quickly spun up Threads after he witnessed the difficulties Mr. Musk had in his takeover of Twitter. Their brinkmanship came to a head in June, when Mr. Musk, in a reply to someone on Twitter, said that he would fight Mr. Zuckerberg in a physical cage match. It seemed as if the fight “might actually happen,” Mr. Musk later said in an online discussion. In July, Mr. Zuckerberg posted a photo of himself shirtless after a training match, boasting a newly chiseled physique and affirming his zeal for the sport. Mr. Musk did not respond to a request for comment.
Persons: Zuckerberg, Musk, Dana White, Mr, Ron DeSantis Organizations: Twitter, Meta, Gov Locations: China, Japan, South Korea, Florida
A FedEx driver panicked after striking a 7-year-old girl in Texas with his work van and threw her in the truck, where he killed her, authorities said. Horner allegedly told investigators the child was not seriously injured when he accidentally backed the truck into her. Horner also told investigators he even spoke to the girl in his van where she told him her name, the affidavit said. Investigators also learned the FedEx truck was equipped with cameras that captured one-minute clips, the affidavit said. Horner, after allegedly admitting he killed the girl, also allegedly told investigators where to find her.
A FedEx contract driver in Texas was arrested Friday and accused of kidnapping and murder in the death of a 7-year-old girl who went missing two days earlier, officials said. The driver, Tanner Lynn Horner, 31, has been arrested on charges of capital murder and aggravated kidnapping, Akin said. Athena arrived home from school Wednesday afternoon like she normally does and around 6:40 p.m. her stepmother reported the child missing, Akin has said. Horner delivered a package at the home around the time she was discovered missing, Akin said Friday night. Police investigate the disappearance of 7-year-old Athena Strand in Paradise, Texas, on Thursday.
There is no evidence that any school has deployed litter boxes for students to use because they identify as cats. The rumor of litter boxes in schools appears to have begun among parents on social media, and one of the first schools to confront the falsehood was in Canada last fall. Catalina Lauf, a Republican congressional nominee in Illinois, tweeted this month that schoolchildren were using litter boxes in her state. Some say litter boxes are located in “transgender bathrooms” in schools. Meanwhile on TikTok, one video claiming “kids are now requesting litter boxes at school” collected 3 million views on the platform.
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